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Stream Energy’s Philanthropic Help to Houstonians

Stream Energy is a worldwide innovator in global communications offering services such as global wireless plans, Virtual M.D., and voice plans. They also empower an associate employee base of over 250,000 individuals who use their engaging website to generate income. This model of helping people achieve their goals has driven the company’s success during the internet era.

Not only do they help people succeed, but the really do help people in need. After the devastating hurricane that hit Houston recently, Stream Energy in Dallas decided to move in supplies and sort of rebuild the grid of the city while also supplying services and basic necessities to residents in need. Their decision to put people first is at the core of their business practice. That is why this company has become so wildly popular among both entrepreneurs and residents of Texas, and beyond, alike.

Over time, they have formed relationships with the American Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity, both of which reflect the grassroots organizing and local participation that the world so desperately needs in certain times of strife. A commitment to curing the ills of homelessness is also a focus of Stream Energy Cares, the humanitarian branch of Stream Energy.

This company will continue to revolutionize the way we communicate, and along the way will help people to succeed in their own lives at an ever increasing rate. Thus, the growth of the company is basically inevitable. They have such a practical business model, with hundreds of thousands of employees bettering the company and themselves everyday. Also, a change in the way we all think about tough real life situations has truly become imaginable through the refined lens of this company’s humanitarian efforts.

By putting people first, and continuing to help them, Stream Energy has definitely proved themselves to be a socially conscious helping hand to many individuals. They have therefore gained respect on a national and international level as a constant source of inspiration and assistance when needed. They are an example for all, and truly are a wonderful model of how corporations should be designed from now and into the future.