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New CFO Looks to Continue Growth at MB2 Dental Solutions

According to a recent Cision PR Newswire report, MB2 Dental Solutions, based in Carrollton, Texas, near Dallas, has named a new chief financial officer. Jackson Hildebrand will now manage the financial affairs of MB2 itself as well as its affiliated dental practices. A graduate of Texas A&M University with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting, he was previously the finance director at TPG Capital.

MB2 provides administrative services to its affiliated practices, thereby allowing dental personnel to focus more directly on care delivery. By pooling resources together, the platform also allows for more efficient innovation. MB2’s website provides the following list of comprehensive services, which are offered while leaving intact the clinical autonomy of member dentists.

  • Human resources
  • Accounting and finance
  • Credentialing
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Information technology
  • Billing and collections
  • Marketing
  • Recruiting
  • Procurement
  • Business development
  • Training

In his new capacity, Hildebrand will specifically oversee accounting and financial reporting and analysis. The company’s chief executive officer, Dr. Chris Villaneuva, is encouraged that Hildebrand has both financial expertise and an understanding of the challenges of private practices. His immediate tasks include maximizing profitability as the network continues to grow.

For his part, Hildebrand, who lives in Dallas with his wife and two kids, was drawn to both the company’s growth potential and the closeness of its community atmosphere. He welcomes being able to work for a firm that is locally based and funded by private equity.


MB2 Dental : Supporting Dentists So They Can Focus On Their Patients

MB2 Dental Solutions is a Carrollton, Texas based dental service organization that provides the dentists in their network with the administrative and support services they need to help their practices to thrive. At MB2 Dental they handle the infrastructure, purchasing, compliance and marketing necessary to build a successful dental practice. That frees the dentist to focus completely on the clinical functions of dentistry and provide patients with the highest quality comprehensive dental care possible. Dr. Chris Villanueva founded in the company 2007 with two dental practices. Today MB2 Dental’s network has over 200 dentists and 92 practices in 6 states providing patients high quality general dentistry, orthodontics, oral surgery and cosmetic dentistry services.

A growing number of talented dentists are becoming involved with MB2 Dental Solutions because the organization enables them to maintain their clinical autonomy and develop as an entrepreneur while providing them with access to an established, efficient operating model and an experienced management team that can help dentists attain their goals.MB2 Dental is made up of dentists/owners who understand what it takes to make a dental practice profitable and successful. The company partners with dentists and provides them with the support they need to build their practice and keep costs down by negotiating with suppliers as a block. At MB2 Dental Solutions they believe ‘patients come before profits’ and the best way to ensure patients get the best dental services possible is to is to handle all issues related to administration, infrastructure and supplies and free the dentist to give the patient their all.The company’s role is to help talented dentists achieve their goal of owning a thriving dental practice.

Dentists that partner with MB2 Dental Solutions retain 100% clinical autonomy while benefiting from the knowledge, experience and bargaining power this nationwide network of dentists offers. The staff of MB2 Dental Solution is committed to ensuring all the dentist partners in their network get the timely, accurate, technical, administrative and management services necessary to keep their offices flowing smoothly and growing.MB2 Dental Solutions has created a bridge between traditional private practices where the dentist must be administrator, chief-cook and bottle washer and treat patients and the corporate ownership where the dentist is simply and employee. With the rapidly-growing MB2 Dental Solutions unique dentist-centered ownership model, the affiliated dental practices receive a suite of services that enables them to work more efficiently and effectively.

Why Dr. Chris Villanueva Established MB2 Dental

Dr. Chris Villanueva is a renowned dentist. He has been in the field of dentistry for quite some time. As a result of his vast experience in the field of dentistry, Dr. Chris founded the MB2 Dental. The main aim that catapulted Dr. Chris to establish MB2 Dental was to promote and achieve the best from both the sole practitioner and corporate dentistry practitioners. With his many years and experience in both the sole proprietorship and corporate practitioner in dentistry, Dr. Chris incorporated the applicability of the best knowledge in his organization to ensure the effective realization of his dream. The knowledge that he adopted in the running of MB2 was critically analyzed to ensure it does not compromise with the strict norms and ethics in the dental industry.

MB2 Dental has achieved considerable success since its establishment a few years ago. The organization has worked with over 70 dentist practitioners across the United States and has established a clear rapport with many clients. The company currently has more than 500 work force which are spread across the six states of United States. According to DR. Chris, MB2 Dental is working to establish more branches across the country in the coming years. Initially, many dentist practitioners were only concern about making profits without fully minding the rights of their clients. In this case, Dr. Chris wanted to bring something unique to the industry. He wanted to bring something extra to the industry that only did not entail the art of making profits. His focus on the industry was to create a lasting impact on both the patients, the dental professions and their respective organizations.

The idea to create something unit according to Dr. Chris was born long time ago after his college. Back then, he had only two options: either to join a large dental organization or start his own private practice firm. Dr. Chris chose to start his own firm. Revolutionizing the dental industry was his main idea and he wanted to ensure the satisfactory of both the dental practitioner and the clients that they serve. Dr. Chris fancy working out in the night, according to him that is when he has enough time to think and reaccess his ideas before putting them into use and practicability. Dr. Chris is also a great fanatic to the modern developments in technology. He believes that modern technology can be utilized to achieve immense success in the dental industry.

MB2 Dental Taking the Burden Off the Shoulders of Dentists

Private practice dentists work hard to provide dentistry and professional care to their patients. However, they have administrative and nonclinical duties, such as billing, accounting, collections, finance and recruiting that need to be done.MB2 Dental offers practice management that takes care of these administrative and non-core tasks, leaving the dentists to handle only what professional dental practice requires.The company encourages collaboration other than competition among dentists and dentist practice owners.According to Dr. Chris Villanueva, the founder and chairman of MB2 Dental, dentist-to-dentist friendships are beneficial to them, as they help each other with professional and personal issues. MB2 Dental hopes to help its clients to achieve this goal by bringing them together.

The company’s core objective is to help dentists and dental practice owners with professional and business management. Dr. Villanueva understands what his clients should do to develop in their profession and build successful businesses out of their work.He was born in Ohio, and he has BS and MS in Microbiology from the University of Florida. He had noted that there was a need for an organization that brings together dentists so that they can benefit from the synergy from peer support.The company serves about ninety practices, forty dental practice owners, and two hundred doctors. These professionals benefit from services offered in the company offices in Texas, Alaska, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico and Tennessee.

MB2 Dental has about five hundred employees. Among them is the president, Justin Puckett who is a finance and legal professional. He has a degree in accounting, masters in finance and a law degree from the University of Houston.He has worked in the dental industry for many years. In his first job, he worked as an attorney for a dental clinic. He then joined MB2 Dental as one of the executives.Justin Carrol is the chief operations manager at MB2 Dental. A finance professional, he began working with dental practitioners when he served as the director of Highlands Capital Management. He serves MB2 Dental clients who need guidance in operations improvement.

MB2 Dental Solutions: The Solution Dentists Have Been Waiting For

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is considered to be a revolutionary in the dental industry for giving doctors a solution that they needed. Dentists all over the country constantly face the problem of running their practice when they pass out of college. Doctors all over want to be their boss and establish their practice, but the task of running a clinic by yourself can be somewhat hard. Dentists have to handle all the managerial decisions, have to manage all the human resource objectives, all the accounts, and many other things. For a dentist, this can get overwhelming, and put them in a position where they have to handle tasks which they have absolutely no idea about. On the other hand, working at a big organization or hospital means that dentists can’t be his boss. More prominent institutions tend to focus a lot on how much money they can earn, which is why many don’t go in for this option.

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva too was faced with this when he became a dentist. He didn’t know which one to choose and was wondering why there wasn’t already an option to help him choose a middle ground. He then decided that he would help fill the void in the industry and establish own organization that could offer dentists the chance to work in the best of both worlds.

MB2 Dental Solutions is a company that offers dentists the opportunity to sit back and does the work that they love doing, which is treating patients. The organization teams up with dentists and then offers them a range of services such as human resource management, accounting, administration and a lot more. This helps them have their dream of running their clinic, with the comfort of having all the excessive work taken care of, by trained professionals, just like it would in a larger institution or hospital.

With MB2 Dental Solutions, dentists who are just passing out of college, and those who have been working in the profession for a long time have the chance to take advantage of the services that the organization provides. Dentists have two options that they can choose when they decide to team up with MB2 Dental Solutions. The first is to join an existing clinic that makes use of the services that MB2 Dental Solutions provide. The next is to transform your clinic and have MB2 Dental Solutions take over all the operations for you.