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Glad for Dr. Saad Saad

For forty years, Dr. Saad Saad has been helping children who get foreign objects stuck in their esophagus or trachea. As a pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad has seen over a thousand children from six months old to teenagers, with the dilemma. He discusses his experiences in an interview with Medical Daily Times,


According to Dr. Saad Saad, it is not uncommon at all for children to put things in their mouth that don’t belong there, and even to swallow them. Most times, the swallowed object passes through the body with no major complications. However, sometimes the item may become lodged in the esophagus, or even the windpipe, known as the trachea. A child who is wheezing, or having trouble breathing or swallowing may be experiencing stuck food or other objects.


If a stuck object is suspected or known, younger children can be held upside down by their legs and tapped on the back. This typically dislodges the object. The Heimlich maneuver can be performed on older children, which is also usually effective. However, if the object remains, the child needs to be taken to the nearest emergency room. Dr. Saad Saad reminds parents to never try to dislodge items with your finger as this could push it further in.


The ER is where you may encounter a pediatric surgeon like Dr. Saad Saad. An X-ray will likely be the first step, and depending on results, a bronchoscopy or esophagoscopy may be performed by inserting an endoscope to look inside the trachea or esophagus. Dr. Saad Saad has not only performed both procedures numerous times, he has even made improvements to the instruments to make the process faster and easier. Specifically, he added a suction device to the endoscope, which allowed the removal of any liquid obstructing the view. This kept the instrument from fogging up, and improved the chances of a clear picture of the offending object.


Dr. Saab Saab notes two items which he considers to be the most dangerous when swallowed by a child. The first is a battery, which can leak acid into the esophagus or stomach, causing serious injury. He advises keeping a close eye on children as they play with electronic toys. The second object is peanuts, which Dr. Saab Saab finds most often stuck in the trachea. He advises only allowing children who are seven or older to eat peanuts. Dr. Saab Saab also warns of the danger of hot dogs, which are just the right size to cause complete blockage. He advises not giving hot dogs to children under two.


As you can imagine, Dr. Saab Saab has some incredible stories to tell after his years of experience. He has removed coins, a locket, a tooth, and even a toothbrush. Whatever the object, Dr. Saab Saab has successfully helped numerous children. Learn more : https://www.doximity.com/pub/saad-saad-md

Meet San Diego based plastic surgeon- Dr, Mark Mofid

Dr. Mark Mofid is San Diego and La Jolla based plastic surgeon. He is trained at the Harvard University and the John Hopkins School of Medicine. He has been in practice for the last 8 years in a period which he has made major contributions to the plastic surgery field. One of the greatest achievements that he has managed to get is creating an implant that has made it possible for gluteal augmentation to be safe to clients. In the past, this procedure would leave patients with hanging muscles, but this is all over now with the implant he has discovered. This one is compatible with the human body, and no negative implication is left.

Dr. Mark Mofid has created a good reputation in practice due to an overemphasis on the safety of the patients. If an implant is not safe, he does not go on with the procedure, to him, it is not money fast but safety. On Yelp, he has a rating of five and a half stars from his customers. From the reviews, they are very happy with the results they have managed to get out of his services.

Dr. Mark Mofid treats the profession like it is a business. The same way he would protect his own business is the way he protects his career in the plastic surgery industry. He ensures that patients are given customized services, meaning that the treatment given is not uniform. Each patient is given an implant that fits into their body.

Another reason why Mark Mofid is successful as a plastic surgeon doctor is because of the efforts he puts in research. Since he joined the industry, he has been distributing his time between research and actual services delivery. So far he has created an implant for gluteal augmentation which now works perfectly and not like others which were being used in the past.

Dr. Mark Mofid is committed to delivering the highest level of services in this industry and make it safe. He wants the dark days when cases of plastic surgery accidents were many to be behind us. With a commitment to research, Dr. Mark Mofid and other like-minded doctors will change the industry.


Dr. Saad Saad patented innovations


Dr. Saad Saad is a retired pediatric surgeon who left a great legacy in the medicine sector by conducting hundreds of surgical operations as well as contributing to some of the best innovations. As a physician, his interest was to provide his patients with the best services which were low risk and which had less pain. He strived to come up with surgical operations methods which could be relied upon even by other professionals in the industry. Dr. Saad Saad patented two innovations as well as coming up with methods of performing various pediatric surgical operations. Dr. Saad spent four decades in the industry performing all manner of operations; from simple to complex ones. His services were offered both in America and outside America.


While most of his activities were in the United States, he participated in medical missions in the Middle East. He had four medical mission in the U. S and 8 in the Middle East. In the Middle East, his activities were in Jerusalem and West Bank. Here, he made sure that poor children who required complex surgeries were assisted free of charge. Let us look at the medical innovations of Dr. Saad Saad.


The first innovation involved the catheter. This is a handy tool in any surgical operations. They are used for various purposes in the surgical room. They can be inserted in the human body, can be used to access other surgical instruments, draining gasses and fluids during operations among other things. Medical catheters can be left in the body when necessary; temporarily or permanently.


When a catheter has to be put inside the human body, it has to be placed at the right position. A doctor, therefore, needs to trace the location of the catheter. Traditionally, the catheter was tracked using an x-ray. The x-ray method is common in medical practice, but it is not always good to be exposed to the radiations that come with x-ray. The other option in tracking the catheter is using an MRI machine which is not portable making it hard for medical operations to be conducted with ease. In light of all the problems which were being encountered in tracing the catheter, Dr. Saad came up with a device that could locate the position of the catheter in the human body without the need for a scanning machine.


The other invention that was made by Dr. Saad Saad involved improvement of the endoscope. An endoscope is an optical device that is used to look inside the body of the patient. While doctors are using these tools, one of the challenges that they face is obscured view due to body fluids. The fluids normally interfere with the view making it hard for the doctor to assess the body. To solve this problem, Dr. Saad Saad created a suction system for the endoscope. Learn more: https://chronicleweek.com/2018/04/dr-saad-saad-medical-missions/

Plastic Surgery Has Never Looked Better With Surgeons Like Mark Mofid Around

California has always been the hot-spot for plastic surgery work, even the famous show was based out of that area. It is no surprise that some of the best surgeons in the industry work in this area, including Mark Mofid. Mark’s work in plastic surgery is so good that professionals from around the globe have recognized his talent. At Mark’s practice in California, he performs all forms of plastic surgery that his clients are looking for, but he specializes in buttock augmentations. Mark is highly qualified and holds various certifications to perform plastic surgery and general surgery as well. He has a strong background in academics as well, coming from Johns Hopkins and Harvard.

Today, Mark Mofid is focused on his improvements in gluteal augmentations, which he has specialized in for the majority of his career. Glute augmentations have become particularly popular over the years, especially with the wave coming from South America. Buttock implants are hugely popular in Brazil these days, and plastic surgery as a whole is growing faster in South America than it is in the United States today. That being said, methods are becoming safer and more advanced equipment continues to be developed over the years, allowing it to grow steadily in the U.S. as well. The better materials that are used in implants, the more natural looking results that will appear, which Mark Mofid has proved with his own implants.

Although Mark Mofid is well-known for his work in plastic surgery, many people are unaware that he actually doubles as a staff surgeon performing general surgery for patients in hospitals. Most of these hospitals are around the area of San Diego and have been an excellent source to allow Mark to help people and build his experience in surgery. It has also allowed Mark Mofid to spread influence on plastic surgery and create a more positive impact on the entire medical field. According to Mark, his success isn’t the only thing that is important, but so is the success of the entire industry.