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Chris Linkas tips on how to secure your future.

As a young person, you might think you have so much time and do not need to rush into things like investing, however according to Chris Linkas who is a financial advisor; it is essential to think about your future as early possible primarily because the economy keeps on changing things have become more unpredictable. To stay on the safer side, one needs to consider investing.

Chris Linkas has been in the financial industry for many years, this has given him an opportunity to sharpen his skills, and he has acquired vast knowledge on matters concerning finances. In his line of work, Chris has worked closely with people in their 20’s and has been able to guide them and advice them on the importance of saving, investing as well as dealing with debts accrued during their time in college.

Chris Linkas gives us some of the reasons young people should consider investing still at an early age.

  1. That compound interest will make a big difference.

When you invest your earning there is interest received, this is the compound interest. When one starts investing at an early age the years of investing and re-investing will show a change in the compound interest compared to someone who started saving or investing later in life.

  1. Investing early gives one a sense of responsibility.

One becomes more responsible with their spending, you have a goal to achieve every month this will change your spending habits and in most cases for the better. This lessons learned on expenditures are critical in future.

  1. Investing improves the quality of life.

This is one of the most notable changes; everyone wants to have a good life, access to health care, be able to visit places. By investing all the good things will follow. You ask how? This is how once you start investing you always have the desired goal it might be saving for a home; the other advantage is that since you are still young, you can save for your dream house for instance and enjoy a good life after many years of work.

Final remarks.

Investing early guarantees a good future and you will always be ahead of your peers doesn’t winning feel nice, so take it this way when you invest early that a win for you.


Graham Edwards To Lead Housing Department For Center Of Policy Studies

Organizations all across Britain are scrambling to adjust policy that will address the unique set of issues that promise to present themselves now that a post-Brexit Britain is now at hand. One organization giving their attention to these matters is the Center for Policy Studies, the UK think tank that was begun by founders Margaret Thatcher and Sir Keith Joseph in 1974. The Center began with the mission to promote free society principles and has played a large role in the issuance of free-market economics.


The CPS has recently enlisted the aid of a distinguished group of thinkers to provide the organization with insight pertaining to their particular areas of knowledge. One intriguing selection by CPS was the choice of Graham Edwards to become the leader of the organization’s housing policy initiative.

Graham Edwards is the current chief executive officer of Telereal Trillium, the biggest property company that is privately owned in the UK. The experience Edwards has gained working with Telereal Trillium will prove extremely useful while working with CPS. Graham Edwards has been with Telereal since 2001 and played a major role in the company’s successful growth that now includes ownership of 8000 properties.


Graham Edwards himself was the person responsible for a transaction that saw 6,700 properties be transferred from BT to Telereal and has taken a lead role in many dealings with the company over the years.


Edwards was deeply involved in the industry of property investing before joining Telereal and received his degree from the University of Cambridge. After securing his education in economics, he landed jobs with Merrill Lynch as a fund manager and headed the finance division of the property department of the BT Group.


In addition to housing being a central theme to the efforts of CPS, the group will also take a long and hard look at other issues like welfare, tax issues, cost of living, as well as issues concerning business and enterprise. The state mission of the Center is to provide individuals with the necessary tools to provide themselves with a sense of control and ownership of their own lives.

Perry Mandera: An Exemplary Example of Leadership and Service

With over 40 years of experience in the field of logistics and transportation, Perry Mandera has been servicing the needs of customers through shipping throughout the United States. He is the successful founder and CEO of The Custom Companies, Inc. Much can be learned by taking a close look at Mandera’s career and service to others..


Mandera is quite fond of time that he spent serving in the Marines. During that time he worked in transport which fueled his career path. His work dealt with transporting troops as well as supplies. When asked about his time in the service, he spoke about the connection that he had with his fellow troops. It was an emotional one. That emotion and the camaraderie that he experienced in the Marines greatly impacted the accomplishment that he felt.


Once leaving the Armed Forces, Mandera ran for office. Elected in 1984, he held a four-year term as Republican Ward Committeeman in Chicago’s 26th Ward. He was the youngest in Chicago to serve in the position. Consistently receiving recognition for the high degree of excellence that he pursues, Mandera gives credit to his religious upbringing and his willingness to take strategic chances.


There is certainly no doubt that the experiences that he had during his more formative years contributed to his desire to help others through charitable work. In particular, he helps children in need with financial contributions, servicing transportation needs, and providing clothing. He also helps to sponsor Youth Athletic teams, and even provides college tuition assistance. Madera states that he wants to help as many people as possible with the resources that he has and has taught his two boys to do the same.


In addition to helping established charities, Mandera seeks out new opportunities to benefit others through his philanthropic work. Each year employees of his company participate in a campaign that he conducts highlighting individuals that the employees know are in need. An experienced and wise businessman, Mandera’s unique ability to excel and still lend time to service others is a valuable example.