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PSI Pay offers a Contactless Secure Way to Pay

PSI-Pay plays an important role in making paying online secure. In today’s competitive world businesses need to offer customers a method of paying for products and services online. PSI-Pay helps customers perform online transactions without compromising on security.

Most customers pay for products and services online using credit cards or debit cards. Businesses open a merchant account to receive payments made online. A survey made by UK banks showed that customers are concerned about the safety and security of online transactions and the possibility of identity theft.

PSI-Pay has evolved a security system that is rule-based and provides the best possible protection for online transactions. They use a range of third-party data brokers to check the account holder’s identity. The employees of PSI-Pay consist of data analysts and risk management professionals who are experts at detecting suspicious transactions to reduce the possibility of fraud.

PSI-Pay and Kerv Wearables have introduced a contactless payment ring into the international market. The purpose of the ring is to eliminate cash payments in the market. Customers do not have to pay in cash or punch a PIN number to make transactions. Cashless payments have become the norm not only for business transactions but organizations like the Church of England have introduced electronic collection terminals in churches for donations.

PSI-Pay and Kerv Wearables have developed rings that come in different sizes. The rings are made to suit male and female customers and are waterproof and scratch resistant. Customers need to tap their rings at terminals to make contactless payments.

PSI-Pay is a Fintech Company regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the British Government. The introduction of the transaction ring by PSI Pay will help customers make payments without the need to carry cash or cards.






Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Pours Praises On His Successor

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is credited for having returned Bradesco Bank to a leadership role in the banking sector. He took over at a time when the bank had relinquished its leadership to the main rival. He is set to retire any time now. He has reassured shareholders that the bank will be left in the safe hands of another loyal Bradesco executive that has helped to improve the Bradesco Group Business. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi says that Octavio De Lazari is an experienced member of the institution and that the process of choosing was rigorous before arriving on him as the best choice.



Trabucco Comments on the choice of Octavio



According to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the bank has been extremely careful in the process of choosing his successor. He points out that it has not been easy arriving at the current market position and business capacity. Therefore, the next President of Banco Bradesco had to be someone the Group would be easy to put their bet on as a loyal executive with a proven track record. Trabuco says that he has no doubt that the choice of Octavio as the next CEO is the best for the group. He further explains that the philosophy behind choosing Octavio is that he is the one that the succession team believes will preserve the bank’s management model. He says that the decision was guided by a consensus.


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The decision to appoint Octavio De Lazari as his successor was based on facts that highlighted his contribution to the growth of the group. Octavio is only 39 years old. Trabuco, who is now considered by many Bradesco stakeholders as a legend, says that the next president has proved that he has the desired horizontal knowledge of the bank and its insurance business; which is an important element of the bank’s development towards market leadership. He further revealed that Octavio responded with impressive vigor and spirit towards the challenges he has faced as a Bradesco official. One of the most outstanding considerations in the selection process that involved several contenders including all the vice presidents of Banco Bradesco was the ability to manage by consensus. He reports that Octavio performed excellently in that regard.


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The Selection Process According to Luiz



Trabuco Honors His Successor With Praises



Mr. Trabuco mentioned that the Banco Bradesco’s selection process was rigorous and was based on preset standards. He said that the process was guided by a calendar of events that would culminate on the Selection Committee arriving at the best candidate. As matters stand at the moment the process is coming to an end. The only important function awaited by the shareholders is the formal announcement of the next Bradesco Group president. Trabuco was full of praise for Octavio De Lazari. He pointed out that Lazari was instrumental in the process of generating wealth for the organization. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi  explained that Octavio is worth being relied upon because he has a longstanding career with the group and has demonstrated a commitment to the group’s mission.



Office Boy to President and CEO



In what might surprise many, it turns out that Octavio started his career as an office boy. He grew his skills and was promoted to management roles over time. He was in charge of the Credit Department for many years. During his tenure as the credit head, he oversaw the activities of the board of loans.



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