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George Soros Fund Bets Heavy on Tesla, Netflix, And Amazon

An investment firm that belongs to George SorosGeor purchased $35 million worth of convertible notes that can be converted to stock in Tesla when the bond is due in March of next year. The financial backing by Soros Fund Management was desperately needed by the electric car maker that has faced a series of rough incidents during the first part of the year.

The company has experienced setbacks in the production of its mass-market Model 3 and has been forced to reassign members involved with the upper management of the company. CEO Elon Musk also caused a few raised eyebrows with the dismissive tone he used in response to questions posed to him during an earnings call.

Tesla has relied on debt markets in recent history to raise the money it needs and many financial experts feel it will have to do so again despite the investment made by the Soros firm. A year ago, Tesla was able to raise $1.8 million through the sale of high-yielding “junk” bonds.

So far this year, traders have bet against the bonds offered by Tesla and the cost of shares is down 9%.

Soros Fund Management has also purchased more than 50,000 shares of Amazon stock valued at $74.1 million during the first quarter of 2018. This after the firm discarded all Amazon holdings during the last quarter of 2017.

Amazon has performed well so far this year and is up 34% year-to-date.

Netflix was also a high priority on the target list of the Soros fund. Following up on larger purchases of the stock in 2017, the fund thus far in 2018 has purchased 148,500 additional shares in the company. Netflix has also exceeded market expectations with the number of new customers added to company subscribers lists for the first quarter of the year.

The Soros Fund also filled its bag with a purchase of nearly 21,000 shares of Alphabet.

A transaction taking place on the opposite side of the equation was the dumping of 34,100 shares the company held in Twitter. The fund also did not re-up on stock in Facebook after divesting totally of the social media giant during the last quarter of 2017.

An overview of Equities First Holdings Australia

An overview of Equities First Holdings Australia

The stock business is a dangerous and tricky business for one to get into. Owning a stock or putting money on it could be an extreme risk if one is not careful. For shareholders, managing ones financial status is crucial and finding the right company that can help you out in maintaining your financial issues can be a problem of itself to find. However, there are a couple of shareholding finance companies that are more than willing to assist along with providing good service.

A service that many can look to with shareholding financing would be Equities First Holding, a shareholding finance company that will aid people in properly maintaining their finance situation. This company is lined with professionals that will not disappoint and will make sure that you are you business are in good hands. They have information on their employees on their LinkedIn website and are not just located in one state or country but are branched out in a number of countries aside from the U.S such as Australia and India. If you are in the stock business or are planning to be a part of it, this company could help.

BP Stock Soars After Positive Earnings and Possible Dividend Increase

British Petroleum shares see a lift after positive earnings and capital share moves provide a lift to the stock.

British Petroleum (BP) showed a gain of $2.6 billion in the second quarter, even after it paid out $1.2 billion to the US Department of Justice in connection with the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2011. While BP has accrued costs relating to this oil spill, for which it has paid significant payments for, additional risk is present for future payments and this has served as a drag on the stock price for the past seven years. In total, sixty five billion of costs have been incurred in connection with this oil spill.

British Petroleum does have a significant amount of debt that has increased to about forty billion this quarter, namely as a result of debt in connection with Deep Horizon. BP does have strong cash flows to cover this debt, with cash flow of operations of $5.4 billion for the first quarter alone. The debt level has been a significant backdrop for the company and will hinder operations and growth for the next few years, as compared to their oil peers.

British petroleum also hinted at the possibility of a dividend increase in 2018. This would be the first of an increase for the company since 2014. British petroleum, is currently benefiting from increasing oil prices after a long term oil glut kept oil prices down for many years. A dividend increase, would be dependent on oil prices staying up or increasing over the rest of the year. Most market observers believe that current oil prices are at a more reasonable then the deflated values from the past few years.

British Petroleum stock immediately increased after this announcement by about three percent and showed renewed optimism in the company and industry, which has been an underachiever as compared to the rest of the stock market for several years running.

BP is the second largest oil company in Europe and one of the largest in the world, with the largest publicly owned being Exxon Mobil.

Getting Help With Budgeting from Japanese Culture

A lot of families have trouble when it comes to managing their finances and finding a way to build a better budget. This is typically because most families do not know what they are truly spending. The average person inside of a home maybe spending for $200 more than they realize they are spending even if they live by themselves. The reason for this is relatively simpl: people underestimate what they spend and they overestimate what they make.

There is a Japanese budgeting technique where people write the different types of spending categories with color pens where they write a bullet system in terms of what they need and what they want. People that are using a system like this can also write out a category for emergency needs as well. Once this colorful spectrum of categories are put into place people have the ability to get a clear understanding of what they are actually spending from one month to the next.

This can make a major difference in the lives of people that are trying to minimize their spending while maximizing their goals of saving money. There are tons of people that get paid every day and they can sometimes make large sums of money, but at the end they have nothing to show for it. There is nothing worse than having a substantial amount of income and having nothing to show for the income that you have worked so hard to create.

This is one of the reasons why more people are taking a serious look at different techniques that help them get their finances on track. It is nearly impossible for someone to become financially savvy when they have not taken the steps to actively secure a better budgeting system for themselves. It does not make sense for someone to assume that they will have better finances when they do not take a proactive approach to changing the way that they spend money. You have to be conscious about what is coming out of your household budget each month. You must make plans to revise your budgeting.

Apple Using Tax Savings to Buy Back Stock

Apple has announced that it will be buying back $100 billion of stock in the coming year, and many people are concerned with the impact that this can have on the economy at large.

Apple is using the tax reform bill, including provisions that lower corporate tax rates and offer the ability to repatriate income into the United States at lower tax rates, to buy back shares in their own stock and to increase their corporate earnings. Many people were banking on the tax reform bill of 2017 to increase employment and wages in the United States, thereby increasing the overall economy as a whole. Alternatively, people were hoping that companies would reinvest in their business and grow their operations, furthering the economy in this way.

Luca Maestri, the CFO of Apple, indicated that Apple shares are undervalued and that the company is buying back shares for that reason, not because it doesn’t see the ability to invest in its operations. Maestri indicated that Apple has sufficient cash stores to handle both a buyback and investments in the business. Apple, under CEO Steve Jobs, accumulated large cash stores that only started to be paid out to investors after he passed away and relinquished the job to CEO Tim Cook.

Apple kept significant stores of cash in offshore accounts and financed its stock dividends and buybacks with borrowings in the United States as a way of avoiding the high income tax rates in the United States. The tax reform plan allowed Apple to have more room to maneuver around tax laws and avoid higher income taxes.

A study by UBS has indicated that capital expenditures by companies, which are defined as investments in capital equipment and the business, are up almost 40% in 2018 from the 2017 year. Buybacks are up by over 15% and dividends are up over 10% from the prior year. These are positive signs for businesses but do not include the recently announced capital plans from Apple.

Further, wages have been increasing as a result of a tight employment market with limited amounts of unemployment and greater competition for employees. Still, the long-term impact of the tax law changes will not be fully understood for years to come and will be impacted by macro and micro conditions at each company.

Price Of Gold Stays In Decline Despite A Short Rally

The price of gold is expected to see a drop continue though it did see a bit of a rally here in early May. According to analysts at CNBC, gold’s current trajectory is still sliding steadily down and now isn’t the time to be buying they say, though it still is a great go to as a safe haven. They went over a chart that showed gold prices rising after the recession and hitting their high in 2011 of around $1,900. But in the years after that, it started slowly trending downward and reached its lowest point around the election of 2016. It regained traction in 2017 and into 2018, but it’s likely to come down yet again from its $1,300-1,400 level.

The good news about this is that the period of weakening appears to be over for the US dollar. Experts said it’s been “searching for a bottom” and now it’s already gone up by as much as 0.7℅ in just a couple days. There’s many reasons for this including the effects of President Trump’s tax cuts lowering the corporate tax rate and encouraging more economic activity. Foreign countries are more optimistic about investing in the US as well right now.

Another factor pointing towards gold’s decline is a strong bond market which is Point towards higher yields right now. Gold tends not to perform as strong when yields are doing well, and they’re looking to become even stronger because the Federal Reserve is planning to raise rates even higher in the coming months. Gold declining may provide an opportunity for investors to buy at a great deal, but when would it turn back up?

Experts are continuing to monitor the geopolitical activities that could mean another bull market for gold. President Trump has been continuing talks of pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal,a move that could trigger a sudden upward spike in gold prices. The other is his continued talks of tariffs on China and even EU products that have caused some short-term panic in the markets over talk of a trade war. Otherwise, the precious metal will probably ease down as projected.

Billionaires Who Are Helping Others By Donating To Charities in Silicone Valley & Further

At a public charity event, known as the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, there was a look into the $13.5 billion dollar fund which works as a charitable bank account. The funds which are in the account have been raised by very generous donations by well known tycoons in the Silicone Valley area and beyond. For many of those making donations, they have invested shares of their stocks into the donor advised funds.

Becuase the donations into the account are from donor advised funds all the way to private foundations making donations, it is very difficult to determine exactly where all the assets have come from.

With the help of Forbes, they were able to dig further into the paperwork to be able to find out who donated to what. With their help, they were able to see that at least 16 different billionaires have helped to donate $3.8 billion dollars to the fund since the year 2012.

Of those who have donated, some of the well known internet sensation creators have helped to fund the foundation. One of those names is Mark Zuckerberg. Known as the CEO and co-founder of Facebook.

Another name that some might know is the name Jeff Skoll. He is the former EBay President and he has been donating since the year 1999. A fund that was established by Jeff came in at $486 million dollars of assets in December of 2016. He is a supporting organization for the SVCF group.

Facebook co-founder is also a donor of the organization known as His Good Ventures. He raked in assets of $260 million when looked at in December of 2016.

Many of these names are known around the financial charity functions and groups. Many of these individuals want to give back to their community as much as possible. For instance, Mark Zuckerberg wants to help out those less fortunate than him and therefore spends a good amount of money each year helping those less fortunate. For him, Facebook is more than just a simple social network aimed at bringing others together.

A new wave for elections: End Citizens United take a stand

Court cases are common in 2018. there have been many, including lawsuits against the president.
if you look online, there have been many lawsuits against president trump, including D.C. and Maryland v. Trump, Blumenthal v. Trump, and CREW v. Trump, that was dismissed.
But there was one that stands out from the rest.

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

Back in 2008, Citizens United planned and wanted to show a movie titled “Hillary: The Movie.” This movie was produced to be targeted at Hillary Clinton, who ran against then-senator Barack Obama. The movie was going to be released. it was going to be shown in theaters. Until the FEC ruled against Citizens United because it would influence the Election of 2008.

A 5-4 decision stated that PACS and Super PACS can spend money the way they want to. Some people didn’t agree with that. They wanted money out of politics.

So, End Citizens United was formed.

End Citizens United is a huge grassroots organization to not only end Big Money in politics but to reform the campaign finance system.

According to reporterexpert.com, Matthew Camden states that the new rules decided by Citizens United were intense. It, according to Camden, “It allowed corporate campaign contributions to basically be not only unlimited, but also largely anonymous.”

Citizens United was a huge advantage to the Republican Party since it had relations with a couple handfuls of the wealthiest individuals in the country who controlled corporate companies. These people included the Walton family (Wal-mart), the Koch brothers (Koch Industries), and the Betsy DeVos (the secretary of education under President Donald Trump) and many more.

a lot of Democratic organizations have been actively trying to overturn Citizens United. Democrats think it’s unfair that huge companies and their PACs/Super PACs that run on conservative values get to control our elections.

According to Camden, he states they have a two-step process. support candidates that who will improve finance laws, and overturn Citizens United.

And the money they raise all depends on Grassroot fundraising, and it was most famous in Barack Obama’s 2008 shot for the white house, and Howard Dean in 2004 was the first to show it on the internet.

The team consists of many people, including Tiffany Muller, the first president and executive director of End Cititzens United, Matt Burgess, the executive vice president of End Citizens United, Matt Burgess, who is vice president, Adam Bozzi, the communications director, Anne Feldman, the press secretary, Andrew Lasker, the national finance director, and Jordan Wood is political director. Everyone on the leadership team has experience.

And there are experienced political professionals, such as Ron Barber, a former congressman representing the 2nd Congressional District in Arizona, Jessica Vanden Berg, the founder of Maverick Strategy and Mail, Christopher Massicotte, the chief operating officer of DSPolitical, Lanae Erickson Hatalsky, the head of Social Policy and Politics at Third Way, Simone L. Ward, the current executive director of the Women Effect Fund, and many more people.

As they prepare for the 2018n midterm elections, they set a goal to raise $35 million dollars for the next election cycle. they supported dozens of candidates around the country in 2016 and raised $25 million.

End Citizens United has the candidates take a “No Corporate CAC” Pledge that basically says they won’t take money from PACs. They support them with financial backing.

they also have an organization called “The Big 20” where they get rid of the current office-holders who have a connection with special interests. Many people are on that list, including Ted Cruz and Dean Heller.

To read the full article, please visit: https://reporterexpert.com/end-citizens-united-campaign-finance-reform/

Learn More: ballotpedia.org/End_Citizens_United_PAC

Decrease Seen In U.S. Trade Deficit As Exports Increase

The America first policies of United States President Donald Trump paid dividends in the month of March as record exports have resulted in a decrease in country’s trade deficit for the first time in seven months.

The information was made public in a report by the Commerce Department which stated that the deficit fell more than $8 billion from $57.7 billion in February to $49 billion in March which was the lowest mark since September.

The massive trade deficit has been a major area of focus for President Trump and he has often blamed the problem on the trade policies of past presidential administrations along with abusive practices from countries that have engaged in trade with the United States.

Members of the Trump administration are scheduled to visit with Chinese officials in Beijing later in the weeks to speak about the trade deficit America has in Chinese goods. The two countries have not seen eye to eye recently and President Trump has talked of tariffs as high as $150 billion being placed on goods imported by Chinese business interests. The Chinese have vowed to meet any such actions by President Trump in equal measure. In the meantime, the U.S. trade deficit with China fell 11.6% in March and is now at $25.9 billion.

President Trump has also been critical of the NAFTA trade agreements the United States has made in the past with the nearby countries of Canada and Mexico and has set Tariffs on all steel and aluminum imported into the country.

Despite the good news reported by the Commerce Department for the month of March, the deficit is up by nearly 19% at $163 billion for the year. President Trump is convinced that the deficit endured by the country is a blatant sign of weakness that can be remedied by becoming more tough-minded in its trade policies.

Many economists have disagreed with the President’s assessment of the situation and feel that the deficit is a result of the much more complicated issues with the American economy such as the country’s long-term tendency to consume more than it produces.

Clayton Hutson Adds Depth to Concerts

When artists have concerts in different areas, it’s sometimes hard for them to make sure they’re doing everything right so they sound good for different people. They want to make sure they’re doing everything they can to give people a chance to enjoy the music the way they want to play it. People who visit concerts often can’t hear the music the right way and that makes things harder for people who are playing the music and trying to put on a good show. Clayton Hutson knows this and also knows there are things people can do to ensure they’re getting the best music experience possible. When he works with artists, it’s so they get a chance to play their music the right way. He engineers the different aspects of the music and that helps him see things will keep getting better for all the people he works with. There are positive experiences that come from this type of music.


Even though Clayton Hutson knows how to engineer the music, he also knows there are things he can do to help the artists see all the options they have. He’s always wanted to make sure things will continue getting better and things will be the best they can be in different situations. Clayton Hutson likes giving people a chance to try things on their own and always knows how everything will keep getting better for the artists who use his service. For Clayton Hutson, the point of these things is so he can give other people the chance to hear music the right way.


Recently, Clayton Hutson went on tour with Kid Rock. He knew there were things he could do to go on tour and knew the success he had was something he could take advantage of. For Clayton Hutson, helping Kid Rock was something he felt good about. He also felt it was his ability to keep giving other people the chances they needed for success on his own. Clayton Hutson liked making sure Kid Rock had a chance to see the best music possible no matter what he wanted to do on his own. Learn more: https://clayhutson.com/about-clay-hutson