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Martin Lustgarten: Choosing A Reputable Investment Banking Firm

Are you in search of a reputable investment banking firm or advisor? Do you want to start investing and need reliable advice and guidance? Perhaps you have already researched various investment banking advisors in the industry and found Martin Lustgarten to be a trusted investment advisor.

Every day many people go online searching for information about investment banking and investment banking professionals. If you are thinking about getting into the investment banking arena and need trusted advisor, look no further than Martin Lustgarten – a top rated investment professional and founder of Martin Lustgarten Investment Firm.

Investment banking is a popular way to get into the lucrative field of investments and many people want to ensure that they choose a reputable expert to render the guidance they need to attain their goals.

Investment banking is the process where an organization or institution, known as the investment bank, helps an entrepreneur or company to raise capital. This may involve underwriting or acting as the client’s agent for the purpose. Other purposes of investment banking may include Buy or sell derivatives, Foreign exchange, etc.

Martin Lustgarten has been in the investment industry for many years and has great expertise in investment banking. He is founder and CEO of Martin Lustgarten Investment Banking Firm – a popular firm that provides a vast range of financial and investment services to clients across the world. Martin has such a great reputation due to his top quality services and affordable rates. His clients come from various parts of the world and they are extremely delighted with the outstanding outcome they have received.

Martin Lustgarten has great expertise in all aspects of investment banking and he has used his knowledge, expertise and experience to achieve great results for his clients. Clients are always raving about the top quality service and fabulous outcomes they have received from Martin Lustgarten and his dedicated team of financial and investment advisors. Martin has thorough knowledge of the industry and has used his great expertise and quality resources to achieve excellent returns on clients’ investments. Find Lustgarten on Vimeo to learn more.

Nutrimost Saves People By Giving Them Back Their Health

In today’s market, people are all trying to look their best. People are purchasing high price shampoos, getting facelifts, using Botox, and dieting. The most important thing is to know that on the inside you are beautiful. That is why you should try to be pleasant and thoughtful each day. People should never try to steal or take things that do not belong to them because it causes darkness and issues that are hard to overcome. Just like the recent issues with Nutrimost and “Cantlosewt.com. Evidently, Nutrimost has a video that they produced and totally own. Healthy Living’s cant lose weight took the video and posted it on their website promising people results like that. The video did not belong to them and because they stole it from Nutrimost, they will be paying a large sum of money and be asked to cease and never show the video on their site again. Check this article out on nydailynews.com

Losing Weight and feeling great with NutriMost

People hope and pray that they can lose weight by themselves. As people fail they turn to their doctors for help. Some doctors only suggest a diet plan that is very difficult for anyone to follow. Nutrimost is backed by a chiropratic doctor and is managing people by helping them lose 20-45 pounds in up to 40 days. They program uses technology to manipulate their metabolism to begin working again. An active metabolism helps people to lose up to 5 pounds of fat in a week. The whole process is being followed by a doctor. This means the plan is safe.


The Nurtimost weight loss program is a simple program where information helps people know what to eat to jumpstart their metabolism. There is no fad diet to follow, no starvation, no running for 20 miles a day, and no drugs to put into your system. The plan works and after 2 years it has helped hundreds of people lose weight. Check out some of the people and their stories on wtnh.com.


Stephen Murray’s Illustrious And Three Decade Plus Long Career

Stephen Murray had a long and illustrious career with one of the world’s largest and most important companies. His company was CCMP Capital, which acts as a management agency for major businesses. In his career with this organization, he was involved in the management of more than twenty highly successful enterprises.

Stephen Murray began by going to school at Boston College, which is an old and very well respected institution. For graduate school, he is an alumni of Columbia Business School with an MBA.  Read more: 5 Questions with Stephen Murray, CEO of CCMP Capital

Starting in his college years, he began to get his foot in the door of the company that he continued to work for throughout his career. His career started as an intern for Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, while he was at Columbia Business School. Manufacturers Hanover Corporation was in the bank holding business, which means that they managed some of the world’s major financial institutions. After his internship, he was hired with the branch of the company that works with leveraged finance along with private equity.

However, it wasn’t very long before his company began changing in important ways. Around two years after he was officially hired at the company, in 1991, Chemical Bank bought Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. Approximately five years later, in 1996, Chemical Bank and Chase Manhattan Corporation merged together. This created a corporate entity that was a combination of the two companies, called Chase Capital Partners. During all of these changes, Stephen Murray worked very hard to advance his company’s interest.

In 2005, Stephen Murray made a shift in his career. He got a position as the head of buyout business of JP Morgan Partners. From there, he worked with others in management to get CCMP Capital off the ground. In 2007, Murray became CCMP’s new CEO.

Stephen Murray served in this role for around eight years, until very close to the time he died in 2015. His death happened at the young age of only fifty two years old. There was very little warning of his death, as well. He has been missed by many people, in his family, with the company, and by other associates of his. However, the company that he helped to create is still going strong, and it can be expected that it will remain a thriving company in years to come.

Berkshire Hathaway adds to Apple stock position

Berkshire Hathaway, the publicly traded conglomerate that is run by legendary investor Warren Buffett, recently disclosed that they increased their investment in Apple by 55%. This increase in their investment comes at a time when many others are running away from Apple stock due to a plethora of challenges the company is facing.

Apple is in some ways a victim of their own success having risen to be the largest company in the world and stockpiling massive cash reserves in the process. Apple has also penetrated deeply into the cell phone, tablet, personal computer, cloud storage, and watch markets with success. However many feel as if they have saturated the market and their avenues for growth have all but disappeared.

On the positive side, and what may be fueling the investment by Berkshire Hathaway, is a major cell phone upgrade cycle which is expected to begin in 2016/207. Many market observers believe that their decline in sales in the first half of 2016 is due to iPhone buyers holding off from buying phones due to a concern that the new model will be released by year end.

Still Apple is increasingly facing new competition and market challenges domestically and abroad. One of the biggest challenges is in China the second largest market for Apple which has introduced lawsuits against Apple for pirating a local manufacturers phone, and which is also experiencing slowdowns of their own. Some market observers are calling Apple a stock that should be avoided and claiming that anyone investing in it at these prices to be oblivious to the trends.

Apple has had its height of revenue and earnings in 2014 and is experiencing a come down from this height. For Buffett’s company they only own 15 million shares which is not a major investment for the firm and the investment was likely made by one of his lieutenants and not Warren himself. Apple stock has increased over the past quarter by about 20% but this was mostly catch up after a tough first half of the year.

Whether Apple stock ends up being a bargain or a value trap is to be determined, but Buffett is far from blind to the market’s ways, even when it is not immediately obvious to other market observers.

Fighting the Evil of This World With Thor Halvorssen

When a dictator begins his daily routine, what is on his top list of concerns? Often, unflattering media reports of his latest civil atrocities. Thor Halvorssen is a chief source of such reports. With parents who were heavily persecuted by Hugo Chavez’s government, Thor knows the vile minds of the tyrants of the world, and he is dedicated to causing them to lose sleep at night.

Thor is the founder and leader of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF). Thor reported that sister organizations to HRF like Amnesty International have a strong focus on problems in the United States, ignoring problems in dictatorships abroad.

Why does he do this? “I love people!” Thor says happily. Thor hates how the cowardice of citizens causes dictators to rise to power on popular appeals. Thor was beaten by authorities when he went to Vietnam to gather information on an outlawed sect of Buddhism.

Sigrid Rausing, a top progressive donor, recently left a meeting with the HRF when she found out that Thor’s organization also received funding from a conservative donor. This comes from Thor’s sense of pragmatism. The partisan clashes between left and right mean little to Thor, but a lot of his supporters get hung up on the political details. Thor is criticized by lefties for receiving funding from conservative organizations to help topple communism. Thor answers this criticism by pointing out that his top legal helper is a former Marxist, Javier El-Hage. The Atlantic mentions that Thor’s goal is to end oppression of people by tyrants of every stripe, right and left. “Why discriminate?” he says.

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Nizan Guanaes – Brazilian Entrepreneurs Who Are Sharing Their Wealth For A Better World

Advertising and marketing are two of the most important aspects of a successful modern enterprise. With the evolving digital age, people want to be in control of the content they receive. Gone are the days of mass marketing when sending mass mails to the random individual was a norm. Today, the knowledgeable consumer will not even look at the content.

Regarding targeted advertising, it is interesting to note that almost 86 percent of the TV audience are skipping TV commercials. Perhaps, the main reason is the decreasing engagement levels due to abundance of channels and other source of entertainment. In fact, engagement is so important that most enterprise marketers suggest that it is their primary goal ahead of sales and lead generation.

According to 2016 statistics by Adobe, almost 76 percent of marketers think that that marketing has changed more in the last two years than it had changed in the last 50 years. From the perspective of advertising and marketing agencies, such statements cannot be ignored because Internet and digital medium has crafted a virtual world where everyone including small organisations, individuals and Fortune 500 companies are using the same technology and online platforms.

For Brazilian entrepreneurs, they can look to Nizan Guanaes as their role model. Nizan Guanaes is one of the most influential individuals in the nation who owns one of the largest advertising and marketing empires in the world. When he is not busy managing one of the eighteen companies, he dedicates his time serving the local communities. In fact, he actively oversees several funding and support campaigns dedicated to woman rights, education and preservation of cultural heritage.

Nizan Guanaes is a huge inspiration for entrepreneurs because he represents a new generation of celebrities who are sharing their wealth with others. Already, Nizan is giving time to various UN projects. Beside, he is also an active member of non-profit foundations such as Clinton Global Initiative.

Learn More:

Nizan Guanaes: ?O jogo mudou?


There Pronged Improvement Strategy at White Shark Media

According to BBB.org, Even the things become outdated. That is why, each company, no matter how good their services are, they need to improve continually. There is no better way of improving other than through customer reviews, complaints, and general feedback. White Shark Media knows this, and this is how they have strategized.

Improve communication
Customers felt that communication was inadequate. They felt hat customer representatives could not answer questions related to the campaign. So to streamline this area, White Shark management set out these three ways.

1. Status calls every month
There will be status calls to every customer. This calls will regularly be scheduled preferably every month. In this calls, the customer will be furnished with all information related to his or her campaign. The client will have an opportunity to ask questions or seek clarification on any matter.

2. Direct phone extensions
Unlike earlier when all calls passed through the customer care representatives, confirmed calls from clients will be directed to relevant professionals who will respond to any of the matters or concerns that the customer may have. The customer will have an opportunity to ask anything.

3. Personal campaign manager
Each client will be assigned a competent manager. The manager will provide all point of contact services including organizing meetings, scheduling campaigns and other campaign specifics. The manager will also receive direct extension calls from clients. His or her work will, therefore, be to keep track of all the assigned campaigns to ensure they are successful. Read more: White Shark Media Profile and Client Reviews

Tracking of AdWords
Keeping track of AdWords can be a tricky affair. Customers want to do so. WSM offers three solutions to this problem.

1. Google analytics tools available
White shark will provide Google analytics to customers. The analytics will be customized and can be accessed through the company account. The analytics are customized so that they are easy to follow. One only needs to get an account.

2. Call tracking services available
You can also use the available call conversion tracker through the same account.

3. GoToMeeting with SEM consultants
These meetings are scheduled to offer a detailed account of the campaign. Customers have freedom to ask the expert anything regarding his or her campaign.

Better campaigns

1. Coordinated team campaigns
All campaigns will be optimized completely. Only experts will be given a chance to prepare this new campaigns to guarantee the success of every campaign.

2. Old campaigns remain intact
Past campaigns, if any, will continue to run alongside new campaigns. The customer can compare the two campaigns.

3. SEO advice
Since the company is still not offering SEO services, it will continue to provide tips on SEO services that are available from the market.

Sanjay Shah Knows How to Raise Money For Charity In A New Way

Sanjay Shah is one of the most successful investors in the world, and he is also one of the best new fundraisers in the world. He is a committed advocate for kids who have autism, and he is so committed that he started his own charity. There are a lot of things that can be done for kids with autism, but it all involves research. The research has to be paid for with money raised from different charities, but Sanjay Shah Denmark started his own called Autism Rocks.

Autism Rocks is a charity that puts on concerts that people pay to attend. This is not a ticketed event, but it is an event where the best donors in the area are invited to offer their cash after a very good show. There are a lot of great acts like Joss Stone who play these concerts, and they are willing to meet with the people who donate to make the experience more special.

It is important for people to remember that Sanjay Shah presides over all these events, and he makes sure that people are going to be able to have a good time and feel compelled to give. People might wonder why Sanjay Shah cares so much about autism, and it is because his son has autism. His family is dealing with the same things that other families are dealing with, but he has the financial background to raise the money and do something with it.

He is also the CEO of Solo Capital and a lot of other financial businesses where the money raised by Autism Rocks is invested. The money is multiplied through wise investment, and then the money is sent out to places where research is done every day. That makes it more possible for kids to get better services, and it will help every from Sanjay’s son to children on the other side of the world.

There are a lot of things that can be done for kids with autism that are paid for by Autism Rocks. The concerts that are put on are helpful for everyone, and they make it possible for kids to lead normal lives. Sanjay Shah has a plan, and it is working.
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Snapchat Looks to Buy Vurb

All those incredibly interesting apps are amassing huge sums of money. The money they earn is often reinvested into other companies by way of acquisitions. Snapchat has just made big news in financial circles for its desire to buy a search startup. The startup is called Vurb and, truthfully, not a lot of people are all that familiar with it. Snapchat obvious is. The company is in talks to spend upwards of $100 million for the startup.

Vurb has been around for five years. The concept behind Vurb is to present a search engine that creates an overall “experience” to “find, save, and do the best things”. The Vurb has its fans, but the search engine is hardly the size of Google or Bing.

Vurb is a mobile app and it integrates with various consumer and retail services. So, Vurb is a targeted search engine designed to help facilitate specific purposes. Among the reasons why search engine startups that seek to challenge Google fail is Google already delivers the seemingly perfect search engine experience. Smaller search functions that work on targeted niche operations do have a better chance of success. Partnerships with other entities further aid the success potential.

Vurb clearly is an app that is successful or else there is no way any entity would even fathom a $1 million investment much less a $100 million one. The deal Snapchat is working, however, only entails 25% in cash. The remaining 75% is in stock. Those who hold major stakes in Vurb may want more in cash. Whether or not the deal goes through still remains to be seen. Everything depends on how much Snapchat wants the app.

The tech industry has seen a lot of company’s launched with the exit strategy of being sold. To those who may not be familiar with the tech industry, this may seem odd. In reality, selling out at a profit to a larger company better capable of running the venture as the industry landscape changes.

Shea Butter: The Wonder Product

Often hailed as a miracle product, shea butter has been growing in popularity over the last few years. With benefits for hair and skin for men and women alike, it is no surprise that shea butter is an almost ubiquitous item in every self care regimen.

When it comes to skin, shea butter is a natural ingredient that helps kosturize and prevent dry and cracking skin. Because it is all natural, it is safe to use even on the most sensitive skin types, or those suffering from skin ailments such as eczema. She butter can make an excellent facial, aftershave, or lip balm that promotes healthy, youthful skin.

Many hair products contain chemicals that end up doing more harm than good. To help reverse the damage done by years of tugging, over washing, or normal wear and tear, shea butter can be applied to smooth and strengthen the hair. Shea butter first gained popularity in Afrsica, where the heat and humidity were effectively combated by applying shea butter. The trend has spread, and now stylists all over the world swear the by the product.

With the rise of items such as shea butter come companies who deal exclusively with natural and organic products. One such company is EuGenia. A family run business founded in 2014, EuGenia benefits from its workers’ personal knowledge of these products. One team member was born in Ghana, and experienced the wonders of shea butter and other similar products first hand. The workers are based in Ghana, the origin of the product, and the mother-daughter founders donate 15% of all profits into an educational fund for all their employees.

Because skin can change and develop over time, EuGenia markets three separate types of their famous shea butter. The normal, “more” and “most” products can be used every day, during pregnancy, or for those suffering from chronically dry skin. Clearly, EuGenia has its hand on the pulse of the market, as all of its products are sold out more often than not.

Shea butter is only just being promoted and used in a large capacity. There is no telling how many more benefits and uses for this product will be uncovered.

Read more about Eugenia Shea’s shea butter journey on their website bio here: https://www.eugeniashea.com/pages/about-us