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Did You Know That You Can Combat Aging? Ask Dr. Dov Rand How

Many people are struggling with various disorders especially in our generation perhaps because of the changes in lifestyle and the consumption behavior. One of the main issues that are really a thorn in the flesh of many especially ladies is weight. Some have gone through various treatments, tried to take certain food but still, the weight seems to be stubborn. Another disorder that even people don’t mind fighting against is aging. Everyone views it as a natural occurrence hence they should not deal with it; but did you know aging has a way of giving way to some diseases like arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, dementia among others? So it is crucial to learn the anti-aging therapies provided by Dr. Dov Rand.
Dr. Dov Rand got his exemplary skills and training from one of the most prestigious universities, Albert Einstein Medical Center, New York City. He later started his own clinic referred to as Healthy Aging Medical Center where he has been on the forefront of providing his clients with the quality treatment of aging-related issues using his innovative therapeutic model. He has been a role model to many especially when it comes to helping them understand that they can still enjoy life in their old age. He is very active despite being above 50 years and he has been using the supportive model in his treatment which is based on some tangible evidence.
Any patient who has entered Dr. Dov Rand’s Healthy Aging Medical Center has always come out with a smile on their face having a deep contentment that there is a possibility of reversing their aging process. Education to the patient is core in this clinic where he makes his patients aware of their conditions and what to expect after undergoing hormone therapy and other therapies.
Dr. Dov Rand uses some intravenous vitamin therapy and other supportive therapies to restore the normal hormone levels which drop as one age. Besides anti-aging programs, the doctor has Integrated Therapeutic models to cater for those patients who want to lose weight fast. One of such programs is using HCG diet which works perfectly with the natural metabolism of the patient’s body and was its source is from medical environment hence making it different from other fad diets. Hormone Therapy is also used here to combat weight.