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Graeme Holm’s Approaches in Solving the Australian Loan Market Problems

Graeme Holm has been ranked among the top 100 Brokers and also, he is a holder of Master in Business Administration. Despite being the founder of Infinity Group Australia, he is its director. For more than 17 years, he has mainly majored in financial services in pursuit of his career, and for the first ten years, he spent his time in four large banking environments. 2013 was the year when the aspiration to find a superior deal for both Infinity Group and Australian Families came to existence due to Holm and his wife Rebecca merging their fervor for finance.


Infinity Group Australia comes along with the solution to the problems being experienced by the Australian credit market. It is via the private banker approach that aids the customers to settle their debts as early as possible before default. It is ensured that they get their performance reports on a monthly basis, thorough reviews, and aiding in the preparation and maintenance of their budgets leads to their success.


Graeme Holm brought Infinity Group Australia to existence to aid the average Australians to increase their finances as well as making their future safe and sound. Due to the customer-driven strategy by Holm, it has ended up being among the fastest providers in money administration and debt reduction services in Australia.


Infinity Group Australia main objective is to provide guidance and support to its customers on their credit journey. It has actualized the goal by making it possible for customers to be able to settle up a loan termed for thirty years in a period that does not exceed ten years. Also, most of the clients do like the approaches being used by the group since they can have quiet time with their relatives and at work; they are stress-free because they are assured their loans are secure.


Infinity Group Australia has won the hearts of many customers with the terrific customer service in which it offers its clients. Every client who visits the organization comes out with smiles on their faces after the great service that they receive from the organization. What enables the company to serve the customers with such diligence and respect is the training under which the employees of Infinity Group Australia are subjected. Before joining the company during the recruitment stage, all the employees are supposed to attend a customer service training where they are trained on the best methods and techniques to handle the clients in whatever situations they could be.


Other than the official duties and at the Infinity Group Australia, Graeme Holm and his employees also spend some days outside the office trying to refresh their minds so that they can remain focused on the company’s intentions and objectives. Apart from the team building activities, the organization also spends time visiting the less privileged families in the surrounding communities trying to assist them in restoring their value for life. They have also set some funds that they dedicate to philanthropic activities in the society. Learn more : https://www.instagram.com/graeme_holm/?hl=en