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Doe Deere Reveals Lime Crime Secrets to Success for Female Business Owners

If you’re a makeup enthusiast and have an outgoing sense of style, there’s a good chances you’ve seen a picture or two of Doe Deere on social media. Deere is more that just an adorable face and colorful hair; she’s a savvy businesswoman and artist. Doe Deere is the owner of the makeup company Lime Crime, and has even been named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made Magazine.

Doe Deere recently sat down with Galore Mag to talk about her journey to success, what inspires her, and her plans for the future.

When asked whether her childhood fueled her love for makeup, Doe shares that she’s always had an active imagination. She was always experimenting with color when putting together outfits or makeup looks. Deere also shares that it’s a dream come true to be able to “create color for a living” now that she’s an adult. She revealed that there is much more to her than makeup, and that she would share the new projects she’s been working on when the time is right.

When Galore Mag asked Deere how she felt about being names one of Self-Made Magazine’s Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs, she states that the whole situation was pretty surreal. When she saw her picture on the magazine’s cover with successful female professionals like Arianna Huffington and Suze Orman, she was extremely flattered. Doe Deere says on Lime Crime’s Facebook page, she hopes to be an example for other women who want to express their creativity and boldness by starting their own businesses.  Be sure to check them out on Instagram too, where they have more than 2 million followers.

Two Weight Loss Companies Embroiled In Lawsuit Over Stolen Video

The Nutrimost Ultimate Weight Loss Plan has shown some great results since it was first introduced to the public. People are really starting to take notice of the company, Unfortunately for Nutrimost, other weight loss and healthy companies are starting to take notice of their success as well. This is namely the Pennsylvania-based healthy company called Healthy Living.

Nutrimost is currently suing this rival company for allegedly pirating a video off of their website, slightly altering it, and then using it on their own website as a promotion. The issue has been going on between the two companies for a while now. Healthy Living is not responding how Nutrimost would like them too. So, they are now taking the matter into court.

Nutrimost has become very popular with people recently because of the method that they use to help people lose weight. They avoid using any kind of medication with their clients. The program is also guided by a licensed medical health professional. The program is committed to helping people lose weight by treating the entirety of their health. Many people have had a lot of success using the Nutrimost Ultimate Weight Loss Plan.

The video that Healthy Living has posted on their website is eerily similar to that of the Nutrimost video. The only real change is that they switched “Ultimate Weight Loss Plan” to “Can’t Lose Weight Loss Plan”. Other than that, the two videos are almost exactly identical.

Healthy Living ignored Nutrimost’s cease and desist letter last fall for them to take the video down. They are now being sued by the company for $300,000 for financial and reputational damages to the company. The owner’s of the original video would also like a court order preventing any aspect of on the video from being used again. Neither company has commented publicly on the matter at this point.


Jim’s Stock Trading System Challenge

Jim Hunt is a professional investor affiliated with VTA Publications. VTA Publication is a non-fiction publisher of economics and business materials. Jim announced that he was launching an investment challenge based on his stock trading system business idea.

In the challenge, he will show how one can become a millionaire in ten simple steps. Besides the challenge, Jim Hunt will also upload a video on YouTube as proof of that the challenge is credible. He will use his mother as a character in the project. The initial step of the video has already been posted on for viewing.

The stock trading system challenge may seem impossible at first, but Jim is confident that it will demonstrate how easy it is to make millions. It seeks to eliminate negative perceptions that profitable investing is difficult. Such beliefs, Jim insists, are the main reason why most people fail to rise above the ordinary in the investment industry.

To start the venture, from his Twitter, Jim suggests a starting capital of one thousand pounds, an amount that any venture entrepreneur can raise with ease.

Jim seeks to use a tactic that utilizes the power of compounding to increase a starting amount of a thousand pounds to a million pounds after doubling the stocks ten times. The proceeds earned and accumulated during the time one holds the stocks will be used to buy more shares. The participant is required to choose a stock whose value is rising.

More information on Jim Hunt’s be a millionaire challenge and other latest business publications can be accessed at VTA Publications either physically or digitally.

VTA Publications is a private limited company that was established in 2012 and has remained committed to provide its clients with useful business and financial publications. The company’s registered office is located at The Dormers Low Road, UK.

Besides publishing non-fiction materials, VTA Publications organizes a business event that acts as a platform where clients meet and exchange ideas with reputable professionals in the business world.

The breadth of services provided by VTA publications converges at promoting access to business information that is crucial for anybody willing to start a business. The company’s dedicated service has attracted thousands of clients who yearn for various market information.

Career of Raj Fernando as a Financial Trader

Raj Fernando is the president and the owner of and the former Chief Executive Officer of Chopper Trading. He is a professional in global financial markets and technological innovation, and he is actively participating in foreign policy organizations. Currently, Fernando is a member in the Board of Directors for the American Security Project, and he also serves on the policy leadership committee at the Brookings Institute.

While still in college, Raj Fernando volunteered to work at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and this helped him shape his career. After completing his studies, through hard work, he was able to move from the lowest position to the senior position. In 2002, Fernando established Chopper Trading after working for several years of different trading sections at the Chicago Board of Trade.

In 2004, Fernando decided to do the trading as a part time activity so that he can transform chopper trading to a technological powerhouse that it became. As the leader, he was able to design, implement and manage some of the most refined communications, risk management, trading, observing and source code security systems in the financial field.

In more than ten years, Fernando developed chopper trading and made it one of the leading market participants trading on the biggest international trading exchange. With almost 250 workers, the firm comprised several of the most intelligent engineers and traders in the globe. In 2005, DRW, which is an international leader in the field of finance was able to purchase Chopper Trading.

In 2016. Fernando launched an internet start-up known as The start was founded so that it can deliver the most trustworthy data to individuals and firms so that corporate and professional growth and productivity can be increased.

With more than two decades of proficiency and experience in the worldwide financial markets and more than ten years of experience managing cyber security ingenuities, Raj offers extraordinary insights and counsel for his firms and also the boards and organizations for works for.

About Raj Fernando

Fernando is an active supporter of several charitable agencies in the United States and Chicago. He is a governing participant of Chicago symphony orchestra and also a member of the Chicago Council on international matters.

Talk Fusion Lands Coveted Award

Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina has known for a long time that his company is something to be proud of. He has essentially innovated an entire industry with his email video marketing program and now the notice and acclaim is starting to roll in. This past August we saw Talk Fusion land a coveted award, the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. This is the second time this year that Talk Fusion has landed a high profile award.

While Reina is no doubt ecstatic to hear the public accolades that his program is pulling in he is still focused forward on continuing to develop Talk Fusion into a public mainstay for years to come. Right now that means that Talk Fusion is focusing on expanding their Free Trials period so that new customers can come to the innovative video marketing company and experience some truly career changing opportunities. So what exactly does this entail?

The way that Talk Fusion works is pretty simple. The program itself is available on a dual pricing system: customers pay a one time purchasing fee and then they are charged monthly for a subscription to premier services. Once you have gotten the product you are ready to dive into the plethora of knowledge and programs that are now available to you. Changing your company can become something as simple as clicking a button.

The primary engine behind Talk Fusion is that it gives you a whole new way to connect to customers. Embedding video into your email marketing is one of the fastest ways to dramatically improve both your point of click stats and your actual end line sales. So with Talk Fusion you can upload a video that you put together into the email layout and drop it in. Once the video is dropped in you will see a thumbnail appear in the email which will give users something enticing to click on. Finish rounding out the email with whatever it is you want to say to your customers before uploading the email list that you are working off of. Then with a click of a button you are ready to send it out.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers to Open Training Camp in Preparation for 2016 Season

Training camp for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will start in a matter of weeks, this as the team begins its fifth decade as an NFL franchise. Hopes for the 2016 season are resting on a new head coach and on running back Peyton Barber, who was signed to the team earlier this year as an undrafted free agent.
After Kids Day and Military Appreciation Day, both of which are closed to the public, the team will conduct the first of 11 open practice sessions on Saturday, July 30. These will continue periodically for more than three weeks, ending Aug. 24. Except for the last one, these sessions will take place from 8:45 to 10 a.m. More information on team practice activities is available at
Tampa Bay will play its first preseason game at Philadelphia on Aug. 11 and its first home game two weeks later. Preseason wraps up on Sept. 1 and regular season starts on Sept. 11, with the team traveling to Atlanta. Tampa Bay will play its home opener against the Los Angeles Rams on Sept. 25 and, the following week, will host the defending Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos. Facing the AFC West this year, Tampa Bay will also host the Oakland Raiders and play the Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers on the road. In accordance with its 2016 schedule, Tampa Bay will play teams in the NFC North division and, as usual, play each division rival twice, hosting the Carolina Panthers in the last regular season game of the year.

The New Strength of the Dollar

The dollar has found new strength as the world’s foremost trading currency in the financial market. The American economy has generally been doing well in comparison to the rest of the world. With Brexit in Europe and recent monetary crises in the major Asian economies, it appears that the current situation has been set up to allow the dollar to do well.

The dollar has specifically been rising against he Japanese Yen and the British Pound. This comes after a slight dip in the dollar’s value following the Brexit vote which set the world in a temporary flux due to the mere shock reaction to the vote. Against six major currencies worldwide, the dollar has been at its strongest since March.

This is especially true against the dollar’s main trading rival, the Euro, which has been fluctuating for many years now due to debt crises in southern Europe, combined with diplomatic worries involving Russia, and the recent Brexit vote. While the Euro has not fallen below the dollar in value, it still sits at a near equal value where it is predicted to stay for the foreseeable future. This is in comparison to the Euro’s performance following the 2008 financial crisis, where it had consistently been worth double that of the Dollar.

In the end, the dollar’s position in the world currency markets has been on the rise, but this may change depending on how other economies improve in the future and the Brext vote itself.

Professional Advice for Introverts

A study recently conducted by the Kellogg School of Management revealed that in a meeting with six to eight people, only three people do most of the talking. Studies also show that people, whether they are introverts or extroverts, typically come up with better ideas alone than they do in groups. So, if you’re in introvert, it may be even more difficult for you to speak up in a meeting. Here are some tips that will prove helpful in the workplace.

Prepare what you’re going to say before the meeting. Jot down a few notes and rehearse a bit before the meeting so you’ll feel comfortable voicing your thoughts.

Motivate yourself to speak up early in the meeting. The ideas that are voiced first are usually the ones that are listened to the most.

If you’re more comfortable expressing your thoughts through writing, talk to your boss about contributing to the company’s newsletter or blog. This will allow you to showcase your professional skills in a way that will make you less nervous. If you’re comfortable with public speaking, volunteering to give a short speech in your area of expertise can also help to move your career forward.

It can also be beneficial for you to form professional alliances with the members of your team who are extroverts. When it comes to getting the job done at work, there is often one person who is the “face” of a project, while the other works behind the scenes. Use this concept to your advantage.

What Fed Members Think About Raising Interest Rates?

Is the Fed going to raise interest rates this year? That’s the question many economists and investors are asking. One policymaker, Dallas Federal Reserve Bank’s President Robert Kaplan, doesn’t think the rates should go up yet. He’s urging renewed caution in raising rates due to global risks that can derail growth in the United States.

“I am closely monitoring how slowing growth, high levels of overcapacity and high levels of debt to GDP in major economies outside the U.S. might be impacting economic conditions in the U.S.,” he stated.

When its comes global risks, Kaplan thinks it will take years for China, the world’s second economy, to manage its overcapacity and high levels of debt. He also believes that strong dollar had negative impact on China, “Reuters” reports.

It’s because Chinese yuan is mostly pegged to a dollar, so higher dollar makes Chinese exports to Europe and other countries outside of the United States more expensive. This is destabilizing Chinese economy, especially since its growth has already slowed down substantially.

Robert Kaplan isn’t a voting member of the Federal Reserve Bank this year, but he still gets to participate in Fed’s discussions and his voice could be influential. So far, Chairman Janet Yellen has been quite cautious with increasing interest rates, especially after the Brexit vote.

On the other hand, New York Fed’s President William Dudley has stated that it is still premature to rule out rate increases this year.

Time Warner Invests Heavily in Hulu’s Streaming Service

Time Warner announced that it is buying a 10 percent stake in the company Hulu, according to reports. The company plans to spend close to $580 million for a stake in Hulu, which increases Hulu’s valuation to nearly $6 billion. Other companies that joined in the Hulu fray include 21st Century Fox, Disney and Comcast. 21st Century Fox is the former owners of Time Warner.

Time Warner also entered into a deal with Hulu to allow the Cartoon Network, CNN and TBS to stream on Hulu’s new platform that is scheduled to roll out next year. Hulu’s new platform will not prevent customers from watching and ordering movies on-demand. The new platform will offer newer and more original programming.

The deal is Time Warner’s effort to win back former customers who opted for streaming services due to the increasing prices for cable and premium channels. Known as cord cutters, consumers are opting out of bundling packages offered by cable giants such as Time Warner and Cox.

On Wednesday, shares of Time Warner were up more than one percent in premarket trading and Bloomberg News reported the company’s earnings per share were $1.29 versus an expected $1.16 EPS. On the heels of the agreement with Hulu, Time Warner raised its full-year earnings forecast. Bloomberg reported Time Warner’s revenue was down 5 percent to $7 billion compared to this time last year.