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More people than you might think are stuck in a job that is unfulfillable to their career objectives and goals in life. Those individuals long for a job that makes a difference and brings them a sense of worthiness and accomplishments. Often, their best prospect is to consider a change of careers or working for a prestigious institution like Wessex Institute of Technology that is engaged with higher learning in all its aspects. Wessex careers provide a stepping stone to higher learning, more knowledge, exchange of knowledge, prestigious career, and a great future.


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Smart Money Moves for New Jobs

A lot of people will be searching for jobs for the new year, but there are some things that people need to consider before they make they move. There are some

smart money moves that you should consider when you are ready to start that new job.


One thing that you have to do is consider the rollover from your old 401K to your new job. For some people it is not as easy as it is for others. One reason has to do with the eligibility. If you are starting a new job there is a chance that you will not be eligible for the plan in the beginning. In many cases people will have to wait for a whole year. That means that you have to roll this over into an IRA for the time at hand. It is best to be aware of the time for the eligibility though because you will want to make that transition back into it as soon as possible. When you move to the new job you should maximize your matching contributions. They are essentially giving you more money when you are investing so it is wise to take advantage of it.


Another smart money move that you can make involves your ability to save the extra money that you are making. Many people get in jobs where the salary increases, but they find themselves in the same debt problems. They go out and get cars and new homes and then wonder why they still cannot pay their bills with a new job. That is a bad place to be in. It is much more important to save more in the beginning of the new job. You just never know how things will turn out. You may not like the job. They may not like you. All sorts of things can happen so spend wisely and save as much as possible.


The best thing that you can do with your time is make sure that you are paying down your debt. There are a ton of people that need help in this department. They may be tempted to make new debt, but it is wiser to minimize debt that you already have with credit cards and loans.



The Kabbalah Center Opens the Door to Closely Guarded Ancient Wisdom

The mystical appeal of the Kabbalah Center is as intriguing as it is ancient. What makes the center so fascinating to visitors is its rather unusual approach to the subject of God. While Jewish literature traditionally focused on the outside perspectives of God, Kabbalistic literature took quite the opposite approach. It concentrated on the spiritual aspects of God, a subject that was as novel as it was startling as this method had not been explicitly adopted in the Torah. Kabbalists drew their wisdom from the Zohar, a document written by Rav Shimon Bar.

Before 1922 when the Kabbalah Center was opened, Kabbalah Wisdom had remained a closely guarded treasure by a select few. Although the teachings of Kabbalah date back thousands of years ago, its popularity has always remained relatively small, compared to Jewish teachings about God. Kabbalah focuses on acquiring the concealed knowledge of God was transmitted through oral tradition from Adam to Abraham. Later, it was handed over to Moses.

The Kabbalah Center’s opening was an effort by Rav Yehuda Ashlag to allow public access to the jealously guarded wisdom of the Kabbalah. Historically, the sacred teachings were only allowed to Jewish men aged between 20 and 30 who went through a rigorous learning process under a qualified cabalist. Upon reaching 40, only men that met certain criteria in the society were allowed to learn the sacred teachings. Spreading the wisdom of Kabbalah to the outside world was highly restricted. Ironically, the highly treasured spiritual teachings by the Kabbalists were widely regarded as mysticism by the rest of the Jewish population.

The history of the Kabbalah Centre goes back to the initiative of a few Kabbalists who felt that the sacred teachings should be disseminated more widely. Rav Yehuda Ashlag undertook the task to renovate the Kabbalah and made it accessible to the public. He later left the responsibility to Rav Tzvi Brandwein. Then Rav Berg took charge of the Kabbalah Center and continued to use the center as a platform where the world can learn about the enthralling and ancient wisdom of the Kabbalah.


Federal Reserve Raises Rates

In a much predicted move today the Federal Reserve decided to increase rates by 0.25%. In the morning the market was slightly down and upon the announcement the market stocks dropped lightly further. The Fed signified that tgere would be three more increases in 2017.


This signals the first interest rate hike in a year since the Federal Reserve increased interest rates in December 2015 for the first time since the great recession in 2008-2009. Many market observers were predicting five or six increases to the interest rate in 2016 though only one was ultimately announced and coming in the last month exactly a year after the last interest rate hike. Market uncertainty due to Brexit, an oil glut, and weakness in China were all thought to delay the interest rate decision by the Fed.


An interest rate hike is likely to have several impacts on the economy at large. For one, the cost of borrowing will increase which could impact the price of homes and the desire by companies to borrow money to fund acquisitions and other significant purchases. However, since interest rates remain at comparative lows, the risk that t minor uptick in interest rates will have a significant impact on the amounts that are borrowed by companies is unlikely. Increases in the interest rate will also make the stock market a less desirable alternative for investors as interest rates on bonds will increase. Further, inflation risk decreases with an uptick in interest rates, though inflation has been rather muted even with record low interest rates, and also have an impact on the value of the U.S. dollar which has been strong in recent years compared to other currencies which have received additional financial stimulus from their respective governments.


The interest rate hike was widely forecast and predicted with analysts assigning a near certainty of rates being increased with this Fed meeting and are predicting additional increases early in 2017. This increase in rates comes at a time where the U.S. stock markets are nearing all-time highs and have increased over eight percent since the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president due to the promise of lower taxes and regulations that many have seen as hampering companies and in particular industries like energy, financial companies, and healthcare companies.


Let George Street Photography DFW Capture Your Memories

Our expert team at George Street Photography can help and you turn your vision into the wedding you always dreamed of, just as we have for thousands of couples over the last decade. What started as three friends in a basement on George Street has turned into a growing family of creative people brought together for one purpose, love. It all starts with our Sales Consultants who will match you with the perfect Photographer, a Marketing team to inspire you with the latest trends, and our Creative Team who will add the final touches, turning your wedding into a love story you can enjoy and share for generations.

A More Promising Future for White Shark Media and their Clients Businesses

An expert management assistance is very crucial to flourishing in the Internet World. A more professional management is needed in the account of launching a successful Bing AdWords or Google campaign.


Not everyone can achieve the maximum potential of AdWords campaigns. Thus it calls for tested and Companies such as White Shark Media to make Google and AdWords campaign flourish. The Company offers access to various search engines specialists of marketing who can efficiently run your campaign.


White Shark Media is known to actively engage their customers in their business and their seriousness in taking their feedbacks and reviews. The company then does the recommended changes to suit the client wants.


The White Shark Media is exceptional in that it allows the retaining of the Original AdWords accounts to any clients switching over the AdWords management firm. The White Shark Media ensure that the scrapping of the original campaign does not happen. In cases where the first campaign may count to a company’s works towards a certain degree, The White Shark maintains those original materials for as much as they keep bringing revenues to the client.


White Shark has recently improved their offline tracking leads. The further establishment this technology offers customers with more insights on the boosting of the AdWords on inquiries. White Shark Media has proved its excellent capacity to steer things into the right rails, and this earns the company a lot of credit.


White Shark Media leads in its services as a Digital Marketing Agency in delivering small and medium-sized businesses online marketing solutions. The company has been recognized as one of the digital agencies in North America that are in consistently growing fast. The fast growth of the White Shark Media comes from its remarkable and cost friendly search engines campaigns as well as offering customer experiences of the highest class in the world. Several thousands of companies in America have attested the efficiency in the online market tactics across the country through their businesses growth and the company’s property marketing tools’ suite.


The company has also brought in a more reliable communication to their clients whereby they are using easier and more direct phone systems. Since the inception of the White Shark Media back in 2014, the company has achieved tremendous victory; it has earned numerous awards and partnerships with some of the greatest search engines such as Google. The Microsoft has also engaged the White Shark Media in an alliance of becoming their Authorized program for selective Bings Ads

Dow Jones Approaches 20,000

The stock market advanced today with the Dow Jones Industrial Index getting within fifty points of 20,000 and reaching a new market high. Since the election on November 8 where Donald Trump was elected as President, the market has rallied over eight percent.


A critical decision by the Federal Reserve is on the calendar for tomorrow but a rate hike is already priced in. The market has indicated that there is a 100% chance for a rate hike tomorrow and it is believed that the Janet Yellen run Fed will increase rates by .25%. However changes in the language released with the rate hike could impact the direction and impact on the market. An increase in the Federal Rate reserve will be the second since the Great Recession of 2008 and will come at a point where the United States economy has improved well beyond other countries and the U.S. Dollar is near all time highs. Despite a rate increase the interest rates are still at comparative lows and by only raising rates once in 2016 the Federal Reserve is well beyond schedule.


Certain American stocks are doing particularly well; Exxon Mobil is advancing on hopes that the new administration with current CEO Rex Tillerson filling the role of Secretary of State will lower the regulatory costs of doing business, while IBM and Apple also advanced greatly. The dollar and bond rates have not moved significantly.


Not only has the market priced in an interest rate increase for tomorrow but there are predictions that additional rate increases are coming in 2017 with two thirds of market observers predicting a rate increase will hit within the first six months of 2017. Markets are often negatively impacted by interest rate hikes as it is believed that stocks are a more attractive increase when rates are low which stimulate growth, though this time the prolonged decade period of low interest rates have left investors in belief that interest rate increases are necessary to decrease the value of the dollar and make U.S. companies more competitive globally.


Other trends are also impacting stocks such as a bounce back of oil prices and stock increases in Europe and around the rest of the world. European stocks are largely influenced by stimulus programs in those countries which are now being dialed back in the US.


Philadelphia Litigator Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck Hire CounselSometimes, legal terms can be confusing. We may hear the term “litigator” and wonder exactly what it means. Let’s keep it simple. A litigator is merely “someone who specialized in taking legal action against people and organizations.” According to the Cambridge English Dictionary it is exactly that simple.

A litigator does his or her legal magic in the courtroom. They address the judge, jury, and any witnesses that may be involved in the case being presented. Because the litigator needs to be prepared in the case being presented to a judge or jury, research is necessary. This may be handled by a paralegal or first-year associate. The paralegal or associate presents the intelligence to the litigator long before the trial date.

The research needed for a legal case may also include identifying and interviewing any witnesses. They may possess important or invaluable knowledge or information. The client asks the litigator to present a case asking for relief, which simply means how they would like the judge or jury to rule in pleadings. Likewise, a litigator will represent a client at any pretrial conferences or hearings. They will definitely be present when any settlements in a case are being negotiated. If a settlement cannot be reached between the plaintiff and defendant, the litigator appears in the courtroom as a trial attorney.

Karl Heideck is a litigator with experience in litigation, compliance and risk management. His office is located in the Greater Philadelphia area. Mr. Heideck attended Swarthmore College. Swarthmore is a private liberal arts college located in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. He attended from 1999 to 2003, and received his Bachelor of Arts degree there. Later, Karl Heideck attended the James E. Beasley School of Law, located on the campus at Temple University. He attended Temple University from 2006 to 2009, where he received his Juris Doctor, or Doctor of Jurisprudence degree.

As a litigator, Karl Heideck is skilled in several areas of the practice of law. Some of these include:

  • Civil and commercial litigation
  • Employment law
  • Corporate law
  • Mediation and arbitration
  • Trials and appeals
  • Teaching
  • Legal research, and
  • Westlaw

Mr. Karl Heideck is also familiar with product liability laws and intellectual property. It seems like Karl Heideck is the litigator with the most well-rounded experiences in the Philadelphia area.

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Ventas Attracts New Institutional Investors

Ventas, a real estate investment trust (REIT) that specializes in health care is attracting new institutional investor support during a period in which their stock is experiencing some headwinds that have led to a dip in the price of stock.



People s United Financial Inc has increased the size of their investment in Ventas by close to 20% now holding almost 70,000 shares of stock after purchasing about 10,000 additional shares. Their investment in Ventas is worth almost $5 million.


Several other large institutional investors have also increased their stake in Ventas with iAB Financial Bank increasing their stake by almost 2% and holding close to $2 million of shars in the company. Carroll Financial Associates Inc recently added almost 9% to their investment and own about $750,000 in the company.


Ventas has long been considered to be one of the premier health care REITs in the industry. However, the move by one of their major tenants to close some of their managed nursing facilities have led to some investors to flee the stock, despite these nursing facilities only being a fraction of their overall locations.


Other factors also have impacted Ventas. A new administration in the form of Donald Trump and his promised appeal of, or significant modifications to, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) will impact the stock in unknown ways. Further increases in the Federal Reserve interest rate will also impact Ventas’ stock price in a downward manner.


Despite this the company has continued to perform well with Ventas beating estimates and posting earnings of $1.09 per share with an increase of revenue of almost 5%. Further, the company has raised their dividend to $0.775 per quarter from $0.73 per quarter, for a yield of close to 5% which is considered to be high during the low interest rate period.


Ventas is based and focused in the United States but has significant amounts of properties in Canada and the United Kingdom. The increased attention by institutional investors who are thought to perform more detailed research and analysis than individual investors may bode well for Ventas’ future and the stock commonly has a buy or hold rating with a price target 25% higher than its current level by many market observers, though the consensus view is that of a hold.




Why Are Currencies Being Devalued Circa 2016 to 2017?

Behind-the-scenes, national currencies are being devalued all around the world. The problem with this is that the potential benefits are muted “when everyone does it.” Thus, “everyone suffers.” It is like when two people compete to see who can “diet the most.” Eventually, both end up starving.


Another key problem is that “all currencies are interrelated.” If the US dollar is devalued at the same time as the Japanese yen, then part of the devaluation is useless. Having all nations “devalue their currencies at the same time” reduces the effect of the devaluations. So why are these nations following devaluation policies “that don’t work?”


“Currency Devaluation is About Comparative Advantage”


All nations compete with one another for consumer purchases through international trade. Manufacturing a brand new product in Switzerland takes time. You need to find land, get the requisite permits, build the factory, make the product and pay the wages.


If you want to increase your national income quickly, then you need a “shortcut” like “currency devaluation.” What this does is lower the price that others nations pay for your goods, immediately. One of the reasons why Switzerland pegged its franc currency to the euro was to keep prices low for its exported goods.


Each nation seeks a “comparative advantage” over others. Unfortunately, “currency devaluation” is only a superficial Band-aid.


“Currency Devaluations Everywhere”


After Brexit, the global markets devalued the British pound. The euro might have been partially devalued as the China yuan was added to the IMF basket of currencies. The euro percentage in the basket was reduced.


Sweden and Japan have negative interest rates. This is usually a way to encourage investment to increase productivity. Any way you “cut it” – the world’s currencies are involved in tumultuous times in 2017.


“Gold Is Not Devalued”


Gold does not really have the same “moral hazard” as paper currencies. Gold cannot be devalued easily, because it is traded on international markets. All national currency values are completely at the “whim” of the government. Gold is not.


The amount of gold on Planet Earth is finite. When you purchase gold coins or bars from US Money Reserve, you receive an asset with tangible, immutable value. Gold will never be worth ZERO.


You don’t know which currency will be devalued next. When you own US Money Reserve gold investments, you don’t need to worry. Gain consistency in your wealth portfolio with gold.

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