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Facebook To Not Allow Ads Promoting Bitcoin Or Any Cryptocurrencies

It is a bold move from Facebook, but they have decided to forego any money they might have been able to generate from advertisements that promote Bitcoin or any other types of cryptocurrencies.

Facebook says that they are doing this to avoid promoting anything to their audience of users that comes from companies that “often promote deceptive or misleading information” says CNBC. In other words, they do not believe that the companies hocking cryptocurrencies are being honest enough in their advertising to deserve a spot with Facebook.

The ban goes beyond simply nixing Bitcoin advertisements. Ads for things like binary options are also going to be thrown out the window. In other words, industries that Facebook has deemed as being misleading are not going to advertise with them. That is unfortunate in some ways because it does discriminate even against those who run legitimate operations in the cryptocurrency and binary options fields. Still, it is true that there are a lot of less than reputable players who want to lure people into their schemes as well. Facebook seems to want to protect against that.

It is important to Facebook that they keep the policy as broad as possible. That is because they want to have latitude to narrow it down as time goes on. They want to keep their options open when it comes to eliminating ads.

You have to bare in mind that Facebook and other social media outlets have been under pressure since the 2016 election cycle for allowing ads that are traced back to Russians to be on their site. Some say that those advertisements passed along false information, and that information may have influenced the election. The social media networks deny that this is the case, but they have admitted that such ads did appear on their site at times.

With that kind of pressure on their backs, Facebook has already felt enough heat to want to stay far away from controversy for quite a while. They have a broad policy now so that they can eliminate any problems before they become real issues for them.

Investors Still Bullish On Facebook

The United States stock market continues to see Facebook as a good investment. Social media has become central to many American lives. People love to get on outlets and communicate with others across the nation. Such is the case with Facebook. The granddaddy of social media outlets, Facebook has been an investor favorite since the company’s IPO several years ago. When the company became part of the American stock market, investors loved it. Today, this is as true as it ever was. People continue to value Facebook. While a new report suggests that people may be spending slightly less time on the site, investors remain confident in the company’s overall soundness. They are confident that Facebook is a great investment that will continue to provide value for shareholders.

New Vision

Just as the world of the net has continued to evolve, the same is true of Facebook. Company officials like owner and founder Mark Zuckerburg are well aware of how to create new ways to interact on this media. They know that users want to have fun with friends and family on Facebook. They also know that advertisers want to figure out ways to reach out to who use the platform. This is one of many reasons why officials have looked for ways to help please both groups.

Many Positive Changes

Investors are also happily greeting many good pieces of news that accompanied Facebook’s quarterly report. It’s clear to them that the company is in very good health fiscally. It’s also clear that the company can continue to maintain high levels of growth in the future. The report indicates that the grew about fourteen percent last year. It also notes that revenues are nearly thirteen billion. The company made over six dollars for every single person who uses it. Those who use the company to place adds are also willing to pay more for the right to do so. All of this adds up to a very rosy picture that is expected to continue to bring in new investors. As a result, the company’s existing investors are confident that the company can continue to provide the kind of value that investors need in order to meet their own personal savings goals.

Facebook Changes Could Hurt Investors

Social media platforms can be a very profitable investment in the short term, but will changes in the way the site operates hurt returns for investors? In the ever changing world of the Internet, particularly social media platforms, investors should pay attention to how changes in the platform can effect their wallets.

One very recent example is the new changes that were rolled out by Facebook. These changes will cause users to see more content from their friends on the site, but less content from media outlets and businesses in their feed. The reasoning behind the renovation was that studies showed people feel happier when seeing content from family and friends than when exposed to other types of content.

Facebook’s stand of prioritizing users over profits has made Facebook investors nervous. According to an article by Fortune, the stock for Facebook has dropped by 4.5% in light of the new changes to the site’s algorithms. Other social media platforms have also disappointed investors. One example is Snap, which is struggling at the moment as users are flocking away from it in favor of other platforms to share pictures and videos with friends.

As social media platforms continue to change their algorithms to enhance user experiences, investors need to be aware how these changes may affect their returns. In the case of Facebook, the changes have not gone over well with all users. According to Business Insider, Facebook reported a 5% drop in daily usage of the platform. This drop occurring at the same time as the release of the new algorithms may be coincidental, but the combination of these two factors may have advertisers starting to look to spend their money elsewhere. That prospect does not bode well for the company’s stockholders.

While investors can reap big rewards from social media platform holdings, the rapidly evolving nature of the Internet and technology can make this investment very risky in the long run. For those who have stocks in websites such as Facebook and Twitter, keeping your portfolio balanced with minimal risk investments will keep your money safe should the changes in a platform suddenly cause it to go bust.