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Billionaires Who Are Helping Others By Donating To Charities in Silicone Valley & Further

At a public charity event, known as the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, there was a look into the $13.5 billion dollar fund which works as a charitable bank account. The funds which are in the account have been raised by very generous donations by well known tycoons in the Silicone Valley area and beyond. For many of those making donations, they have invested shares of their stocks into the donor advised funds.

Becuase the donations into the account are from donor advised funds all the way to private foundations making donations, it is very difficult to determine exactly where all the assets have come from.

With the help of Forbes, they were able to dig further into the paperwork to be able to find out who donated to what. With their help, they were able to see that at least 16 different billionaires have helped to donate $3.8 billion dollars to the fund since the year 2012.

Of those who have donated, some of the well known internet sensation creators have helped to fund the foundation. One of those names is Mark Zuckerberg. Known as the CEO and co-founder of Facebook.

Another name that some might know is the name Jeff Skoll. He is the former EBay President and he has been donating since the year 1999. A fund that was established by Jeff came in at $486 million dollars of assets in December of 2016. He is a supporting organization for the SVCF group.

Facebook co-founder is also a donor of the organization known as His Good Ventures. He raked in assets of $260 million when looked at in December of 2016.

Many of these names are known around the financial charity functions and groups. Many of these individuals want to give back to their community as much as possible. For instance, Mark Zuckerberg wants to help out those less fortunate than him and therefore spends a good amount of money each year helping those less fortunate. For him, Facebook is more than just a simple social network aimed at bringing others together.