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Dr. Mark McKenna: Offering the Safety of a Hospital with the Comfort of a Spa

“Dr. Mark Mckenna’s OVME Slays Cosmetic Service Boutique Game” discusses a new type of business growth that has taken the entrepreneurial world by storm thanks to Dr. Mark McKenna. In fact, the doctor has single-handedly revolutionized the way that people view elective cosmetic procedures. There are certain requirements that are necessary for individuals who are looking to receive some type of elective surgery or procedure. Dr. Mark McKenna has created OVME as a sort of boutique service for aesthetics. Clients will find that the environment of OVME resembles a spa better than a hyper-sterile and clinical environment of a hospital. Simply because OVME offers of this type of environment does not mean that the procedures are unsafe. OVME maintains the highest degree of integrity for its products and procedures. Staff have simply found a way to offer the safety of a hospital with the comfort of a spa.

One of the more exciting points of Dr. McKenna’s plan is that he is looking to introduce an exciting new app for this experience. It is no secret that we live in a world where people expect to achieve some type of instant gratification for their desires. The Internet has made it possible for people to connect almost instantly and many people want that service out of their cosmetics as well. Dr. Mark McKenna wants to bring that instantaneous sense of understanding to the aesthetics communities through an application that would allow clients to video chat with their doctors in a consultation format and then schedule a procedure.

The best part about this application is that it may be possible for clients to receive some of this care in their own homes. While much of the procedures that are being done at OVME are conducted in an outpatient type of environment, this application may take that to the next level and bring the medical professionals to the clients. Dr. Mark McKenna is not playing around when it comes to the comfort of his clientele. It is his hope that such dedication towards this new type of innovation will secure OVME as a leading healthcare provider.


GreenSky Credit Introduces a New Revolution to the Financial Industry

With the current technological advancement adopted by GreenSky Credit, customers and the small financial creditors can comfortably relax as they transact their businesses. The organization has been for a long period providing lending support services to the small creditors who could be having a large customer base but have weak financial muscles to satisfy the needs of the customers. GreenSky Credit has been chipping in to avail the required funds to keep the business of the lenders running, at the exchange of a small commission on the outstanding balances of the borrowers. This partnership with the financial institutions has also brought about the growth aspect to GreenSky Credit where it has recorded a whopping $3.5 billion during the last valuation.

In the recent past, the organization has adopted some technology that seems to be transforming the way operations are run by the three parties; GreenSky Credit, the customers, and their financial creditors. The company has brought into use an online technology platform that enables the customers to directly apply for the loans that they require without visiting their immediate lenders. In this process, the borrowers visit the GreenSky’s website where they are required to key in their personal and loan application particulars. From there, the information is sent to the specific creditor for subsequent reviews after which GreenSky is authorized to release the loan amount for the use by the borrower.

The beauty of the platform is that the process takes minutes, which would otherwise take days or even weeks for the borrower to receive the funds for their use. Also, the process is more efficient in the sense that the customers are not required to travel to the lenders’ premises for them to access the loans. All they need is a phone or a computer with some internet access, and they can walk through all the processes from the comfort of their homes.

GreenSky has made the exemplary performance under the guidance of David Zalik, who is the President, CEO and the principal of the organization. The great crew of employees of the organization has also greatly contributed to the notable success that is reflected on the end of year valuation figures.

Meet San Diego based plastic surgeon- Dr, Mark Mofid

Dr. Mark Mofid is San Diego and La Jolla based plastic surgeon. He is trained at the Harvard University and the John Hopkins School of Medicine. He has been in practice for the last 8 years in a period which he has made major contributions to the plastic surgery field. One of the greatest achievements that he has managed to get is creating an implant that has made it possible for gluteal augmentation to be safe to clients. In the past, this procedure would leave patients with hanging muscles, but this is all over now with the implant he has discovered. This one is compatible with the human body, and no negative implication is left.

Dr. Mark Mofid has created a good reputation in practice due to an overemphasis on the safety of the patients. If an implant is not safe, he does not go on with the procedure, to him, it is not money fast but safety. On Yelp, he has a rating of five and a half stars from his customers. From the reviews, they are very happy with the results they have managed to get out of his services.

Dr. Mark Mofid treats the profession like it is a business. The same way he would protect his own business is the way he protects his career in the plastic surgery industry. He ensures that patients are given customized services, meaning that the treatment given is not uniform. Each patient is given an implant that fits into their body.

Another reason why Mark Mofid is successful as a plastic surgeon doctor is because of the efforts he puts in research. Since he joined the industry, he has been distributing his time between research and actual services delivery. So far he has created an implant for gluteal augmentation which now works perfectly and not like others which were being used in the past.

Dr. Mark Mofid is committed to delivering the highest level of services in this industry and make it safe. He wants the dark days when cases of plastic surgery accidents were many to be behind us. With a commitment to research, Dr. Mark Mofid and other like-minded doctors will change the industry.


IC System; the honest and ethical service

There are many accounts receivable companies in the US, but the one that always stands out is IC System, begun in 1938 by two couples namely Ruth and Jack Erickson, with a desire to provide honest and ethical service to their clients and patients. The company has survived over 79 years of competition and economic challenges to emerge the best among top names in the financial sector specifically the accounts receivable companies.


With a rich experience in understanding clients and their wants, IC System has kept to its initial goal of solving the needs of their customers without taking advantage of their situations, as is the norm with various financial firms. The headquarters of the company is in Minnesota, the USA since its foundation.


IC System has been trending when it comes to innovations that usually tend to change and shape the game in the financial sector completely. It is therefore apparent that the company manages to lead while other firms have no options but to follow in its footstep to survive.


Five core values have helped the company maintain its culture and deliver quality to their clients. The company firmly believes in treating people with dignity and respect. This is the first core value and is seen on how the company handles their clients’ issues ethically. At the core of their benefits is service through integrity, to do the right and acceptable thing all times.

The company not only strives in delivering clients’ expectations and meeting their satisfaction, but they also go an extra mile to deliver beyond the customer’s imagination, it is no wonder their clients are always coming back to seek their services whenever the need arises. IC System takes pride in what they do and perfect in it. Through innovation, there are always new and better ways of delivering services to its customers.


IC System does not only focus on their customers alone but also the employees. The employees are often rewarded through the maintenance and administration of one or more of its core values when nominated.

Aloha Construction: An Exemplary Company in the Entire Chicago and North Illinois

Aloha Construction was awarded the 2017 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics in December 2017. They proudly received the award from Better Business Bureau that serves North Illinois and Chicago. It was a humbling and honoring moment for the entire Aloha Construction. The company chief executive officer is Dave Farbaky. He has worked hard to mold the company’s qualities that made them outstanding for the Torch Award. Aloha Construction has a culture of putting their customers, employees, and community in the first line. Better Business Bureau Torch Award functions to recognize the companies that consistently offers honest work and provides quality services in a couple of years. It usually comprises a panel of around fifteen judges. All these confirmed Aloha Construction as the years’ recipient of the Torch Award resulting from their long-term commitment to integrity and charity in the entire North Illinois and Chicago. Wondering how and what made Aloha Construction qualify for the award from the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics in 2017? Here is to your answer.

First, Aloha Construction knows very well that there is no existence of the company without customers. This realization pushes them to appreciate their customers every year. This is why the Better Business Bureau was able to see their exemplary services. For example, the company finished provision of 20,000 roofing jobs in 2017 in Illinois State. Since the founding of this company in 2008, it has continually worked hard to offer quality services. This job provision was a great dedication that would not go without notice by Better Business Bureau. Another instance is the company’s commitment to providing free roof inspection to the customers every passing year. These inspections are meant to discover any damages that the house owner would not be aware of so that repairs can be made early. It a timely checkup that solves unforeseen damages and they offer it freely.

The second reason is their eye on the employees. They ensure that its employees are well appreciated. Dave recognizes every employee as a member of a family. The company hosts a fully paid resort week for the high performing and deserving employees just to say thank you for their hard work. Finally, the company puts the community first as well by participating in their lives.