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Marc Beer Talks About Renovia’s $42.3 Million Series B

Renovia Inc. announced in August the closing of $42.3 million in financing, which consists of $10 million in venture debt and $32.2 million in Series B equity. The money will go on to fund clinic trials, future commercial launches, corporate development, and product development pipeline. Series B financing included participation from firms such as OSF Ventures, Inova Strategic Investment, and more, and was led by the company Perceptive Advisors and Ascension Ventures. Renovia’s advisor role was taken on by BayCross Capital Group. Learn more: https://www.slideshare.net/MarcBeer


The company’s Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Marc Beer expressed excitement to have the support of such significant entities in the healthcare industry. In addition, he noted that the participation of existing financial investors and new financial investors, as well as 3 integrated health networks, is aligned with the company’s vision in the commercial and clinical areas.


Renovia was founded by Marc Beer, Yolanda Lorie, and Ramon Iglesias, MD in the summer of 2016, and closed a Series A financing. The company specializes in the discovery and delivery of digital therapeutic devices and diagnostic devices for women affected by pelvic floor disorders. Urinary incontinence is a common disorder and affects approximately 250 million women across the globe. The technology offered by Renovia enables treatment through visualization in real-time of pelvic movement during muscle training, while monitoring progress and usage over time. The company seeks scalable as well as cost-effective care for the pelvic floor disorders which can be delivered using the power of digital health.


Marc Beer, the company’s co-founder has over 25 years of experience when it comes to developing and commercializing in the realm of biotechnology, devices, diagnostics, and pharmaceuticals. He holds a BS degree, earned from the Miami University. In the past, he served as the Founding Chief Executive Officer of ViaCell, helping the company grow to over 300 employees, going public and getting acquired in 2007. He served under various roles for Genzyme, such as Vice President of Global Marketing, and had different sales and marketing roles while working for Abbott Laboratories.


He stated that the company can provide customers with valuable data by combining the proprietary sensor technologies with a digital health platform. The data resulted can inform customers about treatment options, and drive better understanding when it comes to pelvic floor disorders. The Series B funding, according to Beer, recognizes the value of the company’s diagnostic product and digital therapeutic pipeline.


Stream Energy Creates Charitable Brach to Assist Community

Philanthropy is a part of most business models, even without businesses taking any organized steps to set up a charitable arm of their company. A company like Stream Energy is so wide spread on account of its direct selling platform with people working in all areas that they serve, including areas that have been struck by natural disasters and hardship. Both the company’s employees and direct sellers recognize the importance and urgency of stepping in to help when and where they can, and late last year there was an especially big event that called for a better way of organizing to help. When Hurricane Harvey struck south Texas, Stream Energy immediately sprung into action to both help and assess the situation and those that found themselves without a home or belongings.

By forming an organized charitable part of their business, named Stream Cares, the company placed itself in a position where it could better work with and reach out to the community and partners to ensure that they can always help. Now the company can continue to give to the employees it depends on, those in the neighborhoods that they serve, and other communities and projects in need of assistance.

Stream Energy is a Dallas based energy company that works with independent sales people, making it one of the few energy based businesses that is modeled on a direct selling platform. Because of this the number of employees that Stream works with and the area it serves is vast, but this also happens to be a strength that most other energy companies do not have available to them. Philanthropy is not a new thing for the company, they have been involved in philanthropic giving and activity for several years, since the company was founded. As a leader across both residential and commercial markets, Stream Energy is able to serve a large part of the community and improve the lives of the direct sales individuals that they do business with.


Why Shervin Pishevar Thinks Amazon & Other Monopolies are Problematic

Shervin Pishevar decided to take his Twitter followers by surprise one day by sending out 50 tweets, all numbered, within the span of 21 hours. In this time, he called out five monopolies in the United States: Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook. These are the biggest, most powerful companies and the investor explains why we should be worried.

They’re Too Powerful

Shervin Pishevar explains that these five monopolies have too much power. There are more powerful than Ma Bell ever was, and that telephone companies still lives on in history as being a dangerous monopoly for the United States. Consider how much information Amazon, Facebook, and the other monopolies have on us. They have more data and more access to data than even sovereigns have.

They are growing in power, too. The government doesn’t want to take them down. Further, there are cities across the United States crying out to receive Amazon warehouses.

They Don’t Have Competitors

If you take a look, there are no competitors for any of the monopolies, not really. As Shervin Pishevar points out, the monopolies are buying up all of these startups before they have a chance to become competition. He refers to them as silent assassinations. Although startups are constantly entering the marketplace, they are bought before they have a chance to do anything exciting. Entrepreneurs make the mistake that they are getting a great deal because they are being paid for their innovation. However, they are handing their innovation to the enemy.

What will happen?

If the government doesn’t intervene to take the monopolies down soon, they will continue to grow in size. Shervin Pishevar identifies that it would be best for consumers if there is more competition. He makes the comparison to Ma Bell once again.

It’s possible that there may not be another impressive startup like Uber or Airbnb for at least 10 years unless these monopolies are taken down. Although Shervin Pishevar doesn’t have suggestions on how to take them down, he is identifying the problem so that more people are aware.


Shiraz Boghani: An Ambition Entrepreneur

In 1969 Shiraz Boghani traveled to the United Kingdom. He was originally from Kenya. He trained as an accountant in a small firm before moving to KPMG formerly known as Thomson McLintock & Co. He was a man with vision and ambition.

As a forward-thinking and innovative businessman, Shiraz was swift to discover development business opportunities. In 1985, he co-founded and became a managing partner of the Sussex Health Care and today comprises many Care Homes with hundreds of beds.

Shiraz is a well-known hotelier and a dynamic entrepreneur for over 30 years. He is also a qualified Chartered Accountant with a passion for the hospitality industry. He was one of the hoteliers in London to begin the development of limited service branded hotels in the1990’s. He has been involved in several successful such projects. Shiraz Boghani has a deep passion, commitment, dedication and professionalism for his career. He has achieved tremendous success in the competitive hotel industry through his hard work. Shiraz Boghani is the current chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group.

He uses his knowledge, skills, and abilities as an entrepreneur to direct the growth plan of the business and has a strong vision of the Group venturing into several diverse enterprises. His most current and exciting project includes the development and launch of the stylish £121m Hilton London Bankside, Other leading hotels include The Grand Hotel & Spa, York, and Holiday Inn London – Wembley, The Conrad London St James with recent achievements including the New Ellington in Leeds and the Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel.

Splendid Hospitality Group is one of the UK’s fastest growing privately-owned hotel groups. This is attributed to Shiraz inspirational dedication and exceptionally hard work. Shiraz Boghani is highly admired for his role in the world of hotels. He has been a recipient of several awards. He was recently recognized and honored at the Asian Business award 2016 where he was awarded the Hotelier of Year. The awards were judged by well-known journalists including Amit Roy and few others.

Shiraz Boghani has a deep passion, commitment, dedication and professionalism for his career. He has achieved tremendous success in the competitive hotel industry.

Shiraz is committed and dedicated to his community and contributes his efforts and money in the voluntary philanthropic services. He is a major supporter of a charitable organization in the United Kingdom including the Aga Khan Development Network worldwide. He has held numerous high-ranking positions within the Community. He is truly an ambitious entrepreneur of all times.

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Doe Deere Reveals Lime Crime Secrets to Success for Female Business Owners

If you’re a makeup enthusiast and have an outgoing sense of style, there’s a good chances you’ve seen a picture or two of Doe Deere on social media. Deere is more that just an adorable face and colorful hair; she’s a savvy businesswoman and artist. Doe Deere is the owner of the makeup company Lime Crime, and has even been named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made Magazine.

Doe Deere recently sat down with Galore Mag to talk about her journey to success, what inspires her, and her plans for the future.

When asked whether her childhood fueled her love for makeup, Doe shares that she’s always had an active imagination. She was always experimenting with color when putting together outfits or makeup looks. Deere also shares that it’s a dream come true to be able to “create color for a living” now that she’s an adult. She revealed that there is much more to her than makeup, and that she would share the new projects she’s been working on when the time is right.

When Galore Mag asked Deere how she felt about being names one of Self-Made Magazine’s Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs, she states that the whole situation was pretty surreal. When she saw her picture on the magazine’s cover with successful female professionals like Arianna Huffington and Suze Orman, she was extremely flattered. Doe Deere says on Lime Crime’s Facebook page, she hopes to be an example for other women who want to express their creativity and boldness by starting their own businesses.  Be sure to check them out on Instagram too, where they have more than 2 million followers.