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Organo Gold is a Coffee Above the Rest

Organo Gold is a different kind of coffee company. The company knows what people want and they aren’t afraid to give them a bold cup of coffee that tastes rich without the hefty price tag. The company spent a lot of time learning about where they could source their coffee from and what they would be able to do to help other people. They also spent time learning about the right way to make the coffee the best it could be. Thanks to the coffee company, they know they can help their clients connect and can help them get all the options they need.

There are a lot of things that go into making the perfect blend of coffee. Organo Gold knows there are things they can do to source their coffee the right way. The company also spends a lot of time learning about how to make the perfect cup. They use this information to then recommend to their customers how to get the most out of their coffee. It’s important to the company to always let people know what they can do and how they can make the best coffee possible.

Even when Organo Gold is looking for employees, they do it the right way. They are responsible in their searches and it helps them cater to more people. They also spend a lot of time marketing their employment opportunities. By doing this, they have a chance to get more people interested. There are other opportunities for people to have the best experiences and that’s what makes their coffee among the best. People enjoy a cup that’s made by people who care about their job.Employees of Organo Gold know they can do things that might make it easier for their clients to do things the right way.

How Jojo Hedaya Took Frustration To Success


Sometimes people just fall into something great either out of luck, perseverance or out of fate. However, this is not the case for Jojo Hedaya, COO, and co-founder of Unroll.Me, an email organizer. He fell into something simply spectacular by means of frustration. JoJo would send emails to his business partner, Josh Rosenwald, only to receive no response back from his emails that were sent.

The reason being, there was way too much clutter, and junk mail got in the way of all the important emails he should have received from him. This brought the two young men together as they formed the very successful online company of Unroll.Me. Both men are the same age, 24 years old, and share the same birthday December 30th, 1989. Neither men have graduated college nor worked for anyone since the start of their company. They are dedicated full time, to their online business, Unroll.Me. Both men reside in New York where the company is based. Visit This Page for additional information.

Just as frustration caused the birth of Unroll.Me so does the passion of simplicity from Jojo Hedaya keep Unroll.Me alive and thriving. Through the leadership of Jojo Hedaya, there are millions of people that have purchased Unroll.Me over the course of five years. Everyday people and businesses find the product very useful and getting rid of junk mail and putting the priority emails first.

Sponsored by Galvanized and Indeed, in June of 2013, Startup Grind hosted Jojo Hedaya in New York City to meet and greet the public and explain how his company came to be and what they do. He went into detail about their mission and the process of how his company brings to its users the opportunity of unsubscribing to unwanted emails and organizing the emails to put the important ones ahead of the junk mail so that no email goes unread. Unroll.Me was founded in September of 2011 and still going strong to this very day with its happy clients.


Source article: https://yec.co/members/profile/Jojo-Hedaya-co-founder-Unroll-me/7052c51e-f710-4b52-a5d2-bd48ce05a8b0



Michael Burwell : Leadership Through The Years


Successful businessman and financial advisor Michael Burwell have been one of Willis Towers Watson’s most important assets. Michael Burwell is the current Chief Financial advisor for the company, however, his career has taken him all over the business world. Mr. Burwell would earn his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Michigan State and was recently named Alumnus of the year at his university.

Afterward, Mr. Michael Burwell would serve 31 years in Pricewaterhouse Cooper. There he would gain much of his experience, from serving as a partner in their Detroit division to being Vice Chairman Global. In a sit-down interview, with Michael Burwell, we get to delve deeper into an aspect of his life and personality that has made him so successful.


What does your daily routine look like?

Mr. Burwell tells us that his typical day begins with making his bed, no matter where he’s at in the world making his bed gives him a sense of accomplishments right off the bat. Afterward, Mr.Burwell will get on his bike and ride around thinking and going through everything he needs to do that particular day.


What is some advice for younger businessmen/women?

Sometimes partnerships are not the way to go. Collaboration has a way of giving you the lowest denominator, so his advice, don’t try to make everyone happy, it’ll only give sub-par results.


What is one positive habit that you have?

Mike states that his listening skills are a habit that everyone should practice at getting good at. Listening will allow you to better understand people and situations, who knows, maybe they have an idea of for the next Uber or Airbnb.


What has been one of your most recent failures?

Mr. Burwell was a leading force into a new up and coming technology, however, according to Mr.Burwell, the market had changed and evolved into where our product would not be successful, millions of dollars in he decided to end the program. Although seen as a failure, he saw it as a decision that saved the company from a worse fate, both financially and in image.


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Nick Vertucci is the Best Person to Follow and Listen to If You want to be a Millionaire

Nick Vertucci is a great investor in the real estate industry. He initially started with a Tech Business and specialised with the sales of computer accessories. The business picked up pretty well such that he managed to make his first million. Unfortunately, this success was short lived as the business came to an instant ending during the peak of the dot-com crash. He underwent such a severe loss to the extent that he almost lost his home. In his conversation, Nick Vertucci noted that he went through tremendous stress and depression. He said that for the real estate business, he first entered a real estate training session that instilled him with much information and knowledge since he got a mentor who helped him to alter his mindset.

After he created a strong and robust mental foundation and combined it with his real estate business which was his financial vehicle that was aimed at earning him financial freedom, he managed to make a difference in his life and business career. He gained much success that regained and even surpassed his previous financial status. He attained great motivation that triggered him towards composing a book to share his success story and the strategies that he implemented to get to the point he is. He called the book: Seven Figures Decision, Having the Balls to Succeed. His primary goal for the book if to act as a guide to all those facing hardships in their businesses.

Seven Figures Decision was published by Lioncrest Publishing and is comprised of 350 pages that outlines the fundamental and the most critical stages that are incorporated in the foundation of the life-changing philosophy of Nick Vertucci that enabled him to attain financial freedom and develop stronger and rigid sustainable business. The fact is that everyone is fond of rags-to-riches stories. But it’s even better to hear of a rag-to-riches then back-to-rags and finally reverts-to-riches. This was stated by Kevin Harrington when he acknowledged and endorsed the Seven Figures Decision book by Nick.

Nick Vertucci ventured in the tech business without any income nor education but managed to make a fortune that led to great success in the tech industry. He then lost it all, but like a real and highly dedicated entrepreneur, he did not give up, but he instead started all over again right from scratch. He managed to fight his way back and retained his success and fortune in entrepreneurship. He is the best person to listen and follow if you want to be a millionaire. He did it twice and that what has made him a star in the entrepreneurship world.

Positively Expanding the Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is private equity firm. The company went completely public in 2007. When the Group decided to expand into hedge funds there was a large grow in investments. They were also the first large private equity firm to publicly trade in the United States. The Group was founded by Peter Briger, Randal Nardone, and Wes Edens in the year of 1998. Their headquarters are in New York. However, the Fortress Investment group was bought by Japan’s SoftBank Group in the year of 2017, although, the headquarters are still located in New York despite the new owners. The Group has had so much success in their field in 2014 they were given the award for Management firm of the year and multiple more awards.

The Fortress Investment Group has been expanding in many areas where they own businesses or buildings. In February the group bought Palace Theater located in New York. When they purchased the theater, they partnered with Maefield Development. Maefield Development’s original plan was to build immediately, however, they had encountered many issues in the process. Therefore, instead of building in 2012 they did not break ground until the year 2015. The Fortress Investment Group changed their contract from a silent partner to full ownership. However, this should make Times Square even more of a tourist attraction that is not the only area in which the Group wants to expand.

The Fortress Investment group is also expanding a train route from Miami to Orlando. the group owns a company named Brightline. The company Brightline is expanding the train route in hopes to reduce the use of cars in the area. Traffic seems to slow down greatly in most of the areas that the train route crosses and the company claims that the train route is a faster than taking a vehicle on the interstate. The average car goes 34 miles per hour on interstate 95, however, when taking the train route, the train can reach up to 79 miles per hour on that route. Therefore, it will be a more productive option to take the train. This addition, factually, is a better option than taking a car.

The Fortress Group is making growth not only for them but also for the public.

William Saito Japanese American Pioneer

William Saito is one of the most well known Japanese American pioneers. At the early age of just 10 years old, he landed his first apprenticeship in computer programming. While in college he started his own software company straight out of his bedroom. This company later became known as I/O Software. At the age of 34, he then sold his company to Microsoft. This article is to give you a little insight into William Saito’s view on Russia and their likelihood to become a technology leader.


William Saito has tried to piece together the pieces between other countries and Russia to get Russia to the top of technology. He has tried to discuss Russia’s future in technology with Google, Twitter, Cisco, and Apple leaders. He has also tried to help Russia begin to understand it’s spot in the tech world.


EU is a great trading partner for Japan: William Saito

In town for Interpol World 2017, William Saito, special adviser to Japan’s cabinet, talks about the Japan-EU trade deal and the third arrow in Abenomics.

Russia’s government is beginning to understand that their wealth depends mostly on their oil and gas. In order for Russia to become successful on the technological side of things, they need to look beyond their horizons and find new ways to further their technology. They have recently started a project called Slovolko, which is slow-moving but seems to be going in the right direction. Google has recently signed on with them for this project.


William Saito’s main view of Russia and their technology is that thinking outside the box will bring you the most success in the future. Russia needs to find new ways to go about producing technology and include their oil and gas into these plans if possible. He has been trying to help out Russia by looking into problems they have had with technology developments in the past and coming up with answers to fix these problems. He is hoping to get Russia as advanced into technology as he has the United States and Japan.





Michael Burwell takes Up New CFO Role At The Willis Towers Watson Company


Michael Burwell, the newly appointed Chief Financial Officer of the Willis Towers Watson Company, is a highly successful man who has had a good career in the financial industry. He graduated from the University of Michigan with his undergraduate degree in Business Administration and is also an accredited Certified Public Accountant. Among his prominent accomplishments in his financial advisory career include over 30 years of working at the PriceWaterhouseCoopers Company. His tenure in the company has given him tremendous experience by serving as the Chief Operating Officer of the company’s US office as well as the Chief Financial Officer and the Head of Transactions in the US.


These positions, according to his assessment, have given him a tremendous weight of experience that perhaps earned him the new position at the Willis Towers Watson Company. In his new role as the Willis Towers Watson Chief Financial Officer, he is expected to provide a range of services including financial advisory and financial strategizing targeted at driving the company’s mission and vision forward.


According to interviews that he has conducted since his new appointment, Michael Burwell attributes much of his successes to his dynamic leadership model in which he utilizes technology in the vast majority of his operations and decisions. He considered technology as an important part and parcel of modern-day financial planning and decision-making. Besides, to achieve overall corporate success, he is a staunch advocate of the utilization of interpersonal relationships as a mechanism of building rapport for corporate relations. Teamwork and communication are also part of his personal ideology as it brings like-minded person together, something that fosters corporate success.


Michael Burwell’s career is not new to challenges as he has encountered multiple of them in the past. According to his assessment, the financial management sector is expected to face numerous challenges including the need to handle big corporate data and the consequent need to undertake proper data analytics as a way of achieving informed decision-making. These challenges, according to his assessment would only be countered if the financial management leadership around the globe would think outside the box when coming up with viable solutions.


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What HCR Wealth Advisors Does for Customers

HCR Wealth Advisors is a Los Angeles, California investment advisory firm. They work to establish long term relationships with customers by providing education and suitable options to help build wealth. The strategies they develop for customers are not cookie cutter. But are customized to meet the needs of each individual. They have great customer service and have earned the trust of clients to manage their portfolios. The company works to create strategies that help to push clients ahead in life financially. They want the best for their clients, and they want them to reach their financial goals.


The regulated firm works with clients of high net worth going through various phases in their life. They are able to help clients establish a financial plan to start a company. They can work with a client to boost revenue for the business. Equally, they are able to help a client who wishes to sell a business.


The registered investment advisory firm works to prepare those who are entering into retirement. They assist clients years in advance on how to be financially prepared for the changes that come with retirement. Even being retired the company wants to make sure their clients still live the lifestyle of their liking.


It does not stop there for HCR Wealth Advisors. They help clients who are in other phases of their life like marriage, dealing with death, divorce and changes with their income. The company has a wide variety of people they work with that are figuring out many different transitions of their life. The company can help its clients master the next phase of life.


Many clients trust the firm to help them work towards reaching their financial goals. They have experienced advisors who can offer suitable advice to help clients work towards securing their financial future. They understand investing is a risky game but are able to offer the solutions and methods to help clients manage risk. This is one of the main reasons the company has been around for three decades providing advice to investors throughout the U.S.


HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.

Banyan Hill Publishing Investment Advisor Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly has been in the financial industry for more then two decades, and within that time he has worked at many of the world’s largest corporations, including the $6 billion firm Kinetics Asset Management, where he managed hedge funds starting in 2006. He went on to open his own business called Capuchin Consulting in January of 2013, then became an Author, Investment Director and Analyst at Agora Financial, which is a company that provides independent commentary and news about the stock market through the use of printed and online publications, seminars, videos and conference calls, among other methods.

After Paul Mampilly graduated from Fordham University in 1991, he began working on Wall Street as an Assistant Portfolio Manager for Bankers Trust. When he left his position there, he decided that he wanted to work at smaller corporations where he could help everyday people learn how to invest their money in a more strategic and informed way. He currently works as a Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, where he gives investors advice on the kinds of investments they should make through a publication called Profits Unlimited, which has more than 100,000 subscribers. He also edits newsletters and other research publications such as Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum.

It was after he won a Templeton Foundation investment competition in 2009 that Paul Mampilly started working at Banyan Hill Publishing. In the competition, he managed to turn $50 million into $88 million, which proved his ability to strategically invest in the market. One of the things that he thinks investors should put their money in are companies that have sustainable technologies, such as those that are involved in things like genetic testing. He has also been teaching his children how to invest for many years.

Due to the good fortune he’s had with his investments over the years, Paul Mampilly was able to retire at the age of 42. His outstanding success in the industry is what makes him one of the best financial advisors to seek out before deciding to play the stock market in hopes of generating a substantial income.

Michael Burwell Becomes The New Chief Financial Officer Of Willis Towers Watson

In a business industry, there is always a need for wisdom and ideas to excel. For that matter, every business owner will look no further but to employees who can show such qualities. This is more so if the hired employee is set to occupy the top positions. With no doubt, Willis Towers Watson has chosen one of the best personnel to be the CFO of his company. The global advisory, booking, and solution companies appointed Michael Burwell as its CFO in the year 2017.


Michael Burwell portrayed good leadership from back when he worked at the Pricewaterhouse Cooper LLP. During that time, He served as the head of the transaction service packages in America. According to research, he enabled a Massive growth to the firm’s financial sector. Since these qualities are among what most firms look for, he had all the rights to the position. According to the president of Willis Towers Watson, Michael Burwell was the best for that position at the moment. He insists that his knowledge in finance will enable massive growth of the Willis Towers Watson. Burwell replaced the then sitting CFO, Mr. Roger Millay. Refer to This Article to learn more.



About Michael Burwell


Michael Burwell is an alumnus of Michigan State University. The highly ranked institution is believed to have contributed to his high leadership skills. Michael Burwell, Alias Mike, has worked for more than 30 years in the same field thus, he is an established person in his line of work. As a top employee at PricewaterHouse Coopers, he brought numerous changes that had never been experienced before. In the company, he served in a number of positions including as Chief Operating Officer and as the Vice Chairman of Global.


According to him, he is a very hard-working person whose day’s starts as early as 5 pm. He insists that success is always accompanied by hard work and determination. He, therefore, finds it very important t dedicate himself to his career. In an interview, Mike expressed his love for Insure Trend. He states that through this, there has been a huge and significant change and development in the industry.



View Source: https://danielbudzinski.com/podcast/the-art-of-success-podcast/michael-burwell/#.WzuiVlMvx0I