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Jeunesse Global Product Review

Who Wants to Stay Young Forever, Anyway?

That’s certainly not the attitude that Jeunesse took when its original two founders gave it the first heartbeat of many that would evolve the youth enhancement company into what it is now. Jeunesse was originally forged around the symbolic significance of the number 9: a testament to the concepts of well-being built over an aqueduct of longevity and youth into the years. This is reflected in none other than the exact timing that the company was penned into being: 9 o’clock in the evening on 9 September, 2009.

Even cooler is the product system that Jeunesse offers to help people all over the world realize their former potential once more, and for those who still have their youth, the Youth Enhancement System doubles as a protecting agent for their well-being for years to come. This nine-step regimen boils down into multiple products per category, each with its own internally synergistic approach to arming your cellular makeup with the tools that it needs to restore your wellness once more and keep it there.

The Aim of the Youth Enhancement System

First things first: Jeunesse’s products aren’t intended to directly solve any conditions that you have. While they can indirectly help with the elimination of your ailments, they shouldn’t be used as the means to do so; you should still visit a medical professional if you experience concerning symptoms of a deeper complication.

However, these products do offer a bevy of benefits for the young and old, men and women, here and there — no holds barred. The Youth Enhancement System brings aids for sleeping troubles, fitness hold-ups and that freshly awoken lethargy that many people struggle to overcome in the first hours of their day. These products are followed by additional aids to help you stay on the roll throughout the day, keeping you focused like a laser on your everyday tasks while bulking up your immune functions and keeping you guarded from the toxicity of contemporary, everyday lifestyle elements.

Due to the fully natural makeup of Jeunesse’s products, the inherent risks are kept to a shy margin. This makes their products ideal for almost anyone to try out.


Doe Deere: In Pursuit of Greatness

Are you interested in makeup and other types of cosmetic products? Have you ever heard of Doe Deere? Well, Doe Deere is the founder for one of the industry’s best cosmetic brands, and she has helped to revolutionize the industry in more ways than one. Lime Crime is her weapon of choice, and this brand has set the precedent of what a modern-day line of cosmetic should be. The brand sports some of the most vivid, colorful combinations. You will not find the majority of these colors with other brands. This is what drove Deere into the direction that she has been travelling since the conception of Lime Crime. Some of the beautiful colors include:


  • Wicked
  • Bleached
  • Riot
  • Black Velvet
  • Red Velvet
  • Shroom
  • Pansy
  • Utopia
  • Zenon
  • Riot
  • Pink Velvet
  • Flamingo
  • And numerous others


Deere has learned a lot about cosmetics as well as the fashion industry because she has studied at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology. Fashion design just so happened to be her major of choice. Did you know that this woman is actually from Russia? Yes, and Deere didn’t move to New York City until she was 17 years old. She has always been a firm believer in following her dreams, and her dreams have finally paid-off in huge dividends. She has a natural entrepreneurial-spirit deep down. At the age of 13, she sold temporary tattoos to her childhood friends in Russia. Deere is known to be a trendsetter, which has garnered her plenty of attention. She, and her childhood friends would dress-up in cosmetics while having sleepovers. Deere was always the one that used the brightest of colors and this love for bright colors is currently running the game.


Deere currently lives in Los Angeles, California, but she spent 14 years in New York. She is happily married to one of her former-band members. Doe Deere is a true America success story, but who knows what’s in store for the coming years. Learn more: http://www.doedeere.com/