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Entrepreneur Chris Burch Gives Credit To His Staff And Partners For His Professional Success

The Nihi Sumba Island is entrepreneur Chris Burch’s second foray into the world of hospitality with his first being Faena + Hotel. Sumba Island is a remote location in the island nation of Indonesia. He bought this resort in 2012, along with the famous hotelier James McBridge. When they purchased this resort it was pretty simple but, after their extensive remodeling, it has been called the best hotel in the world by those who have been there.

The founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, he has created several luxury and technology brands. These include Jawbone, Voss, Water, and Poppin. He also worked with Ellen DeGeneres to establish her popular lifestyle brand, ED. For a recent interview, Lauren Holmes spoke to him and his staff. Everyone had a story to tell about him, view also (Medium.com).


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The perfect car, need a ride?

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Johnny works for Chris Burch in Sumba as the boatmaster. He said that Chris Burch has endless energy and they hit it off right away, ending up laughing while Johnny was in a headlock. Lloyd is a gardener at the resort who said that he’s still trying to figure out how Chris Burch keeps launching one successful brand after another.

Chris Burch gives credit to his staff and the people he has worked with to find this success. He says that he gets to work right away learning about people and what makes them tick. When he comes across someone with the type of integrity, creativity, and stick-to-itiveness he needs he knows he has found someone he can work with. See more details here on inc.com.

Chris Burch says that as he moves along he has a “camera of curiosity” in his mind which he uses to look at the people around him. He learned this skill while still a child who couldn’t sleep and so listened at night to radio talk shows where he found out about all sorts of people in the world.