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End Citizens United Acts On Its Agenda

End Citizens United is a political Action group funded by the grassroots supporters. The group aims at the election of leaders who would bring campaign finance reforms that would reverse the Supreme Court Decision in 2010 that granted Citizens United their prayers in a case against the F.E.C. Citizens United had sought the court to allow political parties and candidates to access campaign cash from private sources and not be subject to declaring those sources of their funding.

The decision by the Supreme Court in 2010 changed American Politics significantly. The rich were allowed to spend money on candidates and political parties as much as they wish, without such monies being traced. End Citizens United was formed to counter the ripple effect of the decision on American politics. The organization was started in the month of March 2015. The objective is to prevent wealthy organization to spend money by sponsoring their candidates to serve an ulterior motive. The group insists that the decision by the Supreme Court takes away the rights of American citizens to elect their leaders irrespective of their socio-economic status and gives the rich undue advantage.

End Citizens United Activities

Since the group was launched in early 2015 they have made progress in raising funds to support their cause. They are keen on stopping Citizens United and electing pro-reform leaders in both the Congress and Senate. They started off by raising $2 million from the grassroots supporters. The idea is to attract support from small donors as much as possible. They wish to forestall the idea of buying elections, which they believe is going to be the case if the decision by the Supreme Court is not reversed, somehow. According to the Group’s leadership, it aims at collecting over $35 million in the next one year.

End Citizens United has adopted a strategy to achieve their objectives by endorsing Democrats that are pro-reform. The group has decided to focus most of its attention on Democratic candidates because the leadership of the Republican Party in the Congress is in support of the status quo and may work to frustrate their agenda. He does not rule out endorsing Republican candidates who are opposed to unmonitored finances in elections. In fact, Richard Carbo, the group’s communications head, was clear that End Citizens United will endorse Republican candidates who support the reforms.

Walking the Talk

Recent news highlighting the activities of End Citizens United shows that they endorsed Conor Lamb and advanced him with over $250 worth of advertising. Lamb is a candidate in the 18th District race in Pennsylvania. He is running for the Democratic Party. End Citizens United says that they will not spare any opportunity to get the right people into leadership so that the disastrous Supreme Court decision is defeated. The Committee leadership says that the money will be directed towards commercials on TV, radio, and ads on digital video. They further indicate that the content of the ads will highlight the misdeeds and evils of the incumbent Republican Rick Saccone. There is a suspicion that Rick used his expense account corruptly.

Indeed, in one of the commercials on Clean House Television, the advertiser says that Rick had promised not to accept perks for legislative work because it was an act of extravagance. However, when he assumed office, he accepted them without reservation. Further, the ad says that Rick spent over $ 430 000 for activities that only served his interests.