Food Network New Shows

Foodies, you’re in for a surprise this season as amateurs and experts from young to old face off in some of Food Network’s most engaging competitions ever. Amateurs, seasoned chefs, and culinary experts alike will explore new flavors, discover new techniques, and create cuisines that “wow” the palette. As passions unfold in the kitchen, these culinary enthusiasts will tell their story through their food.


If you are a Food Network fan, then you know Kaniyah Cary of Portsmouth, Virginia, the outgoing, feisty 11 year-old pastry chef who competed on the Kid’s Baking Championship earlier this year. From carnival cupcakes to pastry specialties, Kaniayah (aka KC) designed a sweet line of fine masterpieces that blew the judges away!


Well, from the mouth of babes, little Kaniyah (aka KC) will again be featured on the FN this season on Kid Chef Nation, where she will face off and showcase her savory culinary talents at various outdoor festivities. Kid Chef Nation premieres Monday, April 3rd.


When it comes to competition, no one knows more than UFC’s tiny little strawweight, Paige “12-Gauge” VanZant. This competitive twenty-three year-old (who “Danced With the Stars” in season 22) is a U.S. mixed martial artist who will compete on the FN’s Chopped Star Power Tournament which premieres on Tuesday, April 4th. She will face off with fencer Mariel Zangunis, NFL’s lineback LaMarr Woodley, and retired figure skater Dorothy Hamil.


This series of Chopped will feature judges Scott Conant, author and restauranteur, Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, and guest judge Eddie Jackson to decide the fates of this 16 celebrity tournament. Chopped is known for choosing unusual culinary items that challenge contenders to showcase their talents.


Finally, Iron Chef host Alton Brown will present 7 brand new Iron Chef contenders in the upcoming competition Iron Chef Guantlet premiering on Sunday, April 16th in Kitchen Stadium. As usual, the aim is to create amazing dishes that excel in taste, presentation, and creativity. Iron Chef Guantlet will feature 7 seasoned Chairmen, with one contender left to face off with Iron Chefs Morimoto, Flay, and Simon.


US Economy Grows at Slower Pace

Ensuring stable and gradual growth the overall economy in the United States is very important. While the economy has continued to grow a little bit recently, recent news reports ( have pointed out that the growth is a little bit slower than initially expected.


According to the US Commerce Department, the overall economy in the United States only grew by 1.6% in 2016. This overall level of growth does show progression in the growth of the United States, but was lower than the 2.5% growth in 2015 and was the lowest level of growth overall since 2011. Overall job growth also remained positive as jobless claims fell to a seasonally adjusted 258,000. This was then the 108th straight week where such claims were below 300,000, a level that has been a milestone marker for jobless claims.


While the overall rate for 2016 seems to be stagnant, it does appear that the growth was slower in the first half of the year than the second. In the fourth quarter of the year, the economy grew 2.1% compared to the prior year and the third quarter grew 3.5% compared to the prior year. The overall growth rate was affected by a number of different factors. On the positive side, the amount of consumer spending in the fourth quarter was higher, but the country also had its highest level of imports in several years, which offset some of the national growth.


The growth of the economy will be a major focus in the coming year. With the change in the administration, it remains to be seen how it will impact the level of consumer spending, job growth, and reliance on imports. The current administration has stated that they will focus on bringing a significant amount of jobs and manufacturing back to the United States, which could lead to an overall increase in the amount of consumer spending, reduction in imports, both of which would have a positive impact on overall growth.


Bitcoin in Crisis

Bitcoin has always had a controversy between those who say it’s the future and others who say it’s a pipe dream. But now Bitcoin supporters are fighting with each other and going for what looks like a power grab. The price of Bitcoin plummeted by 25% because of this infighting.


Opposing Factions:

Digital gold or electronic cash neither is wrong or right, just different strategies.

Those on the side of digital gold would rather have Bitcoins capped with no further mining and have other networks that act more like cash and linked to Bitcoin. Similar to how US dollars are backed by gold. This ideology being supported by Bitcoin Developers.


While the supporters of electronic cash would prefer Bitcoin to act more like the federal reserve and simply print more money. This being supported by Bitcoin Unlimited.


The developers and the miners both need each other but have opposing incentives, so they don’t fully trust each other. “Bitcoin is one of those things where nobody wants to be seen as controlling it,” says Bitcoin developer Andrew DeSantis.


The Current Situation:

The plummet in price was caused by a fear that a small group of people from one of the factions would gain too much control rather than the balance of competing interests.


Roger Ver and Jihan Wu are supporters of Bitcoin Unlimited which has been accused of trying to acquire enough control of Bitcoin that they would then make previous versions of Bitcoin incompatible. Both have denied this and called it a conspiracy.

The Ideological disagreement has become an all-out power struggle


Future Outlook:

DeSantis and other bitcoin developers have brought up the possibility of a nuclear option. They can change the Bitcoin software so that it no longer works on the hardware currently running it. It would be a catastrophe for companies that operate within the world of Bitcoin.


Peter Todd, a bitcoin protocol researcher who is aligned with DeSantis and Core. “I think the most likely scenario is that nothing will happen. I really mean nothing.”


But Eric Lombrozo, a Bitcoin Core developer, says, “I’d rather that not happen. I think it’d be dangerous for the network to go down that route. It’s basically a warpath.


Wells Fargo Bank Agrees to Pay $3.6 Million in Penalties to Settle Claims by CFPB

Wells Fargo Bank, one of the largest U.S. private student loan lenders was accused by Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) of illegal loan servicing practices. The company claimed in a New York Times news article on August 27th, 2018 that they were aware of the issues and had started to correct the problem before CFPB began their examination. The examination was a result of thousands of borrowers’ claims accusing the banking institution of providing misinformation concerning payment options. Borrowers also claimed Wells Fargo Bank allocated their payments to maximize late fees.



If they had more than one loan, the loans weren’t consolidated but remained as separate loans. Wells Fargo would split their payments without allowing borrowers to specify how they wanted to allocate their payments. The consent order stated after a thorough examination that Wells Fargo failed to inform customers of their right to allocate payments. The order also stated the student loan servicing institution made it very difficult for borrowers to control costs. CFPB found Wells Fargo Bank used illegal loan servicing practices which cost borrowers higher costs and fees.



Americans owe trillions of dollars in student loan debts. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is doing everything possible to ensure loan servicing institutions, whether private or federal practice fairly with all borrowers. CFPB regulator, Seth Fortman said he noted in a mid-2016 report that borrowers complained often about federal loan servicers. They were accused of making it difficulty for them to enroll in special programs that lower their federal loan payments. Monthly payments are normally based on the borrower’s net earnings and monthly household expenses, including food, housing and etc.



According to New York Times, Wells Fargo didn’t deny nor admit to the findings of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Wells Fargo was also ordered to pay some borrowers $410,000 after finding the bank charged them higher costs and fees for serving their student loans. When consumers file complaints involving private and federal student loan servicers, CFPB has authority to investigate and examine their claims. Wells Fargo didn’t defend their actions, but stated they had already started the process of correcting their student loan servicing practices.


National Mobile Processing Payments Expected to Reach $170 Billion in the Near Future

Mobile payment processing technology is transforming the financial world with its advantages of convenience for U.S. consumers and small businesses. In 2014, more than $5 billion in payments were processed using digital phones in the United States, according to Business Insider. The number of Americans using their smartphones to process payment transactions is also predicted to increase enormously, reaching more than $170 billion in mobile payments processing, in three years. Since 2014, small businesses are taking advantage of recent development of payment processing technology, Mobile Point of Sale.



Companies, such as ShopKeep are benefitting of the increased demand for commercial payment technology. Their Mobile Point of Sale payment app accepts consumers’ payments using smartphones and tablets. The payment technology is compatible with new applications to manage inventory, process payroll and market.



The transformation of mobile payment technology started with Apple Pay and eventually Google, Chase, Android and Walmart developed their payment apps. New developments in payment technology will reduce the number of consumers using cash and credit cards. Access to cash and credit cards is quickly available using smartphones and tablets to make purchases and to pay bills online. Payment processing vendors are planning for the transformation, as cyber shoppers and online stores’ demand increase yearly.



Mobile technology has transformed greatly over the years, beginning with built-in camera, calculator, and clock with alarm feature. Smartphones added other built-in apps, including built-in camcorder, GPS, movie play, and television. New mobile technology will ultimately change the way consumers traditionally process payments. In the 1990’s consumers had to literally write a check or use cash for bill pay to creditors and merchants. Today, millions of U.S. consumers are using digital phones, tablets, laptops and PCs to process bill payments.



Consumers, small businesses and corporations are going digital for financial transactions, including payment processing, receiving payments and online banking. Analysis of the payment technology industry indicates an increase in mobile payment processing technology sales to small businesses and an increase of Americans using smartphones for most payment processing, in the near future. Entrepreneurs are using tablets and phones for running their online businesses, including tracking inventory, processing payments to vendors, and receiving payments from customers. By 2019, consumers and small businesses are expected to contribute to the increase in mobile payments processing.



The Makings and Features of the Talent Management Firm, Nine9

The chief executive officer and founder of Nine9, Anthony Toma, stumbled upon the idea of setting up the franchise while window shopping for ideas in an entirely different industry, the food market. Nine9 Talent Agency helps talented people find their spot in the entertainment industry without the misrepresentation of agents. It began operating in 2003 and currently has hundreds of industry contacts that’s help support the fresh talents. Nine9 believes that a customer has a 99 percent chance of succeeding even if they had a 99 percent chance of failing with another agency. They put in round the clock team work to ensure that every client receives bookings in every opportunity such as TV shows, music videos, commercials, prints, and runways.Read Nine9 Reviews Here .

Anthony Toma originally started Nine9 as Coral Reef Productions in 2003 and later rebranded it to represent his mission accurately. He is a visionary who has mastered the art of centering his energy on trending and future talents. Anthony values teamwork and will always pitch his idea to the team before making a decision. He encourages them to dissect the concept in every possible way and suggest possible improvements. Anthony started his business with limited resources and believed that every prospective entrepreneur has the capability to build an empire with what they already have. Nine9 at LinkedIn.

Anthony grew up as a respectable young man and has successfully passed on the traits to his employees. Nine9 values the opinions of its clients and treats them with the utmost consideration. Some of the benefits that come with signing up with Nine9 include:

  • Availability of auditions and castings in various locations in the States
  • Increased returns due to lack of commissions
  • Better networking opportunities at workshops that house industry leaders
  • Fulltime notifications on the next best available opportunities
  • Traditional and digital submissions through an interactive card for more .

Three Common Orthopedic Surgical Procedures

The statistics for orthopedic issues are staggering. It’s no wonder that more than 7 million U.S. citizens have to spend time in the hospital each year for such problems. The following are three of the most common procedures for which people visit orthopedic experts:

Carpal tunnel release

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that adversely affects people who constantly move their wrists. Servers, typists and sports players are likely to come down with the condition over time because it takes a toll on the median nerve. Carpal tunnel release is a procedure that releases pressure by cutting a part of one of the ligaments.

Hip replacement

The specialist usually numbs the patient so that he can hollow out the head of the femur. The specialist then uses a metal shaft to fill the hollow.

Femoral neck fracture repair

Femoral neck fracture repairs are difficult because the the specialist could use many different solutions for the problem. One specialist may suggest non-operative procedures, for example. Another specialist may want to conduct intrusive surgery.

Greg Finch is a specialist who can provide the orthopedic surgery that one needs. He can provide care for orthopedic issue from a surgical aspect or a non-surgical aspect. He has performed procedures for clients with conditions such as scoliosis, cervical disc issues, lumber problems and the like. Patients can trust in his services because of his long, positive track record.

Dr. Greg Finch is a member of the Australian Orthopedic Association, the North American Spine Society and the Spine Society of Australia. Additionally, Greg Finch has received recognition as a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. That recognition only goes to specialists who have studied in their field for many years.

Greg Finch has accumulated many five-star reviews over the years.The most common comments of praise that he gets are for his friendliness, precision and the patient manner in which he explains his processes.


Changing the Lives of Children through Quality Education- Andrew Rolfe

Jacob Lief is known to be one of the largest contributors to his non-profit making organizations as well as been invited to most events as a motivational speaker. Mr. Jacob had done so much fundraising, but after some time he came to his senses and realized the funds were not changing the lives of people in the world. Jacob Lief decided to change his strategy when he founded Ubuntu Education Fund. Jacob is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of an organization which was established with a primary purpose of supporting Children of Port Elizabeth in South Africa East Cape Province.

Mr. Jacob was very passionate about helping children n in the Eastern Cape Province. In many occasions, Lief refused to take a donation from donors who donated their support with rules and regulations on how the cash is to be used. In a statement released by Mr. Lief, he said the organization now relies on a donation from family Foundations and high-net-worth individuals who know the need and the importance of helping children in need with education without restricting their donation. Through Ubuntu Model the organization work hand in hand with family foundations and few individuals to meet the education, health and social needs of each child in the organization with a primary aim of escaping poverty.

According to Patrick boggon serving on the board of the non-profit organization is a great advantage to both the facility and the donor. Patrick is the Director of a United Kingdom based fundraising consultancy known as Tarnside Consulting. The organization being funded get to harness the expertise of the donor while on the other hand, the donor gets more involved in the charity activity. The non-profit institution has the support of several leaders including; Andrew Rolfe is one for the people who have been supporting Ubuntu for an extended period and he the Chairman of the organization. Andrew Rolfe attended Oxford University and earned his B.A and M.B.A from Harvard Business School. Mr. Andrew Rolfe has been in the forefront to ensure the children get quality life and education. Andrew is also passionate about changing the lives of the people of Port Elizabeth.


José Henrique Borghi: Importance Of Expert Advertising Assistance

José Henrique Borghi is a leading provider of marketing and advertising management services to businesses and entrepreneurs. José Henrique Borghi co-founded one of Brazil’s reputable ad agencies, Mullen Lowe.

Advertising is essential for business success . It is important to keep in mind that advertising does offer many benefits and can help you prosper. In fact, almost every business that thrives in our society uses some form of advertising to deliver important messages to potential customers and prospects. An ad agency guides the client and ensures that the campaign performs as expected.

If you are truly planning to build a successful company or organization, and are passionate about reaching the largest audience possible, there are things you can do to accomplish that. Just remember, it takes a great deal of time and effort to get the results you want. You’ll want to hire the services of marketing or advertising professionals and get it done properly.

José Henrique Borghi and his staff takes the time to understand their client’s business, evaluate the client’s current advertising process and determine what needs to be changed. They will set measurable goals so they can review the advertising campaign and evaluate its success.
Nothing can help you get things done faster and more efficiently than getting professional assistance from a reliable advertising expert like José Henrique Borghi. You will gain a lot of benefits by utilizing expert help, and you will have confidence that your business promotion is in trusted hands.

Achieve long-term success by letting José Henrique Borghi and his knowledgeable team create and implement your marketing or advertising campaigns. José Henrique Borghi provides crucial steps that lead to outstanding results for his clients, and he knows what type of advertising or business promotion is best for your organization or company.

Equities First Holdings: Specializing in Stock Based Loans

Equities First Holdings is one of the most acknowledged companies providing fast working capital in a manner that is unprecedented in this industry. For you to develop fast working capital, you can work to achieve better business development in a better entity. Equities First Holdings has also determined to become the leading loan provider in the universe. When it was incepted in the country, it worked to become a leading provider of securities. However, the intake of the loans in the country was low. For this reason, they ended up developing their entities in a manner that is not depicted in this industry and more important information click here.

Equities First Holding has its main offices in Indianapolis. However, it has developed other offices in other parts of the world to take care of the growing demand for the stock-based loans. During this past year, the company reported having more than $40 million of assets. For this reason, they accredit this to the working capabilities of all their offices situated in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Perth, Singapore, and Sydney. For the company, they always endeavor to become part of your solution to any impending problem. For this reason, they have worked to achieve better business through management capabilities and contact Equities First.

Equities First Holdings has completed more than 2,000 transactions since it was incepted in the United States. As a matter of fact, the company has developed fast working capital in a manner that is not paralleled in the United States. For over 14 years of experience in this industry, the company has issued more than $2 billion to their clients. Or the company, this is a significant achievement in the industry. However, they also view this performance as nothing but the work they continue to do in their offices on a normal working day. Equities First Holdings is a better option concerning stock-based loans.

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