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Doe Deere: In Pursuit of Greatness

Are you interested in makeup and other types of cosmetic products? Have you ever heard of Doe Deere? Well, Doe Deere is the founder for one of the industry’s best cosmetic brands, and she has helped to revolutionize the industry in more ways than one. Lime Crime is her weapon of choice, and this brand has set the precedent of what a modern-day line of cosmetic should be. The brand sports some of the most vivid, colorful combinations. You will not find the majority of these colors with other brands. This is what drove Deere into the direction that she has been travelling since the conception of Lime Crime. Some of the beautiful colors include:


  • Wicked
  • Bleached
  • Riot
  • Black Velvet
  • Red Velvet
  • Shroom
  • Pansy
  • Utopia
  • Zenon
  • Riot
  • Pink Velvet
  • Flamingo
  • And numerous others


Deere has learned a lot about cosmetics as well as the fashion industry because she has studied at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology. Fashion design just so happened to be her major of choice. Did you know that this woman is actually from Russia? Yes, and Deere didn’t move to New York City until she was 17 years old. She has always been a firm believer in following her dreams, and her dreams have finally paid-off in huge dividends. She has a natural entrepreneurial-spirit deep down. At the age of 13, she sold temporary tattoos to her childhood friends in Russia. Deere is known to be a trendsetter, which has garnered her plenty of attention. She, and her childhood friends would dress-up in cosmetics while having sleepovers. Deere was always the one that used the brightest of colors and this love for bright colors is currently running the game.


Deere currently lives in Los Angeles, California, but she spent 14 years in New York. She is happily married to one of her former-band members. Doe Deere is a true America success story, but who knows what’s in store for the coming years. Learn more: http://www.doedeere.com/

USHEALTH’s Troy McQuagge And Project H.O.P.E: How It Gives Back

Throughout nearly all areas of business we can see examples of corporations or companies giving back to communities or others in need through philanthropic efforts such as charitable donations of their money or through more direct methods of hands on assistance for those in need. We often hear about the oil tycoons doing this very thing as well as celebrities but it is not so commont that we see how an insurance company gives back.

USHEALTH Advisors and their fantastic project, H.O.P.E. is short for Helping People Every Day and it is far more than just a cleverly devised acronym. H.O.P.E. lives up to its name in the level of aid it gives back. In fact, in just about every area where a large meeting of agents is held, there is a direct action of giving back to that area.

A good example of this action is the thousands of dollars worth of items such as clothing, shoes, diapers, baby formula and other supplies that were needed by The Crisis Nursery, a non-profit sector children’s shelter that operates in the Scottsdale/Phoenix metropolitan area.

The H.O.P.E. program was initiated in 2010 by Troy McQuagge USHealth shortly after being him being named president of USHA and during its initial years of operation. His first act of giving back, demonstrating the mission of H.O.P.E., was done by partnering with the Phoenix of New Orleans or PNOLA organization.

During their partnership, Troy McQuagge as well as other leaders from USHA and the PNOLA organization went into New Orleans to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, taking on the huge job of razing and rebuilding homes in some of the heaviest hit areas in the low Mid-City of New Orleans.

Troy McQuagge USHealth believes in running the H.O.P.E. project and all of its efforts the same way he believes one should live their own life, to do what you can to help others and give back to the communities around you.

The philosophy that drives Project H.O.P.E. is one that is so meaningful that it is beginning to impact other USHEALTH Advisors Agents, such as with Elizabeth Byrne and her local community of Palm Bay, Florida, where she worked with local charities to raze and restore a home then donated it, mortgage free, to an Army Specialist and his family.

Know more:https://www.slideshare.net/USHealthGroupNews/us-health-news


Highland Capital Management Donates to Have People Engage at the Bush

Engage At the Bush

The event has been created in partnership with the National Constitution center and will begin on February 5th. Admission is free upon registration at bushcenter.org. It is a two-part program. The evening session will be started by Christopher Scalia, then an expert’s panel will discuss the media landscape today and what James Madison, author of the First Amendment, would think of it. Participants will include National Constitution’s Center President and CEO Jeffrey Rosen. Other participants include Amy Mitchell co-author of the Pew Research center’s report and News Editor at the Dallas morning, Mike Wilson. The talk will be moderated by Amanda Schnetzer, Director of global initiatives at the Bush Institute. Visit highlandcap.com to know more.

The Bush Center

The George Bush Presidential Center has received a $10 million from Highland Capital for the Engage at the Bush Center public program. Highland Capital management is one of the founding benefactors of the center with more than $5 million in contributions since 2012. Jim Dondero, Highland Capital’s co-founder, said that the firm has been impressed by the Center’s influence and the impact it has had on communities. He also said the Engage at the Bush events helps foster talk on important policy issues, thus his firm is proud to be part of the center’s vision. Read more about Highland Capital at prnewswire.com.

Boeing gifts Bush Institute

The Boeing Corporation has made a $10 million commitment in support of the Bush Institute’s initiative to help military veterans of post 9/11 successful transition into civilian life. Former President Bush said that the initiatives focus is on healing invisible war wounds suffered by veterans. The initiative hopes to ensure veterans seek and are given comprehensive and effective care. Boeing’s chairman said the company was proud of its support of US military members, not just in the battlefield, but beyond. The company committed itself to hire veterans and invest in communities they come from and their families. The $10 million is part of a $30 million 3-year investment to aid veteran’s recovery, their rehabilitation and also transition. Part of the veteran organizations that have benefitted includes NPower, based in Chicago and offers veterans plus their spouses with training on digital careers. The American Airlines skyball is also a beneficiary. The company has also given $50 million in grants to various programs in science and technology, Math education, workforce development as well as veterans’ transition within the communities it operates in.

Read: https://www.dallasnews.com/business/jobs/2017/09/25/executive-changes-hirings-promotions-enseo-ericsson-highland-capital-sept-25-29

MB2 Dental Solutions: The Solution Dentists Have Been Waiting For

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is considered to be a revolutionary in the dental industry for giving doctors a solution that they needed. Dentists all over the country constantly face the problem of running their practice when they pass out of college. Doctors all over want to be their boss and establish their practice, but the task of running a clinic by yourself can be somewhat hard. Dentists have to handle all the managerial decisions, have to manage all the human resource objectives, all the accounts, and many other things. For a dentist, this can get overwhelming, and put them in a position where they have to handle tasks which they have absolutely no idea about. On the other hand, working at a big organization or hospital means that dentists can’t be his boss. More prominent institutions tend to focus a lot on how much money they can earn, which is why many don’t go in for this option.

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva too was faced with this when he became a dentist. He didn’t know which one to choose and was wondering why there wasn’t already an option to help him choose a middle ground. He then decided that he would help fill the void in the industry and establish own organization that could offer dentists the chance to work in the best of both worlds.

MB2 Dental Solutions is a company that offers dentists the opportunity to sit back and does the work that they love doing, which is treating patients. The organization teams up with dentists and then offers them a range of services such as human resource management, accounting, administration and a lot more. This helps them have their dream of running their clinic, with the comfort of having all the excessive work taken care of, by trained professionals, just like it would in a larger institution or hospital.

With MB2 Dental Solutions, dentists who are just passing out of college, and those who have been working in the profession for a long time have the chance to take advantage of the services that the organization provides. Dentists have two options that they can choose when they decide to team up with MB2 Dental Solutions. The first is to join an existing clinic that makes use of the services that MB2 Dental Solutions provide. The next is to transform your clinic and have MB2 Dental Solutions take over all the operations for you.

Understanding Child Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder / ADHD is a brain disorder common in early childhood which causes a display of inattention or hyperactive impulsiveness which interrupts development and regular functions of a child.

Common signs of ADHD are:

  • Wandering Off Task
  • Disorganization
  • Acts Without Thinking
  • Lack of Understanding of Consequences
  • Constant Movement
  • Restless
  • Frequent Quick Movements Which May Cause Harm
  • Unable to Delay Gratification
  • Talkative

ADHD typically begins between the ages of 3 and 6 continuing throughout adulthood. For a common condition effects can dramatically affect a persons ability to learn, behave, or simply have a normal functioning life. ADHD does not currently have any known cures but there are methods which can help sustain and prevent unwanted symptoms. Read more about Neurocore at muscletech.com.


Although this method seems contradictory to the symptoms of ADHD stimulants are found to affect persons with ADHD differently than a person who does not have ADHD. This works by increasing chemicals in the brain which stimulate a persons ability to focus and think clearly.

Stimulants although generally safe to take, do however have some health risks which parents may find may not be for their particular child. Visit indeed.com to know more about Neurocore.

Risks may include:

  • Anxiety
  • Increased Heart Rate
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Insomnia
  • TICS (Sudden Repetative Movements or Sounds)
  • Personality Changes

There are other methods available to help with treating ADHD which are proven safer for the younger demographic.

Neurocore Brain Performance Center Neurofeedback Therapy

Neurocore is a cognitive research facility that helps people with cognitive issues learn to live healthier fuller lifestyles safely.

Neurofeedback Therapy is a specialized set of sessions for children with ADHD specifically. This therapy type is where specialists identify the specific symptoms of a individual and help build on those symptoms through focused therapy sessions.

Read: http://www.didyouknow.it/treatment/neurocore-treats-adhd-depression-without-drugs-surgery/

Neurofeedback you are placed in therapy sessions which teach you how to relax and control your breathing. Once you have mastered your breathing technique you are placed in front of a movie during the brains peak activity points. When the brain activity point goes below the movie will pause. During this process the brain learns ways to control its own activity levels improving brain function which reflects in bodily activity also. This teaches better breathing, also improving heart activity and blood flow creating an overall more healthy mind and body.

Symptoms that follow therapy are:

  • Reduction in Stress Levels
  • Healthy Blood Pressure
  • Faster Recovery Time
  • Improved Cognitive Performance
  • Healthy Energy Levels

Matthew Autterson Contributing to the Business Industry

Matthew Autterson is an integral part of the finance industry and has worked in it for more than 25 years. He has occupied a number of positions in leadership, his current one being at CNS Bioscience, Inc. where he is serving as its Chief Executive Officer, President, and Board Member. The corporation was started up a handful of years ago in 2013 by Doctor Scott Falci, M.D. The business does clinical-stage development of medicine with a strong focus on neuropathic pain.




In terms of education, Matthew Autterson is a former student of the Michigan State University from which he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in 1980 in Economics.



Matthew Autterson put a start to his career with a position at the First Trust Corporation, which is a Fiserv subsidiary. He worked there until 1982 and then he started working at a subsidiary of Integrated Resources. Inc. Matthew Autterson took park in a number of projects in the state of Colorado, chartering a trust company for the central corporation. The business was acquired a few years later in 1896 bt Broad Inc. which is now known as Sun America Inc. That business then became owned by AIG in 1998.



Up to date, Matthew Autterson is a member of the board of the Falci Adaptive Biosystems or FAB for short. The company is a leader in its line of work in the state of Colorado. The corporation enables Matthew Autterson to follow his career in philanthropy and work on the board of the Denver Zoo, the Webb-Waring Foundation, the Denver Zoological Foundation, as well as the Denver Hospice where he serves on the Board of Directors as Chairman. Previously, Matthew Autterson used to be a member of the World Presidents Organization and the Young Presidents Organization.



Over the course of his career in business, Matthew Autterson has been a part of a vast number of charities and fundraisers. He has also written a plethora of articles pertaining to the industry of finance and economics. He is currently based in the state of Colorado where he is working at leadership position at the CNS Bioscience, Inc. Refer to This Article for related information.



Matthew Autterson has been at the position for a handful of years and has significantly contributed to the corporation.


More on: http://extras.denverpost.com/scene/jd0627.htm

Mighty Fortress Church and Attentive Guidance

Mighty Fortress International Church is known as a place that accommodates people who want insight into the world of Christianity. It’s a comforting and motivating location that’s suitable for people who are highly familiar with Christianity as well. Mighty Fortress International Church, in short, embraces all people who wish to visit it. It has an ambiance that’s hard to describe. That’s because the setting is so warm and trustworthy. People can genuinely feel at ease any time they set foot in Mighty Fortress International Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It’s not a place that ever makes people feel intimidation or fear. It’s actually the polar opposite of that. People who want to change their existences can benefit considerably from attending the church’s worship services on a routine basis. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

This is a church that adores all people without exception. People can always walk into this church with complete confidence. They never have to doubt themselves even for a minute. They can walk straight in with their heads held high. This church has a vibe that’s pleasant. It appreciate people regardless of their cultural backgrounds. It doesn’t discriminate at all. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Linkedin.com.

Bishop Thomas Williams runs the show at Mighty Fortress Church. He works as its Senior Pastor, after all. Bishop T.R. Williams is the individual who created it, too. People who have any questions that involve Mighty Fortress International Church always go to this bishop. He knows everything there is to know about it. He knows how it operates. He knows all of its aims and objectives as well. He went to Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Rhema Bible Training Center. He went to Minneapolis, Minnesota’s North Central University, too. He studied mass communications at this school. He’s equipped with a B.A. (bachelor of arts) degree that serves him well all of the time. St. Paul, Minnesota’s Bethel University is yet another school that this bishop excitedly attended. He has a devotion to education and training that’s part of the reason he does so well. It’s even a big part of the many achievements Mighty Fortress International Church has under its belt.


This bishop guides Mighty Fortress International Church with full enthusiasm. He’s a wonderful husband, too. His wife is a charming lady by the name of Sabrina R. Grant-Williams. They have a total of three kids. They’re completely dedicated to several things in this world. These things are the ministry, their incredible families and God.

Check more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Mighty_Fortress_Is_Our_God

Matthew Autterson: CEO, Philanthropist and Role Model

Matthew Autterson is dedicated to helping others and improving the lives of those who suffer from neuropathic pain. Matthew’s commitment to others began in 1979, when he graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in Finance. He began his immaculate career after completing the University of Denver Tax Program and joined First Trust Corporation. In 1982, he joined Integrated Resources, Inc. a well-known financial services firm, which became incorporated as Resources Trust Company (RTC). In 1986, with Matthew at the helm of RTC the company experienced rapid growth and profitability. Matthew Autterson was now President of what became SunAmerica.


Matthew Autterson brokered a deal with AIG in 1998. SunAmerica was acquired by the giant AIG Company for $18 billion. A little over three years later AIG’s RTC division was the largest FDIC-insured trust company in the nation. In 2001, Fiserv would purchase the RTC division run by Matthew and would then manage a combined $32 billion. This was a full circle for Mathew as his first position was for First Trust Corporation, which was a subsidiary of Fiserv.


Matthew’s interest in business and accumulating wealth was to help others less fortunate then he was. He became a member of the board of directors for the Falci Adaptive Biosystems, a non-profit organization that helps people with neuro-motor disabilities. The company actively researches new techniques and discoveries to improve the functionality of individuals suffering from neuromotor disabilities and make their lives better in every way possible.  Go To This Page for more information.


Mr. Autterson has always provided donations to various charitable organizations and is an active member on several boards of directors including the Webb-Waring Foundation, Denver Zoo, and Denver Zooological Foundation. All of these organizations try to make people’s lives better. Matthew has developed the Colorado society and continues to help those in pain. In 2013, Scott Falci created Falci Adaptive Biosystems and chose Matthew Autterson to be on the board of directors knowing Matthew would do what is best for those in need and the company as a whole.


Ever since Matthew’s career took off he has wanted to help others and now as the President and CEO of CNS Biosciences another non-profit organization created by Scott Falci. CNS Biosciences is a company that develops clinical-stage drugs that help those who suffer from neuropathic pain. Matthew Autterson and CNS research new discoveries and early-stage ideas to find new ways to alleviate pain and hopefully find a permanent cure for many disabilities.


See: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/matthew-autterson#/entity

Equities First Holdings French Tribune

Since the establishment of Equities First Holding company, it has been offering lending solutions to its clients across the globe. The company was initiated under the objective of catering for credit services and to allow their clients to use traded stock as security to the loans they intend to apply, and http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/ANPCY/news?id=143461.

With regards to their report, the company has become a special lender that uses stock based loans to assist individuals to prosper financially. Most of their clients report that by approaching Equities First Holdings, you get your loan approved easily and in a fast manner. They offer loans to all parties regardless of the necessities of the parties. Due to this reasons, a lot of people are shifting away from commercial banks to Equities First Holdings, a stock based loans company.

Avaaz Gives A Voice To Average People — Making Them Powerful

It’s easy for an average person to feel frustrated and powerless, say, when she reads an article about a giant, multi-national corporation such as Monsanto. The ag-chemical giant is powerful, has politicians in its pocket and is hell-bent on spreading the use of cancer causing farm chemicals around the world.

What can an ordinary person do to fight back, to advocate for our food to be produced in a healthy, clean organic way? How can someone with no connection or a lot of money obtain a voice?

Well, there is a way. It’s an Internet-based organization called Avaaz, and its name literally means “voice.” Founded in 2007, Avaaz has grown to become the world largest and most effective social advocacy and action group.

With membership approaching 50 million “ordinary people,” Avaaz today is demonstrably among the most effective and results-getting organization when it takes on behemoth corporations like Monsanto, fighting back against its “pollution for profit” corporate culture.

But Avvaz does so much more. Over the past decade, average every-day people have tapped into the Avaaz network to join forces with like-minded people. They form action groups, raise money or march in the streets if they must to produce positive social change.

The cause might be an effort to alleviate poverty, bring aid and comfort to refugees fleeing war-torn homes or doing something real about cleaning plastics pollution from the world’s water systems.

Joining Avaaz online, which takes just a few minutes, instantly transforms an “ordinary person” into an “extraordinary advocate” for good causes focused on making our planet a better place to live.

Never doubt – results matter – and the Avaaz online activity model has proven to be astoundingly effective in everything from getting the world to rally around the Paris Climate Accord to establishing new marine wildlife refuges, and their Linkedin.

Whether you want to fight political corruption on your country, or save honey bees from extinction, Avaaz can give you the power to really get something done.

More Visit: https://www.glassdoor.com/Interview/Avaaz-Foundation-Interview-Questions-E456035.htm