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Avaaz Gives A Voice To Average People — Making Them Powerful

It’s easy for an average person to feel frustrated and powerless, say, when she reads an article about a giant, multi-national corporation such as Monsanto. The ag-chemical giant is powerful, has politicians in its pocket and is hell-bent on spreading the use of cancer causing farm chemicals around the world.

What can an ordinary person do to fight back, to advocate for our food to be produced in a healthy, clean organic way? How can someone with no connection or a lot of money obtain a voice?

Well, there is a way. It’s an Internet-based organization called Avaaz, and its name literally means “voice.” Founded in 2007, Avaaz has grown to become the world largest and most effective social advocacy and action group.

With membership approaching 50 million “ordinary people,” Avaaz today is demonstrably among the most effective and results-getting organization when it takes on behemoth corporations like Monsanto, fighting back against its “pollution for profit” corporate culture.

But Avvaz does so much more. Over the past decade, average every-day people have tapped into the Avaaz network to join forces with like-minded people. They form action groups, raise money or march in the streets if they must to produce positive social change.

The cause might be an effort to alleviate poverty, bring aid and comfort to refugees fleeing war-torn homes or doing something real about cleaning plastics pollution from the world’s water systems.

Joining Avaaz online, which takes just a few minutes, instantly transforms an “ordinary person” into an “extraordinary advocate” for good causes focused on making our planet a better place to live.

Never doubt – results matter – and the Avaaz online activity model has proven to be astoundingly effective in everything from getting the world to rally around the Paris Climate Accord to establishing new marine wildlife refuges, and their Linkedin.

Whether you want to fight political corruption on your country, or save honey bees from extinction, Avaaz can give you the power to really get something done.

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