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Highland Capital Management Donates to Have People Engage at the Bush

Engage At the Bush

The event has been created in partnership with the National Constitution center and will begin on February 5th. Admission is free upon registration at bushcenter.org. It is a two-part program. The evening session will be started by Christopher Scalia, then an expert’s panel will discuss the media landscape today and what James Madison, author of the First Amendment, would think of it. Participants will include National Constitution’s Center President and CEO Jeffrey Rosen. Other participants include Amy Mitchell co-author of the Pew Research center’s report and News Editor at the Dallas morning, Mike Wilson. The talk will be moderated by Amanda Schnetzer, Director of global initiatives at the Bush Institute. Visit highlandcap.com to know more.

The Bush Center

The George Bush Presidential Center has received a $10 million from Highland Capital for the Engage at the Bush Center public program. Highland Capital management is one of the founding benefactors of the center with more than $5 million in contributions since 2012. Jim Dondero, Highland Capital’s co-founder, said that the firm has been impressed by the Center’s influence and the impact it has had on communities. He also said the Engage at the Bush events helps foster talk on important policy issues, thus his firm is proud to be part of the center’s vision. Read more about Highland Capital at prnewswire.com.

Boeing gifts Bush Institute

The Boeing Corporation has made a $10 million commitment in support of the Bush Institute’s initiative to help military veterans of post 9/11 successful transition into civilian life. Former President Bush said that the initiatives focus is on healing invisible war wounds suffered by veterans. The initiative hopes to ensure veterans seek and are given comprehensive and effective care. Boeing’s chairman said the company was proud of its support of US military members, not just in the battlefield, but beyond. The company committed itself to hire veterans and invest in communities they come from and their families. The $10 million is part of a $30 million 3-year investment to aid veteran’s recovery, their rehabilitation and also transition. Part of the veteran organizations that have benefitted includes NPower, based in Chicago and offers veterans plus their spouses with training on digital careers. The American Airlines skyball is also a beneficiary. The company has also given $50 million in grants to various programs in science and technology, Math education, workforce development as well as veterans’ transition within the communities it operates in.

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