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What’s New at Sussex Healthcare

One of the most important roles to fill at Sussex Healthcare is Chief Executive Officer. In July 2018, they named Amanda Morgan Taylor as CEO. Sussex Healthcare operates 20 living and care centers for the elderly, those with dementia and neurological disorders. Since they provide 24 hour care, there is always a need for nurses. So that patients can enjoy a sense of wellbeing, Sussex Healthcare has recently opened a gym for those residents who are fully ambulatory. This highlight was found at https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/sussex-healthcare.

Sussex Healthcare is currently looking for caregivers and new assistants with the ability to provide beneficial services. The assistants will need to be able to customize treatments, guide clients to the gym, answer questions and offer medical care.

A friendly disposition is also a plus. In the caregiver realm, Sussex Healthcare is always looking for registered nurses who can offer custom care by monitoring the health of residents, provide medication, make exercise recommendations before a resident visits the gym, study the effectiveness of treatments and other activities and provide that key role for quality care. Another role they are looking to fill is that of hiring manager.

This individual will oversee a unit, help the registered nurse, evaluate the efficiency with which the unit is operating, follow the company’s guidelines as well as train new caregivers and assign tasks to the assistants. One of the highlights that new caregivers and assistants will appreciate as they work together to help residents maintain a level of wellbeing is hydrotherapy.

This type of therapy is offered at the new gym and studies have shown that it improves endurance, minimizes symptoms of certain neurological conditions, and reduces soreness. Since the beneficial services caregivers need to possess starts at the top, be assured that the new CEO, Ms. Morgan Taylor is committed to not only training new staff and improving communication, but enhancing the effectiveness of treatments and developing strong relationships with the residents among other quality related tasks. A more detailed look can be found.