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Getting To The White House On Little Money

Donald Trump has proclaimed since he started his run for President of the United States that he has only used his money for the campaign. His first interview after the Republican contests were finished included statements about how much money he would need to get into the White House. Raising $1 billion is not necessary simply to get elected. There are hints that he won’t need half that amount to win the election.

An election for President of the United States is one that takes skill, determination and money as it’s expensive to get your name to the American people. Donald Trump has his own money, which is likely why he doesn’t want to take donations or use any kind of fundraising to get a lot of money from the people voting. If voters understand that they won’t have to financially support someone in the White House, then it could be a positive impact on the election. Those who know that they will have to pay taxes just to pay for the income of the man, or woman, in office will likely run the other way no matter who is on the ballot. Trump is a man who does understand money. He understands how to make it and how to spend it on things that will make more money. He might be the man the country needs in the economical department.

Donation Refused By Trump For Running Mate

Donald Trump could have had Newt Gingrich as his running mate. However, he refused to take $200 million in donations from those who want the man as Vice President. This is one of the smartest moves that Trump has made. He has always said that he has funded his campaign on his own. There has been no money received from outside parties. He has used his own money, which has probably been a benefit in his campaign. People have seen that he is a man who doesn’t need the money from the job as President. He is in the election to win because he cares about the country.

Gingrich wasn’t happy with the decision Trump made by not taking the money to have him as his running mate. He doesn’t care about his reasoning behind the decision. After the money was refused, Gingrichstarted saying negative things about Trump. It appears as though Gingrich only wanted to be the running mate to Trump to get his views heard and to have a say in how the country is run. Both men are powerful in the world of economics. The country doesn’t need two people who are ideal in the way of managing money. If Trump does succeed and is President, then he needs a Vice President who knows politics. This is probably the only way he will be able to manage the country.

Efforts in Congress to Dismantle Dodd-Frank

During a national election year fraught with controversy, the Republican Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, Representative Jeb Hensarling from Dallas, Texas plans to introduce legislation to begin dismantling sizable chunks of the Dodd-Frank banking reform legislation passed by Congress in 2010. He gave a speech on Tuesday in New York detailing proposed changes in the “Financial Choice Act”.

The new proposal would remove restrictions on the ability of banks to engage in very risky financial investments. It would also significantly increase the fines paid by banks that perpetrate fraud. The measure also provides for greater monitoring of some independent regulatory agencies by Congress.

The Obama Administration opposes the proposed changes, and The Washington Post reported that it remains unclear whether or not likely Republican nominee Donald Trump would back the changes, either. Mr. Trump has expressed opposition in the past to the Dodd-Frank legislation, a measure passed in the wake of the economic recession of 2008 in which several notorious Wall Street scandals contributed to significant losses on the part of many Middle Class investors.

In a statement released today, Donald Trump stated that he would cease making controversial comments about the heritage of judges involved in a civil case involving his business. The presumptive Republican nominee recently generated extensive media coverage when he contended that a conflict of interest existed in a civil case involving Trump University because of the jurist’s heritage and his own immigration positions. He declared he would stop discussing the case.

Libya May Figure Prominently in The 2016 Presidential Election

Allegations that presumptive Republican nominee Donald J. Trump worked hard to attract money in business deals from the late Libyan dictator Muammar Quadaffi surfaced in several news reports today. Buzzfeed News posted an article online claiming that the New York City real estate broker actively sought Libyan investors during 2009, even going so far as to rent an estate he owned in Westchester to Colonel Quadaffi. He supposedly tried to make Libya’s ambassador his golfing buddy. A story carrying The Washington Post header entitled “Donald Trump Wanted Moammar Gaddafi’s Money” alleged that during the course of providing a news interview over the weekend Donald Trump admitted renting property to the Libyan leader during 2011 when the dictator visited the United Nations. The article claimed that the real estate mogul had become “just one of many Americans”, including Bernie Madoff, who sought to conduct business with the leader of the North African nation, despite the Quadaffi regime’s reported ties to terrorism. The story claimed diplomatic cables in 2011 had disclosed Madoff’s attempted business dealings.

Democrat Hillary Clinton served as the Secretary of State during 2011, when the Libyan leader perished during an uprising. From late February through October, Qaddafi sought to suppress unrest in a revolt which cost thousands of lives. Mrs. Clinton received criticism in the media when, later, protesters attacked the U.S. consulate in Benghazi and murdered the American ambassador and three others. Some security experts maintained the victims had inadequate security at the time, despite warnings.

Donald Trump Donation May Have Stopped Investigation in Texas

A former consumer protection official in Texas has come forward to state that he was ordered to stop an investigation into the operations of Trump University, a controversial entity once owned by presumptive Republican candidate Donald Trump.

According to a June 4 report by the Associated Press, John Owens was Deputy Chief of Consumer Protection in Texas in 2010, which is when his state agency conducted a fraud inquiry into the defunct Trump University, a private learning institution that once offered a real estate investment curriculum.

At the time of the investigation, Owens was contemplating a lawsuit against Trump University as part of an effort to recover more than $2 million that former students claim they were cheated out of. It so happened that the State Attorney General at the time, Greg Abbott, ordered the investigation closed as soon as Trump University folded.

Three years after the aforementioned incident, Donald Trump donated $35,000 to the electoral campaign of Greg Abbott, who would eventually become Governor of the Lone Star State. Governor Abbott secured the Republican ticket and is thought to be a Trump endorser.

The sitting Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has moved to silence Owens, and Governor Abbott’s office has issued a statement that seeks to dispel any connection between the Trump campaign donation and the order to suspend the investigation on Trump University.

In the meantime, presumptive candidate Trump has faced increased scrutiny about his former dealings with Trump University. He has stated that the fraud allegations filed in federal and state courts against Trump University are baseless.

Tax On Sodas In Philadelphia

People who live in Philadelphia and drink soda might have to pay a little more money for the beverage. The city is poised to pass a tax on soda that would equate to 1.5 cents per ounce. This could add up to a good bit of money if you enjoy drinking the sugary treat. Mayor Jim Kenney wanted 3 cents for each ounce, but he didn’t get the support that he needed to pass the tax.

The maneuver seems to be a way for officials to make it almost impossible for people to eat and drink the things that they want to on a regular basis or even if they want a treat once in a while. The goal is to raise $91 million over the next year. Granted, the money raised from the tax will go to school, parks and other essential programs in the city. However, it’s a cost that some don’t want to pay right now because it’s a beverage that people have been drinking for many years. No one has ever said anything about drinking sodas and the need to have the drinks taxed. The new ruling would not only include sodas with a full sugar content, but it would include diet sodas as well. What is wrong with diet sodas as there isn’t as much sugar in them or as much caffeine as the regular sodas?

George Soros- Back to Big Investments

The investing world has been impacted for years by the contributions of George Soros. Recently the billionaire investor made headlines when he came back into the investing world after a bit of a hiatus. The Wall Street Journal reported that Soros recently made a collection of huge investments. His million dollar, company Soros Fund Management, purchased shares in gold miners during what was thought to be somewhat difficult economic times.

Soros sees the current economic times as an opportunity. He is drawn to the opportunities to profit from what he currently sees. His recent big investments are a bit unusual for him, compared to his normal way of doing investing. Soros has been known in the past for being very independent and closely monitoring his firm’s investments. His process has even brought some criticism from some of his colleagues in the past. Some senior executive didn’t care for the way George Soros pushed himself into the firm’s operations. Recently however, that has changed. Soros is taking a more hands on approach with his investing spending more time in the office directing trades. His recent style change is sure to make his company Soros Fund Management even more successful.

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The Greatest Investors: George Soros

George Soros certainly has the experience to justify making major moves like this. A graduate from the London School of Economics, Soros began his career in investing by holding management positions at the New York firms of F.M. Mayer and Arnhold & S. Bleichroeder. His work and experience there would lead him to began his own hedge fund company Soros Fund Management. He managed this company for years and achieved great success. Now, late in his career and one of the wealthiest people in the world, Soros has focused many of his efforts on philanthropy, giving large donations worldwide through another one of his companies, Open Society Foundation. Soros continues to show passion for his work, even in this late stage of his career.

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Senator Sanders Makes Significant Campaign Staff Cuts

Despite promising to continue his fight to win the Democratic Party nomination all the way to the floor of the convention, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont on Tuesday announced sweeping cutbacks to his presidential campaign, including the layoff of half of his staff members. The decision came in the wake of a loss to Hillary Clinton in New Jersey. The cuts began on Wednesday, and the Sanders Campaign indicated that dismissed personnel will receive severance pay.

Most media sources have referred to Mrs. Clinton at the presumptive Democratic nominee since Monday. Following Tuesday’s series of primaries, she possesses a sufficient delegate count to clinch the nomination and become the first woman to represent the Democrats in a national race. She welcomed this status during a series of interviews with reporters. During her victory speech on Tuesday, she observed that her campaign had made history. She expressed the sweeping sentiment that her campaign was about “making sure” no one faced “ceilings” and “limits”.

Most of the staff layoffs of Sanders staff members will likely impact employees who performed scheduling and logistical assignments. Although a small number of campaign workers may join the Senator’s office staff, the majority will not. Mrs. Clinton has always vastly outnumbered other candidates in terms of “superdelegates”, Democrats chosen by the Party to serve as delegates because of their prominence within the Democratic Party. In terms of the pledged delegates selected in state election contests, she has won 1,870 and Senator Sanders has won 1,568.

Private Wealth Has Moved Very Slowly

Growth of Private Wealth Slowing to 2011 Low Levels

The level of wealth is almost always constantly changing, and has done so for as long as one can remember. However, growth has slowed down recently.

As a matter of fact, the total growth of private wealth owned last year had slowed down to the point where it was at its lowest rate since 2011. In the United States and Canada, private wealth only grew by 2% to $60 trillion, which is shockingly the lowest amount of any region in the world. Japan’s growth went up by 4% and was the only region to grow more than it did in the year before.

As a whole, the world’s total private global wealth rose up to $168 trillion in 2015, which is decent but by economic standards the growth was less than the growth of wealth that happened in 2014. A drop in the global GDP and a poor market performance are considered factors in why growth was so slow. 2011 was the year when global growth was at its lowest ever, at only a 3% growth worldwide.

On a more positive note, the Asia-Pacific region saw the highest wealth growth in 2015 at 13.4%, which was slightly smaller than in 2014 but leading for the moment. Reports suggest that both the Japan and Asia-Pacific growth rates will surpass those in North America by as soon as 2021. For the moment, the U.S. still has the most millionaire households in the world.

Relmada Therapeutics Continues its Court Battles Against Laidlaw


Relmada therapeutics is still pursuing its court battles with Laidlaw & company (UK) Ltd, and its two principals, James Ahern (Managing Partner and Head of Capital Markets) and Matthew Eitner (Chief Executive Officer). The company has filed a motion to amend the lawsuit previously lodged in the United States District Court for Nevada District. The amendment includes an additional legal claim on breach of fiduciary duty by Laidlaw. Laidlaw, once Relmada’s Investment banker is accused of disclosing its client’s confidential information acquired at its capacity. Relmada is now seeking compensation for monetary damages suffered through fees and costs when responding to Laidlaw’s false materials in December 2015.

Relmada Therapeutics Files Amended Complaint Against Laidlaw and Its Principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern

The company has also communicated to its stockholders informing them of this action meant to safeguard their interests. In a letter to the stockholders, Relmada board and management said that they were committed to serving and protecting their best interests and will take all necessary and appropriate steps to achieve this. Relmada hopes to get through with the lawsuit as soon as possible so they can focus all the company’s time and resources on their product development plan which is already delivering tangible results.

Laidlaw is an Investment banking and brokerage firm that offers investment advice to public and private institutions and net worth individual investors. The firm founded in 1842 was one of the very first investment banks in the U.K. Currently the firm has worldwide offices and global clientele of net worth clients that include individuals, corporations, and institutions.

Laidlaw, which formerly operated as Sands Brothers International Ltd, has a history of violating state and federal laws on securities and financial regulations. The firm has severally been sanctioned, censured and suspended by the SEC, state regulators, and the Newyork Stock Exchange. Laidlaw’s top principal James Ahern has been in the financial industry since 2003 and has already had four customer complaints and tax liens filed against him. His college records have not been traced back to Assumption College where Ahern claims to have received his undergraduate degree. Matthew Eitner became the firms CEO in 2011.