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Saving and Spending Like Millionaires

People that want to get a better control of their finances should look to the experts that are managing their finances the best. When it comes down to the management of funds it is always a good thing to follow those that have hit the millionaire mark. People that have managed to accumulate a million or more are going to have a great assessment of how money should be spent and save. Granted, most of these people are business professionals that have started their own businesses, but their management practices when it comes to their finances can help anyone even if they are not entrepreneurs. This is certainly true for all of those that have wonder how they could make better business decisions for their long-term retirement plans.

It all starts with having the ability to cut back. Anyone that has ever read anything about billionaires like Sam Walton of Walmart before he passed will know that he was very frugal. When he was alive there were tons of luxury vehicles and homes that he could have purchased, but Sam Walton chose to live frugally and invest a large part of his funds back into his business. He never seemed to let
fashion or any other materialistic possessions dictate the way that he lived his life. This would serve him well as he built an empire where he would be able to pass down wealth to his children.

Another thing that people have to consider when they are looking at the road to success with managing finances is the desire to spin versus the desire to save a portion of money for yourself. Everyone, at some point, will take time to reward themselves. Working jobs with long hours with time away from the family deserves a reward. This is true, but people that are in the world of the working class must also realize that they must save and pay themselves first.

The ability to put money away for those emergency funds can mean the difference between getting in more debt or living a debt-free life because you have prepared in advance for the emergencies. Millionaires never find themselves in a place where they are borrowing to pay debt because they save for hard times beforehand.

Managing Finances Through Apps

Homeowners that are looking for a way to save are going to be highly impressed with all of the things that are available when it comes to app technology. In this day and age of balancing check books people that are still using paper to manage their finances are behind the times. It is so much easier to homeowners that are looking for a way to save our going to be highly involved with all of the things that are available when it comes to a technology.

Even people that are utilizing credit cards have the ability to download apps and see what they are putting their money into from one day to the next. This is the great thing about finance and technology. It is coming together in a seamless way, and it makes it so much easier for people to know how much they have spent against how much they have left to spend.

Managing finances can always be a nightmare, but it definitely gets much easier when you have technology at your fingertips that allows you to provide a better record of what you are doing on a regular basis.

The good thing about app technology is that you can download these apps on multiple devices and pick up right where you left off with the managing of your finances in the home. You may start with an app on your phone while you are looking at your statements at work, but you may want to switch to a bigger device like a tablet when you get home. If you have the app installed on multiple devices you can simply log in and continue where you left off.

Financial management helps many people get a better grasp on what they can save towards retirement. Anyone that is using technology to manage payments and spending is going to have a greater level of efficiency when it comes to managing budgets and staying out of debt because they know where the money is going. It does not seem like such a huge mystery anymore, and that is a good thing. Financial management for things that are commonplace should be easy. Technology does a great job of making this easier for families with multiple members.

Is The Average Worker Really Getting Crumbs From The New Tax Plan?

Nancy Pelosi is famous for a lot of reasons, right now it is due to her comment about the bonuses that American workers receive after the Republican tax cuts were just “crumbs”. For the average American, the bonuses were far from crumbs, and it’s accurate to say that she is financially out of touch with the average voter who would likely view an extra $1000 bonus as nearly life changing. While that may be true, in the scheme of things, her comment may be more valid if you take it a different way.


The tax bill was signed into law by President Donald Trump on December 22, 2017 and it appears that so far, there has been roughly $3 billion paid out in bonuses. That said, the tax cuts the corporations will receive are estimated to be worth about $101 billion for this year alone. About $88 billion has been invested in stock buybacks, but that still leaves a few billion dollars unaccounted for, and when you put it into perspective, that measly $3 billion starts to look a little bit more like a crumb.


Prior to these results, Republicans pushed the idea that their tax reform would give businesses a cash boost that would allow them to do things that benefit workers in the long run. This would give them time to make capital investments that could enhance business and worker productivity as well as making employees more valuable. There is a chance that this may happen, and in all fairness, it is really soon to be deciding how they used, or misused, these funds, but at this time, the bonuses are the only way to see the benefits that are coming to employees.


Of course, the tax reform comes with a 2.2 percent, on average, to workers in the US after taxes are taken from their pay, but until it is time to file the 2017 taxes it is hard to say weather that will be a good thing or not. For now, Republicans are using Pelosi’s comment at every opportunity to remind voters how out of touch she is, and the Democrats are working to point out any flaw they can find as the new tax reform begins to get off the ground. For more information about this, head to Huffington Post.

Handling Finances Better Through Apps

Getting your finances in order in the United States can be a challenge. It can be a difficult thing to do because many people do not have the skills because they have not been trained in this area. One good thing about utilizing the internet is that it gives people a ton of resources to make changes to their finances without reading a bunch of books. People do not have to settle for outdated material because there is so much content on the web, and a large part of this is now being found with

The app technology for investing is growing in leaps and bounds. There are dozens of apps like Acorn and stash that allow people to invest without having a large amount of knowledge in investing. This is something that many people are praising because it gives them a chance to build portfolios even if they have never really had an opportunity to learn about stocks.

A large amount of these cases involve rounding up money where the rounded up amount will be put into an investment portfolio. Others May put their money into apps like Robin Hood because this allows them to buy and sell stocks without any commission fees. All of these are things that make it easier for investors to have multiple portfolios where they can earn a significant return on investment over time.

No one really has to make excuses anymore when it comes to their investment options. There are a plethora of options out there, and people that are willing to do a little research can definitely get their finances in a better place if they have the time to put in a little effort.

Investing has always been something that has been rather complicated. Some people do it after years of experience, but many people simply have this as a goal on a long list of goals that they never get around to. Most people don’t have the confidence to invest, and the others may feel that they do not have enough money. It is these small low fee or no fee apps that give people the ability to see what is out there. People can essentially get started without wasting a lot of money.

Don’t Let The Bouncing Stock Market Scare You

If you are watching the stock market and feeling that familiar anxiety creeping in, don’t panic just yet. The stock market has been something of a yo-yo lately, after months of soaring to record highs it is suddenly bouncing up and down from day to day. It seems scary, but it’s likely that there is nothing to panic about. The culprit that started the yo-yo market was a consumer price report which was released by the Department of Labor. The report was actually really good for the country, consumer prices were only up half a percent in the first month of 2018 and are on a predicted path to 201 percent for the year. That rate is, according to the Federal Reserve, the healthiest for the economy overall.

So how is it that such a great report could cause the Dow Jones to plummet five hundred points in seconds? The answer is pretty simple. Overall, most people believe that the stock market is over valued. Generally, the stock market does not run at a correct value, but when people believe that the prices are too high, they begin to panic, which is what began this whole market mess. The market has been on a constant uptick since the beginning of 2009, prices have tripled in most cases if not more, and the election of Donald Trump cause a euphoric wave from traders who expected deregulation and tax cuts. This, along with consistent low interest rates from the Federal Reserve, has kept the market booming. The improvement in job numbers as well as the central bank raising rates generally causes a depression in the value of stocks. People who trade for a living know this and are looking to sell stocks before their value drops. This likely caused the bouncing in the stock market.

That said, the inflation report that was released should not have been such a big deal. In fact, it showed the country to be at almost perfect price levels in the economy, but traders have concern that inflation will become a problem down the road and began a freak-out because in their opinion the market is too high.

With Republicans in office, it is hard to say how the next few years will go and if they will be handled correctly. There is a delicate balance between interest rates and taxes, but Republicans are based on the idea of lower taxes which means they will do little to control certain aspects of the economy. The Federal Reserve still has plenty of tools to help fight inflation if it becomes a big problem, they could raise interest rates which will reign in bank loans, that said, it often has negative effects like forcing companies out of business which leads to unemployment, but that unemployment puts pressure on workers wages which will help keep prices in line. It isn’t an ideal solution, but one that works. That said, none of these are pressing issues today, the market is bouncing and having many good days, enjoy investing now and making money, but be aware of the signs when it is time to pull out. If you would like more detailed information, head to Huffington Post.

Most Elderly Asian-Americans are the Focus of Fraud

America is a very rich and wealthy nation, but it also has problems with unscrupulous criminals who target elderly people for fraudulent reasons. Nearly 30% of all fraud cases involve a senior citizen. When it comes to elderly Asian-Americans, nearly 72% of these individuals are the focus of scams and other forms of deception to rip off their money.

Asian Americans are usually scammed by criminals who claim that they have personal lottery winnings for their intended victims. Other schemes include donation requests, email phishing scams and fake requests for back taxes from the IRS. The Huffington Post reported information by AARP or the American Association of Retired Persons about this issue. The AARP states that many Elderly Asian people are the focus of fraud because of the language barriers and because of mental health related issues.

Keep in mind that language and cultural barriers are the biggest factor with Asian people being the focus of fraud. Scammers realize that Asian people have a strong connection to their homelands. Scammers also realize that Asian people like to be harmonious with people. In other words, they would rather keep the peace between two people than to get into a conflict that exposes the truth or someone’s true intentions.

Asians are also very polite. Asian people also view factors such as time and the course of life in terms of things happening beyond their control. They accept this type of mentality because it helps them to maintain a balance in life. Criminals who target Asian people for scams understand these differences. They try to take their cultural and language differences and use them to their advantage.

When elderly Asian people are victimized by this criminal act it can cost them at least $15,000 of their own money. AARP wants people to know that fraud targeting senior Asian-Americans is a big deal. It literally costs members of this community millions of dollars each year. AARP and other pro Asian organizations are constantly educating senior Asian Americans about detecting fraudulent activity and how to avoid it as much as possible.

Managing a Household Budget and Saving for the Future

At some point in time people that are managing their money are going to have to make drastic changes in order to preserve the income that they have. There are times when a household budget gets out of hand, and people have to make some strong decisions on what they’re going to do to get things back in order.

People that are managing their own finances will find that there are ways to cut the strings that are keeping their budgets from bursting out at the seams. It appears that people that are intuitive about the things that are not really beneficial are going to be able to have a better chance at keeping their households costs low. One thing that many people will do is put themselves in a place where they can usually cut out things in the entertainment portion of their household.

Homeowners work around issues by cutting entertainment costs by using apps that allow them to do streaming. A person that buys books will venture to the library to rent books instead of purchasing these books in stores. There are so many ways that a homeowner can better control their financials.

Ultimately, more people are going to want to take the time to sort out the things that may build a better budget. It can be very enlightening for people that are looking at ways to cut their budgets to see what other people are doing. That is usually going to be one of the better ways for Americans to handled their finances. When they can take stock of what other households may be doing it may become easier for them to see how they can pinpoint things that can make their budgets better.

Finances are something that Americans have to get control of. When they don’t it reflects badly on the children in the household, and this becomes a vicious cycle where there are more growing adults that do not know how to handle finances either. This is one of the reasons why it is so important for adults to have a game plan. They need to have a game plan for their household budget, and they also need a game plan for maximizing the rate of return on investments.

Financial Tips that will help you to Prosper in 2018

Just about every person wants to improve their financial situation. Having more money helps to provide people with stability and freedom. People who want to improve their financial status in 2018 should use the following tips that can be found within the Huffington Post Personal Finance section. Let’s look at these tips and how they can help you.

Be Bold and Take an Active Role in your Investments

Many people are not investors by trade and they don’t have a clue how this activity works. This is why they hire brokers to do the job for them. However, a wise person will have a basic knowledge of the investment world. This is especially true if they are investing their own funds. The bottom line is that if you invest your money in any type of vehicle, you should know the basics of this pursuit.

Get the Right Type of Auto Insurance for your Situation

Insurance is a necessary evil that all people need but most people would rather do without. If you own an older vehicle you should get basic liability if you want to save money. This is important because the more coverage you get on an older vehicle, the more money you are going to tie up in coverage.

The fact is that some cars are worth $3,000 or less. If yours falls into this category, then you are losing money on your vehicle if you get full coverage or comp and collision. Basic liability is all that you will need. Remember, if your car it totaled in an accident it will be worth $0. You should also tell your insurer if you get married. They will usually lower your insurance rates because married couples are safer drivers.

Start a Financial Plan that is Practical and Easy to Set Up

People need a financial plan to help guide their finances. A lot of people follow through with a financial plan because it helps them to control how they spend their money. Many other people do not waste their time trying to stick to a financial plan because they do not believe that it will work. However, a financial plan can help a person to figure out where to decrease their spending and when they need to bring in more income. These financial tips can help any person to increase their financial status in 2018.

Poll Shows Majority of America not Benefiting from Tax Reform

The results from a new poll from Politico shows that over 50 percent of Americans are reporting that they are not seeing pay raises after the enactment of the Republican Tax overhaul. 53 percent of people said that they had not noticed an increase in pay with their paychecks; 37 of the people who were polled said that they did have an increase in their wages.

The Republican lead congress and the Trump White House have both praised tax cuts as a way to speed up economic growth, but this poll from Politico shows that the common consumer has not seen an increase in pay from their employers.

People who were in opposition of the enactment of the Republican tax plan claim that the new guidelines greatly benefit the wealthy individuals and multi-million dollar companies the most. Despite the findings of the poll, Politico also discovered that 45 percent of people support the tax plan and only 35 percent oppose it.

Some corporations claim that there is no reason to give their employees a bump in pay due to the fact that they will be paying slightly less in taxes. For some people, the savings after the new tax plan is as little as 60 dollars per year.

If you are one of the individual who didn’t see a pay increase this year, I’m afraid I have some more bad news for you. Experts say that gas prices will be going up in 2018 due to a multitude of reasons. On the 14th of February, President Donald Trump partially confirmed their suspicions when he said he was a supporter of a 25 cent increase to taxes on gasoline.

The political world has been asking where the Federal Government will get the money needed to provide funds for the newly announced infrastructure plan and now they have their answer: gas taxes. Gas taxes alone are not enough to fund the massive 1.5 trillion dollar infrastructure plan, we could see tax hikes on several other goods such as cigarettes and alcohol in the very near future.

Success of a Man Breeds Success of a Community

James Dondero is the founder of Highland Capital Management, which is located in northern Texas. The success of the company has not just helped the surrounding areas by creating jobs for citizens in the area, but has also improved the reputation of the area. Being known as the home of a company such as Highland Capital Management has driven residential development in the area. Not only did James Dondero supply jobs to locals in the area, but he drew in new residents increasing the tax revenue the local government receives. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

James Dondero does not just find ways to produce additional funds for northern Texas, but he also seeks positive ways in which to spend it. After an elderly hippopotamus passed away in 2001, the Dallas Zoo closed the exhibit. Mr. Dondero organized other wealthy investors in the region and raised $14 million to make it possible for the Dallas Zoo to reopen their hippopatamus exhibit with improved care for the animals.

Mr. Dondero also donated to a local organization known as The Family Place. This is a shelter which cares for men that are victims of domestic violence. The organization not only provides a place for the men to live, but establishes connections so they can receive treatment from local hospitals to help the victims get the support they need to be productive members of society. Follow James on Linkedin.

Money is not the only thing that Mr. Dondero has provided for the community. He worked with the Dallas Zoo to sponsor a day in which money the zoo received would be donated to The Family Place. He hired Mary Owen formerly the CEO of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. Mary’s role with Highland Capital Management is to network with other companies and charities in northern Texas to find ways that Highland Capital Management can assist them financially and that Mr. Dondero can help them personally.

Mr. James Dondero has shown that pride comes in many forms. He has numerous individual and company accomplishments to be proud of. He is not satisfied stopping there though, as he still continues to do more for those struggling.

Read: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=2159086&privcapId=37846394