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Alex Hern’s Tsunami: Transforming Lives Through Communication

The world of work is often considered a drudgery due to lack of communication and limited access to technology. Some people find it difficult, if not impossible to do the assigned tasks. Complaints include miscommunication and a lack of clarity. In this new digital workplace, it has become increasingly apparent that communication resources be made readily available. Virtual Reality (VR) devices have filled the communication gaps in many important ways. Read more about Alex Hern at bloomberg.com.

Alex Hern co-founded Tsunami with one sole purpose in mind. That premise is to “transform the way we work.” It is prudent to keep in mind that VR can expand your horizons by allowing you to experience life in a whole different way. The Tsunami™ workplaces solution allows individuals to utilize any device to hook up to a digital meeting space. This product solution can be utilized in many different ways to connect people worldwide. Individuals can set the space parameters so communication can be instantaneous and provide persistent reminders.

Healthcare and Aerospace industries are two of the industries that have benefited from VR technologies. Experimentation is easier with the use of VR. Healthcare industries utilize VR to conduct clinical testings that are unsafe to use any other way. Aerospace industries often uncover new and exciting gadgets by utilizing VR. The Tsunami™ Studio solution provides individuals and companies with the tools they need to discover new beneficial ways to improve life. The 3D animation and rendering tools help researchers and scientists picture how a product or service may work in real time.

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VR technology does, in fact, take the drudgery out of work. It provides individuals opportunities to interact and test products before going to market. It also allows for a clearer and more precise communication protocol between companies. Tsunami™ works with healthcare, aerospace, defense, manufacturing, energy, and construction industries. Follow Alex Hern on Linkedin.