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Dr. Mark McKenna is rebuilding health and confidence for patients through OVME

Dr. Mark McKenna is rebuilding health and confidence for patients through OVME.

In the onset of the new year, it was clear that OVME was determined to take the experience of medical aesthetic to residents of Buckhead. OVME primary objective was to offer procedures to clients that were minimally invasive with the aim of making residents of Atlanta enhance their looks, feelings and their confidence. OVME is a creation credited to the medical titan Dr. Mark McKenna a pioneer of ShapeMed a concept that was eventually acquired by LifeTime Fitness.

Residents of Buckhead area will have the fill of unique features offered by OVME such as luxury rooms for treatment and separate offices for individual private consultations. Dr. Mark McKenna has the habit of incorporating innovative technology with the aesthetics in the medical field. Dr. Mark McKenna is a highly sought after and has made a reputation for himself in his efforts to advocate for the welfare of his patients and also mitigating risks in is procedures by employing non-invasive methods.

Dr. Mark McKenna attended Tulane School of Medicine and soon after his graduation, he practiced medicine working with his father in New Orleans his hometown. Dr. Mark later relocated to Atlanta in the year 2007 and founded a center for aesthetic procedures and wellness known as ShapeMed. Dr. Mckenna looks forward to OVME helping clients incorporating the decades of experience and his innovative approach to medical procedures. Investors have been much attracted to the venture by OVME because Dr. McKenna employs new and exciting methods to improve procedures in the area of elective surgery. Services that will be enjoyed by the residents of Atlanta from OVME will include an extensive range of facial and skin services.

Besides, several bodies and health products and services such as the therapy for replacing hormones and PRP aimed at reducing baldness and loss of hair in men are among the services that will be offered by OVME. Dr. Mark McKenna has been involved in philanthropic efforts especially in New Orleans has been victim to Hurricane Katarina where his business suffered losses. He was involved in the construction of homes for low income and the substantial population of the area. In Atlanta, his primary objective is to rebuild the confidence and the health of his patients.


Mark Mofid Has Found Success In His Implant Work

Mark Mofid is someone who is known for the education that he possesses and the work that he has done. He is someone who studied at both Harvard University and John Hopkins University, and the schooling that he received at those great schools helps him in all that he does. This man is someone who adheres to the medical safety practices that are around and he is someone who has proven himself to be worthy of any trust put in him. This man only takes on projects that he knows will be safe for those patients who are looking for his help.

There are some who are constantly researching new ways of doing things and changes that can be made to make their work better. Mark Mofid is one of those people. He is always looking for better ways of changing the lives of his patients. This man works to put implants into people, and he makes sure that he handles his job well. He spent many hours researching and designing a new implant to be used in his patients, and he was successful with the design that he created. He created a gluteal implant that is unlike any others that are available.

Mark Mofid is not someone who focuses on the traditional forms of marketing when it comes to getting the word out about his practice. He is someone who believes that it is important to do good work so that people notice what he is doing and come to him for help. He does a good job of making a difference in the lives of those who turn to him, and that helps to advertise all that he has to offer. Mark Mofid is someone who is slowly and steadily growing his practice and reaching more individuals with the work that he does.