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The Debate About An Allowance

Parents have started to have debates on whether they should pay their children allowance for doing chores. There is always a back-and-forth conversation that is happening about this in households.

This is especially a big issue when it comes to blended families. If there someone that has never raised their children to be doing any chores with money as a reward they may not see how this works out. By contrast, if there is someone that has grown up doing this for their children they may disagree and totally see the benefit of paying their children to do work around the house.

Regardless of the disagreement between parents there is one thing for sure. Paying children to do chores is often the only way that the kids will have a chance to learn anything about money. If they’re never put me in a position where they have to get money and handle it they will never really know how to do this.

When they are paid to do chores they get a better understanding of how to handle their money. They will be less inclined to ask for things throughout the year because they are getting paid to take care of things in the house.

Some parents believe that it is simply the job for the children to help out around the house. This is less about giving kids access to money and more about simple responsibilities like cleaning up after themselves and keeping the house tidy.

To imply that money should be given for chores can make things difficult if this is something that a parent decides and suddenly stop without warning. If children have become accustomed to getting money for the chores that they do it will become difficult for them to transition to not having any money for the work that they do. This is one of the main reasons why parents should consider this a great detail before they do it.

The main thing about doing this is being a united front if you are in a marriage. It’s not going to be a good idea for one parent to battle against the other parent’s decision. This is never a good idea because it causes tension between husband and wife.