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Best of Category Award Goes To The U.S. Money Reserve At The AdSPhere Awards 2018

For two years in a row The U.s. Money Reserve has been honored by DRMETRIX for their distinct high quality gold products. The recognition comes in the Short Form and Infomercial categories. The AdSphere Awards and DRMETRIX gives recognition to the best cable networks every year.

The AdSphere Awards give recognition to the best advertising companies in four categories made up of infomercials, lead generation, short form and brand/direct. Performance driven operations on this scale level establishes popularity with the customers. Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.ispot.tv/brands/Iyt/us-money-reserve and https://www.bizjournals.com/austin/cotm/detail/545/US_Money_Reserve

They also demonstrate Best-In-Class creative and media execution. The AdSphere Awards are the most all- encompassing for the DRMETRIX television community. Altogether there were almost 70 honorees with all of the Best-of-Category awardees.

The U.S Reserve strives to give their viewers the latest innovative efforts to reflect their finest brand. They give credit to their awesome marketing, production and media work teams. The awards arrived on the heels of the Perth Mint appointing the U.S. Money Reserve as the sole U.S. distributor of the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll proof gold coinage collection.

Proof gold coins are very rare. This arrives in highest regard since the set of three gold coinage comes in limited quantities. There is only 250 sets of the 2 ounce proof coins. In addition The Perth Mint issues the 75th Anniversay Pearl Harbor gold coin series…gold coinage that remembers that historical day in America’s history.

Based out of Austin, TX, the U.S. Reserve came to be in the year 2001. In the past 18 years, they have grown to be one of the biggest private merchants of U.S. based and foreign government issued gold, silver, and platinum commodities. Many people rely on The U.S. money reserve to help diversify their portfolios with gold coins.

The Reserve has representatives who are well educated and experts in the field of numismatic gold coinage. Professionals with in depth knowledge of the markets can give guidance to consumers on precious metals at every level from beginner to experienced collector. They research gold coinage and go above and beyond building on going relationships with their customers.

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U.S. Money Reserve Wins Two ‘Best of Category’ Awards at 2018 AdSphere™ Awards

Infinity Group Australia: Assisting Everyday Australians, Every Day

Infinity Group Australia reviews for 2018 are looking incredibly positive. The debt reduction company has already become one of the fastest growing of its type in Australia, five years after its founding. Recently, Infinity Group Australia was honored by the Australian Financial Review, which ranked it 58 out of thousands of other Australian and New Zealand companies on the Most Innovative Companies List.


On of the primary pieces in this innovation puzzle is Infinity Group Australia’s client-first approach to business. Graeme Holm, one of the founders of Infinity Group Australia, is committed to helping individual Australian families every step of the way. Instead of offering traditional structures and paint-by-number pay schemes, Infinity Group Australia reviews their clients finances, household, and necessities, to offer budgeting advice and further information.


Graeme Holm’s own research into the Australian mortgage market helped him to realize that there was no existing support structure for families. With a career of over 15 years in the finance industry, Holm knew that the best way to get clients invested in the solutions Infinity Group Australia was offering was to demonstrate the group’s own investment in the solutions as well. When faced with a decision between making the banks happy and keeping mortgage commissions, Holm decided to take a different route and develop a fee-for-service model that both the clients and Infinity Group Australia would be invested in.


These tactics have paid excellent dividends. All of Infinity Group Australia’s clients manage to pay off more of their debt in their first few months with the group than in their previous twelve months working with the bank’s existing structure. Holm’s work and dedication have even gotten him a position as one of MPA’s Top 100 Brokers.


All of this work has been rewarded with recognition from the Australian Financial Review. Thousands of companies across various industries and locations in Australia and New Zealand were nominated, and the top 100 were chosen by a committee of experts, in conjunction with Inventium, an innovation consultation group.


The Australian Financial Review, where the Most Innovative Companies List is published, has a readership of more than 1.8 million readers, meaning that families struggling with debt across Australia and New Zealand will soon be hearing about this innovative, dedicated, and determined company. For Infinity Group Australia, where the work does not end after the loan is settled, this must be the best possible reward. Learn more: https://blogwebpedia.com/the-client-first-approach-to-finance-graeme-holm-and-infinity-group-australia.html#.W05XathKj-Y

Michael Burwell Becomes The New Chief Financial Officer Of Willis Towers Watson

In a business industry, there is always a need for wisdom and ideas to excel. For that matter, every business owner will look no further but to employees who can show such qualities. This is more so if the hired employee is set to occupy the top positions. With no doubt, Willis Towers Watson has chosen one of the best personnel to be the CFO of his company. The global advisory, booking, and solution companies appointed Michael Burwell as its CFO in the year 2017.


Michael Burwell portrayed good leadership from back when he worked at the Pricewaterhouse Cooper LLP. During that time, He served as the head of the transaction service packages in America. According to research, he enabled a Massive growth to the firm’s financial sector. Since these qualities are among what most firms look for, he had all the rights to the position. According to the president of Willis Towers Watson, Michael Burwell was the best for that position at the moment. He insists that his knowledge in finance will enable massive growth of the Willis Towers Watson. Burwell replaced the then sitting CFO, Mr. Roger Millay. Refer to This Article to learn more.



About Michael Burwell


Michael Burwell is an alumnus of Michigan State University. The highly ranked institution is believed to have contributed to his high leadership skills. Michael Burwell, Alias Mike, has worked for more than 30 years in the same field thus, he is an established person in his line of work. As a top employee at PricewaterHouse Coopers, he brought numerous changes that had never been experienced before. In the company, he served in a number of positions including as Chief Operating Officer and as the Vice Chairman of Global.


According to him, he is a very hard-working person whose day’s starts as early as 5 pm. He insists that success is always accompanied by hard work and determination. He, therefore, finds it very important t dedicate himself to his career. In an interview, Mike expressed his love for Insure Trend. He states that through this, there has been a huge and significant change and development in the industry.



View Source: https://danielbudzinski.com/podcast/the-art-of-success-podcast/michael-burwell/#.WzuiVlMvx0I

Food Conglomerate JAB purchases Pret A Manger, UK Chain Sandwich Shop

In yet another big purchase, JAB Holding, one of the largest and spendiest conglomerates on the planet, just bought Pret A Manger, the upscale sandwich/tea shop that are incredibly popular in the United Kingdom. This will be JAB Holding Company’s first foray into the retail sandwich market.


Pret A Manger is very popular with the white collar, urban crowd in the centers of cities. Office workers in particular tend to flock to the chain. This is a core demographic that JAB wishes to target. They will do so using corporate rewards programs, purchase tracking, and other data centric strategies that will allow them to grow and absorb Pret A Manger’s business.



The negotiations to purchase the sandwich chain ended up with a final price that is almost 2 billion USD. This deal also includes the acquisition of the assets and debt of Pret A Manger. This acquisition is the latest in a series of moves that JAB is making at the behest of their majority owners, the German Reimann family.


The company has spent 10s of billions of dollars in the food and drink markets. They have been snapping up properties left and right, from casual dining to beverage wholesalers. They own many companies across Europe, Asia, and the United States. Their first foray into the food/beverage market started like things often do, with coffee.


After purchasing standouts like Stumptown Roasters and Peet’s Coffee Jab turned their attention to the restaurant business. Krispy Kreme and Panera were their first acquisitions in this space. They later made an 18.7 billion dollar deal to purchase the company behind Dr. Pepper and Snapple.


Pret A Manger is one of their largest acquisitions to date. The roughly 3-decade old chain of sandwich shops prides itself on fresh ingredients and fresh baked daily bread. They are also in the coffee business and are reported to have one of the finest cups in London. They currently have around 530 locations globally, in Asia, Europe and North America.


Bridgepoint Advisors has had a controlling interest in the firm since 2008, during the financial crisis. If this sale goes through JAB foods will establish a critical foothold on the European market and have a new weapon to use in North America.

The Truth About Credit Card Debt and Your Financial Matters

There is level of planning for financial management that can be very helpful if you are in debt. A lot of people think that it is all about cutting up credit cards and making drastic decisions to eat scarcely with no dining out as you endure a life of boredom. This may work for some people, but getting your finances in order does not have to be a miserable journey. In fact, you can still get your finances together and have a great time if you know how to plan.


There is a common myth going around that credit cards are evil. People tend to think that they cannot have credit cards and stay out of debt if they have gotten into debt with credit cards. This cannot be further from the truth. Getting a credit card is going to work for some people that may need money on a short-term basis. It is actually very much like getting a loan.


This can be like a short-term loan for people that may have a payment that they need to make on the first but they may not get paid until the 15th. If they have the ability to charge it to the card and pay the full amount back on the 15th there really is no harm in having this done with the credit cards. Where most people find themselves in trouble is with the credit card purchase where they do not pay the full amount back.


This always leads to more interest rates and it essentially equates to more debt. This is a bad practice for anyone, but using a credit card where you are paying the full amount is a much better idea.


Some people are going to be able to use a credit card and earn points as rewards. This allows them to get cash back bonuses and gift cards. This is only considered a reward if you are paying the full amount for your credit card each month. If you are simply paying the minimum payment you are only rewarding the credit card company. This company is collecting an interest rate so you are just rewarding the company if you are paying an interest rate. Pay your balance and impove your finances.

Markets React to Italian Turmoil, Federal Reserve to Keep Interest Rates Steady

he collapse of the proposed Italian government with President Mattarella’s veto of proposed financial minister Savona dented confidence throughout markets worldwide. Italy’s return to the polls after only four months points to a stronger, joint populist government. Both populist parties, the League and 5 Star Movement, are expected to take a more significant share of parliamentary seats than they did in March. The League and 5 Star Movement voice anti-EU, anti-Euro views, causing many to fear a possible Italian exit from the Eurozone.


In the aftermath of this weekends Italian drama, US yields are down to their lowest since the announcement of Brexit. On Tuesday afternoon, the ten-year treasury yield dropped roughly 15 points to 2.77 percent. More troubling was the reversal of the yield curve, which has short-term rates higher than long-term rates. A metric that is considered a warning sign of a coming recession


On Tuesday the S&P 500 financial sector declined 500 points or 3.4 percent while the Dow toppled 400 points. This drop was mirrored overseas as European stocks across the continent continuing a run-off spurred by the news coming out of Italy. With market uncertainty high, the US Federal Reserve was seen as unlikely to raise interest rates in June. A huge turn around from what last week was seen as a certainty. The increasing stress on the market has led investors to wonder if the Reserve will meet its projection of three interest hikes this year.


Analyst Jordi Visser explained since an Italy exit from the Euro is unlikely, this drop in stock was seen as a result of positioning, with Hedge Funds caught off guard by an unexpected rise in US Treasury yields. By noon on Wednesday, Visser’s comment were backed up as the S&P 500 had shown a slight rebound of 200 points that was echoed in US stocks. In Europe, Italy’s FTSE MIB was back up 2 percent while Germany’s Bayer was up 4 percent at close.

US Considering Trade Moves on China

The United States may not be done with threatening financial tariffs against China, continuing the back and forth the rhetoric that is leading to much uncertainty in the greater market.


As part of the economic threats made by the United States towards China are indications that tariffs can be imposed on up to $150 billion of goods imported from China. The introduction of tariffs may lead to an increase in manufacturing jobs in the United States, a point often repeated by President Donald Trump on the campaign trail, but may be a double-edged sword in that it will potentially lead to higher prices for consumers.


In addition to the trade imbalance between the United States and China are concerns regarding abuses of intellectual property by many Chinese businesses. These intellectual property abuses are not persecuted by Chinese authorities who take a more hands-off approach.


China has also been accused of propping up the businesses through state support in a number of industries and making it difficult for other global companies to compete. An example of this is in the steel industry where many Chinese state-sponsored companies will flood the market with cheap steel, making it difficult for global steel producers to survive, particularly in countries with social welfare programs that add significantly to the cost of operation.


This state support is part of China’s 2025 platform, in which the Chinese government is seeking dominance of certain key industries, a process that has infuriated many in the U.S. The United States is proposing a 25% tariff on certain Chinese exports to the U.S.


China has responded to the latest threat today by indicating that they are ready for a trade war if the United States is pursuing one. China indicated that it will protect their own interests of the United States continues an arbitrary and relentless verbal attack on their economy.


The increased rhetoric comes just days before a scheduled meeting by the Commerce Secretary of the United States, Wilbur Ross.


Although markets have taken notice of some of the earlier interactions between China and the United States in regards to these trade action, the current reaction has been muted and unobservable. If a trade war were to hit between the two countries, it might spell a large negative factor on economic trade and the stock market.

US Bank Stocks Pull Back

Shares of some of the major financial companies dropped on the heels of some dovish comments by some of the major banks on Monday.


Bank of America and JPM Morgan Chase announced that earnings in Q2 will be muted and believe that the total revenue earned for the 2018 year will be flat from the prior year. Daniel Pinto, the head of JP Morgan Chase announced this prediction for the year which helped to temper the run on stocks in financials and other companies.


Pinto provided some additional insight into the flat earnings prediction. He predicted that the core earnings of JP Morgan Chase would grow in the single digits, but that minor growth would be offset by other items. Pinto noted some positive headway in terms of growing interest rates that come on the back of rising interest rates from the Federal Central Bank, rising commodity prices, and improvement in the corporate credit business. The bank did have a major write-off of about $100 million on its fixed income unit.


The Head of Banking at Bank of America, Alastair Borthwick indicated that he couldn’t predict the remainder of the year, though he does see that companies tend to be gaining optimism for the macro economy, which is typically a good sign.


The flat revenue target came as a big disappointment to investors who were expecting that these stocks and companies would grow as a result of an overall growth of the economy. Other factors can also harm banks such as a decreased need to borrow money on the back of tax relief for businesses, which leave them flush with cash and decrease their need to borrow domestically to avoid repatriating foreign sourced cash.


Both Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase were down on the news. Both of these stocks decreased by approximately 5% on Tuesday. These bank stocks have been flat for 2018 after bouncing back from the lows in 2009 and recovering to prices that are close to their pre-crash highs.


Investors seem to be increasingly anticipating a pull back in these financial stocks and the lack of optimism and price reduction may end up being a positive thing for the larger market which may need to consolidate before reaching new heights.

George Soros Warns Of Pending Financial Crisis

George Soros, the iconic billionaire is concerned that the world will soon experience another financial crisis. Soros, while speaking in Paris on Tuesday, says that factors including the disruption of the deal with Iran, increased negative feelings toward the European Union, a soaring dollar, and divestment in emerging markets have combined to potentially create negative effects in the global economy.


Soros said through previously prepared remarks that many things have gone wrong with the European Union and the rise of populism on the continent has become a serious issue.


Soros expanded on these thoughts by saying that strict policies have served to instigate the euro crisis. Soros also explained that the resulting anti-European movements that resulted from these policies share some responsibility for the Brexit crisis as well as the political turmoil that has recently taken place in Italy.


Soros went on to say that young people have grown disillusioned with the European Union and blames the entity for depriving them of jobs and promises of the future. Populists politicians, according to Soros, have effectively exploited these resentments to further their own parties and movements.


Soros pointed to the growing disagreement between the United States and Europe regarding relations with Iran as another major concern that could have negative implications on the global economy.


Soros said that the decision by United States President Donald Trump to no longer honor a previously signed nuclear arms treaty with the Iranian government has in effect destroyed the transatlantic alliance. Soros added that Trump has succeeded in shocking the entire world with his actions.


Soros feels that the end of the deal will directly result in problems for the European economy and other locations just as a strengthening dollar is causing investors to abandon emerging market currencies.


Despite the warnings, Soros did express some optimism that financial turmoil can be avoided.


One measure Soros suggests is a new Marshall Plan, funded by money that can be borrowed by the European Union, that would properly address the problem of refugees in Africa. The original Marshall Plan was enacted by the United States in an effort to rebuild Europe in the wake of World War II.


Soros expressed that there would be difficulty in getting the many countries in the EU to stand in accord on the matter but said that reality may dictate that personal interests be set aside to preserve the union.

A Messy Day For The World’s Stock Markets

Markets around the globe took a beating on Tuesday due to investors being worried about the rising political tensions in Italy. The political crisis in the country could lead to the nation’s withdrawal from the Eurozone, which would follow in the footsteps of Britain, a country that voted to leave it 2 years ago.


Investors sold out of bonds in southern Europe, and the Italian banks and stock markets were jittery due to concerns that Italians may do away with the euro. In terms of some of the worst performances in European stock markets, the Italian and Spanish markets suffered losses of around 2.5%. Stocks in Britain and Germany under performed as well, which was quite expected with the sour news from Italy.


The Dow Jones industrial average closed down 391 points, a slight improvement from the lowest point of the day which was a drop of 505 points. Along with the Dow, the S&P 500 also suffered a loss, as well as the Nasdaq Composite and the Russell 2000.


In terms of this year as a whole, the Dow Jones industrial average is down 1.45%, while the S&P 500 so far stands at a slight gain.


Continuing with the US market, financial stocks took the largest beating, with JP Morgan Chase dropping 4.2%, Goldman Sachs down 3.4%, and American Express sinking 3.3% in late-day trading. Coca-Cola was the only Dow stock finishing in the green instead of the red, barely keeping positive ground before the closing bell.


With regards to the anxiety in the marketplace, billionaire investor George Soros added to the negative sentiments, stating that he believes the globe is headed for yet another financial crisis. The hedge fund manager and philanthropist cited increasing negativity towards the European Union, the United States withdrawing from the Iran Nuclear Deal, and a rising dollar as recipes for a worldwide financial disturbance.


On CNBC Tuesday morning, economist Mohamed El-Erian also shared negative views towards the globe’s overall financial future, stating that the seeming worldwide economic boom may not be exactly what most people thought.