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An overview of Equities First Holdings Australia

An overview of Equities First Holdings Australia

The stock business is a dangerous and tricky business for one to get into. Owning a stock or putting money on it could be an extreme risk if one is not careful. For shareholders, managing ones financial status is crucial and finding the right company that can help you out in maintaining your financial issues can be a problem of itself to find. However, there are a couple of shareholding finance companies that are more than willing to assist along with providing good service.

A service that many can look to with shareholding financing would be Equities First Holding, a shareholding finance company that will aid people in properly maintaining their finance situation. This company is lined with professionals that will not disappoint and will make sure that you are you business are in good hands. They have information on their employees on their LinkedIn website and are not just located in one state or country but are branched out in a number of countries aside from the U.S such as Australia and India. If you are in the stock business or are planning to be a part of it, this company could help.

Michael Burwell Changes Companies

Michael Burwell is a well-respected man in the business community. He first obtained his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Michigan State University in 1986. Then, Michael Burwell became an official certified public accountant. He got his first job at Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP(PwC). Later in 2010, he was named Alumnus of the year by Michigan State University. His successes have been recognized on the academic front, as well as in the business field.


During his 31 year tenure at Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC), Michael Burwell worked in a variety of jobs. His first job was in the assurance practice. In this position he worked on audit clients. Michael Burwell took the next step forward in 1997, with a partnership with PwC’s Detroit branch. He ultimately took over charge of the entire central region and became the US Transaction Services Leader. By 2007 Michael Burwell had risen to Chief Financial Officer and was named Chief Operating Officer just a year later. Finally, in 2012, he became Vice Chairman Global and U.S. Transformation for PwC. His impact on the company cannot be understated.


In August 2017, the website Reinsurance news reported that Willis Towers Watson announced Michael Burwell will replace the retiring Roger Millay as Chief Financial Officer effective October 2, 2017. MIchael Burwell has more than enough experience to take over this role. The current Chief Executive Officer at Willis Towers Watson, John Haley, then provided a response to the news. He discussed how pivotal Michael Burwell will be to the team.


The experience and views as has acquired will help push the company forward in new ways. At the same time, he acknowledges Roger’s contributions to the company. There is little doubt of the progress Roger made happen in his tenure. It concludes with a word from Mike Burwell. He is glad to be here at Willis Towers Watson and looks forward to helping the company grew. Click Here for more information.


Michael Burwell is a man who has always pushed forward. His skill set is extremely varied due to working several kinds of jobs over the years. In each step, he has only continued to move up the business ladder. His experience and expertise will a useful asset to any company that hires him.

Reasons You Need to Work with a Financial Advisor

You might think that you do not make enough money to warrant working with a financial advisor. This simply is not true because financial professionals can help with even the most financially difficult client. Even if you are living from one paycheck to the next, you can benefit greatly from working with one of these experts because of all that they can do for you. Before you attempt to do any of your own budgeting or debt consolidating, you might want to get a free consultation with an advisor in your area who can sit with you and discuss what needs to be done in order to reclaim your financial life and get over the debt and budgeting problems that you’ve had for years.

The problem with lots of people is that they have lots of accumulated debt and are unable to work with creditors because of the high interest on payment plans. You will notice that your financial advisor works with the creditors for you and will not stop trying to make a deal for you until it is in your favor. There are lots of reasons to consider this type of professional, and you’ll be surprised at what they charge for this type of service. You’re not going to go broke trying to get help financially, and this is why a financial advisor is a wonderful choice for you monetarily.

Before you attempt to work with creditors and get locked into a payment plan that is just too expensive for your current income budgeting needs, a financial advisor is there to assist you and get you back on track financially. There is no reason to live in debt when there are so many reasons and ways for you to get out of it without needing to file for bankruptcy. A lot of people assume that in order to get out of debt, they need to go and file for bankruptcy, but this just is not true for you. You just need a qualified professional with whom you can talk and get all of your debt problems solved without all of the headache that comes with having credit cards, loans and the high interest rates that are attached to them when you go to pay.