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A new wave for elections: End Citizens United take a stand

Court cases are common in 2018. there have been many, including lawsuits against the president.
if you look online, there have been many lawsuits against president trump, including D.C. and Maryland v. Trump, Blumenthal v. Trump, and CREW v. Trump, that was dismissed.
But there was one that stands out from the rest.

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

Back in 2008, Citizens United planned and wanted to show a movie titled “Hillary: The Movie.” This movie was produced to be targeted at Hillary Clinton, who ran against then-senator Barack Obama. The movie was going to be released. it was going to be shown in theaters. Until the FEC ruled against Citizens United because it would influence the Election of 2008.

A 5-4 decision stated that PACS and Super PACS can spend money the way they want to. Some people didn’t agree with that. They wanted money out of politics.

So, End Citizens United was formed.

End Citizens United is a huge grassroots organization to not only end Big Money in politics but to reform the campaign finance system.

According to reporterexpert.com, Matthew Camden states that the new rules decided by Citizens United were intense. It, according to Camden, “It allowed corporate campaign contributions to basically be not only unlimited, but also largely anonymous.”

Citizens United was a huge advantage to the Republican Party since it had relations with a couple handfuls of the wealthiest individuals in the country who controlled corporate companies. These people included the Walton family (Wal-mart), the Koch brothers (Koch Industries), and the Betsy DeVos (the secretary of education under President Donald Trump) and many more.

a lot of Democratic organizations have been actively trying to overturn Citizens United. Democrats think it’s unfair that huge companies and their PACs/Super PACs that run on conservative values get to control our elections.

According to Camden, he states they have a two-step process. support candidates that who will improve finance laws, and overturn Citizens United.

And the money they raise all depends on Grassroot fundraising, and it was most famous in Barack Obama’s 2008 shot for the white house, and Howard Dean in 2004 was the first to show it on the internet.

The team consists of many people, including Tiffany Muller, the first president and executive director of End Cititzens United, Matt Burgess, the executive vice president of End Citizens United, Matt Burgess, who is vice president, Adam Bozzi, the communications director, Anne Feldman, the press secretary, Andrew Lasker, the national finance director, and Jordan Wood is political director. Everyone on the leadership team has experience.

And there are experienced political professionals, such as Ron Barber, a former congressman representing the 2nd Congressional District in Arizona, Jessica Vanden Berg, the founder of Maverick Strategy and Mail, Christopher Massicotte, the chief operating officer of DSPolitical, Lanae Erickson Hatalsky, the head of Social Policy and Politics at Third Way, Simone L. Ward, the current executive director of the Women Effect Fund, and many more people.

As they prepare for the 2018n midterm elections, they set a goal to raise $35 million dollars for the next election cycle. they supported dozens of candidates around the country in 2016 and raised $25 million.

End Citizens United has the candidates take a “No Corporate CAC” Pledge that basically says they won’t take money from PACs. They support them with financial backing.

they also have an organization called “The Big 20” where they get rid of the current office-holders who have a connection with special interests. Many people are on that list, including Ted Cruz and Dean Heller.

To read the full article, please visit: https://reporterexpert.com/end-citizens-united-campaign-finance-reform/