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Marc Beer and his Achievements with Renovia

Marc Beer is a master manager, entrepreneur, philanthropist and of course he is the Chief Executive Officer, Co founder and chairman of Renovia Inc.



Renovia Inc is a company that focuses on helping people that suffer with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction – a disease that concerns the muscles within the pelvic region particularly the muscled that make up for the support of the internal organs that are in the area. This sickness and muscle dysfunction can significantly affect proper physical function which includes: bowel movement, basic physical motor skills and sexual performance, just to name a few.



Marc Beer has a lot under his belt already, his achievement and accomplishments speak for themselves and so these titles are his support system when he asks for investors to fund him again, or to lend his company money as a “venture debt” – which is what happened at the recent investing rounds that concerns Renovia- they have received and were awarded over 30 million dollars as investments, and over 10 million for venture debt. These investments will help further and improve the clinical needs of the company. The funding is very important because everyday more and more are dying. It is important to have this funding because a company cannot move without money.



With the funding he received, he can now propel his cause forward and help more people who are suffering from this disease. Through advancements in his clinical research and laboratory trials that these investments will open doors to.



But how did his initiative start? The building of Renovia started when Marc Beer met a gynecologist who has been doing surgery to help people who are suffering from Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and has been figuring our how he can help women avoid having to get surgery – after a talk with this gynecologist, he started Renovia.



Being in the medical and health care providing industry, it is very important for Marc Beer to be able to help the most people that he can – this is why resource allocation is one of the most important things for him. With the money that comes into his company, he makes sure that everything and anything is allocated effectively and efficiently to be able to hasten whatever improvement was being done: may it be for clinical and laboratory trials, research, marketing, packaging, etc. The performance and efficiency if your capital makes or breaks your business, especially in a healthcare company.



If he is able to turn back time and talk to his younger self, he would tell himself to take his time and not rush things because making diamonds takes time and pressure. And Marc Beer is no less than a diamond. He would also tell himself that there is no shortcut to greatness and that he is destined for big things and a great future. Learn more: https://www1.salary.com/Marc-Beer-Salary-Bonus-Stock-Options-for-AEGERION-PHARMACEUTICALS-INC.html



Marc Beer Talks About Renovia’s $42.3 Million Series B

Renovia Inc. announced in August the closing of $42.3 million in financing, which consists of $10 million in venture debt and $32.2 million in Series B equity. The money will go on to fund clinic trials, future commercial launches, corporate development, and product development pipeline. Series B financing included participation from firms such as OSF Ventures, Inova Strategic Investment, and more, and was led by the company Perceptive Advisors and Ascension Ventures. Renovia’s advisor role was taken on by BayCross Capital Group. Learn more: https://www.slideshare.net/MarcBeer


The company’s Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Marc Beer expressed excitement to have the support of such significant entities in the healthcare industry. In addition, he noted that the participation of existing financial investors and new financial investors, as well as 3 integrated health networks, is aligned with the company’s vision in the commercial and clinical areas.


Renovia was founded by Marc Beer, Yolanda Lorie, and Ramon Iglesias, MD in the summer of 2016, and closed a Series A financing. The company specializes in the discovery and delivery of digital therapeutic devices and diagnostic devices for women affected by pelvic floor disorders. Urinary incontinence is a common disorder and affects approximately 250 million women across the globe. The technology offered by Renovia enables treatment through visualization in real-time of pelvic movement during muscle training, while monitoring progress and usage over time. The company seeks scalable as well as cost-effective care for the pelvic floor disorders which can be delivered using the power of digital health.


Marc Beer, the company’s co-founder has over 25 years of experience when it comes to developing and commercializing in the realm of biotechnology, devices, diagnostics, and pharmaceuticals. He holds a BS degree, earned from the Miami University. In the past, he served as the Founding Chief Executive Officer of ViaCell, helping the company grow to over 300 employees, going public and getting acquired in 2007. He served under various roles for Genzyme, such as Vice President of Global Marketing, and had different sales and marketing roles while working for Abbott Laboratories.


He stated that the company can provide customers with valuable data by combining the proprietary sensor technologies with a digital health platform. The data resulted can inform customers about treatment options, and drive better understanding when it comes to pelvic floor disorders. The Series B funding, according to Beer, recognizes the value of the company’s diagnostic product and digital therapeutic pipeline.


Graeme Holm Makes Infinity Group Australia the Dream Financial Institution in the City.

Since the establishment of Infinity Group Australia by Graeme Holm in 2013, the organization has been focused on the provision of quality services to its customers. Its customers are mainly the everyday Australians that come to the company seeking financial services in the form of loans which they get whenever they require. However, even before the establishment of Infinity Group, the customers got the loans and the credit services from other financial organizations. The challenge was the other services that needed to come in handy with the credit services to the customers. The financial firms in Australia never offered these, and Graeme Holm found an opportunity in which he could use to serve the Australians as he liberated them from the poor services of the financial institutions.


One of the services that lacked before the formation of Infinity Group Australia was the provision of advice to the customers regarding how they could repay their debts promptly. This was a great challenge to the borrowers because most of the ordinary citizens didn’t have the financial insight that could have enabled them to make adequate financial plans that could guide them in the repayment of the outstanding loan balances. The training was important because whenever the customers never understood on the best ways to repay their debts, they could often fall into the challenges in the repayment process and as a result, they could find themselves in dispute with the lenders.


This challenged Holm to provide a solution to the problem so that the ordinary borrowers could not encounter auctions by the financial institutions. That was when he shared his thoughts with his wife, Rebecca Walker, who supported him to the core. They both opened Infinity Group Australia, an organization that has solved the problem of lack of advice from the financial lenders to the borrowers. The company was founded in 2015, and the first step that the founders did was to recruit trained personnel that would make the difference in customer service. The employees were supposed to be a team of professionals who understood the best ways to handle customers from all the walks of life.


After the recruitment process that was thorough, Graeme Holm took the employees on training that was aimed at equipping the new staff members with the right skills to enhance their customer service. They were fully-fledged to kick off their services to their customers. Any customer who visited the company with the intention of taking up a loan or a mortgage was made to undergo some training, which would educate them on the basics of financial planning and debt management. They were taken through the essentials of planning their finances so that they could not encounter many challenges after getting into the repayment process.


Budgeting was one of the critical lessons that were taught to the clients of Infinity Group Australia. They were trained on how to allocate their income so that it would cater to all the needs that they had and on the other hand manage to meet their debt obligations. Learn more: https://interview.net/qa-with-graeme-holm-director-of-infinity-group-australia/

$42 Million Raised by Marc Beer for Women’s Health

With over 25 years of experience in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and diagnostics Marc Beer has now used his expertise and determination to raise approximately $42 million dollars for women’s health. As seen in an article posted by the Boston Business Journal in August of 2018, Beer and his associates are specifically fighting against pelvic floor disorders by pushing towards creating several new products that will be of great use against pelvic floor disorders which affects over 250 million woman from all over the world.


Beer was able to allocate approximately $32 million dollars using Series B financing, a method which secures funding through private equity investors as well as venture capitalists. Beer raised the additional $10 million through venture lending which funds working capital and other expenses.


Beer has been committed to fighting rare diseases and disorders on a global basis during his time with ViaCell where Beer held the title of CEO. Furthermore, Beer the Miami University alumni not only has experience in developing innovative products for pelvic heath and rare diseases but he has a vast expertise in global marketing as well.


Beer is a cofounder and CEO of Renovia, a leading company in the pelvic health industry. During his time working with pelvic health Beer has developed a track record of producing and promoting several innovative interventions in effort to relieve millions of women around the world from pelvic floor disorders.


One such product created by Renovia, and it’s first product in pelvic floor health is Leva. Leva is an interactive training device used to help women improve pelvic strength as well as pelvic floor muscle stimulation. Leva assists women whom may struggle with stress related incontinence as well as incontinence due to pelvic floor muscle weakness. This innovative device created by Renovia is a step above other interventions as it does not cary any related side effects.


Leva is not the only product which Beer and Renovia are currently working on. Renovia along with The Longwood Fund, an investment firm whose purpose is focused on healthcare are working together towards creating and testing several other therapeutic and diagnostic products.


Beer feels passionate about Renovia’s junction with the Longwood Fund announcing that this alliance will support the development of innovative pelvic floor treatments and interventions, along with creating greater awareness of pelvic floor disorders. Beer feels that ultimately this will create further understanding and knowledge of pelvic floor disorders which will not only support millions of women worldwide but will lead to lower healthcare costs as well. Learn more: https://www.bizjournals.com/boston/news/2018/08/21/ex-aegerion-chief-beer-raises-42m-for-womens.html

Developing a Financial Muscles with Infinity Group’s Personal Trainer

Infinity Group Australia approaches brokerage like a personal trainer. They are there to help you work out your financial muscles be successful for the loan they receive. The role of a standard broker ends once the client is approved for a loan. Infinity Group allocates a personal banker to their client after this stage to ensure they can pay off their loan quickly. It is a powerful concept that guarantees a family isn’t burdened by a mortgage longer than they need to.


The firm provides their clients with personalized reports that evaluate their monthly performance. This information gives clients a way to see if they are on track to meet their goals or if they need to make adjustments. After six months, Infinity Group sits down and performs a detailed evaluation with the client to help them achieve the successful reduction of their family mortgage. Infinity Group makes their money off ensuring you pay off your loan quickly, with an initial charge for setting up their debt reduction model and assigning a personal banker to each borrower. This personal banker acts as a financial “personal trainer” that assists families in sticking to the cash-based budget Infinity Group believes is essential in ensuring the success of their clients.


A focal point of the Infinity Group success plan is preventing clients from spending money they don’t have. If a client could use cash to purchase something, then they shouldn’t use credit to make an unnecessary purchase. Utilizing their debt reduction model, most clients reduce their annual debt by 10% over their initial three months with Infinity Group. It is a significantly more significant reduction than the average borrower sees over a year without the guiding hand of Infinity Group’s financial, personal trainer.


Graeme Holm co-founded infinity Group after his 17 years in finance drew him to the conclusion that the average Australian receives a weak deal with taking out loans. Most people that take out a loan in Australia live paycheck to paycheck, a state of being that Holm finds unacceptable. Many disagree with his mentality that a 30-year mortgage can be repaid in only seven to 10 years if appropriately structured. Holm believes the keys for anyone trying to pay off their loan in this short timespan are living on a cash-based budget, putting all excess money into savings, the reduction of the borrower’s daily interest charge and most importantly living on a weekly budget. Learn more: http://brokerbusinessexchange.com.au/conference-schedule/


What gives Clayton Hutson a great image in the music industry?

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill will be having their world Tour on their popular Soul2soul. For them to be successful and make their tour perfect, they have to choose the best tour manager whom they can trust that he or she cannot make things go astray during the precious moment. They have chosen Clayton Hutson who is a remarkable icon in the entertainment industry. Clayton Hutson owns a company that specializes in catering for all the needs of the clients regarding stage performances. He has been a behind the scene character for many, and he has an excellent reputation when it comes to making performances sizzling to the audience.

Clayton Hutson is an experienced person in his profession, and he also has a rich educational background which is one of the reasons he is the man he is today. He attended the University of Central Michigan where he attained his undergraduate degree in theater design. Since he had bigger dreams about his career, he went ahead with his education where he attained his master’s degree from University of Michigan School of business in Business Administration.

Besides, he has worked for some recognized stars in the music industry some of them being Pink, Roses, and Kelly Clarkson. One thing about Clayton Hutson is that he strives to make sure that his client’s satisfaction comes first before everything. He tends to work even for long hours to make sure that the customers’ needs are attended carefully. He also goes through his work to make sure that he does not make mistakes that would make things go astray during the performances. Besides, he always prepares for any risk or uncertainty during the presentations and plans for what to do in case something unexpected happens.

This is one of the factors that have helped him build a lot of confidence in his clients. For example, when Pink used acrobatic ribbons to land on the stage, he trusted Clayton because he knew that he had checked the way the ribbons were operating and he did not have to worry about his life. This is the kind of confidence that a stage manager should create in his clients.

Clayton Hutson’s reputation began when he worked for other companies in the entertainment industry, and that’s why after graduating he did not find it hard for him to start his company because he had already built himself a big market for his services. Learn more: https://twitter.com/@Clayhutson1

Live Sound Engineer Clayton Hutson Strives to Be the Best in the Industry

Starting your own business is also a bit risky, especially when it is in a field like the music industry and is a role almost entirely of your own making. Entrepreneur Clayton Hutson knows all about the risks, but he uses them to ensure that he continues to excel at his work while growing all the time. As a live sound engineer and concert production producer, Hutson is responsible for making sure that live music concerts look and sound good to the audience. Through hard work and dedication Clayton has seen his business and reputation grow, booking concert tour after tour, but he never uses that as an excuse to stop growing his skill set or investing in new technology or knowledge.


In a recent interview Hutson spoke about his experience building his business and what he has done since creating it to establish himself as a leader in the industry. Most of his clients are referrals, recommended by past clients who he went on tour with or worked on special projects with to create their vision. This type of word of mouth recommendation is especially impressive because it means that his work speaks for itself and artists know they can rely on him to both produce a great concert experience, but also depend on him professionally. Overall, Hutson credits his strong work ethic and constant experimentation with new technology, artistic mediums, ideas, and formats in order to keep up with everything that is coming out but to also be able to provide something new for each and every client.


Clayton Hutson is a leader in the live sound engineer world, a small world in itself, but one that is always changing and introducing new engineers and methods of production. Hutson has grown and developed his entire skillset to make his company a one stop shop that is able to handle all aspects of a live concert production. Where he is not able to provide the best and most knowledgeable experience, Hutson has assembled the best team in the business that works and travels with each tour to create a start to finish concert. Learn more: http://fohonline.com/news/17024-ver-drives-onerepublic’s-honda-civic-tour-production.html