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Making The Switch to New Cell Phone Carrier FreedomPop

There are probably a lot of cell phone owners that are shaking their heads over their monthly cell phone bills. This leads to millions considering making the switch to a cheaper alternative. Certainly, saving money is the major reason. Others might switch because the cell phone company has better coverage, better customer service, attractive rewards, or the latest model cell phones. Switching cellphone carriers use to be a major hassle. Of course, the ETF or Early Termination Fee was also a major consideration. The good news is that switching carriers is a simple process with some of the major carriers. However, it is important to do proper research to get the best deal.

Finding The Best Cell Phone Carrier
The best way to find the best cell phone carrier for your situation is to simply call up several of the major cell phone companies and find out their terms. For example, some carriers will buy out your contract, if you switch to their service. Others will not pay off your ETF, but offer the new customer credits or a reward card. Cell phone carriers are anxious to attract new customers. Therefore, they are always sweetening the pot. Check frequently for their latest deals.

No Contract Plans
Some of the best plans are the no contract plans. There are many benefits associated with those plans. For example, you are not locked into a contract. Some will even allow you to keep your old phone number and phone. Of course, you’ll have to find out if the phone works with their network. However, many of the no contract carriers have very affordable and desirable cell phones to consider.

FreedomPop Service
A lot of cell phone owners want to get rid of their money guzzling cell phone carrier and switch to FreedomPop. FreedomPop offers their customers absolutely free mobile phone contracts. There are no contracts to sign and the price is absolutely free. However, they also offer premium plans for a very affordable fee.

The fact is that FreedomPop is on a mission to deliver free, fast mobile service to all their customers. The company was founded back in 2012. They are based in Los Angeles, California. They are one of the first to offer free mobile phone service to people in this country and across the world. The company uses a high speed network that is one of the best in the country. They also offer customers free high speed wireless Internet service.

A Great Love Given To The World In Servitude From The DeVos Family

Anyone who has ever donated time or money to charity knows that it is a very rewarding thing to do. It can actually make a person feel quite amazing. It is also something that can be noticed by many people within the world and often attracts good people to the person who gives back. A family that has done an excellent job of this is the DeVos family of Michigan. They know the importance of taking care of other and how it can create a spectacular domino affect on others. In fact they have been giving back to the tune of over 1.2 billion dollars through out their time here on this planet. They give to many organizations through many different means, but the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is their primary avenue of giving.

Dick DeVos and his family name is definitely heard loud and clear in the world as a family who donates to a wide variety of places but, more importantly they understand what serving is all about. They have done their best to use their good fortune to help people who struggle throughout the word. It is not just in a small manner but, instead in a very systematic way with their arms holding up different sections with their gift. They also tend to rub off on other people so it could be said to be a bit of the Midas touch but, in a very good way. A recent article captured their giving in a fantastic way that gives back to many involved and it was a great read and really is their gift to the world.

The article references how the family has been able to give away so much money and consider the value of others to be in how they give to the earth as a whole. They do not consider their wealth to be in material value but, rather in the way it heals the world with the service and their gifts of money on to others. It is a fascinating way that more people should see value in the good that is done in the life of many instead of what can be attained. The DeVos family have delivered their gift in the form of donations to the community, the arts and also their generosity concerning education just to list a small view into their work. Dick DeVos also wrote a book on the values that they hold true to and it is a great read for giving motivation.A Great Love Given To The World In Servitude From The DeVos Family

Majeed Ekbal Reaches Out in Many Ways

On April 25, 2015, a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal killing over 9,000 and injuring more than 23,000 while leaving over 100,000 people homeless. Effects were felt at a depth of 8.2 KM below the surface and triggered avalanches on Mount Everest and in the Langtang valley, killing an additional 19 people and injuring more than 250 people. Many century old buildings were destroyed and damaged. The devastation didn’t end that day. An aftershock of 7.3 magnitude hit on May 12, 2015, killing more than 200 and injuring more than 2500 people at the Chinese border. This is the worst natural disaster since an earthquake hit Nepal in 1937.

Support has been pouring in to these territories in so many ways. One US based businessman, Majeed Ekbal has stepped in to assist in the massive effort, by way of a GoFundMe account. His goal is to raise 1 million dollars for the victims of this devastating disaster. He has personal involvement because he has many friends in Nepal that were affected by this earthquake. Every cent of the GoFundMe contributions will go to a Crowdwise campaign that he already is heavily involved with. He is asking for any support, no matter how small.

Majeed Ekbal is a prominent business investor that has over 15 years of experience in global marketing campaigns and Business Management. After graduating from American University in Washington, he set out on a track to change the way the consumers shop for groceries in 1991.

As president of Expresso Inc., Ekbal teamed with Eagle, Jewel and Dominick’s to create a “shop at home” experience. Their goal was to cater to the customer’s convenience by delivering their weekly supply of groceries to the home, office or wherever was convenient for them. At this time, technology wasn’t even close to what we have today, so this was considered to be a monumental task that depended on customers having a touch tone phone and the company having a large enough database to draw from. Ekbal understood that time and cost of commuting eats into your grocery budget and he could limit that. Find Ekbal on his Mtv.com account for even more news.