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Serge Belamant Technological Inventions

Serge Belamant was born in the year 1953 in Tulle, France. He later moved to South Africa at the age of 14 together with his family. He later joined Highlands North High school where he excelled in both co-curricular activities and academics. He joined Witwatersrand University where he studied engineering and later changed to computer science. He has worked with various engineering institutions eg a civil engineering company called Matrix. He also developed computer applications to help analyze dam levels in RSA and help predict future droughts and help revamp dam levels.

Serge Belamant has worked on various inventions which have made him file various patents to protect inventions. He first invented a system of verifying the identity the person doing the transaction and the account that the transactor holds with the financial institution. The system is run by an independent verifier. This patent was successfully registered as a patent on July 1st, 2014 and assigned to Net 1 UEPS Technologies Inc.

Serge Belamant second invention was a system that provided financial transactions facilitating device which was to be used to facilitate transactions via the ATM. This system helps generate a pin response to the right biometric identifier. Currently, this application is being used when trying to login to bank accounts and the internet. It was registered on March 13th, 2014 and also assigned to Net 1 UEPS Technologies Inc.

The third invention by Serge Belamant was an electronic financial transaction system. It has an identifier designation thus helping determine the ways of establishing the designation of an identifier provided by a potential transactor in regard to the circumstance he is in and a response. The designation could either be normal or duress and in this case, if a normal circumstance is issued then the transactor is allowed to proceed with the transactions. On the other hand, if a duress designation is issued, then the accounts are frozen and no transaction can take place. The system managers are then alerted and then proceeds to help the transactor. This patent was registered on 7th June 2012 by Serge Belamant.

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Some Leadership Lessons from James River Capital

The organization was initially called KP Futures Management Corp and was set up in 1986. It is popularly known as James River. The firm was a subsidiary of Kidder, Peabody, and Co. which focused on alternative investments. In 1995, the management transformed James River into an independent investment company. According to the records from the SEC, the firm acts as a consultancy for matters related to investments and commodity trading. A recent evaluation showed that James River’s portfolios had an estimated value of $570 million. One of the firm’s core management values is professionalism, to achieve that, it hires highly experienced individuals in various positions. The company has served thousands of clients since its inception and has acquired a good reputation.


Leadership is an art and a science that many people would want to learn. If you are in charge of a team, you require to have good skills to ensure that you achieve your goals. Being a good leader is not an overnight achievement and requires a dedicated individual to learn. Leadership is an important part of an organization and many firms have spent a significant amount of money to establish the most productive leadership strategies. Some of the findings of the research made the following conclusions on how to be better leaders:


Support your Team Members.


The strategy is common among the managers at Facebook. It requires an individual to have a critical mentality shift. According to certain research, the leaders of different divisions ought not to lead their team members. Instead, they support them to ensure that they achieve the organization’s objectives. If a leader decides to change from leading to supporting, the interactions with the team members improve and the productivity is likely to increase.


Encourage your Team Members.


According to a study on employees from different organizations, 85% of them withhold feedback from senior officers. Encourage the workers to approach you at any time if they have important issues that they think you should address. If the employees think that a manager Effective communication between employees and management promotes innovation and collaboration. Research has shown that companies that have an effective communication strategy are more productive than others. This is because of the members of the organization work as a team where all the important issues are dealt with at the right time and in an appropriate manner.


Value Everyone’s Opinion.


Any member of the organization can give valuable suggestions that can help in its management and growth. When you are in a meeting, all the attendees should be given a chance to speak if they are confident enough to do so. When the workers feel that their input is valued, they tend to be more productive. Learn more: https://www.behance.net/jamesrivercc


Life With Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is best known for his time spent on American Idol. He spent many years of his career hosting the well known show and enjoyed it greatly. You may also see him on New Years Eve starring on Dick Clark’s New Years show. Ryan Seacrest has spent a lot of time on television in his short life, and will continue to do so as he grows his career. At the age of 43 he started his newest step in his career moving from LA to New York to star on Live with Kelly Ripa as a co host. Although starring on television is what Seacrest is most known for it is not the only thing he has done in his lifetime.

Seacrest has also starred on a radio show. As well as he produces the television series Keeping Up With The Kardashians. He also runs his own skin care line. As well as his own clothing line. Seacrest has setup a nonprofit foundation known has the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. This foundation was started to help kids through education and entertainment. Seacrest started building studios inside of pediatric hospitals so that while kids are receiving treatments for their illnesses they can enjoy making music and learning about music. These studios are called Seacrest Studios. Seacrest also has a men’s clothing line known as Ryan Seacrest Distinction. This clothing line gives men a classic, yet iconic look. It offers clothing and accessories, and is currently available at Macy’s.

Ryan Seacrest is a very successful man. He has worked hard and had to jump through some hurdles to get to his success, but he has done it. He has had many different roads to travel during his career, and has stepped into many different roles. Ryan Seacrest has had tough times during his rise to the top, but that is what made him so successful. With success comes pain and struggle. Working hard to get to where you want to be is what makes your successful.

Nick Vertucci, Business Man

Nick Vertucci is a well-known businessman who is the founder and CEO of the real estate company NV Real Estate. NV Real Estate is a widely recognized company that has successfully managed to help thousands of individuals to make convenient real estate investments. The core purpose of Vertucci founding this company was to offer individuals professional advice regarding taking risks in real estate and investing in it as it is the future of assets. Nick Vertucci was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He had to work his way up the economic ladder as he is from a humble upbringing. Vertucci became a real estate investor at the young age of 22 years after he decided to take a leap of faith. Vertucci believes that his step in accepting and embracing change at such a young age is what has significantly contributed to his success.

Nick Vertucci’s success has prompted him to write a book named Seven Figure decisions. This book offers exceptional advice on how to invest and make money from investments. The main aspect of the book is how fear and change can cause success rather than failure. Nick Vertucci talks about fear and how individuals prefer staying in their comfort zone due to the fear of the unknown. Nick Vertucci advises his readers to take calculated risks and embrace fear as they are part of living. Staying in one’s comfort zone will only bring worry and fear rather than prosperity. Nick Vertucci had to leave his fulltime job and start his own business which is a classic example of what he tries to explain in the book. His decision to begin a fresh was right, and now he is racking millions in the real estate industry. This book is convenient for people that want to venture into real estate.

Organo Gold is a Coffee Above the Rest

Organo Gold is a different kind of coffee company. The company knows what people want and they aren’t afraid to give them a bold cup of coffee that tastes rich without the hefty price tag. The company spent a lot of time learning about where they could source their coffee from and what they would be able to do to help other people. They also spent time learning about the right way to make the coffee the best it could be. Thanks to the coffee company, they know they can help their clients connect and can help them get all the options they need.

There are a lot of things that go into making the perfect blend of coffee. Organo Gold knows there are things they can do to source their coffee the right way. The company also spends a lot of time learning about how to make the perfect cup. They use this information to then recommend to their customers how to get the most out of their coffee. It’s important to the company to always let people know what they can do and how they can make the best coffee possible.

Even when Organo Gold is looking for employees, they do it the right way. They are responsible in their searches and it helps them cater to more people. They also spend a lot of time marketing their employment opportunities. By doing this, they have a chance to get more people interested. There are other opportunities for people to have the best experiences and that’s what makes their coffee among the best. People enjoy a cup that’s made by people who care about their job.Employees of Organo Gold know they can do things that might make it easier for their clients to do things the right way.