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Nick Vertucci Is a Real Estate Investment Powerhouse

Nick Vertucci is the head of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy located in Santa Ana, California. He’s the academy’s namesake and enthusiastic founder as well. He launched the school back in 2013. It has quickly risen in popularity and is an in-depth educational program that’s making many waves these days. Its objective is to assist students who want to satisfy all of their biggest real estate investment aspirations. It accommodates the needs of students who come from all different parts of the United States.

Nick Vertucci is a talented entrepreneur who has many strong beliefs. He doesn’t think that the past is in control of the future at all. He learned that the hard way. Although he had a caring family as a youngster, he didn’t have a lot of money and resources on his side. His father passed away when he was just 10 years in age. His mother was constantly working in order to look after her children, too. He found himself in increasingly more difficult and desperate situations as he got older. He was homeless at the age of just 18. That’s when he resided inside of his van. All of this changed, however, when he opened himself up to the world of real estate investing. That’s the reason he now serves as a CEO who is in charge of his own destiny.

Nick Vertucci has the assistance of a number of devoted and capable employees. His academy has an efficient and responsive staff. Members of the staff include Vice President of Operations Jamie Tomlinson, COO (Chief Operations Officer) Nicole Marshall, controller Jeff Wilson, Director of Student Services Amberly Morgan and executive assistant Mindi Cicero. These people all help contribute to the academy’s many achievements day in and day out. The team at the academy consists of a number of capable and industrious student educators as well. These people include trainers Alberto Molina, Geoff Nowlin, Erik Slaikeu, Derek Hudson, Hal Tanner, Megan Shaw, Stacey Kennedy and Jun Zhou. People who make up the home office include administrative assistants Claudia Tejada, Monique Garcia, Angie Sotelo, Kate Hernandez, Blake Gardner, Karla Sanchez and Art Flores.

Vertucci is a person who knows a lot about all of the diverse things that go into smooth real estate investments. He regularly teaches people about flipping and wholesaling contracts. He talks to them about asset protection, commercial investments, property rehabilitation and beyond.

Nick Vertucci started from humble beginnings to starting his own real estate academy

When it comes to real estate, Nick Vertucci knows his business. He actually owns his own academy that teaches students all about the industry. At the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, or NVREA, students will learn all they need to know to break into the biz.

Mr. Vertucci’s life story is nothing short of amazing. If inspiration to move out of hard circumstances is what you need, Nick Vertucci’s story will give you lots of it. His childhood was not easy and his parents struggled to make ends meet. He was always surrounded by love though. Times got even tougher when his father passed away at the age of 10. Nick continued to struggle but his luck changed when he started his own company selling computer parts at the end of this teenage years. The success did not last forever because at the height of the dot com crash Nick’s business did not make it. Lots of debt ensued. It got so bad that Mr. Vertucci and his family almost lost his home.

Fast forward to 2004 when Nick was invited by a good friend to a three day real estate seminar. It was a turning point in his life because in a 10 year span Nick went from being millions in debt to flourishing. He learned how to change his outlook on how to run his finances and how to build a financially stable future for his family.

Nick Vertucci launched NVREA with the intention of helping instill the knowledge of the real estate industry to those who want to learn. He found that most people have the desire to build a life for themselves with real estate, but simply need to the knowledge to get there completely. Student get the advantage of learning about the basics including buying and flipping houses, investing, renting homes, and so much more. From over a decade of experience Mr. Vertucci took all of his knowledge and turned it into a easy and straightforward program for his students. Nick Vertucci finds that to be productive as an entrepreneur is to have a strong sense of self belief that nobody can touch.