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$42 Million Raised by Marc Beer for Women’s Health

With over 25 years of experience in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and diagnostics Marc Beer has now used his expertise and determination to raise approximately $42 million dollars for women’s health. As seen in an article posted by the Boston Business Journal in August of 2018, Beer and his associates are specifically fighting against pelvic floor disorders by pushing towards creating several new products that will be of great use against pelvic floor disorders which affects over 250 million woman from all over the world.


Beer was able to allocate approximately $32 million dollars using Series B financing, a method which secures funding through private equity investors as well as venture capitalists. Beer raised the additional $10 million through venture lending which funds working capital and other expenses.


Beer has been committed to fighting rare diseases and disorders on a global basis during his time with ViaCell where Beer held the title of CEO. Furthermore, Beer the Miami University alumni not only has experience in developing innovative products for pelvic heath and rare diseases but he has a vast expertise in global marketing as well.


Beer is a cofounder and CEO of Renovia, a leading company in the pelvic health industry. During his time working with pelvic health Beer has developed a track record of producing and promoting several innovative interventions in effort to relieve millions of women around the world from pelvic floor disorders.


One such product created by Renovia, and it’s first product in pelvic floor health is Leva. Leva is an interactive training device used to help women improve pelvic strength as well as pelvic floor muscle stimulation. Leva assists women whom may struggle with stress related incontinence as well as incontinence due to pelvic floor muscle weakness. This innovative device created by Renovia is a step above other interventions as it does not cary any related side effects.


Leva is not the only product which Beer and Renovia are currently working on. Renovia along with The Longwood Fund, an investment firm whose purpose is focused on healthcare are working together towards creating and testing several other therapeutic and diagnostic products.


Beer feels passionate about Renovia’s junction with the Longwood Fund announcing that this alliance will support the development of innovative pelvic floor treatments and interventions, along with creating greater awareness of pelvic floor disorders. Beer feels that ultimately this will create further understanding and knowledge of pelvic floor disorders which will not only support millions of women worldwide but will lead to lower healthcare costs as well. Learn more: https://www.bizjournals.com/boston/news/2018/08/21/ex-aegerion-chief-beer-raises-42m-for-womens.html

Infinity Group Australia Has Been Recognized by AFR as One of the Top 100 Most Innovative Companies

Infinity Group Australia has been recognized by the Australian Financial Review (AFR) as among the Top 100 Most Innovative Companies in 2018. AFR ranked it the 58th most innovative company in 2018. Founded in 2013, the company has grown rapidly to become a trendsetter in the finance industry.



According to Infinity Group Australia reviews, the company specialties include debt reduction, wealth creation as well as retirement solutions. It is dedicated to help Australians settle their debts, manage their finances and eventually, secure their financial futures. Within 5 years of operation, Infinity Group Australia has made huge strides towards its goals.



Featuring in AFR’s prestigious list is a great honor to the company as it recognizes its efforts to perform and secure a leading position in innovation across Australia and New Zealand. Australian Financial Review, working alongside Inventium, formulated a tight process that is meant to identify top performing companies around Australia and feature them in their list. Seven years down the line, AFR’s list has gained great reputation and recognition. Out of hundreds of companies that went through the process, 100 were featured and named top most innovative companies in 2018.



In a statement, Graeme Holm (founder) expressed his excitement for the honor and he was grateful to Inventium and AFR. He attributed the achievement to applying a different approach in delivering services and their efforts in debt reduction, service offering innovation and ongoing budgetary platforms.



Graeme Holm has over 15 years of experience in the industry and he is committed to keep honesty in banks and improve the lives of Australians.



How Infinity Group Australia is improving the lives of Australians



Graeme Holm and Infinity Group Australia fraternity at large is committed to change the lives of Australia for the better, one household at a time. The company manages finances of its clients and assigns each client a personal trainer to help them reduce their debts as well as create wealth. The company offers the best customer experience and their efforts have seen their clients clear their home loans within the shortest period possible. Within 12 months, their clients have been able to eliminate debts to an average of $41,000.



About Infinity Group Australia



The company was founded in 2013 by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker to help Australians reduce debts, create wealth and eventually, secure their future. They create a relationship with their clients that is based on trust, integrity, care and passion. They believe that financial institutions in Australia have given citizens raw deals and they have come in to fix one home at a time.



Infinity Group Australia came in to fill the gap left by lack of on-going support, advice, guidance as well as services for the families. Learn more: https://www.mpamagazine.com.au/people/profiles/getting-financially-fit-at-infinity-group-australia-244676.aspx

Learn from investment genius, Peter Briger

Peter Briger is a great investor and an entrepreneur who is currently serving at Fortress Investment Group. He is has been working here since he joined the company in 2002. His skills have been of help to the company since they have managed to attract many customers since the company went public in 2007. Peter is also a co-chairman and the president of the company, and he has used his position to expand the company and ensure it is running smoothly. Fortress Investment Group began as private equity but it went public, and during this time the partners became billionaires with Peter Briger being ranked among the top most successful business professionals by Forbes. Fortress Investment Group has been successful, and it manages billions of assets for customers. It has become a global company because of the right leadership.

Peter Briger set the foundation of his career by attending coveted institutions in the United States. He went to Wharton Business School and Princeton University where he acquired the knowledge needed to work in the financial sector. Peter joined Goldman Sachs straight from School and worked there for more than fifteen years. While working at the company, he helped in many years. He used Peter Briger’s marketing skills and enabled Goldman Sachs to attract clients from different parts of the world. While here he joined Asian Management, Global Control, and Japan Executive Committee. He was tasked to run sectors like loans, debt vehicles, trading, and real estate.

The wide range of knowledge Peter Briger gained at Goldman Sachs is what made him join Fortress Investment Group. The company was started by financial gurus who were ready to work hard and change the way customers received services in the financial world. He joined the company in 2002 with the aim of working with other individuals who had acquired a lot of experience in the sector. He wanted to work with gurus like Wes Edens and Randal Nardone who have been successful investors. It was a right decision, and he became part of Fortress Investment Group. Peter has been useful at Fortress Investment Group. He helped it to become a global organization today.

For details: entrepreneurs.princeton.edu/people/peter-briger-jr-%E2%80%9886

William Saito Japanese American Pioneer

William Saito is one of the most well known Japanese American pioneers. At the early age of just 10 years old, he landed his first apprenticeship in computer programming. While in college he started his own software company straight out of his bedroom. This company later became known as I/O Software. At the age of 34, he then sold his company to Microsoft. This article is to give you a little insight into William Saito’s view on Russia and their likelihood to become a technology leader.


William Saito has tried to piece together the pieces between other countries and Russia to get Russia to the top of technology. He has tried to discuss Russia’s future in technology with Google, Twitter, Cisco, and Apple leaders. He has also tried to help Russia begin to understand it’s spot in the tech world.


EU is a great trading partner for Japan: William Saito

In town for Interpol World 2017, William Saito, special adviser to Japan’s cabinet, talks about the Japan-EU trade deal and the third arrow in Abenomics.

Russia’s government is beginning to understand that their wealth depends mostly on their oil and gas. In order for Russia to become successful on the technological side of things, they need to look beyond their horizons and find new ways to further their technology. They have recently started a project called Slovolko, which is slow-moving but seems to be going in the right direction. Google has recently signed on with them for this project.


William Saito’s main view of Russia and their technology is that thinking outside the box will bring you the most success in the future. Russia needs to find new ways to go about producing technology and include their oil and gas into these plans if possible. He has been trying to help out Russia by looking into problems they have had with technology developments in the past and coming up with answers to fix these problems. He is hoping to get Russia as advanced into technology as he has the United States and Japan.





Michael Burwell takes Up New CFO Role At The Willis Towers Watson Company


Michael Burwell, the newly appointed Chief Financial Officer of the Willis Towers Watson Company, is a highly successful man who has had a good career in the financial industry. He graduated from the University of Michigan with his undergraduate degree in Business Administration and is also an accredited Certified Public Accountant. Among his prominent accomplishments in his financial advisory career include over 30 years of working at the PriceWaterhouseCoopers Company. His tenure in the company has given him tremendous experience by serving as the Chief Operating Officer of the company’s US office as well as the Chief Financial Officer and the Head of Transactions in the US.


These positions, according to his assessment, have given him a tremendous weight of experience that perhaps earned him the new position at the Willis Towers Watson Company. In his new role as the Willis Towers Watson Chief Financial Officer, he is expected to provide a range of services including financial advisory and financial strategizing targeted at driving the company’s mission and vision forward.


According to interviews that he has conducted since his new appointment, Michael Burwell attributes much of his successes to his dynamic leadership model in which he utilizes technology in the vast majority of his operations and decisions. He considered technology as an important part and parcel of modern-day financial planning and decision-making. Besides, to achieve overall corporate success, he is a staunch advocate of the utilization of interpersonal relationships as a mechanism of building rapport for corporate relations. Teamwork and communication are also part of his personal ideology as it brings like-minded person together, something that fosters corporate success.


Michael Burwell’s career is not new to challenges as he has encountered multiple of them in the past. According to his assessment, the financial management sector is expected to face numerous challenges including the need to handle big corporate data and the consequent need to undertake proper data analytics as a way of achieving informed decision-making. These challenges, according to his assessment would only be countered if the financial management leadership around the globe would think outside the box when coming up with viable solutions.


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Learn More: https://interview.net/qa-with-michael-burwell-cfo/

U.S. Money Reserve Bags AdSpehere Awards Twice In Two Years

 U.S reserve recently received two Best in the Category Awards for two years in a row by Adsphere Awards. The success of U.S Money Reserve in the competitive direct-response television (DRTV) industry is evident. The direct-response television industry is a whopping $350 billion industry with strong competitors. The best network cable advertisers are honored in the AdSphere Awards every year.

Angela Koch, the current CEO of U.S. Money reserve, expressed her happiness on the company winning the award second year in a row. Angela Koch mentioned how proud they are of the employees in the marketing, media and production teams who work hard and are dedicated to keeping high levels of excellence throughout every process involved in branding and distributing products made of precious metal. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Wins Two ‘Best of Category’ Awards at 2018 AdSphere™ Awards and US Money Reserve | Twitter

The firm was founded in 2001, and is currently, the largest private distributor of government-approved gold, silver and platinum products. Millions of customers depend on U.S. Money Reserve to diversify their assets with products made of gold, silver or platinum.

The organization has a dedicated and talented team trained as per the requirements of the company and specialize in coin research and deep market analysis to understand preferred metal products for buyers on any level. U.S.  Reserve exceeds the industry standards and the expectation of customers and manages to build strong long-lasting relationships with every client who puts their faith on U.S. Money Reserve.

The organization AdSphere is committed to identifying the best company in the DRTV industry every year. AdSphere has successfully identified 7,700 direct brands and oversees the activities of more than 120 national networks.

The various parameters AdSphere takes into consideration are the capability of lead generation, brand, short-form products, and 28.5-minute infomercials, said Joseph Gray, CEO of DRMetrix. The AdSphere Awards honored 70 firms inclusive of the best of the category recipients. It is a tough job to pick a winner for the awards as every year as it is a very competitive market with very less margin for error. Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://epodcastnetwork.com/u-s-money-reserve/ and https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-money-reserve-president-to-hold-emergency-gold-conference-300486354.html

In 2018, the major distributor received the awards from AdSphere soon after being designated by The Perth Mint as the only U.S. seller of the 65th Anniversary of the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Proof Coin Set.

The low mintage of the 2 oz. Gold Coin gave more meaning to the honor they received two years in a row. The 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor coin series manufactured by The Perth Mint is sold across the globe by U.S. Money Reserve.

OSI Group: Pursuit Towards Sustainability

OSI Group is one of the leading food producers in the world despite growing from a local neighborhood butchery to a primary supplier at McDonald’s and its current developments. Sheldon Lavin, the chairman, and CEO of OSI Group has put considerable efforts towards achieving a sustainable food production in the company. The company rose to their current position by embracing the challenges they face in the industry as well as utilizing the cutting technology to become a successful innovator. Lavin has led the company towards its remarkable growth by guiding it towards utilizing new and reliable technologies and strategies. The combined efforts with team are not in vain because OSI Group now enjoys improved efficiency in all operations. Through the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, OSI makes its operational decisions based on the sustainability goals.

There is an increased need to have environmentally friendly and sustainable food production across the world, and in this case, companies such as OSI does not have an option but develop new strategies to achieve the same. OSI has been successful in this journey because the company together with its leader, Lavin has received some impressive sustainability awards. These awards include the North American Meat Institute’s Environmental Award, California Green Business Award, Global Visionary Award and the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor. Lavin became a fully committed leader at OSI after McDonald’s management requested for his active presence in the company because they were going through tremendous change and growth as a company. McDonald’s wanted their key supplier to be led by a person or a leader they trust, and through his commitment, Lavin was capable of leading the company into something big.

Today, OSI Group exists in 17 countries and has more than 20,000 employees who work in their 65 facilities across the world. In the year 2016, the company was ranked by Forbes as the 58th largest private company in the world with a net worth of more than $6 billion. Adaptation to new technologies, commitment to sustainability and willingness to take risks are the main factors that have led the company to its current spectacular growth. According to Lavin, their pursuit towards sustainability was highly supported by carrying out exclusive research mostly done in their culinary innovation centers and R&D center in China and the United States. These facilities help the company to not only achieve its sustainability goals but also reduce environmental impacts in their day to day operations. Being a global and successful food processor, OSI Group focuses on utilizing their resources to develop and implement the best practices throughout the supply chain.

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Hope And Change Are Part Of Nick Vertucci’s Career Move Into Real Estate

There is always a way you can get out of a financial disaster, and while the way to do so may not be something you find right away, there’s always a light at the end of a tunnel. Real estate developer and instructor Nick Vertucci learned this over 15 years ago when he first got into the market and made money by buying cheap homes and commercial lots and renovating and reselling them. Now he teaches other people how they can do it at his NV Real Estate Academy which not only utilizes the classroom to give people the basics of real estate, but also gives them support while out in the field.

Nick Vertucci probably never imagined 20 years ago that he would be where he is today by building a real estate portfolio. He grew up without a college degree and spent most of his late teens and early 20s in poverty. His first chance at business success came when he founded a computer parts sales company, and the money he made doing this did bring some good times for him and later his wife and children, but they didn’t last forever. His business went broke when the dot-com bubble crashed in 2000, and he soon found himself going deep in debt to try and survive. But Nick Vertucci wasn’t about to give up yet, and he found out how real estate might be his ticket out of debt.

It was a weekend seminar that a friend told him about that Nick Vertucci first was introduced to the basics of real estate investments. He had to familiarize himself with industry jargon and terminology and spend some hours researching different tax laws. But something made him believe in what he was doing, and in a few years he began buying properties. It started with rentals such as vacation cabins and ab apartment condominium, and he later started buying individual houses and reselling them. Vertucci had made enough money to retire a millionaire by 2014, but the work was just begun at the NV Real Estate Academy that year. The academy has graduated thousands of people out into the real estate world and has made Vertucci’s secrets easy for most to understand.

Three Reasons Why Talos Energy Will Be Making An Edge On The Gulf Of Mexico

Tim Duncan is not a newbie when it comes to the business of oil. His father was in the same boat. What may be different about him, is the ability to seize the opportunity.

Despite starting out in small towns, his business acumen skills match those of people at Wall Street, New York. His first mentor to the business was Selim Zilkha of Zilkah Energy in the year 1996. The sale of a 50 person company to a tune of $ 1.2 billion challenged the young engineer.

He set out to accomplish one of his personal goals,’’ …challenge of building something that other folks may come to the conclusion you can’t build anymore.” Talos energy incepted in the year 2012, is leaping the Gulf of Mexico.

As the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Duncan is out to ensure that the future will be bright. The fact that supports his vision is;

Expected Growth of Phoenix Exploration

In the year 2006, Duncan co-founded company with a backing of $350 million in equity from Riverstone, Pine Brook Road, and Soros Fund. After making discoveries in the Belle Isle Field near Louisiana’s Atchafalaya Bay, they sold the company. He later acquired Phoenix and other assets in the year 2013.

Phoenix, the most significant asset of Talos, is pumping 16,000 barrels daily. On top, they reevaluated the seismic data and had discoveries 3,000 feet of the old reservoirs. The future of the company is promising.

Acreage in Mexican Water

The company was able to acquire some actioned land. With their first drill, there were able to hit a 1,000-foot-thick layer of oil-soaked sandstone containing perhaps 2 billion barrels. With such prospect in the Gulf waters, it is a promise of production for a decade.

Pompano Platform

It is one of the promising assets they acquired from Stone Energy Company. It is worth $ 200 million with several prospects that are ripe for new drilling.

Energy under Duncan is genuinely not planning to leave the Gulf of Mexico soon. But the future does look to be shinning on their favor.

Read More : www.crunchbase.com/organization/talos-energy

Graeme Holm offers financial fitness strategy

Many Australian families are looking for ways of improving their lives by adopting financial fitness measures. With so many people in the world today going through the challenges created by the modern financial crisis, it is becoming increasingly difficult f0r some people to manage their debts. What makes the matter worse is that, not just a small number of people that can be wished away who are facing these challenges, but a considerable section of the community. Debt management is becoming an important issue which should be solved by all means possible. In Australia, there is a company which is already offering debt reduction services and is ready to help as many people as possible.




Infinity Group Australia is a financial fitness company created by Graeme Holm. Holm is a Top 100 Broker and an experienced banker. He worked in the banking sector for 17 years before started this company. If it is about the experience, there is no doubt about his qualifications. Through Infinity Group Australia, he is offering financial guidance and some helpful tips which will help the people solve the financial management issues that they face. The financial solutions that he is creating through this company are helping many Australian families to attain financial freedom.




Graeme Holm has also been warning people against taking solutions such as debt consolidation since they have no impact on the over repayment of loans. There are many disadvantages which are associated with debts consolidation which make them a worse problem than one might think. Although it is said that debt consolidation entails bringing down the interest rate, this does not occur at all. The interest rate will keep fluctuating despite debt consolidation which does not guarantee that the rate will be lower. Also, the period for repayment will still be longer despite the consolidation. Holm insists that for anyone looking for financial fitness these options should be nowhere on the table. It is not the kind of solution that will solve all issues that need to be solved.




Graeme Holm created Infinity Group Australia because he felt that the banks and other financial institutions were cheating many Australian. While they want you to believe that they care about you, there is nothing that is even close to caring that they do. They are in business to make profits, and their welfare is not really a concern to them. That is why you will find that no bank offers money management lessons after giving out a loan to the customer.




Graeme Holm knows all the loopholes that banks use to exploit their customers and that is what he is out to seal by creating awareness among the people on the solutions they should use to get out of debt. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/graeme-holm