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How Market America Creates Excellent Income Earning Opportunities

In a day where almost no corporate job guarantees long-lasting job security, more and more people are looking for new ways to earn income without an employer. Now, one company is bringing opportunities for hundreds and thousands of people around the world. That company, Market America, is empowering many people to become their own boss.

So what exactly is Market America all about? Well, Market America is an exciting new platform that allows people to market and sell thousands of products on their own. Most income opportunity companies rely on one product. However, this company is different. They offer enough products for their associates that people can literally create a “mall without walls” and become a one-person superstore.

What really separates this unique company from everyone else is the sheer amount of support and opportunity that they offer to their franchise owners. The company’s platform is easy to use for anyone to use from college students to retirees. In a matter of months, new franchise owners can begin to earn a part-time income. From there, the sky’s the limit.

Another big difference is that there is no capital needed for start-up. In fact, franchise owners can get an annuity from purchasing items from The company’s flagship site Shop.com. Then any traffic that the person brings to Shop.com earns a 100% credit for those purchases.

Founded in 1992, Market America has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Since its inception, the company has generated over $7 billion dollars in revenue and has paid out over $4 billion of that in commission. In short, this is a company that has a quarter-century proven track record of creating success stories for hundreds of thousands of people seeking their own income outside of the workplace.

For those who want to reach for the sky, Market America is the perfect income opportunity partner. From its massive variety of products to its unique “no start-up capital” requirement, Market America sets the standard for income opportunity for hundreds of thousands of future entrepreneurs.


Perry Mandera: From Marine to Transportation Executive and Anti-Crime Advocate

Perry Mandera signed up with the United States Marine Corps Reserve after finishing high school in 1975. He served as a truck driver who perhaps built the foundation for a flourishing career in the transport sector later in his civilian life. After seeking an honorable discharge, Perry Mandera got ready to enhance his skills and worked for different transportation firms for some time. He became an entrepreneur but sold his enterprise. All these experiences proved helpful for Perry Mandera’s future business undertakings and philanthropic activities in his community.



Community Service

Perry Mandera responded to the call of serving the community by taking on a different role in the public sector. People elected him as Committee member of the Republican Ward for Chicago’s 26th Ward, the youngest individual chosen for that post. His public service started in 1984 until 1988. After his four-year stint as a public official, Perry Mandera focused on a life of giving back something in return to his community. He formed his own business with a lifetime vow to charitable acts by creating Custom Care Charities.



Transportation Industry and Anti-Crime Crusade

Perry Mandera established the Customs Companies in 1986. At present, his company caters to thousands of clients and supplies various organizations from small-scale enterprises to top 100 Fortune corporations. The yearly sales of Customs Companies go beyond 200 million dollars. Perry Mandera also employs hundreds of employees in Illinois (Northlake) and other locations in the USA. In the year 2000, the ITA hailed the transportation magnate as among the Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millenium.

Aside from his business, Perry Mandera provides support for the Illinois State Crime Commission or ISCC. This agency awarded Ms. Mandera with its 2010 Bishop Sheil Award and Citizen of the Year in 2011. The not for profit organization collaborates with the Police Athletic League in initiatives aimed at reducing juvenile delinquency and criminal activities. While Mr. Mandera became highly successful in his entrepreneurship, his benevolent efforts exemplify the man’s pledge to serving the community. Customs Companies always made it a point to contribute resources to different endeavors in Illinois.