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IC System; the honest and ethical service

There are many accounts receivable companies in the US, but the one that always stands out is IC System, begun in 1938 by two couples namely Ruth and Jack Erickson, with a desire to provide honest and ethical service to their clients and patients. The company has survived over 79 years of competition and economic challenges to emerge the best among top names in the financial sector specifically the accounts receivable companies.


With a rich experience in understanding clients and their wants, IC System has kept to its initial goal of solving the needs of their customers without taking advantage of their situations, as is the norm with various financial firms. The headquarters of the company is in Minnesota, the USA since its foundation.


IC System has been trending when it comes to innovations that usually tend to change and shape the game in the financial sector completely. It is therefore apparent that the company manages to lead while other firms have no options but to follow in its footstep to survive.


Five core values have helped the company maintain its culture and deliver quality to their clients. The company firmly believes in treating people with dignity and respect. This is the first core value and is seen on how the company handles their clients’ issues ethically. At the core of their benefits is service through integrity, to do the right and acceptable thing all times.

The company not only strives in delivering clients’ expectations and meeting their satisfaction, but they also go an extra mile to deliver beyond the customer’s imagination, it is no wonder their clients are always coming back to seek their services whenever the need arises. IC System takes pride in what they do and perfect in it. Through innovation, there are always new and better ways of delivering services to its customers.


IC System does not only focus on their customers alone but also the employees. The employees are often rewarded through the maintenance and administration of one or more of its core values when nominated.