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Are You Motivated Enough For Market America? Yes, You Are

There are a lot of quick sayings that offer a bit of advice for anyone struggling with their career, their income, and even their lives in general.

“Grab the bull by the horns.”

“Seize the day.”

“Roll up your sleeves and get to work.”

“If you’re not working toward your own success, then you are working for someone else’s success.”

Yes, that last one stings a little bit.

And, yes, all of these sayings have something to do with getting yourself motivated. So, how do you get out of your rut? How do you go outside of the envelope, think outside the box, find the means and the method to light a fire under your feet?

Well, there’s an interesting answer to that.

In the old days, when I began my career in psychology, I was told what the key to motivation really was that would push people to change.

Ready for this?

The answer is: It doesn’t matter. When you need to make a change, you could be motivated by a desire for financial independence. You could be motivated by the need for more freedom in your life. You could be looking for more autonomy. You could be sick and tired of working for someone else’s success or really tired at taking orders from someone who constantly thinks of themselves first.

If Market America is the answer to several of your life’s key or core dilemmas, then what’s the motivation that will light a fire under you to prompt you to make the changes you need to make?

Here are some of the stories that circulate from time to time:

There’s the woman who volunteered for every extra assignment that ever came upon the firm she worked for, putting in extra hours, working on Saturdays, taking work home, taking on that really time-consuming extra chore that came up every year … and she ended up getting Demoted instead of Promoted.

Yes, the company was cutting back, so they promoted some guy who had just joined the firm, then told everyone who was on the cutting block if they wanted to stay they would have to take a pay cut and do more to cover for those who had been laid off. Anyone ever had a career like that?

There was the man who drove into the belly of the beast every day, fighting a futile battle against time with several million other commuters trying to survive intense city traffic every day to get to a job he loved. When he had a mild heart attack the doctor asked him what job was giving him so much stress and curtailing the time he could be used to exercise. He answered, “It’s not the job, it’s just that agonizing, ugly, two-hour drive to work and back, robbing my time and stacking up the stress. It’s not the job – it’s getting there in the morning and getting home at night that’s killing me a little bit every day.”

He quit his job very soon after that.

Others work eight hours per day for 20 or 30 years and can’t save a dime. Others find the 45-year plan that will get them to retirement will only see them able to rest and relax when their lives are practically over and spent. They need a better income and they want to start enjoying life right away, not when it’s too late.

Market America Unfranchise owners have different stories to tell. They talk about setting their own schedule, sleeping as long as they want, being their own boss, but expanding their network so dramatically that it feels like the secondary rewards of work – meeting new people, learning new things – is finally starting to erase the memories of the ulcers their last jobs gave them.

One story, simple enough in the telling, involves a woman who lived with her family in a 1,100-square feet house – adequate, but hardly luxurious—and then switched career paths, choosing to develop and Unfranchise opportunity, instead. Now she lives – gets this, folks – in a 17,000 square-feet house with 12 bathrooms!

I don’t care who you are, that’s a lot of square feet and that’s a lot of bathrooms.

There are many ways to hit the glass ceiling. Women often face the inevitable crush of that glass ceiling simply by being a woman working in a man’s world. They are given a smaller salary than their male co-workers from day one, then they get overlooked with the opportunity for a promotion comes along.

As awkward as this may sound, women are not the only ones who get overlooked when a promotion comes along. Yes, they are summarily rejected at times, dismissed out of hand. But companies generally promote one person at a time, so there are many men who are also passed by.

It may be your training can only get you so far. Maybe it’s a two-year degree you have, while a promotion requires a four-year degree. Maybe it’s some obscure reason – the boss just doesn’t think you’re management material. What do you do?

Well, water is the universal solvent and working for yourself is the universal solution to many hurdles, including income and status limitations or simply being the unlucky one who is never going to get that promotion, anyway.

You’ll never hear an Unfranchise developer complain about their boss and you’ll rarely (if ever) hear of one say they feel left out in the cold. Market America is a marketing/sales company at its core, but it is world famous for its incredible conference and training meetings, where you can meet tens, hundreds and thousands of fellow Unfranchise developers. The support this company offers is simply unparalleled. They offer training, training, training and then some more. Their system relies on networking, networking, networking, which means your connections to other people will increase, if not vastly improve once you get the ball rolling.

And why should you do this? That’s entirely up to you. Your motivation belongs to you. If it gets you started, isn’t that enough?