Scott Rocklage Extensive Management Experience and Research Initiative at MIT

Dr. Scott Rocklage is a highly regarded investor, venture capitalist and healthcare management professional. According to Crunchbase, Scott Rocklage has over 20 years experience in health care management. One of his greatest achievements in health care is overseeing the approval 3 new drug applications by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). The 3 drugs are namely; Cubicin, Omniscan and Teslascan. Dr. Scott previously served at Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Nycomed Interventional, Nycomed Salutur, in addition to holding a Research and Development positions at Catalytica. At Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Scott served as Chairman and CEO. He was also the Chairman of Amgen and Ilypsa which were respectively acquired by EntreMed and Amgen.

The other entities Scott Rocklage is affiliated with include Miikana Therapeutics, Amersham Health and Rennovia Inc. With regards to board membership, Dr. Scott serves on the boards of various research and pharmaceutical companies, including WaveRX, Achaogen, Pulmatrix, Semprus BioSciences Corporation, Variation and Relypsa. Pulmatrix Inc and Relypsa Inc are both listed on the NASDAQ exchange. On investment, an excerpt on Bloomberg reveals that Dr. Scott joined 5AM Ventures in 2003 before appointment as the company Managing Director, a year later. The Menlo Park, California based Life Sciences, Finance and venture firm is focused on providing venture capital to support private equity investments, early stage ventures and late stage ventures.

The list of 5AM Venture clients can be traced from various sectors, including medical technology, biopharmaceutical, research instrument and life science industries. Scott Rocklage has a solid academic background; he holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from The University of California, Berkeley and a PhD. in Chemistry from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is highly appreciative of MIT for giving him the foundation to pursue his profession and life long career to the fullest. While studying MIT, Dr. Scott conducted several research studies in the lab under the tutelage of the renowned 2005 Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner, Richard Schrock. On July 2016, Dr. Scott visited the MIT Chemistry Department with his wife to support the institution’s expansion efforts.

According to, one of the projects includes the renovation of the Lester Wolfe Professor, nanochemistry and nanotechnology laboratory building. Dr. Scott was part of the highly innovative think tank called Richard Schrock research group. He also continues to describe himself as a survivalist and an accomplishment junkie. Some of his long time friends at the Chemistry department include Jere Fellman, Howard Turner and Clayron Wood. During the much publicized tour of the institution, Dr. Scott promised to support the other upcoming projects in the institution aimed at advancing research activities. Scott is also credited an inventor and co-inventor; he has over 100 peer review publications and over 30 US patents to his name.

Ricardo Tosto Provides Reliable Representation In Brazil

If you operate business or manage a company, you will at some point need the services of a business litigation lawyer. Professional litigation deals with the issues and obstacles unique to the business enterprise world.

Having a grip on its essential lessons can really help any kind of company run more properly, and can help an organization owner in ascertaining the right time to hire a professional.

Any business owner with a good understanding of business organization litigation basics can protect his or her entity from possible legal issues, and hiring a competent litigation attorney can help.

Breach of contract is one of the most common types of business litigation. Contracts are created in a variety of situations. Business partnerships are normally founded on some type of contract. Examples of contracts are purchase orders between a buyer and supplier, leases of business premises, and partnership agreements. When a party to any of these types of contract fails to meet the requirements outlined in the contract, the result may be a lawsuit.

Ricardo Tosto is an experienced business and corporate law attorney. Ricardo Tosto provides clients with advice and guidance needed to confidently deal with their business legal issue. Though exciting, the path of entrepreneurship and small business ownership can be challenging.

He has provided legal solutions for many years to business and individual clients. He has a prominent law practice in Brazil.

Ricardo Tosto is knowledgeable and dedicated to his clients success. His broad experience allows him to advise and provide guidance to a wide variety of businesses, from startups to multinational companies. He is accessible when they need him, and is able to meet their needs efficiently and effectively. Mr Ricardo will help you find the solution you need.

Sam Boraie’s Awakening Call to New Brunswick Community

Remarkable men don’t just dream; they create a vision for themselves and their communities. This is a familiar story in New Brunswick Community, NJ. The personage is the mercurial Sam Boraie, a man of vast accomplishments whose commitment to see an invigorated community has seen him do so much in terms of urban development in and about New Brunswick Community, NJ. When I say ‘too much’ I mean exactly that.

The journey that begun in 1972 has survived and expanded under the guardianship of Sam Boraie to such an enviable prominence that Boraie Development has become a household name in the New Jersey Property Market. In fact reveals Bloomberg, real estate development in New Brunswick has become synonymous with Sam Boraie and Boraie Development. Consider for instance: luxury rental towers, The Aspire; Spring Street; Albany Street Plaza Tower One and Tower Two just to name but a few.

As the vice president of Boraie Development, Sam Boraie has been at the top of a team that has revolutionized the property market in the New Brunswick community, NJ. He did so through real estate development, property management, sales and marketing and undertaking a broad range of ongoing development projects. The projects have or will certainly change the urban landscape of New Jersey. Boraie Development activities are deeply rooted in New Brunswick Community, NJ.

Sam Boraie’s vast accomplishments also include his service on the Board of Trustees for the historic State Theater ( in New Brunswick. Boraie Development donates sizeable sums of money each year to help the running of the state theater in New Brunswick, NJ. The 1800 capacity theater is a key component of New Brunswick’s cultural life with several productions being recorded each year.

Elijah’s promise is another fine example of a man who has and continues to invest his heart and resources to the growth of New Brunswick Community, NJ. Elijah’s Promise seeks to change society using food as the main agent. By feeding the hungry with quality food in an attempt to fight the ravages of hunger, by offering training and education and granting an unwavering support to social enterprises whose major agent of change is food, Elijah’s promise is slowly but surely creating a better world for all.

US Job Market Optimism Lifts Consumers’ Confidence

The current return to life of the country’s economy has made many consumers hopeful about the job market. For the first time in many months, buyers now enjoy the moderated house prices. They can also afford to boost their household wealth by a larger margin, which was not possible a few months ago.


An economist at TD Securities in New York indicates that the current changes are clear indications that the country’s economy is bouncing back to its glorious days after faltering in the first half part of the year. Reports from the Conference Board reveal that the consumer confidence index rose significantly this month. There was an impressive increase in the index by 4.4 points from 97.0 to 101.1, which is the highest to be recorded since September last year. Also, the consumer scrutiny of the job and business market increased showing a lifted confidence.


The studies, which are known as market differentials, are done on respondents who think jobs are hard to get and those who think they are easy to get. The reports resonate with economists’ views that the US job market is plentiful. According to the economists, there is expected increase in employment rates in the August report, which is scheduled to be released on Friday. There is expected increase in job gains up to 215,000.


Another survey done a few days ago showed positivism in consumers’ attitudes towards the country’s economic situation. The dollar finally gained its superiority against a number of currencies and the prices of the government debt decreased. The stocks were trading lower as Apple’s shares experienced a free fall after the company was ordered by the Irish government to pay its back-dated taxes amounting to $14.5 billion.


The rising confidence is also associated with the strong consumer spending in residential properties. However, the streaming reports that seem to show the country’s solidifying economy could mean increased interest rates despite the benign inflation rates experienced. Even with the increase in consumer confidence and intentions to express themselves freely in the market, the US central bank should develop stringent mechanisms to put the interest rates at a steady position.

The World Of Dating With Bumble and Whitney Wolfe

Dating can be very difficult, especially in this day and age. It is hard to find someone that shares your interests and can have a long conversation without being attracted to something else. The world of social media has made dating hard because it can difficult to discover the right person.

However, many IT professionals are using social media to their advantage when it comes to dating and finding someone to spend your life with. These dating apps make the first step of finding someone to date easier. There are many dating applications out there but there are only a select few that can really make a love connection possible. Introducing Bumble, a dating app that puts women in charge of finding their match.

Bumble started in 2014 by Whitney Wolfe, the co-founder of Tinder. Whitney Wolfe used her expertise in Tinder to create an app that puts women in the driver’s seat. It is a free app, that allows individuals to message each other when they are attracted to someone. Bumble was released with the help of former Tinder executives Sarah Mick and Chris Gulzcynski. Andrey Andreev also assisted in the launch. Bumble’s headquarters is located in Austin, Texas. In 2016, Bumble has 13 employees with 12 of them being women. The same year, Bumble partnered with Spotify, so users can share their love of music.

People who use Bumble has many advantages. Bumble users have the ability to save conversations, send photo messages and show attraction of a match by swiping the screen. If a user accidentally swipes their phone to end a match they can backtrack by shaking their phone. If a user picks a match, they are required to start a conversation with that person within 24 hours or that match disappears.

According to Pew Research Center, five percent of people have gotten married to a person they met on a dating app or website.

Whitney Wolfe was named one of Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2017. At the age of 22, she joined Hatch Labs where she was involved in Cardiff, a startup.She co-founded the dating app Tinder with the IAC Startup Incubator.

Whitney Wolfe started Bumble because of her own experience with dating. Her app has more than 1 million users that are active and had made about 150 million matches.


Why Wine Investing Can Be A Smart Financial Move

Wine Broker, UKV PLC

UKV PLC is a luxury wine broker and investment consultant that is based in the United Kingdom. Their corporate headquarters is found in Surrey, which is outside of the city of London. The street address of the corporate headquarters is 4 Dingwall Rd, Croydon CR0 2LX, UK. UKV PLC also has a London office, for the convenience of their clients. It is found at the Portland House on Bresenden Place, London SW1E 5RS.

You can contact UKV PLC by phone at 0207 4718030. An online message can also be sent to Agents of UKV PLC can arrange to come to your office or residence to discuss wine investing options or to evaluate the value of any fine wines you may have. During the consultation, wine investing strategies designed to fit your investment goals and budget can be discussed.

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A Closer Look At Luxury Wine Investing

Investing in fine wines is an unorthodox investment that is often overlooked by many investors who can partake in it. Wine investing offers many benefits and advantages to other investments and may be especially good for certain types of investors. Here are some of the benefits and things to keep in mind when investing in wine.

Luxury wines like champagnes are produced in limited batches. This creates a limited supply and with a strong and often times growing demand, the price of these stocks of luxury wines often increases greatly in the years to come. It is especially important to point out that new wealth in developing regions such as Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa is spurring an increase in the demand for fine wine as a symbol of wealth and status.

Another benefit to wine investing is that when the wines are stored in a trust, there are no fees or taxes to be paid on them. This lets people essentially get away with not paying a tax on capital gains. Wines remain one of the last investment options where one can avoid paying taxes on the gains made from reselling them later on at a profit.

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Don’t Drop in on the IRS This Tax Season

As tax season 2017 is already off to a very busy start, many tax filers are finding they have more questions than ever about many different filing issues. In the past, you got in the car and drove to your local IRS office to get help from the experts, but no more. The IRS is not accepting walk-ins any longer, you must call to get an appointment if you need help.


Part of the reason for the new change in policy is due in part to the new changes that the IRS has implemented this tax season. While many of the answers can be found at the IRS website, certain groups like the elderly are not completely computer literate, and prefer getting answers in face-to-face meetings. No longer can they show up at the IRS office for help without an appointment first.


The questions that have really garnered the most attention this 2017 filing season are new to the filing system, and even many seasoned filers have questions. To stamp out fraudulent filing and identification theft, the IRS is implementing changes to how you file this year. For one, there will be a unique identification number on your W-2 that must be entered and match or the return could be rejected, flagged, or audited. These numbers help to identify the person who is filing the return, assuring the right person gets their money.


Those who depend on their tax return the most are also in for a huge change. If you took advantage of the Child Tax Credit or the Earned Income credit, the IRS will be holding and reviewing those returns until February 15, 2017. The reason is to not only ensure the filer is who they say they are, but to make sure no one is trying to game the system and get those credits when they are not deserved. Putting eyes on these returns takes tome, and the delay will surely hit those ho need it the most the hardest.


For these reasons and more, the IRS offices around the country have been swamped with concerned tax payers looking for answers now. The IRS had to implement the appointment-only status to ensure everyone gets the time they need with a representative of the IRS.


Betsy DeVos Has A Vision Of Competitive Education System

Betsy DeVos, the current United States Secretary of Education, has an exceptional vision of making highly competitive education system in U.S. She aims to make competition between different public and private schools to improve the quality of education. She thinks that the current system should be replaced with a system that can encourage competition between schools, and parents should have a better choice to select the best school for their children. I think that suggestions are extremely useful and would create an environment that drives for quality education. All of us agree that the quality of education has been deteriorated over the years. It was due to the schools were not forced to improve their quality. I believe that her suggestion including school choice, charter schools, school voucher, and grading system would create a standardization, and every school would try to compete for each other to provide quality education to sustain.

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School choice is an option to choose the school by parents according to their choice. The current education system is a closed one, and it’s time to end the monopoly. School vouchers are the option to choose private schools using public funding. It gives an option for parents to choose good quality private schools if they wish to be. Charter schools are like public schools and receive government funding, but they can operate independently. There are reports confirming that the charter schools in Detroit outperformed public schools in terms of average performance of the students. The grading system is a simple concept that each and every school are graded like how students are graded. If we look carefully into these options, we can come to know that all these are aimed to improve the quality of education. Here the schools are being graded, getting more self-governance to improve the quality, government funds to seek quality education, and option to choose best schools. Education is for a generation and if its quality up or down, would affect the quality of life and living of that generation. We can’t have a second thought but should provide the best education to our children.

Apart from Betsy’s education activism, she is also involved in various philanthropic activities. She and her husband Dick DeVos founded Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, to help in community, education, justice, arts, and leadership initiatives. In 2015, the foundation made charity contributions worth $11.6 million to various organizations. She and her family members initiated ArtPrize, an art competition program to encourage the young talents. She set up a scholarship called Betsy and Dick DeVos Scholars for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Scholarship for the BBA students or integrated BBA/MBA students of Northwood University. Betsy DeVos is the Chairwoman of Windquest Group, a privately held investment firm. She and her husband are the board members of Neurocore, a group working on biofeedback therapy, to address autism, depression, anxiety, etc.

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IRS Plans on Delaying Many Tax Returns in 2017

If you have not been paying close attention to financial news over the past few months and you are expecting your tax return in January to pay off some of those Christmas bills, you are going to be in for a big surprise. The IRS is delaying tax returns this year in an effort to stop fraud that is on the rise.


The people who are going to be affected are those who either claimed the Child tax Credit or the Earned Income Credit. If any return was filed and took advantage of those credits, the returns are going to be held and reviewed for fraud. The reason being is that a growing number of filers last year fraudulently took these credits even though they did not quality.


The IRS says that there is another reason they are implementing the delay in returns, to combat identify theft. What happens is that these scammers have found a unique way to scam the system and make off with a bundle of cash. The scam goes like this; the person will steal a social security number, file the return on the earliest possible date in January, and then by the time the real person files, they see their return is rejected because a return was already filed.


By delaying the tax returns, IRS auditors can check to ensure the person receiving the money is who they say they are. This is being done with security measures filers must now utilize on their returns, from passwords and ID numbers, all in an effort to stop identity theft. This is the first year the delay is in place, and should cut into the growing fraud with tax returns.


The IRS begins to accept tax returns on January 23, 2017 this year, and if you did not take advantage of any of the credits, you should see your return as usual. If you did make use of one of the credits, the IRS will now hold the return until February 15, 2017, and refunds should be released soon after.


If you plan on taking advantage of these credits, the IRS wants to inform you before you think there is trouble with your return. The IRS website Where’s My Refund page will provide your daily updates on your tax return check status.


Tax Returns to Be Delayed for the Early Filers in 2017

With hundreds of millions of tax returns expected to be filed this year, a large number of early filers are about to see a huge change that was implemented this year. According to the IRS, beginning with this 2017 tax season, early filers can expect tax refund delays if they took advantage of either the Earned Income or Child Tax Credit. These credits are usually utilized by low-income families, the ones who can least afford to have to wait a month or more for their money.


The reason for the delay in the 2017 tax returns has to do with stopping fraud on many levels. Scammers have been exploiting this credit for years, and auditors at the IRS have developed strategies to be able to thwart these efforts and ensure those who are entitles to their money get it in a timely manner. These scammers file returns on the earliest filing dates with stolen social security numbers. Once they cash the check, the person filing with that number receives notification a return was already processed.


The IRS decided this year that they needed to take a proactive approach to stopping fraud before it got out of control. Delaying the tax returns until February 15, 2017, gives the auditors at the IRS the ability to weed out those returns that have been fraudulently filed. many filers will notice that their W2 now has a unique identification number that must match before a check can be released for a refund. This is just another step in the process to remove fraud from the equation.


The IRS says that they needed to delay the returns so they can look carefully to see if the person who is claiming the credits is the person who is using that social security number. In the past there were little to no fail-safes in the tax return process. Today the IRS is using different checks and balances to make certain they have the right person on the receiving end of the tax return.


The process is designed to lessen identity theft and make sure those who need their money get it without having to fight to prove they were in fact victims of identity theft earlier in the year like years past.