Contemporary Banking, & The Future

The banking industry is still a part of American society just about as much as apple pie is. This industry provides some of the most practical services whether it’s the storing, saving, or growth of currency. Though most financial centers tend to hit their customers with hidden fees and inflated rates, this is a necessary evil that most of us have to just go alone with. Contemporary banking has taken the industry to all new levels especially for regional banking centers. With so much innovation and technological advancements available, the banking industry has been resurrected to it’s simi-original form.

Community banking has come along way over the years and as of today, it is one of the most popular ways to store, save, and grow wealth. NexBank is the very definition of modern day banking. This Dallas based bank is sitting on top of the apex thanks to it’s advanced capabilities. NexBank is an evolutionary giant and it used innovation to the highest degree. Many of the same financial services that are being offered at national centers are now being offered at regional centers. This makes for great competition, but it also strengthens the industry to some degree. Consumers, large corporations, and other financial centers have options of doing business. When there are options, many different entities will get a chance to benefit in some form or fashion. It’s basically economics 101. Supply and demand at its finest.

NexBank is revolutionizing the game as we speak, but just imagine the amount of positive damage it could be doing if it was a national bank. Whether you need to check your balances on the go, NexBank has you covered. Whether you need to sit down with a professional banker for advice, NexBank has that avenue covered as well. Overall, the future is going as planned and this exclusive institution is leading the charge.


Andrea McWilliams is the Bolt that Tightens up the Political Machine:

What is unique about Andrea McWilliams? Ms. McWilliams is the well-renowned Austin businesswoman that performs political advisory services. The following text provides insight as to Andrea McWilliams’s intriguing post:

Andrea McWilliams is involved in the design of political policy-making. She is somewhat like a technician in an industrial setting: except her environment is that of lavish and traditional-styled political environments.

She involves herself in party and non-partisan political issues. The issues which Andrea McWilliams, involves herself, can run the political gamut; from that of foreign affairs, education, healthcare, immigration, the environment, to that of economic issues.

Andrea McWilliams, takes it upon herself, to research any of the preceding issues or any issue she is presented. After careful investigation: she offers political advice as to the matter at hand. She is interested in policy-making, with regard to its development and the implementation of it. She always keeps the needs of the client “close at hand.”

McWilliams is employed by a very influential client-base, such as governmental agencies, certain lobbying groups, and organizations; and not-for-profit enterprises. The preceding clients, greatly, influence policy-making. Andrea, at the end of the day, is one of the persons that develops policies. She researches, the matter at hand, in order to support the policy.

Andrea McWilliams, it must be noted, as a political strategist and adviser, is very much a part of the “political machine.” In her capacity, that means, whatever she does, even if it means “tightening a bolt,” so to speak, serves to play an important and strategic role: in the overall process.

Untapped Resources: David Giertz Has Some Ideas on Planning for Retirement

Mr. David Giertz, a Senior Vice President at Nationwide Life Insurance Company in the financial distribution and sales department, recently discussed, with a Wall Street Journal reporter, the fact that a study revealed his representatives are not talking to customers about their Social Security income. Mr. David Giertz reveals that their survey, of the Nationwide reps, shows that not enough reps are talking to their customers about what will be a large piece, to varying degrees, of most all client’s retirement plan. Mr. Giertz contends that it is important to think about this, and it is being suggested that clients will leave if they are not spoken to about the value Social Security income will have in their overall plans.

The data at indicates that Social Security could be as much as 40% of a client’s retirement portfolio, and if client’s feel that their needs are not being met by an advisor who is not considering Social Security as part of their retirement planning, they will likely go to a firm that is considering those funds when helping clients plan for retirement noted on The funds paid into Social Security have to be drawn down on, regardless of whether a client wants it or not, and those funds are going to be paid out, at the very least, under the auspices of required minimum distributions (RMD).

The discussion on Twitter about what to do with RMDs is an important one to have with clients, and this is going to help them make use of those dollars. Most people don’t even plan for it, and when they start rolling in, they’ve no clue what to do with the funds. Invariably they let the deposits build up in banks. This poses 2 problems for a company like Nationwide: the first is those dollars could be being invested rather than sitting in a bank account, and the second is that someone at that bank, who works in the exact same capacity as an advisor at Nationwide, will definitely harvest those funds for investment opportunities. On that note, Mr. David Giertz is indeed very smart to start to address the issue with his representatives.

Doing Good with the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre is a well known spiritual establishment in Los Angeles. It is a place where many celebrities go to get peace, find guidance, and escape from the world around them. Kabbalah is a Jewish mysticism and Hollywood celebrities have taken an interest in it because it helps them figure out their lives. There are many famous people that fascinated with the Jewish mysticism. One of the biggest celebrities of our current time that has been a celebrity spokesperson for Kabbalah is Madonna. Madonna is a big advocate of Kabbalah because she believes their teachings and strives to make the world better.

There have been other celebrities that can speak to the guiding characteristics of Kabbalah. Paris Hilton has been seen visiting the Kabbalah Centre from time to time. There are many other celebrities that have been associated with the Kabbalah Centre, including Mick Jagger, Ashton Kutcher, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Sammy Davis, Jr, Heather McComb, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Ritchie, Ariana Grande, and Naomi Campbell.

The Kabbalah is a non-profit organization, located in Los Angeles, California. The center provides teachings of various courses to their students who are wanting to learn more about the mysticism. The classes are taught at the actual Kabbalah Centre and online, for individuals who are locate in other states or countries. The Kabbalah Centre was formed in 1965 by Philip Berg and his wife, Karen Berg. Their staff of teachers are diverse and multi-ethnic. The Kabbalah Centre has over fifty locations worldwide, with the main locations in New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto, and London. Kabbalah Centre Livestream.

The Kabbalah Centre donates to various non-profit organizations, all over the world. The center worked with Madonna on a project called, Raising Malawi. This initiative provided relief to the African country of Malawi. The people at the center also volunteer their time to various causes, such as Habitat for Humanity. for more.

Patty Rocklage is More Than A Marriage Counselor – She is a Living Example Of A Loving And Supportive Wife

Patty Rocklage is a professional therapist & marriage counselor with an experience of more than two decades. She is recognized across Massachusetts for her utmost professionalism in handling marriage issues for her clients as well as her communication talent that leaves couples and families overwhelmed. Besides counseling other couples, Patty is a proud and supportive wife to Scott Rocklage, which makes couples respect her even more for they believe that she walks her talk. She is a degree holder from the prestigious University of Southern California. Patty and Scott Rocklage are residents of the small town of Sudbury in Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

Patty and Scott Renovates Their Home

For a long time, Patty and her husband were dissatisfied with the disconnection between their main house and their kitchen as well as the frontage of their house. Visitors could find it hard to trace the front door and, most of the time, they would go round the house looking for the door. After weighing the two problems, the Rocklages decided that the remodeling the kitchen wasn’t a pressing issue. They, therefore, hired Ed Freedlender to renovate their frontage. They settled on Ed due to his expertise in renovations as well as his pocket-friendly charges.

The Rocklages Assists In The Renovation Of Labs At MIT

Last year, the Rocklages were approached by the then HOD of Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ms. Sylvia Ceyer, to assist in meeting the renovation cost of two labs in the department: The Nanochemistry and Nanotechnology labs. Scott and Patty were happy to help, bearing in mind that it was in that institution that Scott did his doctoral research under Professor Richard R. Schrock, a Nobel laureate for chemistry.

A Visit to the Renovated Labs

Patty Rocklage paid a visit to the newly renovated labs on July 18, 2016, for a celebration of their assistance. Prof. Moungi Bawendi together with his two graduate students received Patty and her husband and gave them a tour around the labs. The Rocklages were then taken to the lab’s vestibule where they listened to tributes from Sylvia Ceyer and Timothy Jamison, the department’s former and current HODs respectively. Patty’s husband, on the other hand, was pleased to narrate about his experience in MIT under Prof Schrock, which he described as fun. A plaque was also unveiled in the lab’s vestibule in honor of Scott and Patty Rocklage.

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Jason Halpern: In Pursuit of Greatness

Have you ever heard of a guy named Jason Halpern? Are you interested in real estate development? If you have no clue to who this guy is just keep on reading as you’ll get a more in-depth look at how important he has truly become. Jason Halpern is the managing director for one of leading real estate development firms in the nation. JMH Development is it’s name and creating works of art is it’s game. This exclusive firm has done some amazing work up and down the eastern seaboard of the U.S. Led by Jason Halpern, (JMH) has continued the success of this family owned company. The firm has done work in many exclusive areas such as Brooklyn, Miami Beach, and Manhattan. Having grown up around the business, Halpern brings much more to the table than your average developer and his expertise has separated him ahead of his peers.

The firm tackled one of it’s biggest projects a few years ago in Florida. The Aloft Hotel, located on 2360 Collins Ave in Miami is a huge 235 room giant. Halpern used his preservation knowledge to maintain the hotel’s art deco architecture and how it coordinates with this affluent area’s style.

JMH collaborated with Madden Property Ventures on the project thanks to it’s massive size and upcoming due date. This would be the first newly built hotel on South Beach since 2009 and everything had to go according as planned. Of course JMH delivered and the 3,400 square ft hotel was completed on time. It hosts an outdoor pool, roof deck lounge, 24 hour fitness center, and some of the largest rooms of any hotel in the area.

The Aloft is in prime location of night clubs, restaurants, bars, museums, and boutiques. Jason Halpern has done a tremendous job with leadership and his past experiences will ensure JMH Development success in the coming years.

Anthony Petrello’s Generosity

In 1991, Tony Petrello was elected to the Board of Directors at Nabors. He continues to serve on the Board of Directors as well as other high-ranking positions. He provides the company with strategic planning initiative and direction. It because of Petrello’s strategies that Nabors is able to proper is such a dynamic and competitive environment.

Before joining Nabors, Petrello worked at a law firm, Baker & McKenzie. There, he practiced in international arbitration, taxation, and corporate law. He worked for the law firm for over a decade. In 1986, he was put in charge of the firm’s New York office.

Although Petrello has an amazing career, he’s most known as one of Houston’s greatest philanthropists. Petrello has always had a passion for helping others but personal issues stoked the fire even more. He has been an advocate for research and clinical programs that were designed for children with neurological disorders for years.

Tony Petrello is one of the greatest philanthropists in the world. Like many who care so much, it stems from a personal connection to a cause. In Petrello’s case, his daughter, Carena, was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL). PVL is common among premature infants. The disease causes a lack of blood and oxygen in the brain.

Sadly, Carena developed cerebral palsy. Her condition has caused her to develop chronic motor skills impairment and developmental delays. It’s expected that Carena will have to be dependent on someone else for the rest of her life.

The news about his daughter’s heartbreaking condition only furthered Petrello’s drive to help young children with life-altering conditions. Petrello learned a lot about neurological diseases. He’s also given nearly $7 million to a Texas Children’s Hospital’s neurological research center.

Buffett Praises John Bogle, an Altruistic Money Manger

Warren Buffett’s annual Berkshire Hathaway letter is seen as a financial goldmine by many investors. In this year’s letter, in addition to dispensing financial insights, Buffett gives a tip of the hat to an accomplished financial advisor.

Many investors would cite Warren Buffett as an example of an altruistic financial innovator. According to the Oracle of Omaha, though, John Bogle, the founder of Vanguard, is the MVP of financial experts in the United States.

Buffett writes that Bogle has done more for American investors than anyone else, according to Business Insider. Buffett explains that, rather than seek the high fees many fund managers receive, Bogle urged investors to put their money in index funds where they could achieve superior results by avoiding unnecessary fees. Bogle’s Vanguard Group pioneered index fund investing and helped investors achieve superior returns.

The fees that Bogle refused to charge could easily have made him a billionaire. Instead, he has become moderately wealthy while protecting the earnings of millions of Americans. It certainly seems that John Bogle is a fund manager who puts investors’ needs first.

Bogle’s index fund idea was initially contrarian, but it has become accepted wisdom by conservative investors. Index funds have revolutionized investing, allowing ordinary investors to diversify their holdings across sectors and across the entire market.

For an individual seeking to altruistically serve humanity, becoming a fund manager might not be an obvious choice. Clearly, though, a fund manager with integrity can make a positive difference in millions of lives.

In the wake of the subprime mortgage meltdown, in which the integrity of the financial system has been questioned, money managers at all levels could learn a lesson from John Bogle. There is nothing inherently greedy or anti-social about working in the finance industry. As in any industry, ethical people can use their positions to make the world a better place.


Wells Fargo Drops Cash Bonuses for Executives

Wells Fargo has just announced that its eight senior executives will not get cash bonuses for last year, Reuters reports. And the equity awards given for three years back in 2014 are to be cut by half as well. These executives include Tim Sloan, CEO, and John Shrewsberry, CFO. This is meant to bring accountability for the latest scandal involving this bank.


Over 5,300 employees were fired by the bank for creating over two million accounts for customers without their knowledge and consent. Fees were charged, while the employees credited for making sales targets. Customer funds were moved from existing accounts into these phoney accounts, while customers were charged fees for insufficient balances and overdrafts.


On top of that, over half a million credit card accounts were created and 14,000 of these were charged fees in excess of $400,000. The bank was fined by CFBP a large sum of $185 million, plus $5 million in customer refunds.


Wells Fargo is among the biggest banks with its stock market capitalization of $300 billion. Currently, its stock is trading at 52-week high together with many other banks, lifted by Trump’s pledges to deregulate the financial industry. Despite firings related to the phoney accounts scandal, the bank employs nearly 270,000 people.


Wells Fargo’s annual revenues approach $90 billion, and over $20 billion in net profits. This makes EPS approach $4 a share, thus giving it a P/E ratio of 15. As it seems, the bank is doing quite well despite violating customers’ trust not so long ago.


Will You Buy Stock in Snap?

Every single tech company out there wants to be the next Google, Apple, or Facebook. Sometimes, it can seem like this is too daunting a task. Many new tech companies fail, and all of that investment capital essentially evaporates into thin air. However, a tech company is sometimes able to climb high enough to get a glimpse of those lofty comparisons. Right now, the tech company lucky enough to play that role is Snap. Snap is the company behind all of those instant messages you can send people just once before disappearing from a phone or device.


Snap is ready to be bought and traded on the New York Stock Exchange for the first time. This move could instantly add billions of dollars to the company. On the flip side, it could also push the company off the edge of a financial cliff. Tech experts and investors are eagerly watching to see what will happen. Folks are optimistic about Snap’s future. The messaging app is used by Millennials, the group of Americans between the ages of 14 – 35, over 18 times a day. Offered initially at $17 a share, the stock did well on its opening day. This made Snap the most valuable company to go public since Facebook did five years ago.


Wealthy investors have already gobbled up shares, and it remains to be seen how many average people will decide to pick up a few shares for their portfolios as well. However, one downside may be the nature of the shares. Most shares in public companies grant investors voting rights. The stock shares issued for Snap do not allow the holder to vote. This means the direction of the company will not be able to be directly determined by shareholders. This might make some people rethink their purchase. Wealthy investors buying large numbers of shares like to be able to help direct a company. Casual investors also enjoy the token act of voting in a public company.


Are you planning to pick up a few shares of Snap? How do you think the company will do? Let us know in the comments below.