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How The New York Real Estate Market Has Experienced A Radical Change

These days, real estate brokers believe that potential homeowners look for places that are safer, cleaner and greener and with some additional outer space as well. However, homeowners looking for homes with such characteristics and they do not have a reasonable budget might have a hard time while at it. This is because prices have since sky-rocketed. For instance, someone searching for a place on Staten Island where many listed places have yards has to be really lucky to get with an average budget. However, someone looking in another place might get if there is enough persistence and patience.

NYC real estate listing site has at one time listed condos in Manhattan under the $500,000 category but failed to specify the amount of outdoor space available and whether it was shared with neighbors or not. In Brooklyn for instance, a studio with a Japanese maple garden with a space for a table and chairs was being listed at $435,000. The catch with the property was the fact that the garden was much bigger than the house itself. However, whoever bought the apartment must have needed the services of a designer so as to improve the overall look.

In Manhattan, there are different available penthouses that have terraces and are priced differently. For example, a penthouse at CitySpire with wrap around terraces on all the three levels and with a total of 3,000 square feet outdoor space was being sold at a staggering $100 million. Such kinds of houses are reserved for the wealthy and well to do in society though a more careful search can provide results that are contrary if one has the time. At the end of the day, what is most important when searching for property to buy is having a budget and searching within its confines and not otherwise.

A new real estate company that takes serious considerations of both the customers and developers has emerged. Townrealestate.com lists all the different kinds of properties for either sale or letting out that include commercial establishments, residential properties, and open houses. Presently, the company has a lot of virtual houses for sale that customers are fighting to own.

The company has various representatives in different neighborhoods, and the best thing with it is the fact that it only works with licensed and registered ones. The company has also been very instrumental in making the ownership or property transfer process a hassle free activity for both the seller and the buyer.

Doe Deere: The Entrepreneur with a Sense of Fashion

Doe Deere or Kseniya/Xenia Vorotova is a former model and is the founder of beauty products company Lime Crime. She was born in Russia but later moved to the US as a child staying in New York. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in NY where she aspired to be a clothing designer but would later drop out. Xenia formed the rock band Sky Salt in 2002 with her then boyfriend Mark, which played a form of heavy rock she describes as fairy tale rock.
. She started out selling clothes she had redesigned, on eBay while she was still a member of the band, but she soon felt the need to expand and operate independently. In 2005, she started posting videos and tutorials on how to apply makeup to the Lime Crime website. She received a number of good reviews for her first few videos, and she continued to push out content.
Her clothing line wasn’t doing too well at this time, and so she decided to focus on makeup. It was also around this time that her band broke up and went separate ways. The break up was attributed to the constant rejection from music labels that said that the band’s music wouldn’t sell.
In what she described as one of her darkest years, in 2007, Doe worked at an investment firm all this while devastated from the falling apart of her band. She would later re-emerge as Doe Deere on storyexchange.org, the musician and released an EP. One of her songs, One Touch would peak at number one of the Electroqueer charts for a couple of months.
She wasn’t comfortable even after the success she had here and after receiving a lot of fan mail, she launched the Doe Deere blogazine, where she could post tutorials and push out content to her fans. It was also in this year, 2008, that Lime Crime was born. The brand is best known for its Unicorn lipstick that comes in a purple tube that is branded with a sparkling unicorn. For Lime Crime, the main inspiration has come from fairy tales which Doe has been obsessed with since she was young.
The company offers a great variety of products from lip gloss and lipstick to eye liners and eye shadow palettes. The company has disrupted the fashion industry because of the non-traditional and unconservative colours that it uses. The products are vegan and are animal cruelty-free which means that they are not tested on animals.
During the early days of Lime Crime, she worked out of the attic of a house mailing packages of the company’s products to its clients. The company is located in L.A and its products have been picked up by a few stores including Urban Outfitters and Naimies Beauty Centre.
She was named as one of the list of the Top 50 Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs because of her outstanding work at the helm of Lime Crime. She has also spoken at various events including the PHAMexpo in Los Angeles where she spoke about not giving up on dreams.

Beneful For A Healthier and Happier Pup

As a pet owner, I have struggled with what to feed my dog. Sometimes, I feel that he is just being the pickiest eater in the world! There have been countless times where he would sniff something and walk away. There have been countless times where he’s gone on hunger strike. I tried it all. I gave him dry food. I gave him wet food. I mixed the two and it still wasn’t successful! I was almost at my wits end when I discovered a brand that my dog, the pickiest of eaters, gobbled up!

I was at the grocery store one day searching through the shelves for something new to try. That’s when I spotted Beneful at purina.com and decided to give it a shot. The food was affordable and I saw my dogs favorite flavor. My dog has enjoyed the roasted chicken flavor before from other bands so I figured he would love this just as much. I was wrong. He loved it more! As soon as I gave him his dinner, he gobbled it up. I’ve been a Beneful believer ever since then.

I truly believe that my dog can tell that Beneful is made with only wholesome ingreidents. He knows that hes getting a food that is made just for him. Even if he doesn’t know, I know. This brand of food is made with the vitamins and nutrients he needs to keep him happy and playful. Not only does my dog love the dry food but he’s also loved the wet food as well. Next time I’m out shopping, we will probably try the treats!

I’ve noticed many benefits since switching my dog to Beneful. First and foremost, my dog has had more energy than he ever has had before. He’s running around with the energy of a puppy! My dogs coat has also been brighter and shinier. I can tell by just looking at him. When I pet my dog, I can tell that his coat is stronger as well. Of course there are benefits that I can’t see. I know that my dog has stronger bones. I know that my dog has a healthy heart. I know that overall my dog is thriving.

Overall, I will keep feeding my dog this brand for years to come. We’ve had several vet visits since switching to Beneful and my veterinarian has commended my pup on his overall health. I told her that it had to be the Beneful! It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that I can play in the yard, throw a ball for fetch, or take my dogs for walk whenever I feel like it. I can do this because my dog has enough energy to accomplish it all. I owe my dogs success and overall health to the Beneful dog food brand.

Handy Makes Life Simpler

One of the great things about modern technology is that there is simply an app or a website for everything! If a person needs to get from point A to point B then all they have to do is bring up a driving service on their phone. If a person is hungry and needs something to eat then all they have to do is bring up a restaurant or food app on their phone. Need a boyfriend or girlfriend? There’s an app for that. For a long time, there was a great app idea that no one had thought of. It was one that was designed to make life simpler for those of us without enough time. It’s finally here.

I’m talking about the cleaning app, Handy. Even the best of us do not have time to keep our house spotless. That’s because there are times where it simply does not feel like there are enough hours in the day. It’s understandable. People in this day and age have so many prior commitments. They are constantly biting off more than they can chew and taking on more projects. People have families that demand a good chunk of their time. Families with small kids find it almost impossible to keep a clean house. That’s because children love to destroy what they can get their hands on, especially toddlers. Some people simply don’t have enough time to clean. The vast majority of people work. Some work full time and some work even more than full time! Therefore the last thing they want to do when coming home is clean. They are exhausted and want to relax.

The good thing about the new app Handy, is that they can relax! Handy on recode is here for the cleaning. A person can log into Handy to find what they need. They can be connected with cleaners all over their area that are just waiting for a job to pick up. People can trust that they are getting the absolute best as well. Handy does background checks and interviews to ensure that all these people are safe and can get the job done!

The best part is that Handy has people that want to clean your house! When a person isn’t in the mood to clean their own job then they will not do as good of a job because they won’t put their all into it. The people on Handy are putting their all into cleaning because it’s there job. They want to do the best they can do. They want to put pride into their cleaning.

Overall, Handy is an idea that was a long time coming. It’s great for those who are too busy, too lazy, or simply don’t know how to properly clean there house. There is absolutely no shame in using Handy. The best part is that your company never has to know that it wasn’t you who cleaned! Handy is a win win situation for everyone that is involved in the process.

Why CPA is Considered the Best Way To Earn

A lot of online earners look to CPA as the best method for earning money because of the many advantages of it. One major advantage is that there is a wide range of topics that one could choose from in order to base his website on. One major advantage is financial. For those that stick with it long enough, they will earn plenty of money. There is another aspect to the financial advantage that one has to look at. This advantage is passive income. When one is earning from his site, the money does not stop coming in when he stops working.

Passive income is a huge advantage for CPA because the money continues to flow while the person is not working. This means that in the case of an emergency or any other occurrence that makes one have to take time off of work, he will still be earning money from his site. This is a convenience that very few people share where they work. Instead, they have to worry about expenses and ways to keep the income pouring in if they are out of work. Few people in this situation start looking for CPA Marketing. Even if one gets a little weary about work, he could still make huge profits from CPA Marketing while taking some time off like going on vacation.

In order to enjoy the success and all of the advantages of being a CPA marketer, it is important for one to have a source of information that is valuable and trustworthy. Among the trustworthy sources of information is Ivan Ong. Ivan Ong is a CPA coach. That should give one enough of a motive to seek him out. He is not only very knowledgeable about CPA marketing, but he is willing to share this information with anyone that is looking to break into the industry. The fact that he has went through years of disappointment and frustration before achieving a financial breakthrough in his business is what makes him even more qualified to coach and train others that are looking to do the same.

Finding a coach is a very important aspect of actually earning as a CPA Marketer. While a user could earn without the coaching and the knowledge of the business of CPA marketing, it would take a lot longer for him than if he would take the time to do some research so that he could have expert knowledge and achieve success and not merely stumble on it. Coaches will make sure the user gets to experience the advantages of being successful in CPA. They will also reduce the trial and error stage so that new marketers do not have to face discouragement.

Brian Torchin is on a Mission to Redefine Healthcare Recruitment

Brian Torchin is a medical industry maven and is currently the president of a healthcare recruiting service named Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC (HCRC). He began his healthcare career establishing and managing offices in Philadelphia, Florida and Delaware. He has also expanded his area of service overseas.

The goal of HCRC is to provide healthcare facilities with optimum staff members. They provide staffing for all shifts, day and night and weekday and weekends and help assure clients of timely communication with physicians as well as medical clients. HCRC also offers several additional services to medical practices, specifically chiropractic private practices and hospitals in need of filling chiropractic positions.

Torchin’s expertise comes from his work as a physician of chiropractic practice. He earned a bachelor’s degree in exercise science. He worked for many years in the chiropractic field and realized finding jobs could be quite challenging. Unlike other fields and industries, the medical field does not always list their available employment opportunities publicly. He saw that as a gap that needed to be filled and he set about a course of action to do just that. The ultimate goal of HCRC is to bring hospitals and medical professionals together and help both sides make meaningful connections.

He is the guiding force behind HCRC channeling his vast experience to offer a well rounded service to the medical community. He offers insight through his blog to hiring potential employees as well as determining if a particular practice is patient friendly. He stresses employing a welcoming environment for potential new patients. The patients must see that they are important to the business and without them there would be no business.

The greatest challenge Torchin faces is finding effective and efficient staff quickly. Each day staff is not in place is a day the business is not billing and that can translates to dollars lost and patients not being treated in a timely manner. Brian Torchin prides himself in putting appropriate staff together for clients within 48 hours.

Torchin has become an experienced professional and has been a significant cog in the in the growth of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors. He maintains a positive outlook on life and the world of business even when the economic climate becomes a challenge. He is always attentive to details and that has become his hallmark in his career. Brian Torchin believes one of the keys to success for HCRC is to build and maintain long term relationships with clients. He provides clients and employees with timely and effective solutions to their healthcare staffing needs while always being respectful of the client’s wishes.

Plymouth Rock Merges Gap Between Online and Offline Insurance With Prime Service


According to an article found on Insurance Journal’s website, Plymouth Rock Assurance has created a new tool for auto insurers that want to purchase their auto insurance policies online. ‘Prime’ is an online tool that allows customers to manage their auto insurance policy online even if they actually carry their individual policies via a local independent agent.

Plymouth Rock Assurance launched the new online tool to help bridge the gap between local insurance agents and the new evolving world of online policies. These days many consumers are forced to choose between an online policy and an actual agent, but with the ‘Prime’ tool now consumers can have the best of both worlds. This way they get the satisfaction of a personal independent agent but they get the ease of managing their account online.

It is no surprise that Plymouth Rock Assurance would be catering to the new market demands as the CEO of the company, executive James Stone, has spent the last four decades immersed in the ever changing world of insurance policies. Throughout his life the businessman has not only worked as CEO for Plymouth Rock Assurance, but also served as a Harvard University lecturer, on President Jimmy Carter’s Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and as the Massachusetts Commissioner of Insurance. With this much insight into the insurance business it is clear that Stone knows the power of adaption.

Prime allows customers to purchase a policy online that then is given to a local independent agent that can offer advice, consultation, or aid after an incident occurs. This allows customers the hands on ease of working with a local office instead of a large company while still providing them with instant access to their policy details at all times. The service is already live for those who reside in Massachusetts and will go live in Connecticut and New Hampshire before the close of the year.

Human Rights Past, Present, and Future

The concept of human rights is a concept that has been around since the beginning of the century. There was the Constitution of Medina in 622, the Magna Carta in 1215 and later the English Bill of Rights in 1689. Apart from that there have been ideas or concepts much before and much after those different documents were put into place. The reason that human rights is such a debated concept is because it is something that cannot always be put onto paper, but it is something that is engraved in the heart of every single human being. Regardless of what nationality we are, or where an individual was born, they all have the desire to have justice done and to be free. Even before laws were put in to enforcement, different communities and cultures had their own unspoken judicial system. A person was penalized for infringing on the rights of another human being, and each and every human being was allotted a measure of freedom within certain limits. These cultures thrived and its citizens were happy. Their needs were met, they were treated with dignity and they were free.

Things like religion, human rule, and selfishness has caused many different people to suffer from a lack of human rights. Simply because of an individual’s origin, their race, their religion, or because of the way they looked, an individual could have been ostracized, or oppressed, or even enslaved. All such individuals may have had to put up with their mistreatment, but even though they were mistreated they realized that they deserved something better in life. Many slaves escaped, and many other individuals fought for the rights of themselves and their family. Down to this day there are still atrocities that are committed against human beings. There is still human trafficking, forced prostitution, and the mistreatment of individuals in entire countries. Even though that is a fact, the basic desire for human rights has never been shaken from the human heart.

Yeonmi Park is a woman that fights for human rights. Parks was originally born in North Korea which is a country that has had huge infringements on human rights. North Korea imposes huge punishments on its citizens if they try in anyway to allow any influence from the Western world in to their country. They are a country that tries to maintain order by controlling its citizens, and because of that there are individuals that have broken free. Unfortunately the majority of North Koreans do not have much contact with the outside world, so the life that they see is the only life that they know. Yeonmi Park on nknews father helped her, her mother, and her sister escaped to South Korea, and a New World was opened up to her. She became aware of all of the injustices that she had witnessed in North Korea, and she made it her mission to help others that are living in such horrible conditions. Parks is making an autobiography of her experience living in North Korea, and she is determined to continue her fight for human rights.

Investment Banking in China is Doing Exceptionally Well

The brutal damage to China’s economy has delivered a ripple effect throughout all markets in the globe. The yuan has been greatly devalued and this has led many to believe that China is the worst market for any type of business. Hence, investment banks should not hedge on any success in China. While China’s market is, to say the least, an extremely risky one to venture into, securities companies have shown a great deal of profitability in the market. In fact, securities businesses are likely the only type of investment banks that are doing well and likely to continue doing well.

Several firms have done extremely well in China and these firms have defied all the odds and hurdles the market threw their way. CITIC Securities has experienced a banner year as news reports indicate the firm has experienced an over 100% increase in profits for the year. China Merchants Securities did even better than CITIC.

This might indicate that, even in the worst of economic times, the massive population in China and the global reach of the nation’s businesses could keep a host of businesses stable. Investment banks, in particular, are doing tremendous.

Investment banks in other countries could be looking at China when thinking about where to put funds. Kenneth Griffin, the CEO of Citadel, understands that foreign investments are sometimes a good thing. Citadel makes numerous global investments and understands no market and no industry should be ignored when thinking about opportunities.

And China does present a lot of opportunities.

Interestingly, there are other atypical entities that are doing well in China. Most investment banks do not like to put money into motion pictures. The reason is motion picture financing is extremely risky. Returns on investments are not easy to procure. If the studios do not want to finance a film, then maybe the feature doesn’t have an audience. A lot of people in Hollywood wrote off the Terminator: Genisys franchise after a dismal performance in the United States. The film recently opening to huge numbers in China and the originally planned second installment is going forward. Perhaps motion pictures are not so risky to finance if they have strong potential in the Chinese market.

Whether or not the investment banking and entertainment industries in China will continue to do strong is unknown. At this point, both are doing well and do not seem to be slowing down at all.

Some Information About CCMP Capital And Stephen Murray

CCMP Capital is a private equity firm that specializes in buyout and growth equity investments. The main aspect of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is investment services and it offers estate diversification, assistance with public companies who want to go private, developing new businesses through funding and equitizing capital structures. CCMP Capital also has areas of knowledge in several industries. The company has expertise in consumer relations and this includes specialty retail, mass channel supply and multi channel marketing. Another industry this firm has expertise in is healthcare and this includes assistance to healthcare providers, medical supply distributors and managed care organizations.

History of CCMP Capital

CCMP went by various titles going back to the early 80s and it started out as Chemical Venture Partners. Once this Stephen Murray CCMP Capital took over Chase Manhattan in the mid 90s, the name was Chase Capital Partners. Then Chase Capital acquired JP Morgan and it became JP Morgan Partners. By 2006, the company used its’ current title, CCMP Capital.

Companies That CCMP Invests In

CCMP is active in its’ investments and some of the companies that receive investments from CCMP are 1-800 Flowers, AMC Entertainment, Cabela’s, Generac Power Systems, Pinnacle Foods, Quiznos Sub, and the Tennis Channel.

Stephen Murray’s Instrumental Role at CCMP

Stephen Murray was a major force with this company and here is some information on him. Murray was born in 1962 and in 1984 he obtained a bachelors degree in economics from Boston College. During his career he was the head of buyout business at JP Morgan and he also co-founded CCMP. It was because of Stephen Murray’s understanding of the business world and his ability to think big that he was able to help CCMP Capital raise $3.6 billion in 2014. Murray passed away in March of this year.

LHP Hospital Group

LHP Hospital Group is affiliated with CCMP Capital and the purpose of this company is to offer capital and assistance to hospitals. This group also partners with other hospitals financially for the purpose of helping these hospitals run smoothly. This is an example of the expertise that CCMP Capital has in the healthcare industry.

CCMP Capital’s Participation in Energy and Industrial Industries

CCMP Capital is also a participant in the energy and industrial sectors. For the energy sector this company invested over $1.5 billion and the specializations within this sector include exploration and production, oilfield services and power plants. For the industrial sector CCMP Capital has invested $5.5 billion and the areas of investment include manufacturing, distribution, and chemicals.

In conclusion, CCMP Capital is a company that strives for excellence when meeting the needs of clients. This firm is made up of seasoned veterans in the financial services sector who understand how investment banking should work.