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The Billion Dollar Bond

Billions of dollars have been raised in the name cancer research. The founder and CEO of Nike made an announcement that he was donating one billion dollars to cancer research. The 1 billion dollars will go to the Oregon Health and Science University. Phil Knight made a promise to OHSU stating that he would donate 500 million dollars to the cause but only if the organization could match that 500 million dollars within two years. Before the clock ran out both sides kept their promise. Phil’s idea for this specific type of research is different from what cancer research is used to. According to Christian Broda, Phil wants to employ top notch researchers from around the world to come together as a collective and fight the disease. Instead of having dozens of people studying different parts at different times, it would make more sense for Phil to get the individuals together so that they could put their brain power together collectively and make strides in their research. Phil Knight is an incredibly modest mean when it comes to how much he is involved with cancer research. The billionaire donated a hundred million dollars to the Oregon Health and Science University back in 2008.

I Dough. I Dough

A major milestone was reached today for same sex marriage. It’s now legal. People all over the country, and even the world were celebrating this development. There were numerous gatherings, weddings, celebrations, and much more! There were also more private celebrations of hugs and high fives. Everywhere you looked on social media there were posts. Some big names even got into the celebrations. Actors, singers, political politicians, and many more voiced their opinions. Even ice cream did. Wait what?

According to Reddit, Ben & Jerry’s got into the same sex spirit! They renamed their beloved chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream to “I dough, I dough.” The O’s are little wedding bands. There’s also hearts, and of course a rainbow in the background of the container. It’s nice that they showed their support.
The ice cream is the same as it’s always been, but it might taste a little sweeter due to that victory! It’s not known for certain how long those containers will remain on the shelf, or how long the name will stick. One thing is for certain, that celebrating with a pint of that is a cute idea..

Folks at Boraie Development feel that if the ice cream offends someone, the great news is they don’t have to buy it! There are thousands of other flavors, and brands of ice cream that aren’t celebrating.

Igor Cornelsen explains why diversifying an investment portfolio is a good idea

Investing in different companies is something that the vast majority of the general public are now looking to do, which is a good thing in the eyes of financial expert Igor Cornelsen. The individual investor is often faced by some of the most difficult choices available when they decide to take control of their own investments and trust that a financial advisor will guide them in the right direction for their money. Cornelsen believes the increase in knowledge for any investor is a good thing that everybody should look for in a bid to create the best options for making more and more money from an investment portfolio.

Igor Cornelsen has a long history of working with the public and major companies as an advisor who has always looked for different ways of investing that are not always the most common approaches taken. Cornelsen believes it is always a good idea to diversify a portfolio in a bid to create a series of investments that are safe from being damaged by a single industry, business or economy suffering a dip in its reputation. The financial advisor believes it is important for any investor to protect themselves by investing in industries and companies from around the world. This means looking outside the traditional areas of North America and Europe for investments and seeking out new economies to invest in, such as those in South American and Asia.

It is also now easy to look through the records of a company an investor is considering placing their finds and faith in. Cornelsen believes an investor should conduct a little research into the health of a company by simply looking into the turnover of executives at any company. By making sure a company is keeping a hold of their top executives the company can usually be classed as being a healthy option for investors. Cornelsen believes any company with a high turnover of executives and top employees is usually struggling to remain financially healthy and should be avoided.

A Business That Only Strives For Success

BRL Trust is a very well-known powerhouse when it comes to making investments in the country of Brazil. BRL Trust has really set themselves apart when it comes to excellence and success in the investing market. BRL Trust has a very diversified portfolio and because of that they are able to help both businesses and individuals to make successful investments. BRL Trust has really stood out when it comes to the test of time. They have been in business for the last 10 years and they are still going very strong.

BRL Trust has built a relationship of integrity and confidence with their clients. They make sure all of their investments and business transactions are completely and totally transparent. BRL Trust does something that the majority of investment companies do not do and that is that they allow their clients to view any transaction that take place with their wealth, and they also encourage them to ask questions. By doing this it helps to create a relationship that is built upon honesty and trust. There are a few things in life that are as important to people as their income. Since that is the case, many investors are leery of investment companies. They do not want their money to be squandered, and they want to make sure

BRL Trust has been known as a solid investment group in the country of Brazil. They have an Anbima rating system that sets apart the most trusted and highly rated businesses, and the score for BRL Trust has always been excellent. The reason that BRL Trust has so many faithful customers is because year after year they have been able to show their customers that they can make solid financial decisions. Their investments have reaped great success, and because of that they stand alone in the investment market.

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