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Zeca Oliveira Is Bullish on Investments in Brazil

Brazil has been a major hot topic for many investors this year. Investors are always turning to emerging markets to look for potentially explosive growth stocks. Brazil fills the bill because the country has lush natural resources and a growing middle class. These are the elements required for fast-growing companies.

Investors have been eating up financial stocks in Brazil as well as making picks in the energy sector. Many investors are choosing to place their bets through investment funds that are specialists in Brazil. This makes rational sense because only those people who have worked in that country for many years in the same industries are truly qualified to offer advice and make picks.

One such example is Zeca Oliveira, who is the President of the Bridge Trust. This fund has grown rapidly since May of 2014 and now has more than $2.5 billion USD in assets under management. Oliveira, the former chief executive of BNY Mellon in Brazil, has a strong history of operational excellence and a large network of contacts to question when it comes to investments. His unrivalled expertise is helping him ring up the kinds of returns that his investors have long hoped for.

Zeca Oliveira is currently working on expanding the operations of the Bridge Trust so that his sales staff can successfully “cross-sell” current customers even more products.

GDP growth in Brazil has cooled off a bit in recent quarters. This is good news for value investors. When the economy cools off, some fast-growing stocks take a breather. Savvy investors like Oliveira can pick up these shares at a discount because of understanding their valuation. That’s the reason particular market know-how and a slightly lagging market are actually good news for investors with a long-term outlook.

The stock market in Brazil is off its 2011 highs by 25% and the currency in Brazil is at a low against the U.S. dollar. That means now is an excellent time to put US dollars to work in investments in that country.  With an experienced operator like Oliveria at the helm and market conditions at perfect levels, the time has come for massive returns going forward for smart picks.

Diversifying Your Investments and Generating a Passive Income

Brazilian banker and investment expert Igor Cornelsen is very passionate and informative when it comes to matters of passive income and investment. Brazilian bankers tend to only lend money to borrowers who are highly qualified. This provides banks with future security. They know that they can count on repayment. Having a stricter lending approach generally leads to more success in the bank’s future.

Brazil has one of the best markets in South America because it is one of the world’s largest producers of food. They continue to be the largest economy in the region. They have many exports and the economy seems to thrive in comparison to some of the poorer economies in surrounding countries. It is also the largest country on the continent, which also aids in its economic success.

However, Brazil currently has an overvalued currency. This has led to a decline in their overall exports. Igor Cornelsen’s strategy to combating a declining economy is obtaining a long term successful investment strategy. He recommends that you diversify your interests and invest. Generating a passive income can be rather simple if you are properly informed. Of course, it requires an original investment up front, but many find that it is incredibly well-worth it. You can, in many cases, earn up to a 500% return on your original investment. He also suggests that you maximize your overall earning potential by investing in companies that are guaranteed to maintain steady progress and are unlikely to be dramatically effected by economic decline.  Often, people overlook passive income as a way to truly make a living and focus on extraneous and mundane jobs.

However, being deeply informed and finding the right company to invest in, can make earning a passive income a reality. When done correctly, you can often have no direct involvement. This frees up time for your personal life and also to advance in your career path knowing that you have a stable income to fall back on. It can be a delicate process but developing an income strategy can be very beneficial in helping you reach your financial goals. In order to generate a passive income you must invest. That is the first step towards becoming more financially stable without direct involvement.

Financial Management with Brian Bonar

Finance is a complex science that is closely tied to the economy. A more simple definition is that finance is anything that has to do with the management of money, assets, and their liabilities. Everyday the world’s finances are can be swayed based on sales, mergers, closings, almost anything can be a factor that benefits or disrupts how many will be generated. Within finance there are three sub-specializations: public finance, personal finance, and corporate finance. Public finance is for sub-national entities, like states, and deals mostly with budgeting and debt insurance. Personal finance is focused on one person or a family and helps them plan for unforeseen events, savings plans, taxes, and inheritance. Corporate finance can be the most complicated of the three. It handles risk management, hedging strategies, and portfolio performance. All three financial sub-groups have their own rules and regulations.

To be a skilled financial guidance officer, one needs to have an extensive knowledge of not only all the specific rules, but also their clients. They must be willing to make tough choices and predict how the market will deflate of inflate. Financial guidance officers must be able to identify how risky an investment may be and abandon the project if the risk outweighs the reward. They also need to be prepared for all the unknown forces that could at any time shake their client’s financial nest egg. The future of a company or a family depends on how carefully handled their assets are.

Brian Bonar, written about here, is a very experienced financial guidance officer. With a doctorate degree from Staffordshire University and decades of training, Bonar is adept at managing money. Currently he is working for the Dalrada Financial Corporation where he has been the Director of Director of Technology Sales, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board. The Dalrada Financial Corporation is always highly regarded in terms of their financial management team. Not only are their financial guidance officers accomplished in their field they are also determined go the extra mile to help their clients. They pride themselves in being able to learn about the background, goals, and concerns of their clients quickly to they can begin advising them without wasting any time. They are practiced in public finance, personal finance, corporate finance and the rules and regulations for each. The Dalrada Financial Corporation is particularly well known for their thorough risk management plans which have helped various other companies recover from what could have been devastating losses.

Forefront Income Trust Created By Brad Reifler Could Diversify The Portfolio Of The Middle Class

The middle class doesn’t have many investment choices because they are non-accredited investors. According to the definition from Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC),only the 1 percenters qualify as accredited investors. Brad Reifler, Founder and CEO of Forefront Capital, tries to break down the economic injustice by introducing an innovative investment fund: Forefront Income Trust.

When Reifler helped his father-in-law choose strategies to invest his life savings, he was surprised with so limited choices. Many investment options don’t open to the 99 percenters. So Reifler began creating a public fund for middle class people like his father-in-law. “The 99 percent are overlooked,” Reifler explained.”A majority of the investment world doesn’t consider non-accredited investors smart enough to invest in higher risk products. I think that’s wrong.”

With a team of investment professionals, Forefront Income Trust controls the risks associated with higher return investments. “We want to be a firm for the people.” Refilled said.

The Investor Advisory Committee recommended replacing current income and net-worth tests with new measures. These new measures are based on financial sophistication. Education, professional credentials and experience related to investment would be considered.

Product Recognition – How Does A New Product Become Successfully Recognized?

Developing a product and gaining recognition for the item is not easy because it takes time to build an audience. When a product has reached a level of successful recognition, the product is capable of reaching a broader audience. Oftentimes, most people are able to get their business to the next level and have people practically recognize their product just by the logo, the name, and the description of the product. In this article, discover what new technologies are in store.

What Is The New Product Recognition Technology?

Product recognition is properly marketing a product to growing itself and attaining more growth in the industry. It is not easy at all to have people falling in love with a fairly new product. This new technology is growing and constantly forcing new business owners to come up with new ways to get their product out there. With the help of companies like Slyce, they are helping product creators get their items recognized.

Who Is Slyce?

This company is an industry leader revolutionizing how to attain successful product recognition. With a focus primarily on visual search and the need ford visually recognizing what customers are purchasing, Slyce knows how to turn a struggling product into a success with proper marketing. Their way of developing recognition is like none other. Working with them ensures real product success. They have systems in place and a wide range of services to help businesses achieve massive growth.

How Does A New Product Become Successfully Recognized?

It all depends on a multitude of aspects. Visuals play a major role. The goal is to have a product be recognized enough that when they see it once they’ll remember it forever. With the help of social media, new softwares, and companies like Slyce who are changing the game of product placement and marketing, there’s many ways to get a product out there. Social media has become one of the main sources for marketing a brand and product.

Product recognition is difficult to develop because it can require serious visual work, social media marketing, and also countless systematic approaches to enhancing a product’s name in the industry. If the product is in a competitive niche, it can get even more difficult.

Champion Investor

Igor Cornelsen was born October 4th,1947 in Brazil. Although he never graduated from any ivy league schools like Harvard or Yale, when Mr. Cornelsen hands out investment advice people sit up and listen.
Growing up in Brazil, this self made, self taught investment tycoon has made a name for himself in the financial world.
Igor made his way by holding high ranking positions in several of Brazil’s leading banks, as well as several banks and investment firms in the United States. His last position being proprietor of Bainbridge Investments Inc, a company founded by Professor Bolton Bainbridge Miller in 1975, before retiring in 2010.
Igor Cornelsen is a hard working man with a can do attitude that proves anyone can succeed if they push themselves, set goals, and work hard until you achieve those goals. His simple, yet highly effective advice has helped numerous people invest wisely and have ample financial gains for retirement.
Igor believes in making several small investments in strong, sound companies. Stating, “There is no get rich quick plans, you invest for the long term then sit back, wait, and reap the benefits”.
Igor’s main tips for investing include:
Diversifying, make small, sound investments in multiple companies.
Only invest in what is affordable, Don’t invest large amounts hoping for large payouts, invest small so if the investment falls through you don’t lose as much.
Invest for the long haul, finding sound companies with a strong history of payouts.

Retiring to South Florida, Igor now works the stock markets mostly as a hobby, spending his days reaping the benefits of his wise investments on the golf course. While still offering his knowledge to young investors.

Bruce Levenson’s Career

Bruce Levenson in an American business man who has made success with his savvy business mind and his high level of education. Not only is he a business, mostly known for co-owning the Atlanta Hawks, but he is also a dedicated philanthropist. Levenson can expand on his accomplishments with including his board membership on the Board of Governors for the NBA. He has been on the board since 2004. In addition to this, he was a co-founder of the United Communications Group in 1977.

Levenson grew up as a Jewish American with strong ties to the holocaust, having had members be imprisoned in the concentration camps. Levenson was born in Washington D.C., yet resided in Maryland during his childhood. At 18, he became a student at Washington University, located in St. Louis. He moved on to then attend law school at the American University.

In 1977, he, along with his co-founder, founded the United Communications Group. His company started in Levenson’s apartment where they worked together to publish a newspaper. Their focus was on the oil industry with their newspaper called Oil Express. UCG then launched a database that offers oil informational services. The company that the two founders created is a privately held company that is centered around offering information. UCG has also created a mobile application called GasBuddy that helps drivers find local low gas prices.

What Bruce Levenson is the most famous for is the fact that he was one of the owners of the Atlanta Hawks. His share in the NBA has certainly given him much fame. During the time of his ownership, Levenson made an effort to get to know his team. He even took them to a Holocaust museum where he shared a piece of his history to his football players.

When he is not a business man, Levenson is also a philanthropist. He is active in many organizations such as Community Foundation and the Hoop Dreams Foundation. In addition to this, he served as president for the I Have s Dream Foundation which is an organization to help low-income children pursue a higher education. Levenson, known for his savvy business mind, will continue helping these organizations to make sure that some kids may see the same success that he had.

Get Ready Hilary, Bernie Sanders Poised to Draw Obama-like Crowd in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is the birthplace of the labor union movement in the United States. It is also the birthplace to the reform of big labor’s grip on public sector unions. Wisconsin was also the birth place of Welfare to Work reform. As such, it is a pivotal bell weather state. This makes Bernie Sanders’ most recent announcement all the more thrilling: he is expecting to draw 9,500 people to a political rally in the state’s capitol city of Madison, Wisconsin. Admittedly, the city is a college town and liberal bastion in an otherwise red state. Over the past four years, the legislature changed hands to the GOP, and Governor Walker has won three elections including a recall election. In all likelihood, most of the attendees will be college age white males; Sanders has yet to win strong support from women.

Still, a large crowd is still a large crowd. Sanders, who is still discounted by the media almost as much as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, is using the crowd size to push to notion that liberalism is once again on the rise and spreading across the nation. While it is still unclear if the nation is shifting center-left, Sanders is bound to see his poll numbers improve. Also significant about the crowd size, according to Andy Wirth, is that it outside of the early primary states of New Hampshire and Iowa.