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Brown Modeling Agency & Justin Brown Nurturing Modeling Talent in Austin and Texas

When the announcement that Wilhelmina had merged with Heyman Talent to re-launch as The Brown Agency, the modeling world predicted a rise in modeling talent coming from the South. This proposition is fast becoming a developing reality every passing day. The acquisition allowed Brown to make full use of the two agencies unique strengths and capabilities to become one of a few full-service modeling agencies in the region. In the recent past, this agency is setting up nicely and making waves hosting all major entertainment gigs.

The emergence of Brown, a full-service modeling agency, coupled with the prowess of Justin Brown, projected a bright future for modeling in Austin and Texas region. Mr. Brown’s record speaks for itself. He started his modeling career while still pursuing his college education. Prior to modeling, he had a job at a golf course washing golf carts where he was miserable.

Mr. Brown, majoring on business management course in college developed a passion for modeling. His first modeling gig was fit modeling where he would model ‘skinny jeans’ at the time called ‘rocker jeans’ and earn $100 an hour as opposed to the $6 an hour he earned at the golf course. He grew into the modeling world and over time, he took the role of development and placement. Under this role, he would train amateur models to pros and then find them gigs according to their strengths and talents.

Since those days, he hasn’t looked back and has gone to found his modeling agency which basically does the same but with more precision and much more success. After gaining valuable experience and learning the trade of the business in LA and New York, he founded his first agency JB Models & Talent in 2008.

The headquarters of Brown Modeling Agency is Austin with regional offices in Texas and Los Angeles and soon New York. When Brown was formed, Brown became the CEO and President while Michael B. Bonnee, the founder of Heyman Talent-South became head of the theatric division of the firm. The agency takes a 20% cut on modeling jobs, 15% cut for film, video and television jobs and 10% for union jobs.

Mr. Brown noted a slight difference in the Austin and Dallas markets. He described the Dallas as a more conservative market as opposed to Austin, which is a bit more daring with piercings, funky hairstyles, and tattoos. He claims to love Austin as a city. He moved there in 2005 because he liked its size and could see potential in the modeling industry. Despite all that talent and potential, he felt that the locals were not hungry for big-time success and that is why he expanded his business to a bigger market.

Twitter may be attractive to private equity firm

Twitter’s stock price is shifting based on the changing likelihood of a buyout of the company. Onereport indicated that it is less likely a major company will buy Twitter and a private equity firm is a more likely buyer.


Twitter’s stock price skyrocketed a few weeks ago when a number of potential acquirers were thought to be interested in the company. Salesforce, Disney, and Google were just a few of the potential acquirers that were thought to be interested in buying Twitter. Last week, when a report came out indicating that bids for Twitter were not forthcoming the stock price dropped by almost 30%.


Twitter has experienced financial difficulties relating primarily to slowing sales and large losses. The Company had a loss of half a billion dollars in its last fiscal year. An acquirer of Twitter will need to have the financial resources to support the company during the challenging financial period that Twitter is currently experiencing including large cash injections. However, Twitter’s story is not as bad as it seems as much of its loss relates to stock option awards which are non-cash expenses that represent wages for employees through stock awards that employees receive. More volatile stocks like Twitter’s tend to have higher valuations assigned to it leading to larger expenses.


Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey has been trying to turn around the company for the past year but has experienced problems monetizing their users in the same way that Facebook was able to engineer. A new owner, and in particular a private equity fund is likely to trim costs and terminate a significant portion of Twitter’s employees as a way of reducing their operating expenses and to potentially flip their investment to a larger buyer in the near future. While Twitter is a dominant player in its focused market, there is little room for growth and expansion in the United States.


The potential to lower operating costs both through salary count reductions as well as through lowering the compliance costs associated with being publicly traded. The potential for a private equity firm to flip this type of investment in a brand with a name as powerful as Twitter may ultimately prove to be too luring for a private equity company to resist.

Oil prices are what is driving the markets

There has been a lot of speculation as to what effect the upcoming election will have on the stock market. With the democratic candidate expanding her lead, it was thought that might be what has driven a recent increase in the market’s overall value. However, a story on CNN Money says oil prices are the biggest change factor and that is what is driving the American stock market, even more than the election could.

The story noted that the Fed may raise interest rates later this year, and that usually does have a small impact on the market. Other banks may remain as they are, and that is not expected to cause much change because it is well known beforehand.

The story says a move up in oil prices recently has given energy stocks a boost. Falling oil prices over the past couple of years have hurt major oil company’s stock values, and the rising prices may help them rebound.

OPEC nations have agreed to freeze production, or at least to not increase it, and that has led to an uptick in crude oil prices, which is a great relief to the oil companies. The rise in oil prices will also help infrastructure type companies, as well as the industrial sector, show more earnings.

Oil remains at more than $50 per barrel, and that is important from a psychological aspect, finance officials say.

But on Tuesday, Saudi Arabia said it hopes to actually cut back on production, and believes it may be able to convince other OPEC nations to do the same.

Other investors are pleased to see prices rise some, but they are not confident it will remain steady. There has been a lot of rising and falling oil prices, which adds instability to to the market, finance officials say.

Other financial experts believe prices are at a good level now. Prices are high enough to give energy companies their profits they need, and still low enough for consumers of gasoline to not feel the pinch of high gas prices.

Finding that sweet spot might help both the oil companies and the consumer, and that may not make the stock market rise sharply, but it would give it some stability regardless of what else happens.


The Rise of Credit Cards and the Mistakes that Americans Make

Many Americans are overspending and they do not have any type of plan to get themselves out of the debt that they are in. This is a bad thing that many people realize, but most consumers are not able to do anything about it. They have not been trained in the art of investing so they continue to live paycheck to paycheck as they max out credit cards. There are some consumers that are making some deadly credit cardmistakes that are causing them a fortune each year.


According to Huffington Post contributor Jeanne Kelly, there are a lot of people that are making the mistake of not checking their credit reports. There is no excuse for not checking your credit because the credit report is free. This is something that people need to do in order to make sure that no one else is using their identity.


This is not the only thing that people have to do in order to keep their finances in check. In the United States there are a lot of people that have never taken the time to save any type of emergency fund. This is bad news for all of those that are trying to stay out of debt. When homeowners don’t have emergency funds set aside for plumbing emergencies or vehicle breakdowns bad decisions can happen. People can find themselves taking out the expensive pay day loans. This can be much worse because they will find themselves spending a lot more to pay back the loan.


The biggest thing that consumers need to stop doing is maxing out credit cards. There are so many people that are finding themselves in credit card debt that they are not trying to pay down. This is bad because it affects the credit score in a really negative way. Once the credit score goes down people will find themselves paying more for everything. The cell phone bill will be higher. The interest on the mortgage will be higher. All of these are things that can have a negative impact on a household budget. In the long run it is just better to establish better money management habits upfront. This can cut down on so much confusion and totally change your budget.

Boraie Development on the Forefront of New Brunswick Development

If you take a closer look at how New Brunswick has developed over the last two decades or so, you will see a very familiar trend as with other cities across the country. A rise in immigrant population and declining property value has led to corporate migration on boraierealty.com. This migration brought about desperation among the town council; with its leaders eager to maintain existing corporates as well as attract new ones.

This desperation led to partnerships between the town council and real estate developers. Over the past few decades, these real estate developers like Omar Boraie are working with financial institutions and the town council to construct new structures in the cities with the hope of attracting new investors. Construction of theses towers has resulted in a new skyline and a revamped image of New Brunswick City.

Hope for New Brunswick

The year of 1975 marked an important year for New Brunswick. In the 70s, property value around the city had begun taking a downturn and many corporates moved their offices out of the city. However, pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson committed to staying in the city. Johnson & Johnson commitment to New Brunswick marked a turning point of the falling city. Investor’s confidence was restored, and the city commenced its redevelopment.

Boraie Takes a Risk

In 1985, Boraie Development under leadership from Omar Boraie built a double-tower at Albany Street, the same street that housed Johnson & Johnson. Omar Boraie recalls that moment in his life as a huge gamble that paid off. He claims that the main reason he decided to go through with the development of the building was that Johnson & Johnson had chosen to stay in the area.

Since then, that building in Albany Street has become Boraie Development’s headquarters. Mr. Omar Boraie felt it was the ideal location for the company’s headquarters since it is situated in a strategic location where he can view the wide array of towers he already owns as well as monitor progress of towers under construction.

Background of Boraie Family

Mr. Omar Boraie is originally from Egypt. He was born in Egypt and later traveled to New Brunswick in 1965 to further his college education. His goal was to pursue a Ph.D. honor in Chemistry before the real estate opportunity presented itself to him. He turned to real estate and had not looked back ever since. His two sons are partners in Boraie Development. The Boraie family is responsible for the new skyline in New Brunswick, as they have developed numerous buildings around the city.

Verizon may modify terms of Yahoo acquisition

Verizon is still on pace to purchase Yahoo said the CEO of Verizon, Lowell McAdams. There was concern that Verizon might drop their bid for the company after the hacking scandal in which a significant amount of their user’s email accounts were exposed back in 2015 and passwords, addresses, log-in names and other critical information was found on sale on the internet in Russia.


While the Verizon CEO indicated that the company will not drop their bid which was $4.8 billion in cash, thy may seek a modification to the terms of the deal with a lower overall purchase price. The lower purchase price would be due to material damage being done to Yahoo’s brand and business as a result of the hack. There was no identification of the size of the price reduction or modification of terms that Yahoo is seeking as a result of the material change. Verizon only purchased certain assets of Yahoo, notably excluding Yahoo Japan and Yahoo’s ownership interest in Alibaba, the Chinese retailer.


The hack of email accounts and passwords was first identified in 2015 but the size and scope of the issue did not become known until the past few weeks. Over 500 million user accounts had their Yahoo email accounts hacked. Yahoo is recommending that customers sign up for dual authentication when logging into their account which is a security feature that helps to protect their accounts, but can be a distraction to users.


Lowell McAdams indicated that business reasons for purchasing Yahoo are still present and that they are still planning on going through with the acquisition for those reasons. Verizon is thought to be planning on combining the operations of Yahoo with their purchase of Aol in 2015 to further expand on their advertising revenues and online properties. Verizon will not only benefit from the added revenues from advertising on these properties but will also experience synergies associated with their own advertising for their wireless phone services. In addition, Verizon is trying to combat the maturation of the cell phone market with these new revenue sources.


There has been no response made by Yahoo’s management to the renegotiated terms that Verizon may be pursuing and no identification regarding whether Yahoo will seek out additional bids in response.

Getting Your Finances in Shape Right Now

Getting your finances straight takes time. So many people look at where they are and wonder if it is possible to get out of the debt that they are in. It is similar to the person that wants to lose weight. They wonder if this is possible, but many people don’t take the time to make the initial steps to changing their course.


The big thing that people have to realize is that there are only two directions that a person can go in with their finances. A person that has been looking for a chance to improve their finances should typically start with their budgets. This is going to the thing that makes people realize what their cash flow looks like. Money is coming in and going out of household, but many people do not realize where their money is going.


When people take the time to look at their finances they will realize that the money that they are making is not always enough to cover the expenses that they have. This is often the reason that so many people find themselves in debt so quickly. They have no real idea of what they are spending their money on. Credit card debt can be handled in a very different way when people realize that they can use their money in in smarter ways. People will seldom resist the urge to overspend when they do not realize that they are overspending in the first place.


It is also important to stop the regular impulse buys when you want to improve your finances. People that do not want to blow their budgets will see the benefits of staying away from the impulse buys. This doesn’t come overnight though. People that want to get their finances in shape must train themselves. They must ask themselves if they really need the things that they are buying. So many people fall victim to clever advertising. It is going to be better to turn off the television and stay away from the magazine print ads if this tempts you to buy things that you don’t need.

These are the quick steps that people need to consider if they are going to really make a change and improve their finances.

The Evolution of Brown Modeling Agency

Located in Austin, Texas, Brown Modeling Agency is formally known as Wilhelmina Austin, connection to the world famous Wilhelmina Modeling network. Brown Modeling Agency has quickly grown to be an industry leader. Their goal is to establish huge marketing expectations and standards that have never been seen in Central Texas before. Since launching, their talent and models have been working for well known brands, such as Louis Vuitton, L’Oreal, Dell, Toyota, and thousands of other well known establishments.

The president of the agency is Justin Brown, and upon looking at his resume, one can see how his agency has become an leader in the industry. Brown, 35, had humble beginnings in that he was born in Reno, Nevada and raised across the state line in small Susanville, California. He was an adorable and shy kid playing by the rules, and then he left for Southern California when he was 18. From that age and on, he has gained a great amount of experience in the modeling industry in Los Angeles and New York. He also pursued his undergraduate studies in business management and worked at a modeling agency throughout this stage of life. Thus, he learned the inside trades and business aspects of the modeling business and how to operate businesses. In 2005, he moved to Austin in which he felt connected to and have been staying every since.

He loves how Austin is big, but not too big. He saw that there is some industry and great room to grow in Austin. And he’s done just that. First, he began a development business in 2008 called JB Models and Talent. This business was licensed in 2010 by Wilhelmina National Agency. This enabled him to obtain great resources for commercial modeling, print modeling, and fashion runway shows. Other than that, Brown knew that observers are skeptical sometimes to have to pay agencies for training, but Brown illustrated how this field is regulated through the Texas Workforce Commission; therefore, relieving many skeptics.

As a result, Brown has helped over 450 talent to spring budding careers. He has taught and groomed the local talent for the big screen and the like. Their fashion models have been seen gracing the runways for Miami Swim Week, Austin Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, and countless others. Also, Brown always states that they are only as good as their talent; therefore, they pride themselves in selecting only the best to deliver the most beautiful, talented, professional, and dependable talent possible in Central Texas.

Additionally, the Brown Agency has just recently took over Heyman Talent South along with Michael Bonnee, Heyman’s local captain. This means that Brown Agency is now bigger and stronger than ever. And now, there are only a few top local agencies they compete with.

Amazon to open convenience stores?

Amazon may be in the process of opening up new convenience stores per a recent report. There are initially three convenience stores planned two to be located in California and one in nearby Seattle. There is currently not thought to be plans to expand beyond these initial locations for now or anytime in the immediate future.


Amazon has not announced the reason for their opening of physical convenience store locations though many are betting that the reason is not to capture revenue and expand into this market. Instead, many believe that their goal is to gain market information and to conduct research on their customers so that they can further their online marketplace. This strategy is similar to the strategy that Amazon currently has for several brick and mortar bookstores that they have opened in recent years. The stores are not run to make a profit but rather to gain market intelligence on customers and how they would shop in this environment.


The convenience stores that Amazon would open would have much of the products that are in the common convenience store including milk, eggs, and bread. Shoppers would have the ability to purchase other items through laptop computers or other devices that would either be delivered directly to the store or to the user’s home. This would provide an added convenience that other stores would not have and Amazon would have quick same day delivery for many items or next day delivery for other items. Ordering will be able to be done using mobile apps or even in-store touch screen devices.


Amazon is also believed to be adding some innovation to the program such as by having your license plate scanned when you enter the parking lot and having your delivery brought out automatically to your car when you pull in by a staff member. However, Amazon is currently thought to be still working out the details and is not ready to announce the program publicly which has been named Project Como in their internal parlance.


Still, the program shows that Amazon continues to innovate and introduce new product lines in an attempt to gain market share and provide interesting new programs for their customers. An formal announcement of the program is expected to occur sometime during 2017.

UK Vintners Help People Learn To Pair Wine With Food

Residents of the United Kingdom are very fortunate. They have a lush land in front of them that has many places where it is easy to grow delicious foods of all kinds. The fresh raspberries that dot the landscape of the United Kingdom are famous along with many other foods including Stilton cheese, beef made from local cows and the region’s freshest eggs. Those who love food will find that food is enhanced with the use of the right beverage. As UK vintners will tell their clients, the entire nation is also home to many kinds of wines that are just right for any homegrown meal here in this island kingdom. Picking out wines to serve with a light lunch or special dinner party is much easier with the help of vintners from the UK. Many UK vintners can show a client how they can pair the right wine with a plate of poached salmon or a lovely dessert tart made from locally grown dansom plums.

The Right Wine

The right wine will depend on multiple factor as those at Capital Vintners, specialists in fine and vintage wine merchants in the UK, tell their clients. They know that it matters which wine is served with which particular food. A port wine may be just right for a late night snack of chocolate dipped biscuits while a less plummy wine is more appropriate for a full meal of appetizer, main course and final sweet. Companies like Highbury Vintners can also provide help for clients who are looking to figure out which kind of wine may work for them when they are going to give a formal dinner party with many people. Online UK Wine merchants such as Yorkshire Vintners (http://www.yorkshirevintners.co.uk/) can also help a client discover that wines from around the world can be theirs right in the United Kingdom from places such as Switzerland. Working with them directly can offer people specific help in learning which particular wines work with specific dishes that are popular in the United Kingdom such as roasted meats and various kinds of tarts as well as local specialties like haggis or classic strawberries dipped into clotted cream.

Creating A Menu

When residents get in touch with UK vintners, they are opening themselves up to a whole new world that is all about creating balanced dinners and delicious meals. Each wine they showcase is one that can fit into a larger dinner where everyone eating has something to drink that they like to consume. A resident can pick from wines that are right all year round. With their help, any client can figure out why it might make sense to pair a certain wine with the trout from a local river while another wine is best reserved for later in the meal when they are serving something a bit heavier to their guests. With their help, any given client can also help discover why it makes sense to offer certain wines rather than others during the entire meal. Learning about wine can open many new doors for people, find the perfect wine for your home here.