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Graeme Holm offers financial fitness strategy

Many Australian families are looking for ways of improving their lives by adopting financial fitness measures. With so many people in the world today going through the challenges created by the modern financial crisis, it is becoming increasingly difficult f0r some people to manage their debts. What makes the matter worse is that, not just a small number of people that can be wished away who are facing these challenges, but a considerable section of the community. Debt management is becoming an important issue which should be solved by all means possible. In Australia, there is a company which is already offering debt reduction services and is ready to help as many people as possible.




Infinity Group Australia is a financial fitness company created by Graeme Holm. Holm is a Top 100 Broker and an experienced banker. He worked in the banking sector for 17 years before started this company. If it is about the experience, there is no doubt about his qualifications. Through Infinity Group Australia, he is offering financial guidance and some helpful tips which will help the people solve the financial management issues that they face. The financial solutions that he is creating through this company are helping many Australian families to attain financial freedom.




Graeme Holm has also been warning people against taking solutions such as debt consolidation since they have no impact on the over repayment of loans. There are many disadvantages which are associated with debts consolidation which make them a worse problem than one might think. Although it is said that debt consolidation entails bringing down the interest rate, this does not occur at all. The interest rate will keep fluctuating despite debt consolidation which does not guarantee that the rate will be lower. Also, the period for repayment will still be longer despite the consolidation. Holm insists that for anyone looking for financial fitness these options should be nowhere on the table. It is not the kind of solution that will solve all issues that need to be solved.




Graeme Holm created Infinity Group Australia because he felt that the banks and other financial institutions were cheating many Australian. While they want you to believe that they care about you, there is nothing that is even close to caring that they do. They are in business to make profits, and their welfare is not really a concern to them. That is why you will find that no bank offers money management lessons after giving out a loan to the customer.




Graeme Holm knows all the loopholes that banks use to exploit their customers and that is what he is out to seal by creating awareness among the people on the solutions they should use to get out of debt. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/graeme-holm