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How Barbara Stokes Helps Others Through Disaster Relief Construction

Barbara Stokes is a member of the disaster relief construction industry. She is a 2000 graduate of Mercer University and has a bachelor of science degree in medical engineering. After graduating she went into government contracting, construction, and project management. In 2011 she founded GSH of Alabama, LLC, and became the chief executive officer. Her company designs and builds houses that are shipped to where they are needed across America. This housing is contracted by FEMA and is used by people who can’t stay in their homes in the wake of a natural disaster. Read this article at businessinsider.com.

As someone in the disaster relief construction industry, she puts alleviating humanitarian relief at the top of her priorities. She founded this company along with her husband, Scott, and based this company in Huntsville, Alabama. The housing they provide is designed to be very durable and safe and can be used permanently. Their designs are proprietary and are state-of-the-art in their designs. GSH of Alabama can build everything from modular homes to building their homes on-site. They also provide land planning and getting the homes hooked up to all necessary utilities.

Barbara Stokes homes have also been used for things beyond housing those in natural disaster zones. GSH of Alabama homes have been used to house students on university campuses, for example, and have been used in military projects where they need to get strong, durable, homes up fast such as near combat zones. She says she and Scott work closely with their team so that everything from designing a new concept to getting a home in placed is handled as efficiently as possible.

View: https://gazetteday.com/2018/04/green-structure-homes-brings-relief-families-struggling-disaster/

Beyond her role at GHS of Alabama she is also the mother of three children. She says between being a business owner and being a mother she is very busy. She starts each day very early in the morning and works pretty late into each evening. Barbara Stokes works hard, though, to maintain a balance between her work and her husband and children. She also manages to fit in time volunteering for nonprofits that operate in the Huntsville region. Read more about Barbara Stokes at WDRB.com.

Who Should Try Selling Organo Gold Coffees And Teas?

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  1. What Is The Sales Program Like?

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  1. The Facebook Page

Everyone who is interested in selling with Organo Gold must check out their Facebook page. The company puts up all their announcements, and they share information about new products and their Expo. This is a good place for them to get comments from fans, and the people who have questions for the company can message them. The online presence of Organo Gold makes them much easier to reach, and they will be very happy to have a new career waiting for them.

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Francis Domenech; Exhibiting Exceptional Leadership Traits in Politics

POLITANK, managed by Francisco J. Domenech, is a firm that specializes in strategic development in a manner that presents its best interests in governmental forums. Mr. Domenech is the former Legislative Sources director of the PR Legislative Assembly, which was the United States Congressional Research Service equivalent. He streamlined the staff of 130 employees and expanded the Legislative Library services in a way that access was enabled for the physically handicapped and the blind.

Domenech participated in over 800 legislative pieces consideration where he additionally managed an 11 Million US Dollar budget, thereby introducing surpluses throughout the three fiscal years (2005-2008). Prior to his leadership position, Mr. Francisco Domenech served as the legal counsel for the P.R. Senate President. He was in charge of legally advising and presenting before the courts the Senate’s interests, supervising both in-house and outside counsel, not excluding the federal lobbyists within the Senate. In a personal manner and within his capacity, he participated in a rare en banc hearing for the First Circuit before the Court of Appeal. Learn more about Francisco Domenech at Caribbean Business.

MrDomenech graduated twice from the University of Puerto Rico, where he acquired his Juris Doctor and bachelor’s degree in political science. He served as the General Students Body Council’s President in the 1999-2000 academic years during which he equally served as the Academic Senator. Previously, from 1998 to 1999, he was the UPR’s Social Sciences College student body President. From 2007 to 2012, Mr. Domenech was a Democratic National Committee member as the youths’ representative. He was delegated to four different national democratic conventions until in 2008 where he served as Hillary Clinton’s deputy campaign manager in Puerto Rico. He was among Hillary’s finance co-chairs and co-ordinated the nationwide super PAC.

Through individual efforts and with the help of POLITANK, Mr. Domenech has shown active support on several philanthropic endeavors all through the year, for instance, the Clinton Foundation, Hispanic Heritage Foundation, The Washington Internships and Academics Centre to mention but a few. Mr. Domenech admits to having practiced before the Commonwealth courts of Puerto Rico including The Federal Circuit, The First and Courts of Appeal circuits, U.S Supreme Court, and the District of Columbia Circuit.Visit:https://about.me/franciscodomenech


The Nick Vertucci Story

His life took a turn for the worst when he lost his father at 10.This dealt a major blow to his family. His mother, the sole breadwinner, struggled to meet their financial needs.

At 18, his life was at rock bottom. He had no job and relied on his van for shelter. His life turned around when he started his entrepreneurial journey.

Nick Vertucci began by selling computer parts during the Dot-com bubble. This is an era when information technology experienced full-speed growth. The internet was in full use among businesses and individuals.

This bubble saw businesses experience unusually exponential growth. In 2001 and 2002, this bubble burst; many companies that rode on the internet wave failed.

Nick’s business was affected because computer sales dropped. He resulted to heavy borrowing to sustain his family.

In 2004, he made a life-changing decision. Though reluctantly, he decided to accompany a friend to a real estate training seminar.

Nick Vertucci left that seminar renewed and almost started buying property. He bought homes in foreclosure and renovated them. Instead of selling the homes, he would rent them out and manage them himself.

Nick Vertucci has learned that having a long-term financial vision is key to wealth. He advises entrepreneurs to invest in real estate.

Nick Vertucci thinks if done properly, real estate could make you wealthy like him if not more. He also believes in the power of words, what you tell yourself determines how far you will go.

He does not let criticism come between him and his goals. He knows that people will always try to pull you down.

Negative thoughts will be the main push at the back of your mind. However, if you overcome that negativity, you can achieve greatness.

Find out more about Nick Vertucci: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEtnxvphpkE

Adam Milstein Thinks Radical Muslims Are Like The American Radical Left

The Jewish News Syndicate (JNS) is a news media publication that outsources its works to dozens of web-based and physical newspaper publications every week. Russel Pergament and Joshua Katzen, the Jewish News Syndicate’s only two publishers, know good writers when they see them – Adam Milstein has long been one of them.

Adam Milstein’s area of focus as an author includes things related to Judaism, the Jewish ethnic group, the State of Israel, and current events all throughout the Middle East. Though Adam Milstein’s primary career and means of generating income is real estate – he’s a managing partner of the top-notch real estate firm Hager Pacific Properties – he is far more passionate about writing and spreading his message of defending Israel’s values and the same of the Jewish religion to people all across the globe.

A piece Mr. Milstein wrote on the Jewish News Syndicate – his most recent piece for the JNS, actually – on February 7, 2018, was titled “Unlikely Radical Alliances Fan the Flames of Anti-Semitism Worldwide,” and covered exactly what the title contained.

People all around the globe – except for maybe people living in the Middle East and elsewhere, to a lesser extent, that carry out such crimes and leadership of rotten organizations – are scared of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS. Not all Muslims support ISIS, nor are all Muslims evil like the people in ISIS; however, Mr. Adam Milstein makes clear in his hot, popular piece that they are trying their hardest to remove the Jewish ethnic group and the religion of Judaism from planet Earth.

Radical Muslim movements are inherently violent. Such groups of Jihadi followers want to bring war to the world. Then, and only then, will Allah – the god of Islam – come down from the heavens. As such, people living in the Middle East that are enrolled in ISIS kill countless people en masse in hopes of bringing problems to planet Earth.

In the piece mentioned above, Adam Milstein compared the radical left of the United States’ political sphere to that of radical Muslims.


How the Market America Company Works

Market America has prided itself in being the Unfranchise since 1992. The company was founded by married couple Loren and JR Ridinger. They work with affiliate product manufacturers to develop and distribute products to the public. Independent distributors can sign up with the company to create, launch and sell these products to earn a commission. It’s not uncommon for the majority of independent distributors to make their first sale in a week within opening their sites and to then go on to earn hundreds of dollars per month when proper marketing techniques are used. The company can be found in America, Canada and Singapore, and they are looking to branch out to Europe and Africa within the next several years. Currently, the company employs over 650 people to work in their offices worldwide to provide support to their customers and distributors. Millions of people currently distribute products for Market America.

Market America offers dozens of different product lines that their distributors can sell on websites purchased through the company itself. The products include Royal Spa, Pet Health, Isotonix, AutoWorks and Snap. The products within the lines include everything from weight loss supplements to cleaning materials and much more. For each sale that you make on your website, you will receive a small commission. If you sell enough products on your site, you could easily turn your site into a career and full-time business for yourself. Many distributors work exclusively for Market America because of how much money they are able to make off of the site. The company also sells its own products on their Shop.com platform, which was acquired by Bill Gates in 2012.

All Market America distributors are responsible for paying a nominal monthly fee in order to keep their websites active and current. You can also choose to sell one or several product lines on your site. The site is effortless to build, since you’ll purchase a site building package from M.A. that includes a domain name, hosting and a website builder. You will be responsible for attending regular annual seminars and conventions held by M.A. to remain working as a distributor, and these conventions can cost between $100 to $300 to secure a seat.


Meet San Diego based plastic surgeon- Dr, Mark Mofid

Dr. Mark Mofid is San Diego and La Jolla based plastic surgeon. He is trained at the Harvard University and the John Hopkins School of Medicine. He has been in practice for the last 8 years in a period which he has made major contributions to the plastic surgery field. One of the greatest achievements that he has managed to get is creating an implant that has made it possible for gluteal augmentation to be safe to clients. In the past, this procedure would leave patients with hanging muscles, but this is all over now with the implant he has discovered. This one is compatible with the human body, and no negative implication is left.

Dr. Mark Mofid has created a good reputation in practice due to an overemphasis on the safety of the patients. If an implant is not safe, he does not go on with the procedure, to him, it is not money fast but safety. On Yelp, he has a rating of five and a half stars from his customers. From the reviews, they are very happy with the results they have managed to get out of his services.

Dr. Mark Mofid treats the profession like it is a business. The same way he would protect his own business is the way he protects his career in the plastic surgery industry. He ensures that patients are given customized services, meaning that the treatment given is not uniform. Each patient is given an implant that fits into their body.

Another reason why Mark Mofid is successful as a plastic surgeon doctor is because of the efforts he puts in research. Since he joined the industry, he has been distributing his time between research and actual services delivery. So far he has created an implant for gluteal augmentation which now works perfectly and not like others which were being used in the past.

Dr. Mark Mofid is committed to delivering the highest level of services in this industry and make it safe. He wants the dark days when cases of plastic surgery accidents were many to be behind us. With a commitment to research, Dr. Mark Mofid and other like-minded doctors will change the industry.


Developing a Financial Muscles with Infinity Group’s Personal Trainer

Infinity Group Australia approaches brokerage like a personal trainer. They are there to help you work out your financial muscles be successful for the loan they receive. The role of a standard broker ends once the client is approved for a loan. Infinity Group allocates a personal banker to their client after this stage to ensure they can pay off their loan quickly. It is a powerful concept that guarantees a family isn’t burdened by a mortgage longer than they need to.


The firm provides their clients with personalized reports that evaluate their monthly performance. This information gives clients a way to see if they are on track to meet their goals or if they need to make adjustments. After six months, Infinity Group sits down and performs a detailed evaluation with the client to help them achieve the successful reduction of their family mortgage. Infinity Group makes their money off ensuring you pay off your loan quickly, with an initial charge for setting up their debt reduction model and assigning a personal banker to each borrower. This personal banker acts as a financial “personal trainer” that assists families in sticking to the cash-based budget Infinity Group believes is essential in ensuring the success of their clients.


A focal point of the Infinity Group success plan is preventing clients from spending money they don’t have. If a client could use cash to purchase something, then they shouldn’t use credit to make an unnecessary purchase. Utilizing their debt reduction model, most clients reduce their annual debt by 10% over their initial three months with Infinity Group. It is a significantly more significant reduction than the average borrower sees over a year without the guiding hand of Infinity Group’s financial, personal trainer.


Graeme Holm co-founded infinity Group after his 17 years in finance drew him to the conclusion that the average Australian receives a weak deal with taking out loans. Most people that take out a loan in Australia live paycheck to paycheck, a state of being that Holm finds unacceptable. Many disagree with his mentality that a 30-year mortgage can be repaid in only seven to 10 years if appropriately structured. Holm believes the keys for anyone trying to pay off their loan in this short timespan are living on a cash-based budget, putting all excess money into savings, the reduction of the borrower’s daily interest charge and most importantly living on a weekly budget. Learn more: http://brokerbusinessexchange.com.au/conference-schedule/


Food Conglomerate JAB purchases Pret A Manger, UK Chain Sandwich Shop

In yet another big purchase, JAB Holding, one of the largest and spendiest conglomerates on the planet, just bought Pret A Manger, the upscale sandwich/tea shop that are incredibly popular in the United Kingdom. This will be JAB Holding Company’s first foray into the retail sandwich market.


Pret A Manger is very popular with the white collar, urban crowd in the centers of cities. Office workers in particular tend to flock to the chain. This is a core demographic that JAB wishes to target. They will do so using corporate rewards programs, purchase tracking, and other data centric strategies that will allow them to grow and absorb Pret A Manger’s business.



The negotiations to purchase the sandwich chain ended up with a final price that is almost 2 billion USD. This deal also includes the acquisition of the assets and debt of Pret A Manger. This acquisition is the latest in a series of moves that JAB is making at the behest of their majority owners, the German Reimann family.


The company has spent 10s of billions of dollars in the food and drink markets. They have been snapping up properties left and right, from casual dining to beverage wholesalers. They own many companies across Europe, Asia, and the United States. Their first foray into the food/beverage market started like things often do, with coffee.


After purchasing standouts like Stumptown Roasters and Peet’s Coffee Jab turned their attention to the restaurant business. Krispy Kreme and Panera were their first acquisitions in this space. They later made an 18.7 billion dollar deal to purchase the company behind Dr. Pepper and Snapple.


Pret A Manger is one of their largest acquisitions to date. The roughly 3-decade old chain of sandwich shops prides itself on fresh ingredients and fresh baked daily bread. They are also in the coffee business and are reported to have one of the finest cups in London. They currently have around 530 locations globally, in Asia, Europe and North America.


Bridgepoint Advisors has had a controlling interest in the firm since 2008, during the financial crisis. If this sale goes through JAB foods will establish a critical foothold on the European market and have a new weapon to use in North America.

The Truth About Credit Card Debt and Your Financial Matters

There is level of planning for financial management that can be very helpful if you are in debt. A lot of people think that it is all about cutting up credit cards and making drastic decisions to eat scarcely with no dining out as you endure a life of boredom. This may work for some people, but getting your finances in order does not have to be a miserable journey. In fact, you can still get your finances together and have a great time if you know how to plan.


There is a common myth going around that credit cards are evil. People tend to think that they cannot have credit cards and stay out of debt if they have gotten into debt with credit cards. This cannot be further from the truth. Getting a credit card is going to work for some people that may need money on a short-term basis. It is actually very much like getting a loan.


This can be like a short-term loan for people that may have a payment that they need to make on the first but they may not get paid until the 15th. If they have the ability to charge it to the card and pay the full amount back on the 15th there really is no harm in having this done with the credit cards. Where most people find themselves in trouble is with the credit card purchase where they do not pay the full amount back.


This always leads to more interest rates and it essentially equates to more debt. This is a bad practice for anyone, but using a credit card where you are paying the full amount is a much better idea.


Some people are going to be able to use a credit card and earn points as rewards. This allows them to get cash back bonuses and gift cards. This is only considered a reward if you are paying the full amount for your credit card each month. If you are simply paying the minimum payment you are only rewarding the credit card company. This company is collecting an interest rate so you are just rewarding the company if you are paying an interest rate. Pay your balance and impove your finances.