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Jeff Aronin With the Help of Paragon Biosciences, Targets Rare Diseases

Jeff Aronin is the CEO and chairman of Paragon Biosciences. He has established himself as a top entrepreneur in healthcare and biotech for more than 20 years. He is applying his entrepreneurial energy and industrial expertise in building a top incubator and investor of biotech companies.


His goal of establishing Paragon Biosciences was to help people achieve a better life. The company’s primary focus is to save people from diseases that have few treatment options and those that have none at all. Paragon achieves this by pioneering treatments and creating new prescriptions for medical purposes.


Jeff Aronin realized that healthcare was his passion early in his career. His experience has enabled him to integrate a passion for science and come up with great companies. He founded Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. in 2000.


The value of his strategy was well demonstrated in the ability to bring novel medication to patients, identifying promising science, understanding the needs of the patient, and getting the team focused in having the medicine approved. The ovation was sold for $900million to Lundbeck in 2009. Jeff Aronin was appointed the CEO and President to oversee this transition.


Jeff Aronin’s experience in patient drug development and complex science has turned him into a successful and innovative leader in addressing patient’s needs. His scientific vision and entrepreneurial skills have contributed to the approval of new technologies and medicine.


He has also shown his leadership as chairman of Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals, Paragon Pharmaceuticals and Harmony Biosciences. He has profoundly contributed to biotech innovation mostly in Chicago. He is the founder of the MATTER, which is an incubator that has more than 200 start-ups.


Jeff Aronin’s leadership has transformed Paragon into a powerhouse for Biotech innovation. He has achieved this by attracting a team of strong leaders in blue-chip investment, entrepreneurship and biotech industry. Paragon works by first identifying the disease with the highest treatment needs.


The team proceeds to study the cause of the condition. It then comes up with the science that yields the best treatment. Paragon Bioscience has therefore invested more in developing the medicine with a higher chance of coming to the market.