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The Rising Star of Reputation Management

Darius Fisher is the man behind Status Labs. Darius is a native of New York and graduated with honors from Vanderbilt University. What is Status Labs you ask? Chances are you haven’t heard that much about Status Labs, unless you have had your professional reputation drug through the mud. Status Labs is headquartered in Austin, TX. Their main focus in dealing with reputation management, digital marketing and public relations of individuals or companies that are on the very negative side of what most would not want to see. Status labs helps many big name people, including but not limited to, Fortune 500 brands, CEOs, politicians and many other public figures. Status Labs serve more than 1500 clients in 35 countries. Since launching about four years ago, Darius has opened offices in Sao Paulo and most recently in New York. He started his career as a Political Consultant and a copywriter. This ultimately set the foundation to the beginning of Status Labs.

Darius’s vision for Status Labs was mainly born from his own experiences of a crisis he had to manage within his own company. “Who better to help an individual or company manage a crisis and repair their reputation, than someone who has lived through a crisis of their own?”, Fisher explained. His most recent success was honorable mentions from Yahoo and New York Times for assisting victims of the Ashley Madison hack. In my mind he is kind of like the “Better Call Saul” of the professional world.

Darius has many suggestions on getting ahead of a nasty PR campaign. He lives by by a few rules of thumb to keep a reputation shining. 1. Remove your personal data online. If you aren’t sure about lose it. 2. Change your social media privacy settings. 3. Change passwords frequently. 4. Google yourself. You never know what you might find about yourself that you didn’t know. 5. Do some personal housecleaning. If you aren’t sure, don’t post it. Harmless in your mind could be a gold mine for a persistent reputation hound.

How Businesses Can Thrive with Solo Capital


When it comes to owning and operating a business, you know how difficult it can be for you to get your finances and securities put into place. This is why a lot of business owners are choosing Solo Capital for their own needs. Solo Capital is a business based in the London area that helps with investments, business management, finances and security services specific to the well-being of your company. When you are not using a company like Solo Capital, these are all things that you would have to do on your own and this can be very difficult for the average business owner.

One of the main things that sets Solo Capital apart is the fact that they have been in the business of management for many years and have already helped thousands of people to get what they need in their companies. If you need assistance with securing your company and knowing that it is not going to have technical issues, Solo Capital can accomplish this for you. If you need help with business management or investing, the folks at Solo Capital can also do this task for you in an easy and highly convenient manner.

There are many things that you probably need to do as a business owner and you just do not have the time to do on your own. This is why so many people have made the decision that it is time for them to hire the experts of Solo Capital. Once you make the decision to hire Solo Capital for your business needs, they will get right to work on helping your company to run its very best. This is why it is so important that you get the help that you need in a manner that makes it affordable and easy for you.

If you are interested in Solo Capital, you can even Follow them on Twitter or Like them on Facebook in order to learn more about their services and their company ethics. You will notice that a lot of people have already liked and followed their social media pages just because of how popular Solo Capital currently is. For any type or size business that you own, it is always a good idea for you to consider hiring a professional like this who is going to be able to get all of your needs done for you without you doing it all yourself.

Choosing the Right Health Management

Healthcare is one of the biggest players in profit-growing fields. It is something that people will always need, no matter the technology that is created. Patients will always require doctors to ensure that they remain healthy and do not suffer any complications. Even with modern computer medicine, there are many things that must still be done by real-life doctors. These things include surgeries, exams and even simple patient history situations. Due to this, healthcare management like Nobilis Health is something that will continue to grow no matter what state the economy is in. For small offices and practices that wish to grow, choosing the right health management company is the difference between growing or going under.

Companies who want to ensure that they will grow will make the choice of an organic growth company. This means that the company continues to grow despite the factors that are used to bring it down. For example, the Nobilis Health management company is one that grows in nearly all of the communities it integrates into. The company works to make hospital, surgical and ambulatory care centers better than what they could have ever been without a healthcare company. It is a company that boasts top of the line organic growth.

If you a company is making the right choice with a healthcare management agency on stockhouse.com, they will immediately start to see the positive results of the choice they have made. This allows the company to have more growth and can even increase the profits they receive as a result. Even healthcare offices that are not for-profit centers can benefit from healthcare management. The management company of Nobilis Health on insidertradingreport will come in, make the offices better places and will allow the both the patients and staff to see the result of the takeover by the healthcare agency.

Choosing a healthcare management agency is not always a good idea if it is not a good agency. A bad management company can cause the healthcare company to decrease in value and can even cause it to become obsolete within its area. A good management company will not only allow the offices to remain active, but will allow them to flourish. Choosing an agency that shows continuous improvement and has proven results within the quarters they help other companies with will ensure that the company will be able to become one of the top providers and best in the area that it is located in.

New Trends and Features Available in Nashville

Nashville is growing and it is demonstrating how it wants to be, what experts call an 18-hour city. So what exactly is the city doing and what is it able to do in order to transform downtown Nashville? With a few different upgrades and variations to bring more business to the city throughout the day and most of the night, real estate agents are brimming with the possibility.

Scott Lumley is a leading financial analysis’s at Resolve Financials and he is continually working with top real estate firms throughout the city in order to monitor and analyze the services in the city. One thing he has found for starters, Nashville is known as an 18-hour city. This is compared to a city known as a 24-hour city, which is essentially Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and other extremely large areas where there is something happening at all times of the day or night. An 18-hour city is such like Seattle, Atlanta, Denver, Detroit and others where the city is still large and has plenty to do, but there is a slight lull right before traditionally business hours.

Currently, as Scott Lumley points out through his several decades of experience inside of the Nashville community, is that Nashville is known as the seventh best city in the nation when it comes to 18-hour cities. So how is the city bringing in more traffic and going after different individuals in order to invest in the city and open up new businesses and shops in the city? It is offering Class A office space for only $40 a foot. Other cities of a similar size are charging at least three times this space.

Previously, the city offered $30 per square foot but sold out all of this space quickly. It then offered more space for $36 a square foot and all of that has sold out. Now, the city is offering the real estate of $40 a square foot and it is expected to sell out quickly as well. All of this is bringing in a record number of new businesses, which in turn is going to create more jobs and offer better resources for the city to expand quickly.

As the city is ranked 7th nationally as an 18-hour city, it is behind other cities that have a much larger metro population than it. This includes Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, Seattle, Denver and Atlanta. With the ability to expand its business office space thanks to the new prices, it is now possible for the city to potentially move past some of these cities in upcoming years. All of this is going to make the city that much more desirable to move to, to start a new business and to start a fresh career.