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Food Conglomerate JAB purchases Pret A Manger, UK Chain Sandwich Shop

In yet another big purchase, JAB Holding, one of the largest and spendiest conglomerates on the planet, just bought Pret A Manger, the upscale sandwich/tea shop that are incredibly popular in the United Kingdom. This will be JAB Holding Company’s first foray into the retail sandwich market.


Pret A Manger is very popular with the white collar, urban crowd in the centers of cities. Office workers in particular tend to flock to the chain. This is a core demographic that JAB wishes to target. They will do so using corporate rewards programs, purchase tracking, and other data centric strategies that will allow them to grow and absorb Pret A Manger’s business.



The negotiations to purchase the sandwich chain ended up with a final price that is almost 2 billion USD. This deal also includes the acquisition of the assets and debt of Pret A Manger. This acquisition is the latest in a series of moves that JAB is making at the behest of their majority owners, the German Reimann family.


The company has spent 10s of billions of dollars in the food and drink markets. They have been snapping up properties left and right, from casual dining to beverage wholesalers. They own many companies across Europe, Asia, and the United States. Their first foray into the food/beverage market started like things often do, with coffee.


After purchasing standouts like Stumptown Roasters and Peet’s Coffee Jab turned their attention to the restaurant business. Krispy Kreme and Panera were their first acquisitions in this space. They later made an 18.7 billion dollar deal to purchase the company behind Dr. Pepper and Snapple.


Pret A Manger is one of their largest acquisitions to date. The roughly 3-decade old chain of sandwich shops prides itself on fresh ingredients and fresh baked daily bread. They are also in the coffee business and are reported to have one of the finest cups in London. They currently have around 530 locations globally, in Asia, Europe and North America.


Bridgepoint Advisors has had a controlling interest in the firm since 2008, during the financial crisis. If this sale goes through JAB foods will establish a critical foothold on the European market and have a new weapon to use in North America.

Markets React to Italian Turmoil, Federal Reserve to Keep Interest Rates Steady

he collapse of the proposed Italian government with President Mattarella’s veto of proposed financial minister Savona dented confidence throughout markets worldwide. Italy’s return to the polls after only four months points to a stronger, joint populist government. Both populist parties, the League and 5 Star Movement, are expected to take a more significant share of parliamentary seats than they did in March. The League and 5 Star Movement voice anti-EU, anti-Euro views, causing many to fear a possible Italian exit from the Eurozone.


In the aftermath of this weekends Italian drama, US yields are down to their lowest since the announcement of Brexit. On Tuesday afternoon, the ten-year treasury yield dropped roughly 15 points to 2.77 percent. More troubling was the reversal of the yield curve, which has short-term rates higher than long-term rates. A metric that is considered a warning sign of a coming recession


On Tuesday the S&P 500 financial sector declined 500 points or 3.4 percent while the Dow toppled 400 points. This drop was mirrored overseas as European stocks across the continent continuing a run-off spurred by the news coming out of Italy. With market uncertainty high, the US Federal Reserve was seen as unlikely to raise interest rates in June. A huge turn around from what last week was seen as a certainty. The increasing stress on the market has led investors to wonder if the Reserve will meet its projection of three interest hikes this year.


Analyst Jordi Visser explained since an Italy exit from the Euro is unlikely, this drop in stock was seen as a result of positioning, with Hedge Funds caught off guard by an unexpected rise in US Treasury yields. By noon on Wednesday, Visser’s comment were backed up as the S&P 500 had shown a slight rebound of 200 points that was echoed in US stocks. In Europe, Italy’s FTSE MIB was back up 2 percent while Germany’s Bayer was up 4 percent at close.

US Bank Stocks Pull Back

Shares of some of the major financial companies dropped on the heels of some dovish comments by some of the major banks on Monday.


Bank of America and JPM Morgan Chase announced that earnings in Q2 will be muted and believe that the total revenue earned for the 2018 year will be flat from the prior year. Daniel Pinto, the head of JP Morgan Chase announced this prediction for the year which helped to temper the run on stocks in financials and other companies.


Pinto provided some additional insight into the flat earnings prediction. He predicted that the core earnings of JP Morgan Chase would grow in the single digits, but that minor growth would be offset by other items. Pinto noted some positive headway in terms of growing interest rates that come on the back of rising interest rates from the Federal Central Bank, rising commodity prices, and improvement in the corporate credit business. The bank did have a major write-off of about $100 million on its fixed income unit.


The Head of Banking at Bank of America, Alastair Borthwick indicated that he couldn’t predict the remainder of the year, though he does see that companies tend to be gaining optimism for the macro economy, which is typically a good sign.


The flat revenue target came as a big disappointment to investors who were expecting that these stocks and companies would grow as a result of an overall growth of the economy. Other factors can also harm banks such as a decreased need to borrow money on the back of tax relief for businesses, which leave them flush with cash and decrease their need to borrow domestically to avoid repatriating foreign sourced cash.


Both Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase were down on the news. Both of these stocks decreased by approximately 5% on Tuesday. These bank stocks have been flat for 2018 after bouncing back from the lows in 2009 and recovering to prices that are close to their pre-crash highs.


Investors seem to be increasingly anticipating a pull back in these financial stocks and the lack of optimism and price reduction may end up being a positive thing for the larger market which may need to consolidate before reaching new heights.

Is America in Debt More Ways Than One? Here’s How to Get Out of Debt Starting Today2018 Number One Debt Solution

Article: Its Official Most Americans are Currently In Debt by Maurie Backman (TMFBookNerd)

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Although we live in one of the richest countries in the world, we are currently $21 trillion dollars in debt. It is a well-know fact that America is run on debt. We are in financial debt as a result and when interviewed, most have ever considered the trickle-down financial affect the overall national economy could possibly have on us as individuals.

According to the Comet’s data in a recent article, Most Americans are Currently In Debt, Maurie Backman (February, 2018), there are many suffering debt, but the following groups are in overwhelming debt:

– 80.9% of baby boomers

– 79.9% of Gen Xers

– 81.5% of millennials

This debt primarily consists of living expenses such as mortgage(s), credit cards, automobiles and unfortunately medical debt.

According to the legal and banking industries, mortgage debt contributes to the majority of bankruptcy filings in the United States.

Statistically speaking, millennials have abused credit card debt the least, yielding an average of $4,868 in average credit card usage versus the $8,291 for Gen Xers and $7. 175 for baby boomers.

Regarding mortgages, it appears the younger generations have signed up for the highest mortgage amounts and although mortgage debt is considered the “better debt”, this has contributed to a constantly flowing stream of bankruptcy cases this year alone ( Motley Fool Newsletter (April, 2018)).

The purpose of this article is to assist in providing steps to get out of debt that are practical and simple. Here are a few things you can do right away and some tips that are assisting our clients:

– Get organized – budget calendar, spending logs, what’s affordable?

– Figure out what you owe, make a chart for repayment and consolidate debts

– Multiple credit cards can be rolled into a single card and interest rates negotiated (balance transfer)

– Use a low interest long-term repayment personal loan to consolidate multiple debts (student loan, auto, wedding loans). One payment is simpler to make than many.

– Refinance home and/or auto for reduced principal and interest to save money for the short and long-term. It may lower your monthly payments.

– Student loans can be recast and there are income-based repayment options and loan forgiveness plans, so call your provide to ask.

– Medical bill providers and credit card companies are willing to negotiate settlements, which could save your credit and create better repayment options. They will still get paid something vs. nothing.

– Steer clear of debt for a few years at least

– Create an 8 year emergency fund (for unplanned events)


Commit to cash and carry for awhile today. Cash is king and there is a freedom in not having or securing future debt burden. Taking action can not only relieve the debt and the stress too! Look for our future articles and click the link below for reference.

Credit Card Debt and What it Means for You

If you are currently in credit card debt, you know the problems that this could mean for you and your family. This is a real issue for a lot of different people, since millions of individuals all over the country are in some type of debt. Out of all ways to get into debt, credit cards are still the number one cause of debt. If you are dealing with credit card right now and are struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel, you need to know ways that you can overcome the problem and get your finances back on track where they need to be.

The most important thing to remember is that credit cards should only be used for emergency purposes. If you’re using your card for just about any and every purchase that you make, you’re going to find that this is what causes a lot of problems for you and your family. If this has been an issue, it might be time to close out certain accounts, consolidate and work through the debt so that you owe less. While closing accounts may affect your credit score, this is well worth it when considering you won’t be stuck with a credit card any longer.

You can also work with a financial expert who is trained with debt consolidation specific to credit cards so that you can be sure you’re getting rid of the problems once and for all and will not have to worry that this is a problem for you in the future. Plus, a lot of people find that when they are trying to get out of debt, they have a lot of problems and are unable to do this on their own. Now is a good time for you to take a look at this as a viable option and for you to know that this is a choice that is going to change your finances and have you feeling better about the situation that you have gotten yourself into and are noticing that this is something that is going to be a whole lot better for you.

The Ability to Save Money on Food is a Matter of the Mind

The thing about food that few people fail to realize is that they can save so much more if they put forth the effort. There are a ton of food hacks that would give people the chance to save money on food. It just all comes down to being mindful of what you are spending. Some people find themselves buying with credit cards and they not really think about how much they are actually spending. Others put too much money into food that they may not even eat. This is something that may seem convenient at the time, but it can be a real budget buster.

Delivery service can also be costly. If you are going to pay for service from take out options you may almost find yourself paying as much as you would for a meal over time. It is not going to be worth it for you to order take out on a regular basis because it is going to be far too expensive if it is being delivered.

Another thing that you really have to think about when you are trying to save money on the food that you are eating is that it is always a good idea to do more cooking. So many people get into the habit of buying pre-prepared things that have already been cooked. These are items that just need to be warmed up. Granted, it is convenient to have these type of items sometime, but stalking the entire refrigerator with items like this will definitely set you back. There is no need to buy ready made pancakes when you can get pancakes in a box that you can make yourself for a dollar.

People that are trying to save money on food should not base every purchase on something from the grocery store. There are a lot of items at a Dollar Tree or Dollar General store that can get you better values for your money. It is going to be worth it to shop around and check out print ads for sale. Check the ads online before you shop.

Benefits of Consolidating Your Credit Card Debt

If you have a credit card, chances are pretty good that you have some type of debt to go along with it. Credit card debt is a whole lot more common than you might think, with the vast majority of Americans being in about $6,000 in debt. If this has been a problem for you, it’s time to consider the benefits of choosing a professional to help with debt consolidation. Consolidating your debts might seem like a real project, but it is a whole lot easier than you might think. What it means for you is putting your credit cards all onto one easy and low-interest payment. Plus, the expert can work with creditors to reduce what you owe, so this can wind up saving you money in the long run.

Once you begin to work with a professional to consolidate your debts, it is important that you find someone who is going to be able to help you. There are lots of debt experts out there who claim that they can help all of their clients, but this simply is not true. Now that you know about this as an option and know that this is something right for you, it’s time that you made use of this as a viable option and to see if this is something right for you. Now is a good time for you to look into hiring such an expert who can help with credit card debt.

Once you start getting rid of your credit card debt, it is just a matter of figuring out what you need to do and what to expect out of the process as well. Because there are so many reasons for you to consolidate your debt problems, now is a good time for you to take a look at this and see that it is going to be a huge difference for you in the long run. Make sure that you take a good look at this and see that this is something right for your own personal needs and for the health and well-being of your future finances.

Ways for You to Take Over Your Finances

It’s not entirely uncommon for people to be in debt of up to $10,000. The problem with living in a state of debt is that it can be overwhelming and difficult for you. This is a real issue because of the problems that come as a result of it. If this is something that is difficult for you to do on your own, you might want to speak with a financial expert who is there to assist in a lot of different ways. Now is a good time to take back your financial well-being and to figure out if this is something that you’re going to need to make use of right here and now.

When you make use of a professional who is experienced with finances, they will help you to get your financial life back on track. Another way that does not involve hiring someone is to make better use of your credit cards. You can consolidate your cards so that you do not have as many of them, which can actually help you to spend less and eventually owe less as well. A lot of people refinance as well, which can help to lower their bills and help them to avoid the hindrance of creditors calling them all the time.

Credit cards should go from being used all the time to only being used for emergency purposes. If this is something that you’ll want to make use of right now, you need to work with a professional who is there for you and who is going to help in ways that you’d never thought to be possible. Debt problems can creep up on you at virtually any time, and this is why you need to make sure that this is something that you can handle and to hire a professional if it is something that you are not going to be able to handle on your own. Make sure that you take good care of this for yourself and know that it is something that is right for you and is going to help you out as well.

Avoiding People That Are Bad With Money

The great thing about knowing how to spend your money is that you have emergency funds and disposable income. This is what a good money manager knows about. People that are bad with money, however, will actually become such a nuisance that they will drain everyone else that is around them.

Anyone that has ever dealt with someone that manages money poorly can attest to this. If there is someone that is managing money in a bad way they can get married to someone else that manages money well and unload their problems. It is something that is very common in marriages. In many cases it can cause divorces. There will have conflict because one party does not know how to handle their money.

No one wants to spend their time trying to get out of debt, but this is a necessary thing that has to be done. Once you have the debt cleared you have a better understanding of what you need to do to keep yourself out of debt. You also have a desire to stay away from those things that cause you to get in debt. If you have ever done it before you will never want to do it again. It is an expensive lesson to learn, but getting out of debt can help you become better with your money management.

In most cases a person that handles their money poorly will also become bad money managers of your funds as well. This is what people need to understand when they are trying to lend money to others. If this person was careless enough to manage their own money in a bad way it only stands to reason that the same person will manage your money poorly as well. People that run into others that are bad with managing their money should avoid lending money to these people.

They will never get this money returned because these people know how to handle money. In more cases than not people are typically borrowing money from you to pay off someone else so it is difficult for them to repay you.

How to Reclaim Your Life After Debt

Debt can ravish your life and overall happiness. You might avoid certain situations because of the debt that this has created, and it’s why a lot of people try to reclaim their life after dealing with credit card debt problems. The best way for you to get your life back on track is to prevent the debt from happening again in the first place. If you prevent it from happening, you’re not going to have to deal with it again in the near future. Now is a good time for you to make use of a professional who can help with debt consolidation and relief.

By working with a relief professional, you’ll be able to consolidate and even relieve what you owe to creditors right now. This is one of the best ways for you to get your life back on track and to avoid the problems that often come with how this works for you. Now is a good time for you to make use of this as a good option that is truly going to work. You will find that choosing this as an option is essential for your every need, and this is why you need to make use of this for your own well-being and future security.

Now is the time to find a professional working with debt consolidation and relief so that you can be sure this is something that is ideal for your every need. Make sure that you take a good look at this for yourself and know that this is something that will ultimately help you rather than hinder you from advancing. Be sure to take a look at the experts available online or in your area to be sure that this is someone you’re going to want to make use of right here and now. This is the time to get your life back and to get rid of the debt problems that you’ve been facing for quite some time because of all of the credit cards that you have taken out and are using on a regular basis for purchases.