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Edward Honig – Experienced Cardiologist That You Can Trust For Efficient Diagnosis In New York


The world has transformed rapidly in the last few decades, and human beings are making significant advancements in just about every field, starting from technology to infrastructure and from education to rocket science and what not. However, amidst all these things, one thing is hugely forgotten by the majority of world population, and it is their health.



Most of the people are under tremendous stress due to their personal and professional lives and are living either a highly hectic or sedentary lifestyle, which leads to numerous health risks. Also, the bad food habits, smoking, drinking, insomnia, irregular sleeping patterns, and more, adds to the damage being done by the overwhelmingly stressful lives.



People leading such life should consult cardiologist at regular intervals because all the factors mentioned above are the trigger points of a cardiovascular or heart diseases. A cardiologist is a physician specialized in preventing, finding and testing any heart or cardiovascular diseases you might have or if there are any such risks under development. Starting from preventing any heart problems to finding and treating the same is done by a cardiologist. Even if you do not have any heart problems, visiting a cardiologist every few months, especially if you have an unusual lifestyle, is a must.



A cardiologist would write you some heart-specific tests such as EKG, ECG, stress test, blood test, angiogram, lipid profiling, cholesterol test, treadmill test, and many such tests. These tests will help a cardiologist conclude if any heart disease does exist or if any heart problems are being cultivated, which can be prevented from further development by taking corrective measures.



If there are any arterial blockages and if yes, by what percentage, is also tested by a cardiologist. These are the life-saving tests that a cardiologist does so that any risks of heart failure, stroke or any other fatal cardiovascular disease can be prevented and ruled out. Once the test results are available, and the cardiologists have gone through the present results as well as your past medical history, understood your lifestyle, and known about your family history of heart diseases, if any, he or she would define treatment course. The diagnosis would depend upon the finding of the results of tests.



If you are in New York, then your life is fast paced by default, and you certainly have very little time for yourself, especially if you are a working professional. There are many cardiologists in New York, but finding a good one with a lot of experience behind him does matter. One of the cardiologists, who have an exemplary track record and is known for his professional yet friendly attitude towards his patients, is Edward Honig.



  1. Edward Honig is a cardiologist at multi-specialty Glen Cove Hospital. Edward Honig would do a thorough physical examination to find out any and all heart-related symptoms, if any, and ensure that corrective measures are prescribed before any further damage is done. He has helped numerous patients with high blood pressure, erratic lifestyle, high cholesterol, and family history of heart problems, to get rid of heart disease symptoms to stabilize their cardiovascular health before any escalation occurs. Dr. Edward Honig ultimately believes in prevention is better than the cure, and tries to inculcate this basic fact in all his patients by advising them to cut back on dangers present in their lifestyle habits.


With decades of experience in the field, Dr. Edward Honig is a board certified cardiologist who ensures that the patients are heard and consulted in detail before the diagnosis commences. He is known to go to great length to assist his patients to get back to living a normal life and understand the simple lifestyle changes they need to do for a healthier and longer life.  Read more about Edward’s practice on HealthGrades.com or follow along with is career on LInkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/edward-honig-1a786713b/


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