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Neurocore center

Neurocore Brain Performance Center is a company that specializes in training programs and brain-based assessments to assist adults and children improve sleep, concentration and handle stress. The company was founded in 2004 in Florida. It has grown into a national authority in neuroscience with centers in Florida and Michigan. It is privately sized with about 51-200 employees. It has invested a lot in Heart Rate Variability Training, Automatic Nervous System Diagnostic, neurofeedback, attention testing, and Biofeedback training. Visit manta.com to know more about Neurocore.

The human brain is the source of perceptions, behavior, emotions, and thoughts. It is a fantastic organ with more adaptable and resilient structures. The brain is made up of so many neurons that use signals to regulate activities in our brains. Neurons allow us to function, feel, think and process relevant information. Scientists and researchers have therefore invested a lot of money and resources to uncover the mystery behind the human brain. There has been an advancement in neurofeedback, brain mapping and EEG technology. Neurocore is one of the companies that has started to apply this knowledge to treat mental disorders such as depression, ASD, ADHD, and anxiety. Some of these developments have a very rich history that dates back to the mid-twentieth century. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

History of EEG

An electroencephalogram is a test used to detect the electrical activities in the brain using non-invasive metal discs. The discs are put on the scalp to pick electrical impulses of the brain. There is communication throughout the night and day using these discs. There will be brain diagnosis if an EEG displays wavy line impulses. EEG was used earlier to detect epilepsy. It is now used for treating and diagnosing sleep disorders, brain tumors, encephalopathy, encephalitis, mental maladies and brain damage.

qEEG background

The Quantitative Electroencephalography is also called brain mapping. It is the method where the EEG activities are recorded using a computer. It applies statistics and algorithms to compare records done by an EEG. It, therefore, allows clinicians and doctors to combine quantitative comparisons and measurements to create a map of the brain.

History of Neurotherapy

Neurotherapy or neurofeedback is the use of the brain’s electrical measurements to teach the brain on self-regulation. It is a reward system to the brain. Our brains can function more efficiently and reduce undesirable activities by practice, positive reinforcement, and repetition.

Treating Depression

Clinical depression is the most severe of all depressions. In 2016 alone it affected 10.3 million adults in the US according to information from the National Institute of Mental Health. Its cause is not fully known. It has been treated in the past by psychotherapy or antidepressants. Lately, doctors have diagnosed it with EEG and handled it with Neurotherapy.

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