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Francis Domenech; Exhibiting Exceptional Leadership Traits in Politics

POLITANK, managed by Francisco J. Domenech, is a firm that specializes in strategic development in a manner that presents its best interests in governmental forums. Mr. Domenech is the former Legislative Sources director of the PR Legislative Assembly, which was the United States Congressional Research Service equivalent. He streamlined the staff of 130 employees and expanded the Legislative Library services in a way that access was enabled for the physically handicapped and the blind.

Domenech participated in over 800 legislative pieces consideration where he additionally managed an 11 Million US Dollar budget, thereby introducing surpluses throughout the three fiscal years (2005-2008). Prior to his leadership position, Mr. Francisco Domenech served as the legal counsel for the P.R. Senate President. He was in charge of legally advising and presenting before the courts the Senate’s interests, supervising both in-house and outside counsel, not excluding the federal lobbyists within the Senate. In a personal manner and within his capacity, he participated in a rare en banc hearing for the First Circuit before the Court of Appeal. Learn more about Francisco Domenech at Caribbean Business.

MrDomenech graduated twice from the University of Puerto Rico, where he acquired his Juris Doctor and bachelor’s degree in political science. He served as the General Students Body Council’s President in the 1999-2000 academic years during which he equally served as the Academic Senator. Previously, from 1998 to 1999, he was the UPR’s Social Sciences College student body President. From 2007 to 2012, Mr. Domenech was a Democratic National Committee member as the youths’ representative. He was delegated to four different national democratic conventions until in 2008 where he served as Hillary Clinton’s deputy campaign manager in Puerto Rico. He was among Hillary’s finance co-chairs and co-ordinated the nationwide super PAC.

Through individual efforts and with the help of POLITANK, Mr. Domenech has shown active support on several philanthropic endeavors all through the year, for instance, the Clinton Foundation, Hispanic Heritage Foundation, The Washington Internships and Academics Centre to mention but a few. Mr. Domenech admits to having practiced before the Commonwealth courts of Puerto Rico including The Federal Circuit, The First and Courts of Appeal circuits, U.S Supreme Court, and the District of Columbia Circuit.Visit:https://about.me/franciscodomenech


Michael Hagele, Entrepreneur Attorney and Investor

Michael Hagele grew from humble beginnings, working in a car wash, to a capable attorney who works in science-based industries including the aerospace and technology sector. His competence in negotiations and licensing has proven effective. He is also an investor in many companies in both foodservice and hospitality.

Michael was recently interviewed by IdeaMensch, an online professional magazine. He was given an opportunity to talk about his work, his ideas, and his vision.

Hagele’s Beliefs

Hagele uses innovative thinking to integrate ideas that may not immediately be considered for technology and science based business negotiations. He has confidence that small law firms and independent attorneys can provide exceptional, affordable service.

A Day at Work

Hagele schedules priorities for every day. He begins by handling technology clients, customarily dealing with intellectual rights. This is the time he spends on contracts and licenses for technology. This takes most of his morning.

In the early afternoon he rides a bicycle to clear his mind. He takes the time come up with new ideas regarding ways to handle client issues. He uses the brain-break as a way to freshen his thoughts so, when he returns to the office, he is better equipped to assist his clients.

He continues his work into the evening by managing new client questions and issues and helping to resolve any long-term issues. When he has finished managing his attorney affairs, he contacts overseas investment partners to check on the progress of his investments and discuss game plans.

Hagele believes himself to be tenacious. He works on things until he has resolved them. Repetition, and critical thinking help him to blend new with old information to be ready for amu occurrence.

Hagele’s client-centered approach has enabled him to be a popular choice for the tech-industry. He believes artificial intelligence (AI) is intriguing and invests in the growth potential of the technology. As an entrepreneurial attorney, he ensures his customers are his priority. He understands his responsibility toward clients and does his best because he understands his role can make or break a client’s future.

Michael Hagele, like many entrepreneurs, has not always had success. He reports that once he tried investing in a restaurant with a celebrity chef. Unfortunately, the chef’s involvement did not include investment in the monetary success of the company. He learned quickly that equity participation was necessary for success.

View: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-hagele-783295/