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Agora Financial Provides Investment Knowledge Base

Making investment choices can be very challenging. It is not always easy to make decisions on investing because everything can change overnight. The market can be volatile at times based on a variety of different factors. Inflation can have an effect on the way that the stock market behaves. Job loss and weather conditions can also have an effect on the market. It is beneficial to investors to utilize financial literacy from Agora Financial to stay abreast of these changes that can alter an otherwise decent market.The rate of return for anything on your money is always going to be affected by outside factors. It does not really matter in the long run how well a home is built if an active tornado season rips through areas and causes mass destruction of these homes.

It does not matter how well cars are manufactured if America is bracing for a spike in unemployment. No one is going to be out car shopping if they are in fear of losing their jobs. This is essentially going to have a ripple effect on the car manufacturing market if this is where your money lies.The end result is that you will lose money because of this domino effect. Agora Financial is the company that has the financial literature that takes all of this into account.This has also becomes the company that provides investors with solid information on those stocks that may be climbing as others fall.

This is possible because there is so much research that is connected to this type of getcake.com/case-study/agora-financial/. There are a wide range of possibilities, and the smart investor takes note of these possibilities and changes that can affect the market negatively.Agora Financial has the means to provide this type of financial literature because there are a number of investors that contribute to this website. There are a number of possibilities to consider when it comes down to expanding your portfolio, but you do not want to do this without having the right literature in place to make things happen. This is why Agora is important. Their presents people with the financial information that will help them decide if an aggressive move is needed for their investments. Sometimes it may be better to pull back on certain investments. At other times it may be vital to increase your investments based on Agora literature.

Perry Mandera: From Marine to Transportation Executive and Anti-Crime Advocate

Perry Mandera signed up with the United States Marine Corps Reserve after finishing high school in 1975. He served as a truck driver who perhaps built the foundation for a flourishing career in the transport sector later in his civilian life. After seeking an honorable discharge, Perry Mandera got ready to enhance his skills and worked for different transportation firms for some time. He became an entrepreneur but sold his enterprise. All these experiences proved helpful for Perry Mandera’s future business undertakings and philanthropic activities in his community.



Community Service

Perry Mandera responded to the call of serving the community by taking on a different role in the public sector. People elected him as Committee member of the Republican Ward for Chicago’s 26th Ward, the youngest individual chosen for that post. His public service started in 1984 until 1988. After his four-year stint as a public official, Perry Mandera focused on a life of giving back something in return to his community. He formed his own business with a lifetime vow to charitable acts by creating Custom Care Charities.



Transportation Industry and Anti-Crime Crusade

Perry Mandera established the Customs Companies in 1986. At present, his company caters to thousands of clients and supplies various organizations from small-scale enterprises to top 100 Fortune corporations. The yearly sales of Customs Companies go beyond 200 million dollars. Perry Mandera also employs hundreds of employees in Illinois (Northlake) and other locations in the USA. In the year 2000, the ITA hailed the transportation magnate as among the Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millenium.

Aside from his business, Perry Mandera provides support for the Illinois State Crime Commission or ISCC. This agency awarded Ms. Mandera with its 2010 Bishop Sheil Award and Citizen of the Year in 2011. The not for profit organization collaborates with the Police Athletic League in initiatives aimed at reducing juvenile delinquency and criminal activities. While Mr. Mandera became highly successful in his entrepreneurship, his benevolent efforts exemplify the man’s pledge to serving the community. Customs Companies always made it a point to contribute resources to different endeavors in Illinois.


Troy McQuagge Receives An Award For The Positive Difference He Has Made In The Healthcare Industry

One of the worlds most prestigious and coveted awards are the One Planet Awards. Receiving recognition as the Gold Winner is an honor in professional excellence. This award covers every industry and nominations come from all across the globe. The numerous categories are designed to honor the individuals who excel in their fields and are submitted by the organizations hoping they will be honored as the recipient of one of the special awards. The latest Gold Winner is Troy McQuagge in the category of CEO of the Year.

It was 2010 when Troy McQuagge began working for USHEALTH and his first priority was to turn the company around. The success he had when he reworked USHEALTH Advisors resulted in his well earned promotion in 2014 as the newly elected President of the prestigious company. During the time he devoted to the company he was instrumental in their growth, success, and profits. Considering how competitive the market for health insurance is this represented an amazing accomplishment. Read more on resumonk.com for more info.

When Troy McQuagge was presented with the Gold Winner award it was obvious how honored he was. He gave part of the credit to the employees of the company because he felt they had earned the recognition. He is proud of the work they have done in their efforts to make healthcare more affordable and to provide solutions that were so desperately needed.

Troy McQuagge is a credit to USHEALTH Advisors and has been since the day he joined the company. The promotions he has received were earned with hard work, dedication, expertise, leadership, and skill. His strategies have resulted in the growth of the company as well as the increase of profits. He works as part of a team that is innovative and effective and has made a substantial difference in the field of healthcare.

When Troy McQuagge US Health first entered the business world he worked for Allstate Insurance Company. From there he served various companies while setting new records for sales, leading the teams for marketing and sales, receiving recognition for his hard work, being the recipient of numerous accolades, and making a name for himself in his industry. Both Power Magazine and the Stevie Awards have recognized his talent and presented him with awards. Troy McQuagge is the perfect example of what can be accomplished through dedication and hard work. This all began in 1983 when he attended the University of Central Florida and graduated with a B.A.

Learn more:https://www.producthunt.com/@troymcquagge


Predictions For The 2018 Economy

If we all had a crystal ball, it is certain that life would be so much easier. The reality is that we simply don’t, and as far as the financial future of the country, while we cannot know for certain, there are a few educated predictions out there that give us some idea of what kind of financial environment will take shape in 2018. Huffington Post gathered a few experts in the financial field together and they gave a list of their predictions, the full rundown can be viewed here.

When it comes to interest rates, many predictions have been off the last few years with experts guessing in both 2015 and 2016 that the Federal Reserve would yield decent rate hikes that ended up being only 0.25% each year. In 2017 the Federal Reserve hiked the interest rates 0.25% three separate times in that year alone, they now range from 1.25%-1.5%, and it is expected that 2018 will be incredibly similar.

Everyone is hoping and wishing for economic growth, but the current predictions for US economic growth for 2018 are lagging at around 2.5%, the International Money Fund made the prediction and noted it fell below their prediction for worldwide growth which was 3.7%. President Trump is expecting between 3%-4%, which doesn’t look promising.

Inflation is always a hot topic, and for 2018 it is expected to have some slight growth to reach 2.1%. The Federal Reserve has a target value of 2% and it looks like it should be pretty close. The majority of the increase should likely be due to the rising cost of medical costs as well as housing.

Oil and gas prices are always changing, and prices at the pumps have a big impact on the lives of consumers. For 2018, the United States Energy Information Administration believes that the prices should be fairly stable, with the chance of a slight rise. They forecast that crude oil should hover around $51 a barrel which would keep the national average price of gas at roughly $2.45. This, of course, could change if there is any sort of natural disaster or international conflict.

For the average consumer, this can affect them, but not to the point that anyone should react. Everyone should consider keeping a diversified portfolio which can help offer some sort of protection against the uncertainty in the market. Household budgets can help keep spending under control, and if it is possible, a savings is a great safety net for emergencies.

How Are You Spending Your Refund Check?

There is a psychology behind how people spend money, and most people know nothing about it. With tax season now upon us, financial planners and experts are looking at this again and sharing their insights about it. What they want to do is educate the average consumer into knowing we spend more when we get money we had not expected and save more when we see our hard earned money come back our way.

These are two of the mindsets people have concerning their refund checks: It is a windfall, or it is a payback of their own money they paid throughout the year. The people who see it as a windfall spend their newfound wealth as a lottery winner would. That is, freely and without hesitation. The ones who see it as their own money coming back to them do one of two things: Make a few necessary purchases and save the rest, or save it all.

Some people would argue that saving it all does nothing in helping to stimulate the economy. And they would be right. But another argument, just as valid, says that saving money helps boost the confidence of the people who do it. Meaning they are more confident in their own financial stability. These people will pump money back into the economy, but they do so slowly and with thought.

Either way, it will be up to the consumer to do with their refund as they will. The one’s who spend it without thought may initially help the economy, but they may regret all that spending in the months to come. The one’s who spend it sparingly may not make friends with the economy initially, but they will end up feeling better about their own financial standing.

Neither way is a wrong way as they both end up helping the economy, eventually. America is doing better than it has in a long time because of consumer confidence. We should all be mindful of that in the coming weeks as those refund checks keep coming.

Facebook To Not Allow Ads Promoting Bitcoin Or Any Cryptocurrencies

It is a bold move from Facebook, but they have decided to forego any money they might have been able to generate from advertisements that promote Bitcoin or any other types of cryptocurrencies.

Facebook says that they are doing this to avoid promoting anything to their audience of users that comes from companies that “often promote deceptive or misleading information” says CNBC. In other words, they do not believe that the companies hocking cryptocurrencies are being honest enough in their advertising to deserve a spot with Facebook.

The ban goes beyond simply nixing Bitcoin advertisements. Ads for things like binary options are also going to be thrown out the window. In other words, industries that Facebook has deemed as being misleading are not going to advertise with them. That is unfortunate in some ways because it does discriminate even against those who run legitimate operations in the cryptocurrency and binary options fields. Still, it is true that there are a lot of less than reputable players who want to lure people into their schemes as well. Facebook seems to want to protect against that.

It is important to Facebook that they keep the policy as broad as possible. That is because they want to have latitude to narrow it down as time goes on. They want to keep their options open when it comes to eliminating ads.

You have to bare in mind that Facebook and other social media outlets have been under pressure since the 2016 election cycle for allowing ads that are traced back to Russians to be on their site. Some say that those advertisements passed along false information, and that information may have influenced the election. The social media networks deny that this is the case, but they have admitted that such ads did appear on their site at times.

With that kind of pressure on their backs, Facebook has already felt enough heat to want to stay far away from controversy for quite a while. They have a broad policy now so that they can eliminate any problems before they become real issues for them.

The United States Government Questions Apple Over Slowing Down Phones

Apple is in some hot water not just with their customers, but now even with the United States government over actions that they have admitted to taking to slow down older versions of the iPhone product that they produce.

Whenever a new iPhone was released to the market, some customers started to notice that their version of the phone started to slow down or otherwise act abnormally. Customers started to cry foul, but some wondered if it was all just in their heads. Was it really possible that one of the largest companies in the world was slowing down their beloved handheld device? It did seem a little farfetched at first. However, Apple did finally come out and admit that yes in fact they had been tinkering with the older iPhones. They even went so far as to offer an apology of sorts.

CNBC is now reporting that the government has taken steps to probe the situation with Apple and slowing down their phones. The Department of Justice is currently looking into what exactly happened with this situation. It is still early days in the investigation, and there is no telling what might come out of it. Anything from a warning to a hefty fine are possibilities.

Apple has responded to all of the attention that it has received as a result of this dust-up by offering a new software update to be released in the Spring. That new update would give iPhone users more control over their phones and the battery life that they use up. Apple still contends that what it was doing was for the betterment of the older iPhone models that are out there. They also say that while they are going to offer the option to turn off the process of having the phone slowed down automatically, they do not recommend that users choose this option.

The Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission were both not commenting on the story as it involves an open investigation. Apple has lowered the cost of getting an updated battery for the iPhone 6 model down from $79 to $29 in response to all of the criticism that they have been enduring. How the rest of this story works itself out is still yet to be seen.

Investors Still Bullish On Facebook

The United States stock market continues to see Facebook as a good investment. Social media has become central to many American lives. People love to get on outlets and communicate with others across the nation. Such is the case with Facebook. The granddaddy of social media outlets, Facebook has been an investor favorite since the company’s IPO several years ago. When the company became part of the American stock market, investors loved it. Today, this is as true as it ever was. People continue to value Facebook. While a new report suggests that people may be spending slightly less time on the site, investors remain confident in the company’s overall soundness. They are confident that Facebook is a great investment that will continue to provide value for shareholders.

New Vision

Just as the world of the net has continued to evolve, the same is true of Facebook. Company officials like owner and founder Mark Zuckerburg are well aware of how to create new ways to interact on this media. They know that users want to have fun with friends and family on Facebook. They also know that advertisers want to figure out ways to reach out to who use the platform. This is one of many reasons why officials have looked for ways to help please both groups.

Many Positive Changes

Investors are also happily greeting many good pieces of news that accompanied Facebook’s quarterly report. It’s clear to them that the company is in very good health fiscally. It’s also clear that the company can continue to maintain high levels of growth in the future. The report indicates that the grew about fourteen percent last year. It also notes that revenues are nearly thirteen billion. The company made over six dollars for every single person who uses it. Those who use the company to place adds are also willing to pay more for the right to do so. All of this adds up to a very rosy picture that is expected to continue to bring in new investors. As a result, the company’s existing investors are confident that the company can continue to provide the kind of value that investors need in order to meet their own personal savings goals.

Troy Mcquagge’s Vision Behind the Hope Program at US Health

Customers are able to select an appropriate health care plan for their unique needs with USHEALTH. The organization, for over five decades, has delivered its diverse customer base of individuals and families health care plans that are not only flexible, but also affordable and secure. The HOPE program, which was launched by USHEALTH, allows the organization to help out community members in a variety of different ways.

“Helping Other People Everyday” is what the acronym, HOPE, stands for. Troy McQuagge, who is USHEALTH’s president, launched the HOPE program in 2010 and has been consistently growing its efforts ever since. HOPE’s goal is to make a difference in the lives of others via collaborations with several other groups that are like-minded. HOPE collaborating with the Phoenix of New Orleans is a great example of this. It was instrumental in aiding Hurricane Katrina victims.

Through this collaboration with PNOLA, the HOPE organization was able to build new homes for numerous victims of the hurricane’s most affected regions. They also volunteered to help restore safe housing for people who lost their homes in the lower mid-city part of New Orleans. During board meetings, the organization’s members refuse to leave the meeting until they have reached a consensus on what they are going to do to give back. Read more on Behance about Troy McQuagge US health

While holding a meeting in 2012, the advisors of USHEALTH made the decision to give a donation of $25,000 to HOPE Kids Arizona, a support group that has had a massive impact in the community. They offer assistance to countless children, and also women, who are facing life-threatening illnesses like cancer and others. When the North Texas branch of the HOPE Kids program was launched, USHEALTH gave them $45,000 in donations to help with their services.

The USHEALTH organization has been able to make some massive positive contributions to members of their community as a result of Troy McQuagge’s USHealth HOPE program. Reaching out to and serving others in the community is something that the company takes quite seriously. The mission of the HOPE program is to help out people who are in need in any way possible and at any time. Learn more:https://angel.co/troy-mcquagge


Most American’s Aren’t Financially Prepared For Emergencies

If you have been paying attention, it should come as no surprise that most American’s are living on the financial edge. For many American households it takes a minimum of two incomes to keep them just afloat, with no money left to set aside and save for a rainy day.

One American man, 54 year old James DeVolid, was splitting his time working two jobs, one for Walmart and one for Tyson Foods. After twenty years working for Tyson foods in the janitorial department, he was forced to quit the position recently when he developed nerve damage due to his job requirements including cleaning freezers. The freezing temperatures only made his damage much worse. DeVolid was able to retain his position at Walmart but the position he holds in the cart corral is only 32 hours a week at a pauldry $10 per hour. The loss of his Tyson position literally cut his annual income in half, from $40,000 to $20,000. He also lost his much needed healthcare because it was supplied through his position at Tyson. He assumed that in a few weeks he would be able to gain health benefits from Walmart. Shortly before he was able to do so, he suffered not one, but two heart attacks that required triple bypass surgery followed by a second surgery to drain fluid that had collected around his heart. It required him to be off work for six weeks to recover, and DeVolid only received half his wages in that time. The family drained their $5,000 savings rapidly and then were hit with $8,000 in debt plus medical bills. DeVolid, in his position, is similar to many Americans who find themselves in this type of situation. He has no idea how, of it ever, he’ll be able to recover from this debt.

The worst part of this story is it is nothing unusual in the United States. A recent study showed that only 39% would be able to cover any unexpected expense of $1,000 with money they had in savings. The most popular response was that most would have no choice except to incur debt weather it was loans or by credit card. In a 2016 study, medical expenses were listed as the biggest contributor to the rising amount of people living in poverty. The problem may be worse than this recent study led people to believe. Just last year another study showed that 44% of adults couldn’t afford a surprise expense of just $400.

It is sad to know that so many in a country of so much are suffering such financial downfalls, but there doesn’t seem to be an answer. For a family earning just $2,500 per month, their bills likely run near $2,300 per month leaving nothing to set aside and save. It is incredibly discouraging to see that there seems to be no solutions. For the full story on DeVolid, head to the Huffington Post.